Hampton Lucy, nr Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Reported  8th August

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Hampton Lucy crop design 8th August 2015 - 888

This crop design which appeared on the 8th August 2015, 8.8.8 does seem to be messaging the number 8 resting on a topless pyramid with a curved base. The triangular top of the pyramid may be on top of the 8 looking like the beak of a bird. The design has wings which is maybe a reminder of images of the Goddess Isis who had the number 8.

If the Fox Hill crop circle of 9th August(8) 2015(8), 9+8=17=8 so 88, is pointing us to very ancient landscape geometry based on the David Furlong twin circle discoveries with vesica,( see comments), then the circle makers, like the creators of the landscape geometry thousands of years ago, would have an intimate knowledge of Latitude and Longitude. So is this crop circle in a significant location?

According to Crop Circle Connector the Latitude of this 8th August design  is 52 / 13 / 11 and the Longitude is  1 / 37 / 38 so -  5+2+1+3 = 11(2)  -   11(2)  -   1+3+7= 11(2) –   3+8 = 11(2) and gives us        4 x 11 which is 44, the key number that comes out of  the Great Pyramid 7 / 11 design;  or 4 x 11(2) which brings us back to the number 8

The 7 / 11 numbers and the number 44 have been demonstrated in the appearance dates and designs of many crop circles, particularly recently, and pointed out in many CCC comments. It would appear that this is coming to a head, whoever the circle makers may be.  

Michael Stewart 

Hampton Lucy Crop Design of 8th August 2015 – 8 8 8

Further to my previous comment and the comments by Franklin Thomson on this crop design and other crop circles, who posted, in this comment section of CCC, the David Furlong diagram of twin overlapping circles with vesica similar to the Fox Hill crop circle of the 9th August 2015  -  you might like to try a little experiment.

If you take a ruler to the David Furlong diagram you will find that within reproductive tolerance the Great Pyramid is shown with a height to base ratio of 7 / 11. This is correct from detailed surveys and as noted in measurements in Wikipedia. BUT you will also find that the vesica shape created by Furlongs’ circles ALSO has a 7 / 11 ratio, height 11 width 7, round the other way. This is dictated by the distance apart of the two circle centres giving both 7 / 11 ratios. So which was created first David Furlongs’ ancient Wiltshire landscape geometry or the Great Pyramid ?

Logically both these landscape features must be part of one design based on the unique fact that a square pyramid of height 7 units and base 11 units unites the circle, radius 7 units, and the square, using Pi as 22 / 7, both having a perimeter of 44 units. Many crop design appearances have been shown to demonstrate these important numbers in many ways, see previous comments on CCC. This raises some questions including -

1.Why was this amazing design created many thousands of years ago?  2. Why is this being demonstrated to us all with crop circles at this moment in time?

The answer to 1. is that the design is pointing us to a specific geographical location as Furlongs’ diagram shows – that is a place called Temple Farm near Marlborough, Wiltshire at a Latitude of about 51 degrees 27 minutes North of the Equator and a Longitude of about 1degree 48 minutes West of the Greenwich Meridian. From this geographical location we are able to deduce a much larger design of long distance landscape geometry which is way beyond the capabilities of any known civilisation or culture of the Ancient World. (full details soon). This means it was either created by some early lost civilisation, or by visitors from a non terrestrial location, or it is ‘divine’.

The answer to question 2. is that it must have been created so that at some time it would be found, otherwise why create it ? The current and recent appearance of clues to the design in crop circles indicates that the intelligence that created the design thousands of years ago is still active. This intelligence must believe that now is the time that it was created for and looking at the state of our world that is not altogether surprising... a time of revelation. As pointed out in the first comment on this Hampton Lucy appearance of 8th August the numbers in the Latitude and Longitude of the site chosen by the circle makers can be seen as 4 x 11 = 44, the important GP number, but there is another significant fact about this geographical position – the Latitude numbers – 52 / 13 / 11 total 76 and the Longitude numbers 1 / 37 / 38 ALSO total 76, a very strange ‘coincidence’ or was this spot chosen by the circle makers for this reason. The number 76 = 13 = 4 so once again we have two 4s or 44 and a total of 8 which is reflected in the appearance date of 8 8 8. Tomorrow, UK time, is another 8 8 8 date -17th August 2015 it will be most interesting to see if we are offered any further clues by the circle makers. The 26th August 2015 is the other 8 8 8 date which might be significant if the 8 8 8 and date messages in the crop circle of 29th(11) July(7) 2015 were intentional clues. We shall see...

Some people like to believe that all crop designs are meaningless man made art but others do not agree for many reasons. This immediately raises the question of – why have we been getting these appearances - and the strong numerical messages linked to the Great Pyramid seems to provide a very logical answer. We may not have to wait long to find out...

Michael  Stewart  

Just by inverting the image you can see another meaning that simply a beautiful bird.


A face with eyes and everything else, by watching this way you can also see that the bird is coming down. In my opinion it is very auspicious, such as the Holy Spirit flying down often painted as a Dove. More light is coming down for us, from the Beings of Light and God itself. Apart from this it is a beautiful Crop Circle! Congratulation to the CC maker.

Aldo S



Regarding the CC at Hampton Lucy, nr Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, reported  8th August.  The agenda of many CC-makers is nothing other than to deliver messages.

The agenda may often involve sending a sequence of messages.... that hopefully will make sense to us humans..... one day.  Meanwhile they wait patiently.


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Re: Eye interpretation.


it's named
knowing    see    seeking
Re: Pigeon interpretation... ;-)



For this crop in my point of view the « bird » is the phoenix and nearby the crop circle  we have  Phoenix Place, Church Street, Hampton Lucy » www.ukaddressbook.uk. The point is the facade symbol of the trinity.. church street thus this a crop of hope.



I have noticed that the inverted image of the bird could possibly correlate to a demonic celebration which happened in New York City recently, where Kali was imaged on the Empire State Building. Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, and is also referenced in the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. The fact that New Yorkers are witnessing the glorifying of evil against an iconic monument to wealth and power is disturbing, and serves as a serious warning to us all. In similar news, just recently a statue of Lucifer was made public in the city of Detroit, Michigan. This crop circle may or may not coincide with this event. 

Please understand that I am writing you this message out of fear and concern that amidst the great deception going on, people will fall prey and worship false gods. In the Bible, 1 Timothy 4:1 says "...that in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils". Matthew 24:11 states "Many false prophets will arise, and mislead many". Make no mistake about it, Kali is a goddess of death, completely devoid of any righteousness or benevolence to humanity, and to plaster her face on such a monolith is inviting destruction on America, while simultaneously serving as another link to the End Times we are living in. 

While many people here follow New Age and pagan beliefs, I urge them all to turn to Jesus Christ, and to invite him into their hearts to be their lord and savoir. Jesus assures salvation to all who call upon his name, repent of their sins, and live the life of love, charity, and faith, according to the Holy Bible. Please do so, before it's too late.

Infowars reported the event, and the link can be found here.



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 January 5, 2015 – channeled by Elsie Milla (St. Louis, MO) 

Message from the BIRD TRIBE

“Dear ones from the realms of Love and Light. We come to visit you tonight. We are the beings of Love and Light that you’ve been calling forth all the years you’ve been working at this table.

We come from a far off galaxy… We are not the Pleiadians, we are not the Arcturians, we are not the Andromedans, and we are not the Sirians. Yet, we know who you are.  We are from a galaxy that is outside of your galaxy, and you know there are many universes and many galaxies in God’s world.

But we see you for who you are… we see the gentle souls that you really are and we know how difficult life has been for you living in this physical element in this time, and the times of the past… We come to honor you.

We are not you, and you are not us, for we have not seeded you.  And, yet, we are part of God’s world, we are part of the Universes that are Universes that are outside of Universes, and there are many…

We look different than you do… we have a different agenda than you do. Every planet and every universe has its own lessons to learn, and their own agenda that they are working on.

Witnessing the delivery of  this message, I couldn’t help but remember these crop circles, years ago I was told this one represented the Return of the Bird People. CC 

But, we feel with you, for we know about your emotions, we know about your fears, we know of your aspirations which you are working toward. And for that reason we come to applaud you and to hold ceremony with you this night.

We are of the Tribe of the Birds, which one of you know -  is of the Bird Tribe, who has been here in your group many times, and you have known him from  past lives. But, we come to honor you tonight, for you have honored him in the past, and in many lives. We are the ones who are beckoning him to come home, and come home he shall in due time.

Right now we say to you: Blessings, blessings for all the good you do every day of your lives. Blessings for the beautiful heart that you have, and the beautiful emotions that you use to bring forth your hopes, wishes and dreams. Dream beautiful dreams, my beautiful dreamers, for you are the dreamers of this world. You are the ones who are going to manifest peace, love and light on your beautiful planet. And we know who she is. We know who Gaia is. We have been watching her for centuries, and we see how she has grown, and you have all evolved in the many millions of years you have been living on this earth and many other planets in your universe.

But, we are the ones that have wings. We are the winged beings – that is why we are of the Bird Tribe, and I see you all growing your wings... to ascend, to fly, to be free from the shackles from the world you have been living in. For you have been shackled for millions of years – but now I see those shackles breaking, from your wrists, from your feet, but - most importantly - from your mind… for the mind has been controlled by those beings that have controlled you all these years…

Now I see you breaking all the shackles, because you are opening your mind, and you are searching for Truth, and when you find that truth, it resonates with you.  You feel it in every cell of your body. You feel the energy surging through you from the top of your head down to the tip of your feet. And with that realization you are becoming empowered. Through the breath you breathe oxygen, you breathe atoms, as Master Hilarion said, adamantine particles, through Archangel Michael.

Yes, we know all of them, for we are of the 12th dimension. We have graduated through the school of hard knocks many, many times. But, we have reached those points of heights, and there is no end to growth. You keep growing and you keep learning. What was true to you 5 yrs ago is no longer true to you today, for you find that truth does change, even though you seem to believe what you learned in the past – but now you are finding there are other truths that are more relevant and more important in your life’s mission.

So, be at peace all of you here on this Earth’s dimension, for you are the Creators of Peace. You are the Peacemakers. You are the Warriors of Love and Light. And, I see each one of you with your cup being full, and when the cup is full it is overflowing, because of all the good deeds that you do, how you reach out to your brothers and sisters, how you comfort one another, and are there to share the pain and the sorrow and the good times. That’s what it’s all about.

That’s what the human being is… it’s a heart that has a mind, and a soul, and a body. But, you are more than that, for in Truth you are Spirit – and by being Spirit you are freeing yourself from the past, from those shackles that have held you bound all these millions of years.

So, we do not have a name, but we do have a vibration, and I’m going to give that vibration to each one of you, through your crown chakra, right now. I have a very magnetic electrical ray that I work with, and it’s all the colors of the rainbows, and I am now putting this into all of you at the same time, because I can do this… And you will be able to manifest these things yourselves once you have ascended into your rightful place in the 5th dimension that you are graduating to.

So, breathe in now, and see all the colors of the rainbow coming in through your crown chakra, and breathe it down your spinal column, and cleansing all the cells on the way through your spine, and the spine reaches into the heart, and into the soul, and into all your chakras, across the pelvic bones, down your hips, your thighs, your knees, your legs, your ankles and your feet, and then out through the feet as roots.
They go very deeply, deeply into the Mother Earth, and there you are going to deposit everything that is not of love and light - any pain, any sorry, anything from the past that you no longer need to carry with you.  For those were the shackles of the past - those have held you immobile – but now is the time to be free, to move, to soar. And then as you breathe in from the Earth Mother, from that flame, again all the colors of the rainbow coming up through her fire…

Do you see the fire as all the colors of the rainbow in your mind’s eye, your beautiful mind’s eye? See it!  And breathe it up through your feet now, up your ankles, your legs, through your knees, your thighs, your hips, your pelvic bones, up that beautiful spinal column, through all the chakras, into that beautiful heart, through your lungs, your throat, your all-seeing eye, and out through the crown of your head to bless everyone and all the Universes of God’s love and light.

We thank you, we bless you, we are honored to bring this gift to you tonight, for it is sorely needed. In the name of our Father-Mother God, which is your Father-Mother God, be blessed and be at peace.

Amen, amen, amen.

Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds 

It is now about 2 months that I've been poking my nose deeply into the crop circle phenomenon, and I have come to the same conclusions as many here: first of, the crop circle makers are real artists with a stunning sense of aesthetics - as demonstrated once again by current crop circle - and on the other hand they must also be highly knowledgeable mathematicians, physicists, historians, geologists, etc. A very rare combination here on Earth ! And they are able to act on a global scale.  

And concerning the crop circles themselves, they seem like a giant Memory puzzle to me - you know, this famous kiddie card game where you have to find matching pair cards from an endless pile of down cards - with the only difference that here, it is pictographs involved that are made of grass and wheat, instead of cardboard. 

Here the crop circles with a Bird motive, the third one of this year, done over 14 days (time sequence: 6 days - 4 days - 4 days): 

So one crop circle never comes alone! 

Bill Buehler stated in previous comments (see comments for Diedershof crop circle from 2015-08-08) that crop circles create and manipulate energetic grids that surround Earth. And that it is a kind of Ascension grid that is currently being installed. Here a link to his website with interesting supplementary information about this Ascension grid which he calls the "Reshel grid": http://billbuehler.blogspot.de 

Michael Stewart offers similarly interesting explanations that are based on the work of David Furlong who wrote the book "The Keys to the Temple". David Furlong argues that many ancient sites like churches and temples are laid out according to specific geometric patterns intrinsic to Earth, the so-called "ley-lines", and according to specific proportions similar to the ones of the Giza pyramids in Egypt.

Here a link to his website: http://www.davidfurlong.co.uk/keyspt1.htm

And Wiltshire for example forms - according to David Furlong - a giant Vesica Pisces stretching over many miles. Is this the reason why a Vesica Pisces was recently being made, in Wiltshire? 

And current crop circle is not different, as it aligns to ancient sites, like Hampton Lucy's St. Peter church and St. John the Baptist church at 2km away, as observed by Stéphane. The landscape features surrounding this crop circle further show a giant fish or a spaceship at its bottom - with St. Peter church being the eye of the fish, or the cockpit of the spaceship. A man with the number 7 above his head seems to exit this spaceship, while being watched by a pelican sitting to the right of the number 7, and him sitting on another church, of John, the Baptist.

This proximity to churches is a recurrent pattern, and to airports as well. 

And the pyramid is also involved this time, as well as churches: 

Laurence Gardner discovered an interesting pattern too: he found out that many cathedrals from the 12th and 13th century in France was being aligned to match the star constellation of Virgo. Here a link to his website: http://www.halexandria.org/dward758.htm  

It would be interesting to see what happens, if one tries to compare the crop circles that have been made over all these years to the various grid formations!  

But I also agree with BB: crop circles are also simple messages to ground crew Earth !  

To my understanding, it is their way of introducing themselves to us surface humans, to start a kind of friendly chatter, so that we get to know them better, and vice versa. So that we won't be knocked right out of our socks when they will stand one day in person in front of us. 

If this will happen in late December this year, or on April 4 next year, we'll have to wait and see. In any case: official open contact is near! (My guess for D-Day is rather 2019, at the earliest. But around 2030 AD it will have happened!) 

Franklin Thomson

Stephane Forterre

This circle has one main meaning totally missed.  IT IS THE BIRD PEOPLE Cometh. This is the coming evacuation of the planet.  
from Candace.... www.abundanthope.net  its on the front page at the top






Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike