Hampton Lucy, nr Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Reported  8th August

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A new crop picture near Hampton Lucy on August 8, 2015 showed a “thunderbird” or “dove”, which is carrying “two eyes” on its wings. Those “two eyes” will be given soon to spiritually or psychically blind people on Earth, to help them “see”.

A crop picture near Hampton Lucy on August 8, 2015 was the third in a series, from late July or early August of 2015, to show some kind of “bird”. What might the crop artists be trying to say?

Their first picture on July 25, 2015 at Uffcott Down showed a curious-looking “eagle” (see uffcott down). Upon further study, it seems to represent “Wakinyan”, a mythical thunderbird of the Lakota Sioux:

Their second picture on August 4, 2015 near Brandenburg, Germany showed a “dove of peace” (see Friederikenhof 2015 or Friederikenhof comments).

Their third picture on August 8, 2015 near Hampton Lucy showed either a “thunderbird” or a “dove” (see hampton lucy 2015). In this third example, it was drawn with “two eyes” along two outstretched “wings”:

Several curved lines, which surround this image, give the three-dimensional impression of a dove which is “flapping its wings” or perhaps flying to Earth: 

Our friend the “dove”, crop artist par excellence, are you flying our way?

A metaphor of “spiritual blindness”

Why should this field image of a “dove” or “thunderbird” show “two eyes”, along its two outstretched wings?

When we look to see where the Hampton Lucy crop picture was drawn, relative to other features in the landscape nearby, we learn that this “dove” or “thunderbird” seems to be carrying “two eyes”, toward the head and face of a “blind man” on the left:

Once it gives “two eyes” to that “blind man”, then he may become able to “see”:

The Hampton Lucy crop picture and its nearby landscape features illustrate a colourful metaphor, which has been expressed many times by the extra-terrestrial crop artists. Namely, they think that most humans on Earth are “spiritually blind”. Yet once they make open contact with us, and teach us some of what they know, then many humans on Earth will supposedly become more spiritually aware, and will learn how to “see”. Whether this metaphor refers to moral insight, to religious teachings, or to latent psychic abilities, will be discussed further below.

Two other examples where the crop artists have suggested that humans on Earth are “spiritually blind”

During the summer of 2009, those crop artists drew a “cataract lens” in East Field. This was to suggest that most humans on Earth are “blind”, just like for a man who has cataracts in his eyes. Yet soon, after they add a “corrective lens” to our general psyches, we may be able to “see” more clearly (see fringe2014n).

On December 28, 2013, the crop artists drew an amusing picture near Chualar in California, which showed symbols in Braille for the number “192” (see chualar-crop-circle-contains-message-braille-expert-says). This number “192” matches both the number of cores in a computer chip produced by the NVIDIA corporation, and also the total number of nations today on Earth. The crop artists regard all of those nations as “blind”.

On January 5, 2014, NVIDIA released video and internet material to assert that they had commissioned the Chualar crop picture as an “advertisement” (see salinas-crop-circle-and-project-192). I do not believe this is true. Already by December 31, 2013, I had learned some of the false debunking claims which would be posted by NVIDIA one week later, due to an accidental leak by one of the “researchers” chosen to debunk it.

Should we be afraid of friendly extra-terrestrials who wish to help us “see”, rather than remain “blind”?

Many people today become terrified, whenever the word “alien” is mentioned. Hollywood movies have conjured up fearful notions of “grey aliens” with large, black, slanted eyes, who seem determined to invade Earth!

Yet those crop artists are not of the same fearful character. For example, when we look closely at their new “thunderbird” or “dove” picture from August 8, we can see the image of a “friendly face” in its “tail feathers”:

I believe that they added such an amusing detail, because they knew that many of us would be irrationally afraid, of what we are not already familiar with.

Their new “thunderbird” or “dove” was drawn near an image in the landscape which resembles the “thunderbird” from Uffcott Down on July 25, 2015

Their new “thunderbird” or “dove” at Hampton Lucy was drawn in the landscape within the “head” of a large “flying dove”:

Further to the right, we can see another interesting image in the landscape (outlined in white). It resembles a “thunderbird” which was drawn in crops at Uffcott Down on July 25, 2015.

“One good bird deserves another!”

A “large bird” in the landscape with “two eyes” on outstretched wings

When we study this landscape on an even broader scale, we can see a “large bird” with “outstretched wings”. This “bird” seems to be flying toward where the crop picture was drawn, and also toward that landscape image of a “blind man’s face” on the left:

Surrounding the landscape image of that “blind man’s face”, we can see a capital letter “L” (outlined in white). This stands in many other examples of crop-circle art for “love”

The “large bird” with “outstretched wings” shows two small, white squares as “eyes” on its face, just above its pointed “beak”. Likewise along each of its outstretched “wings”, both above and below, we can see two other small, white squares about halfway out.

Those small, white squares along each “wing” might be regarded as “two extra eyes”. Later we saw the same, detailed feature drawn in crops, as part of a “dove” or “thunderbird” image on the left.

It seems possible that the crop artist may have studied this region of England from space (or from a high visual perspective), close to where he made another picture near Haselor on July 19, 2015 (see hoo mill 2015). When he noticed a “large bird” in the landscape, which showed two small, white, square “eyes” along its wings, then he designed and drew a new crop picture in the field near Hampton Lucy, following his artistic sensibilities.

Other interpretations or metaphors: religious teaching or latent psychic abilities 

The overall metaphor of this crop picture, by which humans on Earth are regarded as “spiritually blind”, relates to certain passages from the Old and New Testaments of Jewish or Christian scriptures:.

“The eyes of the blind will be opened, and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped.” (Isaiah Chapter 35, verse 5)

“For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see, and those who see will become blind.” (John Chapter 9, verse 39). .

Other people have commented that two concentric circles, near the centre of this new “thunderbird” or “dove” crop picture, might represent a “third eye”, which is associated with psychic potential and the pineal gland in humans (see Third_eye).

If we study this “dove” from an upside-down perspective, we can see two normal “eyes”, a downward-pointing “nose”, two horizontal “eyebrows”, and two concentric circles as a “third eye” on the man’s “forehead”:

The potential acquisition of new psychic abilities for humans on Earth, as a result of extra-terrestrial contact, would certainly count as getting “new eyes”, or becoming better able to “see”.

Today we are no more than “horses with blinders”

If anyone wishes to dispute that most humans on Earth are “spiritually blind”, just watch the evening news on TV!   

Even the most “intelligent” Earth humans, our “scientists”, have become so narrow-minded in the early 21st century, and so quick to reject any real facts about UFOs, crop pictures or spiritual energies, that their minds seem somewhat dysfunctional.

“Horses with blinders!” a famous MIT Chemistry Professor once commented to me over lunch. “We have all been like horses with blinders.” We work in our offices or factories, we fight wars, and we consume many different products for material pleasures, but most of us today remain spiritually and psychically “blind”. Perhaps there are small pockets of spiritually-aware humans living on Earth today, for example near Glastonbury or Avebury in England, but they are few in number.  

My impression is that the crop artists are currently in transit to Earth, via wormholes and hyperspace, and will reach our solar system in the near future.

Appendix 1. A “dove” giving new eyes to the “blind” with love “L”: could this be the reason why “crop circles” are being sent to us from another space or time?

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)




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