Hoo Mill, nr Haselor, Warwickshire. Reported 19th July.

Map Ref: SP110578

Updated Wednesday 30th December 2015


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The Castle of the Yellow Star has begun

This crop circle was reported on 19th July 2015. According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 19th July 2015 is a day of the Blue castle, which began on 17th July 2015.

In the Blue castle we receive and have the possibility to accept, to absorb and to learn the energy “Yellow Star” - Beautify, Elegance, Art, Harmony.

On the crop circle is depicted a 8-point star, which symbolizes the “Yellow Star” - the Solar Seal No. 8.

The Harmonic Module Tzolkin includes 260 days, divided in 5 castles of 52 days. The Blue Castle is the third castle in Tzolkin.

On the pictogram is depicted a lunar crescent, which symbolizes the Year of the Red Solar Moon, which began on 26th July 2014 and ends on 24th July 2015. Here the lunar crescent is divided in 6 parts representing the 6 days, which remain until the end of the Red Solar Moon Year: from 19th until the 24th July 2015.

On the outer circle we see 8 small circles. They probably represent the 8 days which remain until the begin of the New Year of the White Planetary Wizard, which begins on 26th July 2015.

In the very center of the crop circle there is a small circle, where we see the face of a child. It symbolizes the energy “Blue Monkey” – Game, Magic, Illusion.
The Blue Monkey is the Supporting energy of the Yellow Star.
The Blue Monkey Wavespell is the 3rd wavespell in the Blue Castle.
The Blue Monkey reminds us not to forget the child within us, to accept everything more easy, with joy and laughter. And not to forget that the life is only a game, full with magic, and all things are our illusions.

In the Blue Castle we receive the Blue energy of Transformation. The structures (physical bodies, cells etc.), which were purified in the previous White Castle, are now transformed in crystalline structures.

The 8 triangles, which depict the rays of the Star, look like vanes. They give us the feeling of a rotating wheel. On this way is depicted the Blue energy of Transformation, which accelerates all processes.

The Blue Castle is a very dynamic period of very intensive transformations. It includes 52 days, and 20 of them are Galactic Activation Portal days. In these days doorways to the higher dimensions are open, which brings new powerful energies. Besides, in the Blue Castle we have the 20 days of the Central Mystic column, which represents an infinite field of possibilities. In these days we receive most pure energy from the Source and we are in a state of most expanded consciousness.

Sources for the Mayan calendar:


Maya Todorova



Artwork WJ

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Regarding the CC at Hoo Mill, nr Haselor, Warwickshire. Reported 19th July.
This is a simplified representation of our solar system showing our sun, eight planets and the dwarf planet Pluto.  The format used to represent our solar system is linear since the solar system is viewed in a straight line from left to right.


This is a simplified representation of our solar system showing our sun, eight planets and the dwarf planet Pluto.  The format used to represent our solar system is nonlinear.  Nonlinear problems are of interest to engineers, physicists and mathematicians because most systems are inherently nonlinear in nature. 


The King Reigns with His Heart

Leo rules the Heart and the Spine.

As soon as I saw this lovely formation, I couldn’t help but think of the Sun in Leo which is happening today (July 22nd) at 11:30 PM EDT.

In this design the sun and moon are seen as the usual ‘couple’ with the crescent as moon and the disc as sun. The large 8-pointed star that dominates the whole can be the sun in all its glory and also a reminder of the star Regulus, known as the ‘heart of the lion’. Regulus is the brightest star (system) in the constellation Leo, and the reference to it being the ‘heart’ goes well with the fact that the sign Leo rules the heart as well as the spine. 

The star Regulus is known as the Heart of the Lion.

So, the pulsing of our great Sun could be likened to a giant heart that pumps out life energy to Earth and all the planets in our system.  The planets as recipients of the life light are seen in one circle around the Sun design and they include the smaller circle representing our now dubbed ‘dwarf planet’, Pluto.

No really big message here except that we have cause to celebrate the wonder of life we experience on Earth as part of the solar system. Perhaps we can be more mindful of the Heart Symbolism and act out of our own heart-consciousness. With reference to the spine symbolism that is also associated with Leo, we can understand that the cosmic energy, like the kundalini energy moving along the spine, is a constantly regenerative force. The eight points of the star reinforce this idea.

Michelle Jennings





Dear readers and writers, 

to repeat which I told in my l recent report regarding Münchener Berg, Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria, Germany. Reported 16th July. Munchener 2015 

in which I said:

"In very complex ways all the matter and all the minds are connected with each other, unimportant in which dimension the source is located. It goes through all dimensions."

we do see now the solution of that former image:

As cc-makers usually speak in their advanced thinking they send the most complex cc-image at first place, as they did here once again.

And only in case that the humans are unable to understand (for sure they won't), they send another one, this time a little bit more 'simple'.

But most of us remain unable anyway to 'see' the message right - including me.

This image is impressive anyway. So what we can do is to try to translate.

Sure, at a first sight we see an eight spoke star which seems to be connected with eight 'points' inside the outer circle.

Those 'points' can be - in a view regarding our solar-system - the eight planets (without the sun, coz it is a star).

But there is one point in the outer circle which is 'un-noted' so to say.

And not to mix-up with our moon, because many planets inside our solar-system do have many moons!

For example: Only the planet Jupiter has actually 67 of known moons. 

So - there must be something different depicted. 

We can only speculate here, but I absolutely don't agree here to Mr. Dr. Horace R. Drew, who, once more looses himself in any strange speculations like this one (copy in):

" The most famous crop picture relating to this subject would be a “Quetzalcoatl headdress” on July 5, 2009 near Silbury Hill (see time2010f or www.youtube.com).   

He may have been part of a delegation from the Pleiades who met Eisenhower in 1954, and asked that we give up our nuclear weapons, while warning that another visiting delegation from “grey aliens” was not to be trusted (see time2007o or time2007n).

I only wonder how a so called doctor can make such unproven and wild speculations!

Could ask you, dear Dr.:

Do YOU know ANY extraterrestrial being?

And if not, how can you know - who of these have probably visited Eisenhower in 1954?

Or have you seen those special meetings with own eyes??? 

So, dear doctor, be real and don't tell anymore about speculations in a style, as if you were a witness of all this. 

By the way, obviously the President Eisenhower HAS had met Extraterrestrials in 1954, and from the secret services were been spread out messages, that at this day the 'President was 'disappeared' from the public for just one simple reason:

"He visited a dentist because his problems with teeth". 

But in the missing hours between, the Mr. Eisenhower had met a group of Extraterrestrials, named the 'long nose Grays'.

And he DID sign a special contract (due to testimonies of former secret agents), of course not knowing the outcome, what would happen a time later.
The Extraterrestrials simply broke the contract and began to do whatever they liked to do.

And this was especially to hijack ordinary people in countless numbers with the target to 'mix' the extraterrestrial genome with human ones.

I won't get deeper into it here for some special reasons. 

However, nowadays we could take all this seriously for sure.

And the countless incidents, same as connected with 'cattle mutilations' until today, show their ongoing bloody and cold acts. 

But that is a different topic and has nothing to do with this crop circle image.

This image shows something like a 'bigger connection' - even following the first crop circle message - as seen above. 

Here the cc-makers dissolved my former statement which said: 

"In very complex ways all the matter and all the minds are connected with each other, unimportant in which dimension the source is located. It goes through all dimensions." 

Here they show the REAL connection, their power and abilities, just shown in this image!

It looks like a superior power, maybe a 'super civilisation' which is capable to even control the whole solar system, maybe even able to control the 'time' itself inside this 3-D dimension. 

In my reports I told you about this 'super civilisation', but it was clear that it would overstress your minds - same as the 'rooms of eternity' in which I was been send for two times.

Anyway you can see with own eyes what the message is telling about.

 But only ONE (planet?) does NOT belong to their 'observed realm' so to say.

And if it belongs to the 'monitored' system though, then the 'missing line' is to express their 'missing acceptance' for one or another reason…….So they 'avoid us in our lousy behaviour'.

It is visible in the image as a single dot in the outer ring which is not connected with the centre. 

But in real it can't be Earth, because Earth itself is one of the eight planets in our solar-system. 

Of course, from a higher view it can be Earth anyway.

But it can be a very different point of view, which may say: 

"We control and are united with EIGHT solar systems with all their inhabitants.

They all are located in your so called 3-D space-time.

Inside that 3-D rooms we look at this from a higher dimension, which, as you can see, is a bit displaced in the image.

You see the centre, which is a bit 'out of the centre', but it is unimportant for you, because it is just only a 'shift in time and room, nothing which you would be able to understand.

Therefore we show you the image as the real one image, unimportant, how YOU would think about it." 

Sure, they easily could show us a more clear image of the 'how and where', but they didn't.

Maybe there is a special reason for that, to just confuse us and leave us back in doubts....... 

I can't explain their so strange behaviour.

And it was not been sent from our Galactic brothers and sisters, I'm pretty sure.

Because they are not interesting to send riddles to us, in contrary, they always try to help us.

But this image here can not help us in any way, it confuses us instead. 

So whatever the sent image means, at least it shows something like a 'higher alliance' which controls the 'united star-systems' and / or inhabited planets. 

That's all I can say here.

Kind regards, 

2015-07-25 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de

Blue Moon July 

Red Collie remarked that the current crop circle from Hoo Mill in Warwickshire depicts the eight lunar phases. The small dot on the outer ring would then be the timestamp for this crop circle, 3 days off New Moon, or July 19: 

This month of July is also the month of the Blue Moon, where TWO Full Moons appear in a single month. A rare event that happens roughly every three years, as the last Blue Moon month was August 2012, and the next one will be January 2018. 

PS: Thank you, Red Collie, for your comments ! It is always a tremendous pleasure reading them ! Like those of the many other fabulous commentators like Marc Smulders, John, Pàvkovà Z., Gerdie E., Berat Sancar, BB, etc. I feel honoured to be among you ! 

Franklin Thomson


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Coming with the clouds on November 7 this year 

The anomalistic month 

The circle around the off-centre star is a representation of the elliptic orbit of the moon. Sometimes the moon is closer to the earth and sometimes the moon is more remote. The eight circles represent the eight main positions of the moon in her orbit. The extra dot represents the position of the moon on the formation creation day, close to the point where the moon is most remote from the earth. Each approximately 27.5 days (roughly 4 weeks) the moon passes this point. This cycle is called the anomalistic month and fluctuates slightly around the mean value. 

Other relations with the cosmos and the relationship with November 7 

The star of the formation is the Sumerian symbol for a star as well as a planet. Looking at the formation creation date, the moon not only was at the point as indicated in the formation (albeit mirrored), but also in a conjunction with Venus as well as Jupiter. When we take the anomalistic month into account, it turns out that after 4 times this cycle (to be more precise: after 111 days or almost 16 weeks), the moon not only is at the same position in her elliptic orbit (albeit in a slightly different position in the zodiac), but she is also in a conjunction with Venus and Jupiter again. Also Mars and the north node will join this syzygy. This happens on November 7. 

The UFO-interpretation 

When we look at the formation from a different point of view, we can clearly see it is a three-dimensional figure, a kind of a dome like a flying saucer (see interpretation of “Artwork WJ”) 

Putting the pieces together 

According to the Bible, the “son of man” (the messiah) will come with the clouds. According to me, this simply means that the messiah will come “from heaven” and “delivered” on Earth by an UFO, a flying saucer. This also fits with the messages of some earlier formations (see for example sunnyside comments ) and the message for November 7. It is probably the result of abduction, but has a positive meaning here: It’s a man with revised DNA (son of man); the first successor of the Homo Sapiens. 

Death and resurrection 

This is death and resurrection and the start of the resurrection of mankind, like the resurrection of the Christ. Hence, it is very intriguing that the surroundings of the formation shows a very clear Christian cross (like was the case at Sunnyside!!). In connection with the formation it refers to sunset on November 7: 

surrounding Sumerian star 

Marc Smulders

For the second crop of Haselor

 The octal system with an excentric point on the right the direction pointed by the point is an indication we have also a form of the angel crop inside the circles because inner circle is ex-centred:- http://www.newhuman.co.uk/cropcircle.html 



This is a desequlilibrium sign. ; perhaps with the g8 group we entered troubled times I’m afraid , but the trinity and angels are always there.



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike