Luxenborough, nr West Amesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 24th June.

Map Ref: SU133416

Updated  Monday 6th  July 2015


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This crop circle appeared symbol of the cross and crescent (star?), Which is a symbol of Islam. Currently, very current topic. The same design is also a crop circle on June 15, 2015 - Newton Barrow. Both formations were created in the period of Ramadan. It was the same last year. In 2015, however, he was the star with five tails replaced the star with four corners with two arrows. Cross therefore does not look like a star, but rather as a weapon. For this reason I do not like that explanation too.


Therefore, I offer other options.

Image of a cross and a crescent moon in the county of Wiltshire discovers since 2012 each year. It can not be coincidence. Is there some code that we should be able to understand. In Sumerian mythology Nibiru was depicted as shining a planet that has been awarded the symbol of the cross. Nibiru's orbit had 3,600 Earth years. According to the Sumerians 3600 years Nibiru returns to our solar system and crosses the ecliptic in place, orbits the planet Tiamat. Therefore, the symbol of the cross, "the planet of crossing." After a collision with Marduk (Nibiru) is Tiamat shattered and part this planet  is the Earth. But it was accelerated away to a different orbit. Arrows on the cross in the middle can indicate the direction of movement Nibiru - crossing. 

Pávková Z.



Purifying and Transformation in the Blue Storm Wavespell

This crop circle was reported on 24th June 2015. According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 24th June is a day with the Solar Seal "White Wind” and with Tone 4. On a day with the Tone 4 we align ourselves with the 4 directions of the world. And on the crop circle we see a figure, which very much looks like a compass.

Tone 4 is symbolized also through the 4 lunar crescents.

24th June is the 4th day of the Blue Storm Wavespell, in the White Castle, where the process of Purifying continues.

The lunar crescents symbolize also the purifying energy “Red Moon” – Purify, Stream, Universal Water.

The Red Moon is the Challenging Energy of the Blue Storm.

Besides, we are in the Red Moon Year, which continues until 24th July 2015.

So through this crop circle we are reminded that now during the Blue Storm Wavespell continues the process of Purifying – through “Universal Water”.

At the ends of the “compass” are depicted crystals. The “compass” itself also looks like made of crystal.

On this way, we are reminded that during the Blue Storm Wavespell we receive the Blue Energy of Transformation. The structures (physical bodies, cells etc.), which were purified in the previous Wavespell of the White Worldbridger, now are transformed in crystalline structures.

24th June 2015 is a day with the Solar Seal “White Wind” – Breathe, Spirit, Connection, Communication. Besides, the White Wind is the Occult Teacher of the Blue Storm. On 2 of the needles of the compass are depicted figures, which look like wings. In my opinion, each pair of wings symbolize the Energy of Spirit – White Wind – which is Solar Seal No. 2. The White Wind inspires us and lends us wings ;-).

Sources for the Mayan calendar:

Maya Todorova

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Reference to Venus-Mars-Jupiter-conjunction on October 24, 2015 

Venus and the moon are the keys for the formation 

Not only the moon, but also Venus shows phases. The formation shows the crescent waning and waxing phases of Venus. On June 24 (day formation), Venus is crescent waning. The formation also shows the maximum elongation of Venus (about 47 degrees; the maximum distance to the sun). This idea is supported by the orientation of the formation towards sunrise as well as the fact that on the day of the formation, Venus is close to her maximum elongation (approximately 44 degrees on June 24). See figure: 


Relationship with day formation 

The formation points to the day four (Gregorian) months ahead in future, which is October 24. The four crescent moons symbolize these months, while around October 24, Venus reaches its maximum elongation again, showing a waxing crescent Venus in the telescope (in contrast to the waning crescent Venus on the day of the formation). In the middle of this time span (August 24) Venus rises heliacal, short after a “new Venus” (inferior conjunction with the sun) on August 15. 

October 24 has additional similarities in comparison with the day of the formation. Venus is conjunct Jupiter on the day of the formation and this conjunction returns around that day in October. On that day Venus, Jupiter and Mars are aligned in a close conjunction and visible in the morning before sunrise. 

It also turns out that on June 24 as well as October 24, the moon happens to rise in almost the same direction (see figure and this module).  


The formation refers to an event on October 24. On a cosmological level, this refers to the alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Mars, while the moon is opposite to these planets. As the formation shows a cross, it is likely that in addition there is a relationship with the reference to the Christian cross by the formation at Sunnyside. This formation appeared two days earlier and refers to November 7. Note that sunrise on November 7 is in the direction of the nearby airport. 

Marc Smulders

Since I believe I discovered a correspondence between the Aztec Sun Stone and the Torino crop formation, I found myself examining the Sun Stone carefully. In the center of the stone there is an image of a face, believed to be the Sun God but also possibly the Sun King. This center section is called the "Ollin." What struck me about it is that it has two protuberances to either side of the face, making it somewhat asymmetrical. it reminded me of the curious asymmetry of the Luxenborough crop formation.

So I decided to do an overlay of the two, and this is the result. If you look carefully, there are a number of alignments that seem fairly substantive.

Perhaps it should be viewed in connection to the possible meanings of the Torino formation, along with the Sun Stone calendar indicating the end of the age. It certainly seems to match the ferocity!


- John in CA


Luxenborough Crop Circle: “THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM”

The rare conjunction event will make the planets Venus and Jupiter a “single” star. The planets, which are hundreds of millions of miles from each other, will for a short period of time seem to be galactic neighbors, passing so close they seem to merge.

Link: Watch-Venus-Jupiter-superstar-tomorrow-Cosmic-illusion-make-planets-merge-one-bright-light-night-sky  

Photo: Daily Mail

Berat Sancar


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