Maiden Castle, Nr Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 26th July.

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Updated Wednesday 5th  August  2015


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To be honest, I have no earthly idea of what the message is (if any) for the CC at Maiden Castle, Nr Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom, reported 26th July.  However, comparing the quality of  the CC at Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, reported 23rd June (on the left) with the CC at Maiden Castle, Nr Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom, reported 26th July (on the right)  one sees a shocking difference. 

One of the messages from the June 23rd CC was interpreted as "Beware of 'ETs' bearing gifts."  Using the June 23rd CC from Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, Turin, Piedmont, Italy as a standard ... ALL of the edges of any design within the June 23rd CC are sharp and crisp.  In comparison, if one studies all the available pictures from the July 26th CC the edges are NOT sharp and crisp in these photos.  In fact, if one looks closely the bent crop appears to be pushed up against the crop that is still standing and there appear to be numerous places that indicate someone either before or after the formation has disturbed the field.  Therefore, in conclusion, no decision can accurately be made regarding the legitimacy of this CC and close-up pictures of how the crop is actually laid would be helpful.  Why is there such a difference in quality?  Are not CC-makers using the same technology?


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The Maiden's flying space pebbles

As has already been stated elsewhere does this crop circle depict the solar system and how it looked like on July 26, the creation day of Maiden Castle's crop circle. 

Here a further illustration, an astrological star map:

This crop circle has hence been the last in this month's series dedicated to special constellations of mainly Venus and Moon, as illustrated by following illustration:

As July 26 marked the entry of Venus into Virgo, her celestial home sign, after her two-month travel through the sign of Leo, the Lion, who also featured repeatedly in July's crop circles. Resulting in an epic constellation with Venus in the center, and with stars above her head, and with Saturn and Moon at her feet:

And multiple square conjunctions of Venus with on the one hand Neptune in Pisces, and on the other hand Moon and, what more is, Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, thusly strongly amplifying the incoming intense energies from the center of our galaxy. Energies, I'm convinced, that are destined to make us fly high - if we allow them to ! - as shown in the following depiction of Saturn and the Moon readying themselves to rise like a Phoenix:

And as this crop circle was created exactly 20 days, or 1 Mayan Winal, before a rare stellar event: the double conjunction of Venus and Moon from August 15, this then further enhances the theory according to which a part of the crop circles represent, via the time pattern of their appearence and the symbols being used in the crop circles' imagery alone, a kind of countdown to some breath-taking event that is going to take place very soon.

A countdown to Disclosure Day, the day we made first official contact to a civilisation from outter space ? This would in any case be the fulfillment of a boy's wildest Star Trek-dream !

This crop circle has been done by someone who is number 7, and twice 26 via its date - 7-26-2015 translates to 7 is twice 26 - and geographical location - 50°N and 2°W, is 52, or the one of the 52-year cycle, and at 77 meter altitude. And Maiden Castle has been chosen by the crop circle makers because it resembles two snakes that bite each other's tail. While the crop circle itself might represent our third eye in this context, or the third eye of the crop circle maker:

One last message of current crop circle might be: Beware of the Alpha Capricornids and the Delta Aquarids meteor shower that are currently zipping by Earth. But no reason to panic yet, as the bulk of these showers is still going to take 200 years, or 10 great Mayan Winal years, to reach Earth and create havoc.

Franklin Thomson

In this case please fans of the crop circle phenomenon for help. I believe that the planets in the inner circle formations are displayed in orbit. Thus, from the viewpoint of an earthly observer. The entire crop circle can be divided into 3 sectors. Each sector is additionally divided into two halves. I believe that dividing line in the circumferential strip is the horizon. Characters on the edge of the ring is then placed over the horizon or below the horizon. These characters may represent constellations. Under each group of total 6 accommodates one planet. Must we conclude whether or not the planet is visible, i.e. above the horizon. With certainty, however, can be named only Mars (has 2 months), and then the ringed planet. This can be Saturn or Uranus. From the identification of all the planets weshould work towards a specific date at which the constellations in the sky occurs. In this respect, I am no longer able no to advance further. Also, I do not know whether to look at the horizon from the center of the circle, or, conversely, from its edges.
Help anyone?

Pávková Z.





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