Winterbourne Stoke Down, Nr Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 10th July.

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Updated Sunday 12th July  2015


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A new crop picture at Winterbourne Stoke on July 10, 2015 suggests the astronomy of our Moon and a bright star Spica, 13 days later on July 23, and also shows the traditional symbol for Ea Enki from ancient Sumeria  

A new crop picture at Winterbourne Stoke on July 10, 2015 suggests an interesting sight which we will see in Earth’s night sky, 13 days later on June 23. On that day, our Moon will make a close conjunction in the constellation Virgo with a bright star called Spica, as it moves from left to right across the solar ecliptic:  

Thirteen thin “bars”, which surround this “lunar crescent” and “star” as drawn in crops, resemble a ring of 30 stones which stand in a circle at Stonehenge nearby.  

The “lunar crescent” and “star” motif dates to 5000 years ago, when the Annunaki lord “Ea Enki” ruled in ancient Sumeria:  

Many other crop pictures have shown themes which relate to Ea Enki, especially a famous crop picture near Poirino, Italy in 2011 (see fringe2014c). His personal name is “Eya”, while his second name “Enki” means “Lord of the Earth”.  

According to historical legends, Eya and his colleague Ninmah created our local human species here by genetic engineering, perhaps 10,000 years ago (see In Sumeria they called him “Loving Father Enki”. He asked Ninmah to “give his creations their daily bread”. Such close parallels with our modern Christian religion have not escaped my attention.

When we looked on Google Earth to see where this new crop picture was drawn, we found that its “lunar crescent and star” motif for Ea Enki was drawn on the “shoulder” of a “bird-serpent”, who seems to be heading for Stonehenge soon:  

It looks like the military insignia on a soldier’s uniform! Might Quetzalcoatl be a soldier of the great Ea Enki? And if so, will he arrive at Stonehenge on some date “13” in the Mayan calendar? For example, the Mayan calendar date for December 21, 2015 is  

The flattened lay of this new crop picture shows many interesting features, which support the idea that it might be of paranormal origin. These small-scale features cannot be easily interpreted yet, in terms of any definite symbolic meanings. They resemble 3 “thick lines” which run perpendicular to its outer border or 13 “bars”, which have been arranged into a circle, like for the standing stones of Stonehenge nearby.  

That  strange pattern of flattened lay around the outer border of Winterbourne Stoke resembles a “bird”, or perhaps even a “quetzal bird sitting on a branch”. Thus the internal symbolism of this crop picture matches a much larger “bird” motif, seen in the landscape where the crop picture was drawn:  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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A clock” showing the time until the end of the current year according to the 13-Moon calendar

10th July 2015: until the end of the current Year of the Red Solar Moon is just half Lunar month left

This crop circle has appeared on 10th July 2015 at Winterbourne Stoke Down, nr Stonehenge Visitors Centre, Wiltshire, UK.

In my opinion, on the outer ring are depicted the 13 days of the current Wavespell of the Yellow Human according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin.

The Yellow Human Wavespell began on 4th July 2015 and 10th July 2015 is the 7th day of this wavespell. The arrow A shows the end of the 7th day of this wavespell.

Then, 10th July 2015, is the last day of the 2nd week of the 13th Lunar month according to the 13-Moon calendar.
The 13th Lunar month, like every other Lunar month, has 4 weeks of 7 days each.

The lunar crescent, depicted on the crop circle, represents the 13th (last) Lunar month of the current Red Solar Moon Year.

The arrow A of the “clock" shows the end of 10th July, which is the middle of the depicted lunar crescent.

10th July 2015 is exactly the middle of the 13th Lunar month of the current Red Solar Moon Year.

The 13th Lunar month began on 27th June 2015 and continues until 24th July 2015.

So, on 24th July 2015 ends the Red Solar Moon Year (of 365 days).

In other words, this original “clock” shows us, that until the end of the current Red Solar Moon Year is just a half Lunar month (a half Moon) left, or these are 14 days.

25th July 2015 is the Day out of time and on 26th July 2015 begins the New Year of the White Planetary Wizard, with the Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation.

Maya Todorova


In the book: “The End of Days”, Sitchin wrote: “We are still in the Age of Pisces. The Return (of Anunnaki), the signs say, will happen before the end of our current Age” as the very last sentence of his book. In the same book, he quotes from Daniel’s book for the prediction of Messianic Times (page 265): “In one instance an angel answered that a phase in future events, a time when “an unholy king shall try to change the times and the laws,” will last “a time, times and a half time…..” 

Here is a quote from Daniel’s Book in Old Testament, Chapter 12 §7: “And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.” 

Let us try to make a sense of this time concept: 

A Time: The Great Mayan Cycle was completed in the mid-winter solstice in the year 2012 - 21.12.2012 

Times :

a.       The World Tree of New Age: from 22.12.2012 to 23.11.2013

b.      The Start of New Creation: from 24.11.2013 to 26.07.2014(? this process might also be a continuous period)

c.       Red Solar Moon Year: from 27.07.2014 to 24.07.2015 

An half: I quote from Maya Todorova’s article above. The first sentence: 10th July 2015: until the end of the current Year of the Red Solar Moon is just half Lunar month left.  



Berat Sancar

YAWN  ! 

Beautiful execution and a nice touch on the lay, but this has all been done before.

 The 13 is on the wrong day, the star is not quite an inverted octagon, if you wanted the tram line to serve as the proper setting, then it should be marked more clearly. Perhaps a signature icon at the bottom would have illucidated the 12. 

 Some pizazz and ownership please. Now that you have explored exactitude, try some humor, and lucidity, screw the leanness. Let it fly out of your head like a bloom.

Equatorial Sextant by William Burt

 July 10, 2015 was the number 12. If we envision the tram line as the base of the clock then it would be set at 13 E , July 11. By the way, the week of Aj brings fire power. July 12 – 25. 

 Has anyone thought of freeform ?  Can we stray from the established 'precision” geometrical rules of engagement ? 

 Clear your mind, and do not make the design until the hour before construction. No research ! Let it come natural and try a few perfect margaritas too. They bear lucidity with creativity. It's easy to make a traveler thermos. Make sure you are the artist in charge. 

  1Oz real lime juice

  1 oz sweetened lime juice

  2 oz Cointreau

 2.5 oz  100% Agave Tequila    (no salt needed if using the right juice ) its chemistry ya know

Look forward to your next effort. Art beats math like a Bear beats a Squirrel. 

A crappy lay in a well done freeform is better than a perfect lay in a simple geometrical obscenity. The free pass has expired. 

 Phoenix formation video 

Cheers ! 

 David Odell   Artstrology


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