Ansty, Nr Salisbury, Wiltshire. Reported 12th August.

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Updated  Thursday 18th  August  2016


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A message for the sleeping natives?

This “sleeping native” still has the “offset square” from Sparticle Woods of August 3, 2016 “on his mind”, or just in front of his “forehead”, in the landscape image shown above (see sparticles wood 2016).  

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Extraordinary piece of circle-making...

Clearly inspired by AllGlass' logo. Like the logo, only ten 'glyphs' -- the graphic I created outlines the difficulty in creating the ten glyphs times two, while contending with the parallel tractor lines bisecting several glyphs. Obviously created in an accessible corner of the field; even so, a remarkable achievement by the circle makers. Masters of the art!  :)   

Here's my question about the glyphs... I wasn't quite sure where to indicate the beginning of the glyphs, so I arbitrarily picked a starting point, hoping that you or your readers would be able to clarify. The AllGlass logo provides a guide, where the triad points up between the left counter clockwise beginning of one "MOTHERSHIP," and the ending of the second one; but with the crop circle it isn't easily recognizable. Even so, one could assume the triad should be presented as indicating a starting point between the two sets of 10 glyphs.

 This image of the outlined glyphs which you could rotate if they are intelligible

This is assuming that the circle makers had a specific concept for each glyph. If you know who they are, please ask them to contact me. (I would respect their anonymity). Their work on this circle astonishes me, and I would love to know their thoughts and methods. OK. Right. I won't hold my breath, hah! Anyway... It seems like a no-brainer, that if a non human agency had any direct part in these creations, the outcome of the circles would be extraordinarily precise, the placement in any field would not be contingent upon road access, there'd be no convenient tractor trails to walk along, and corporate logos probably wouldn't be the inspiration. Although, one couldn't entirely rule out any part of those factors. Aliens, or Ultraterrestrials, (or human brain storms), could, as many speculate, be the inspirational guiding force behind these many works of genius; but therein is the paradox: physics, neurology, metaphysics, ontology, theology and whimsy muddy the waters. The simplest explanation is best. Thanks for the stimuli!'s your theory?

P.S. There are 33 dashes around the circumference; and the only letter in "MOTHERSHIP" that repeats twice is the H. There is one glyph in the crop circle that repeats twice, (i.e. in one set of ten glyphs), but it's difficult for me to work out its relative meaning per: MOTHERSHIP. Perhaps the circle makers were being arbitrary, laughing at us? Also, the base of the letters running counter clockwise in the AllGlass logo reach out to the circumference, as the tops of the letters point in toward the center; whereas this typeset 'appears' to be opposite in the crop circle.


Cassandra Ladea


A crop picture near Ansty on August 12, 2016 shows a “young plant” growing in a “pot”, which is emerging upward from an extra-layered “Flower of Life”. Twenty symbols around the outside seem to show various products of the “Mothership Glass” company in the USA, and spell “MOTHERSHIP MOTHERSHIP” using a novel alphabet derived from their wide range of commercial products.  

What a spectacular crop picture! Let us study all of its levels of meaning in close pictorial detail. 

First we can see the three-dimensional image of a “young plant” growing in a “pot”, which seems to be emerging upward from an extra-layered “Flower of Life”. By the usual mantra of marijuana smokers on Earth, we are reminded of the phrase “Let it Grow!”:  

We can see the three-dimensional character of this crop picture more clearly, if we invert the use of colours in the field photograph:  

This crop picture truly epitomizes the usual mantra of marijuana smokers here on Earth. For example, I took this photograph of a banner which reads “LET IT GROW”, at a store which sells dope-smoking pipes in Nimbin, NSW:  

The general form of this crop picture was based on a “navigation logo” from the website of “Mothership Glass” in the USA (see Except around the outside, we can see the word “MOTHERSHIP” spelled twice in a circular fashion, using unknown alphabetic symbols. Where do these symbols come from?  

At the time of writing, no one knows for sure! Yet they certainly seem to resemble various products (or “bongs”) sold by the Mothership Glass company for smoking marijuana:  

The central motif of this crop picture seems to have been constructed using four different overlapping images: first an extra-layered “Flower of Life”, then a “propeller”, then a circle or “pot” for growing young plants, followed by “three leaves” or a “Celtic triquetra”:  

The crop artist has certainly captured our attention!  

We have no reliable information yet as to whether this amazing crop picture was commissioned by Mothership Glass as commercial advertising, or whether it was made by friendly extra-terrestrials as a joke, in order to satirize the widespread conception of “crop circles” as a form of paid advertising.  

“What we perceive depends upon the conceptual lattice through which it has been filtered.” --- Aldous Huxley

Appendix 1. Two interesting metaphors may be seen in the landscape near this new crop picture at Ansty on August 12, 2016 

If we look on Google Earth just above the new crop picture, we can see a “serpent” who seems to be “looking down” at Earth below, through the “glass window” of his “mothership”. He is feeling love “L” for humans on Earth: 

This “serpent” is looking especially at the tri-color “flag of France” and its “sleeping natives”. The crop picture was drawn over that sleeping man’s “ear”, in the hope that he will “hear”. One of three central “leaves” from this new crop picture points toward that large “serpent” shape in the landscape above.  

Alternatively if we look on Google Earth to the right of this new crop picture, we can see that the people of Earth are looking up to observe an ET “aviator bird” for the first time: 

August 12 when this crop picture appeared was perhaps “day 33” of their current 100-day calendar. Thus we can count 33 stripes or “bars” around its outer perimeter.  

August 2 or 3, 2016, just 10 days earlier, may have been “day 23” at Chilcomb Ranges (see chilcomb ranges articles).

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike