Chilcomb Ranges, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 3rd August.

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A “triangulated grid” of 100 squares which appeared in crops near Chilcomb Ranges on August 3, 2016 seems to show a “100-day calendar”, with 23 days marked off as “half-squares”. Might this imply that something important will happen 23 days later around August 23 to 26, or that 23 days have passed since the start of this calendar?  

The primary intent of this Chilcomb crop picture was seemingly to mark “100 days” from August 1 to November 8, 2016, which will be the date of the US Presidential election, or any important events associated with it (please see halfway down the page on  chilcomb ranges comments). Here we will study that crop picture in closer detail, in order to gain any other useful information from such a “calendar-like” image in the flattened crop, or from its surrounding landscape features.  

A new crop picture near Chilcomb Ranges on August 3, 2016 shows a “standard” rather than “criss-cross” triangulated grid of 10 x 10 squares, with 23 squares half-flattened  

Superimposed on the crop image of this “triangulated grid”, we can see the “crosshairs” of a “telescopic gun sight” 

This “triangulated grid” and its “cross-hairs” were drawn in crops close to a military gun training range at Chilcomb  

The crop artist is evidently looking at current or near-future events on Earth through a “telescopic sight”. Some kind of “military” association is also suggested here.  

A metaphorically similar “shooting target” was drawn in crops close to an amateur gun club at Barbury Castle on July 20, 2016 (see burderopdown articles).  

23 half-squares from this “triangulated grid” point in the landscape toward other symbols for “2” or “3” at a military training range nearby  

23 half-squares from this “triangulated grid” point in the landscape toward symbols “2” and “3” at a military training range nearby: an overhead view using Google Earth  

There is no doubt, therefore, whether 23 half-squares from this grid refer to a number “23”, rather than say to 77 = 100 – 23, or to 46 = 2 x 23.  

Furthermore, this crop-landscape alignment seems to imply a “military” or “gun shooting” association with some upcoming world event.  

Just above this crop picture in the landscape, we can see what appears to be the image of a “rocket” or “missile” which has crashed into something 

We can also see 8 thin lines which could suggest a date of month 8, day 23, although this is only suggestive, and far from certain. 

Might this crop picture suggest a “100-day calendar”, with “23 days” until some important military event?  

The “military event” will possibly involve a “missile” which crashes into something.  

Just for humour, if we look further to the right in the landscape, we can see a “rabbit” who seems to be looking through a “telescopic sight” at upcoming events on Earth  

“How much time,” the rabbit asks, “until these events take place?”  

On the left, the nearby landscape looks like a “unfired missile” attached to its “gantry”.  

Such “white rabbit” humour is consistent with two “Cheshire Cat” crop pictures which appeared in late July of 2016. Both referred to that enigmatic feline from “Alice in Wonderland” (see wilton windmill articles or Figsbury Ring articles).  

As I study this crop picture, I keep thinking of how “Spock” viewed the future on a small telescopic screen, in a Star Trek episode “City on the Edge of Forever” (see  

Other images of “missiles” were drawn in Germany, just 10 days before  

For further images of this German crop picture on July 23, please see Mammendorf2016a or  Mammendorf articles).  

Another “grid of squares or half-squares” has appeared near Bratton on August 4, 2016  

As I write this, another “grid of squares or half-squares” has appeared in crops near the Westbury White Horse on August 4, 2016 (see westbury whitehorse2016a). In this latter case, the new “grid” appears hyperbolically curved as for “spacetime”, rather than “flat” as for a “calendar”.  

Both field images near Chilcomb or Bratton were perhaps made by the same artist or group of artists, since they seem similar in style, and appeared only one day apart. If the “military event” suggested at Chilcomb Ranges does occur soon in August of 2016, then we can be sure that those unknown crop artists are “time travellers”, who do not wish to be seen openly, but may wish to change events in our near future.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Two numbers “23” and “100 were drawn as part of a “calendar” in crops near Chilcomb Ranges on August 3, 2016. These two “numbers” may also be seen in the landscape at Chilcomb firing range nearby. In fact, this crop picture was oriented in the field so that its “23” outer edge points toward such landscape “numbers”.  

A “calendar” crop picture which appeared near Chilcomb Ranges on August 3, 2016 could not be studied carefully for several days, because no sufficiently-clear aerial images were available. Fortunately by August 9, we now have an abundance of clear images to study from aerial drone or ground photography (see or or  

A clean and immaculate lay of fallen wheat plants  

By studying the first of those videos linked above, we can see a clean and immaculate lay of fallen wheat plants. Many thin lines which criss-cross throughout the “calendar” were too narrow to have been made (many times over) using “rope and boards”.  

A slightly-wider “curvy” line runs across the centre of this “calendar”, perpendicular to its two crop tramlines (see time 1:30 or 1:40 of That seems to be more of a deliberate artistic feature, rather than an “error in planking”.  

It resembles a long and curvy “serpent” shape, which spans 4 of 10 “squares” across the centre of this “calendar”. The “head” of that serpent crosses over the centre of this crop picture, while its “tail” remains along the outside, at the end of 3 half-flattened squares. As an artistic metaphor, this motif might suggest that a “serpent” is humorously entering the current “calendar” period of Earth’s history on August 3, 2016.  

Two numbers of “23” and “100”: where do they come from? 

Within this crop “calendar”, we can see 100 “squares” in total, 23 of which have been half-flattened. Where do those two numbers of “23” and “100” come from? 

If we study this field image carefully using Google Earth, we find that the outer edge of that “calendar” which contains 23 half-flattened squares points toward a matching landscape feature at Chilcomb firing range nearby. Thus as shown in the slide below, two numbers of “23” or “100” from that crop “calendar” (shaded in blue) match several other symbols for “2”, “3”, or “1 00” within a discrete landscape feature at Chilcomb firing range, not far away:  

This crop picture was oriented in the field, so that its outer edge with “23” half-flattened squares points toward those two landscape “numbers”. There have been many strange UFO or paranormal occurrences near Chilcomb or Winchester, as summarized by Colin Andrews on a schematic map (see UFO-Councillor-Hicks2).  

Three different crop pictures have appeared near Chilcomb or Winchester so far during the summer of 2016 

Three different crop pictures have appeared near Chilcomb or Winchester Science Centre during the summer of 2016. When we use Google Earth to study where they were drawn, we can see the outline of two joined “5-12-13” right-angle triangles:                                                                                                                                                                                           

Looking closely at upper left, we can also see that one of those three crop pictures from June 21, 2016 extends (as a dashed blue line) toward Winchester Science Centre nearby.  

Somewhat humorously, all three crop pictures seem to have emerged from the “mind” of a landscape “bird”, whose first initial may be “Q”.  

What do these numbers of “23” and “100” mean in the context of a “calendar”?  

Here we will briefly summarize what this new crop picture seems to mean, with further reference to other slides posted above, or on another webpage (see  

First a landscape “rabbit” comes out of his “hole”. Could this be a “spacetime wormhole? Or a metaphorical “white rabbit” from “Alice in Wonderland”? (see wilton windmill articles or Figsbury Ring articles)  

This “rabbit” sees a “missile” or “rocket” sitting on the ground on the left, attached to its “gantry”, using his “telescopic sight”. A similar telescopic sight is used by soldiers who train with guns at Chilcomb Ranges nearby.  

Within the “circular field” of his telescopic sight, that “rabbit” next imagines a large, square “calendar” which measures time in days. Two numbers from his imaginary calendar, namely “23” and “100”, match landscape symbols of “23” or “100” at the firing range. 

This “rabbit” seems to be trying to inform us that a “missile” or “rocket”, which he sees attached to its “gantry”, will fire on “day 23” of some “100-day calendar”. Guns may likewise “fire” at the training range nearby, toward which this crop “calendar points”. Another landscape image shows that “missile” crashing into something.  

When might this happen exactly? We could tentatively suggest a date of August 23 or September 23, but such a guess is far from certain. Why a “100-day calendar”? As a plausible theory, there were 100 days remaining until the US Presidential election on November 8, just two days before this crop picture appeared on August 3. Unless our “bird” or “rabbit” friend reveals more clues, there is nothing else to do now but wait.  

This certainly looks like a possible prediction of military conflict! 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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