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A new crop picture near Mammendorf, Bavaria shows a “butterfly” in its centre, then a strange “chemical molecule” in its outer parts. If this is really a “molecule”, then might it be a “polyphenol anti-oxidant” from natural plant seeds, or possibly “calixarene” which is a synthetic chemical used for biomedical purposes?  

A complex and mysterious crop picture appeared near Mammendorf in Bavaria on July 24, 2016. Some people at first thought that it might represent an “uncontrolled chain reaction” from nuclear physics. On further study, however, we feel that it may represent some kind of “chemical molecule”.  

In the analyses to follow, we will assume that they are trying to show us some kind of “chemical molecule”. Still we will be glad to entertain other hypotheses, if someone can suggest a better or more accurate interpretation concerning the observed facts? Various schematic drawings of the new crop picture may be studied here (see Mammendorf diagrams).

The crop artists first drew a “butterfly” shape on June 28, 2016 in a field near Berlin, and now they draw some kind of “chemical molecule”, which shows a similar “butterfly” shape at its centre, on July 24, 2016 in a field near Munich  

If this field image is meant to represent a “chemical molecule”, then which one might it be? It shows four “Seeds of Life” arranged geometrically around a compact centre, and each of those resembles a “phenol” group. Could it be a “polyphenol anti-oxidant” from natural plant seeds?  

The four “wings” of that “butterfly” shape are attached to four “Seeds of Life” from sacred geometry on the outside (see Mammendorf diagrams).  

Those four geometrical “Seeds of Life” resemble four chemical “phenol” rings, which are found in plant seeds as natural anti-oxidants (see Antioxidant_effect_of_polyphenols_and_natural_phenols or
phenolic-compounds or Antioxidant_effect_of_polyphenols_and_natural_phenols).  

Does “geometry” infer “meaning”? In other words, if they draw a “Seed of Life” in crops, should the chemical, on which that field image has been based, come from real plant seeds?  

Several other important “molecules of life” have been drawn in crops over the years: for example “melatonin” in 2011 (see  the-melatonin-crop-circle-our-civilization-remains-asleep or, “vitamin A” in 2012 (see saison_2012_agroglyphes), or “niacin” in 2013 (see Roundway-Hill-crop-circles  ).  

If this is really a “chemical molecule”, then which one might it be? More specifically, could it be a tetra-phenolic compound called “calixarene”, which binds selectively to certain metal ions, and has wide biomedical applications?   

More information about “calixarene” may be found here (see Calixarene or KALCHENKO).  

Just to the north of this crop picture, the Mammendorf Institute for Physics and Medicine (see does MRI imaging, which a practical use for “calixarene” (see US5622687 or 19206118).  

A real “calixarene” molecule contains all of those little “hydrogen atoms”, which protrude from “carbons” on its four phenol rings, exactly as drawn in crops. Those small “hydrogen atoms” were not included in a simple schematic diagram for “calixarene”, which is shown above on the right.  

This new crop picture was drawn along an imaginary line which connects a “horse” shape in the landscape, slightly south of the crop picture, to a “bird” shape in the landscape, slightly north of the crop picture 

Will an ET “bird” dismount from his “horse” to land on Earth, then give us the “Seed of Life”, as was drawn four times in a crop picture which lies between them?  

We can also see a large number “3” in landscape just to the left of that “bird” shape, as drawn earlier in crops at Wilton Windmill on July 15, 2016 (see wiltonwindmill2016a).  

Ground photos of this new crop picture show a laser-like precision of edges, while short green grass still remains standing amid the brown fallen wheat. There is no trace of “board marks” anywhere (see Mammendorf groundshots).  

A date of July “24” was coded in this crop picture in several different ways. For example, we can count 20 circles from each outer “Seed of Life” shape, which might add to 4 circles from its central, small “butterfly” motif to give “24”.  

The “butterfly effect” and a “chain reaction” through time?  

The deeper meaning of this remarkable crop picture still remains unclear, although we have studied its two most popular “chain reaction” or “chemical molecule” interpretations in some detail. Is the ET crop artist really telling us just about a “chemical molecule” here, or is he trying to say something more?  

Perhaps he intends to create a “butterfly effect” by landing soon on Earth? Then each “wing” of that “butterfly” may evolve into a “Seed of Life”, by some kind of “uncontrolled chain reaction” through time? We could certainly use more “butterflies” now!  

“And I dreamed I saw the bombers, riding shotgun in the sky.

They were turning into butterflies above our nation.”  

(see woodstock or  

The present analysis should therefore be considered more as a “working study” of the subject, rather than as a “last word”.  

A third possible hypothesis, rather than “chain reaction” or “chemical molecule”: perhaps the governments of Earth will shoot missiles at that ET “bird” (or “butterfly”), when he tries to land or “roost”, after getting down from his “horse”?  


If this is an event which lies in our “future”, then it is hard to know for sure what the crop picture is trying to say!

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



If we see a metaphorical “ET bird” soon, will the Russians try to
shoot him down with their Soyuz missiles?

James Prevost brought to my attention two huge letters "E" and "T" in the landscape next to a beautiful and spectacular crop picture which appeared near Mammendorf, Bavaria on July 24, 2016. This crop picture seems to suggest that four Russian Soyuz missiles will try to shoot down a metaphorical "ET bird" soon! What do you think?  

The crop picture was clearly meant to be humorous. For example, we can see a “laughing face” in the landscape at lower left, if you download this slide and rotate it clockwise by 90o.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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