Mammendorf Bavaria Germany. Reported 23rd July

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On this image you have the elevation and plan  and a perspective with his little sketch about my method of work.

As Architect I am very expert of shape and the message of our friend alien is for me a great pleasure to break the code.

For Mammerdorf crop-circle so big, I view immediately a plan of a device on top view.

My proposal is an follow answer to Chiboldon message about the tools to send reply.

I studied the fractal antenna for iphone and the sketch for chibolton seems to me a fractal device so like Mammerdorf is a cosmic radio-telescope.

I explain : each contact between sphere is an hole and the ray which passes through the hole fall in a spheric captor into the ray is reflected several time to the next hole to the next bottom-level but in some sphere the ray is divided in 3 rays and continue his path to more litle spheres, etc....each time, the signal is multiplied by electronic amplicator of waves to the last captor.

This crop-circle is the plan to receive cosmic wave more accurate. alien said how to search now....but few people have the knowledge to interpret these messages. A pity!

The earth is not yet ready for contacts.

Patrick Depoix


Crop circle from 23rd July 2016 at Mammendorf, Bavaria, Germany

This amazing crop circle has appeared in the second last day of the White Planetary Wizard Year according to the Mayan calendar.

23th July 2016 was also a day of the Red Moon Wavespell and a day of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment with major energy “Yellow Human”.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

White Wizard
Red Serpent – the Supporting energy of the White Wizard
Yellow Seed – the Challenging energy of the White Wizard
Blue Hand - the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard
Red Moon
Yellow Human

These energies have following qualities

White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Red Serpent – Life Force, Life Stability, Instinct
Yellow Seed – Targets, Awareness, Flowering
Blue Hand -  Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Red Moon – Purification, Flow, Universal Water
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom


In my opinion, the formation looks like a Magic figure – seen from different angles, it looks on a very different way. In the second last day of the year, the WHITE WIZARD surprises us through this fantastic formation and on this way says to us good-bye with sense of humor ;-).

The whole formation is formed through lunar crescents, which represent the energy RED MOON.

The formation consists of 4 figures and each of them resembles a CLOWN – like those figures-toys, which are made of balls, connected through elastic cord.

On the image through numbers and letters are marked following elements of the CLOWN figure:

1, 2 и 3 - leg

А – hand (arm)
В –
Н –

There are 3 more circles above the head, they depict the “hat”.

The arms (hands) symbolize the energy BLUE HAND.

The Clown has 5 legs.
Here the number 5 symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT – Solar Seal No. 5.

The whole figure of a Clown has 23 elements in total.

There are 4 Clowns and the number of all elements is:

23 х 4 = 92

Here the number 92 symbolizes the energy “YELLOW HUMAN”.
Kin 92 in the Tzolkin calendar is with the Solar Seal “Yellow Human”.

The central circle together with the elements of the “hats” of the Clowns depicts a Flower – on this way is depicted the energy YELLOW SEED – the Energy of Flowering.

The Flower has 4 petals on each ring. Here the number 4 symbolizes again the energy “Yellow Seed” – Solar Seal No. 4.

The central circle symbolizes a Portal. The White Planetary Wizard Year was a Portal year. It began on 26th July 2016, which was a Galactic Activation Portal Day.

Heartfelt thanks to the authors of this magic formation!!
Gratitude to the photographer

Maya Todorova



The red pill of the “matrix”: connecting the start of the Julian calendar with the end in 2017

In my vision we live in a kind of “matrix” (as in the famous movie) and although we think that Julian Ceasar invented the Julian calendar, in reality this was programmed by “the matrix”, so to say. We have to swallow the red pill to get this insight. In the following, I shall explain how this formation demonstrates this and how deep the rabbit hole goes.

By the way, in the real world, people who suffer from depersonalization and derealisation in fact experience the “real” world, the ever-ongoing programming: they swallowed the red pill (my opinion).

The formation is a beautiful design that comprises of 40 crescent moons (segments standing crop), 52 segments lying crop + 1 central circle. Including the central circle, this may also be considered as 53 segments of lying crop. This relates to 260-coded time as the double amount, 520, is the smallest number that is divisible by 40 as well as 52. In the “real matrix”, 260-coded time often enables creation.

These facts (especially the number 520 of the formation) connect the present with the first year of the existence of the Julian calendar. This is based on the following:

- 1447 days = 49 lunar months (exact, approximately 4 years)

- 1447 × 260 days = 49 × 260 lunar months = 1447 Tzolkin-cycles = 1030 sidereal years

- 1447 × 520 days = 49 × 520 lunar months = 2894 Tzolkin-cycles = 2060 sidereal years

- 1447 × 520 + 1 days = 53 × 14197 (relation to 53 segments)

These equations are remarkable accurate and show the connection with not only the 260-coded tzolkin (one tzolkin-cycle = 260 days), but also 260-coded time, based on the lunar month! This means that the formation connects the year -44 (45 BC if the year 0 is excluded) with the year 2016, precise 2060 sidereal years later. More precise: counting 1447 × 520 days back from July 23, 2016 refers to June 14 or 15, -44 (June 16 or 17 according to the Bennett-solution if we take the so called leap year error into account).

Amazingly, if we include the number 53 (number of flattened segments, including central circle), there is also a relationship with 520 sidereal months (27.321662 days), as December 18, -46 (proleptic Julian date), in the beginning of the so called last year of confusion, fell 53 × 520 sidereal months before the formation’s creation date. This amazing fact supports the abovementioned explanation!

The location at the pool (Badesee) and the windmill refer to creation

The formation on the one hand is located at the Badesee and on the other hand at a windmill. Neptune is the god of fresh water and the sea. This is the reason for the location at the Badesee. Uranus is related to technology and electricity and this relates to the nearby windmill! Why Neptune and Uranus?? Often, creation goes hand in hand with the connection of opposing forces (the masculine and the feminine). These opposing forces also can be opposite positions in the sidereal zodiac (the zodiac that truly relates to the stars of the constellations). In 2016, both planets are at precisely the opposite position in the sidereal zodiac in comparison with January 1, -44 (start Julian calendar)! For both planets, this is true within 2 degrees of arc from April 2016 until March 2017!

The reference to the near future

The formation also refers to the near future. On the day of the formation, the moon was conjunct Neptune. This means that the formation refers to one or more dates in the future on which the moon again will be conjunct Neptune. According to my theory, the creative force of the Julian/Gregorian calendar will end on February 28, 2017 (in fact the end of the “religious” year, which ends in February). An annular eclipse on February 26 in a close conjunction with Neptune will precede this event.

Furthermore, the formation refers to about June 16, -44; on that day Venus set heliacal. This is also the case by mid March 2017, short after the end-date.

The formation may also refer to June 16, 2017: also on this day the moon will be conjunct Neptune and this date corresponds with the same date in the year -44, to which the formation refers. I suppose that by mid June 2017, we will experience the meaning of the end of the creation to which the formation refers. Do we swallow the red pill?

Marc Smulders

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Lapsit Exillis 

Dâ wont ein werlîchiu schar.

ich wil iu künden umb ir nar.

si lebent von einem steine:

des geslähte ist vil reine.

hât ir des niht erkennet,

der wirt iu hie genennet.

er heizet lapsit exillîs.



The long awaited formation in Germany in the direct context of ‚Calstone - 2016-07-23‘! Please view (PDF) (Download) our analysis on this further genuine manifestation. All you need to follow is solid basic knowledge of astronomy and geodesy. Please notice the indicated references, thank you.


Mammendorf Bavaria Germany

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*********** Die beste Näherung an die Kreiszahl PI, die je von Menschen erdacht wurde ***************
(Das gilt natürlich nur dann, wenn der Kornkreis von Menschen gemacht wurde).

The best approach to the mathematical constant PI that was ever conceived by man
This is only true if the crop circle was made by people

Zur Analyse des Kornkreises
Bei Cropcircleconnector wird darauf hingewiesen, dass die Kreise, verschiedenen Rationen des Goldenen Schnitts entsprechen.
At Cropcircleconnector is noted that the circuits showes, various proportions of the golden section.

Das kann man natürlich nie genau herausmessen. Dass dem so ist, zeigt das folgende Kontrollmaß:
You can never read out accurately. That this is so is shown by the following control measure:

ddiert man die angenommenen Maße, so ist deren Summe, Durchmesser eines Kreises, die eine sehr genaue Näherung an 10 x Pi/4 bildet.
Das ist die genaueste Näherung, die mir je unterkam. Die Abweichung zum exakten Wert beträgt 0,0015%
Adding the dimensions adopted, then their sum are diameter of a circle which forms a very accurate approximation of 10 x Pi / 4.
This is the most accurate approximation, each found shelter me. The deviation from the exact value is 0.0015%

Die genaueste konstruktive Näherung, die wir aus der Geschichte kennen, ist die des polnischen Mönches Kochansky (5. August 1631 – 17. Mai 1700)
Kochansky erreichte eine Genauigkeit von 99,99811 %, oder -0,00189%. Die Näherung des Kornkreises ist mit +0,00153%, geringfügig besser.
Man muss jedoch zugestehen, der konstruktive Aufwand ist vermutlich im Kornkreis größer als bei der Kochansky Lösung.

The most accurate constructive approximation, we know from history is that of the Polish monk Kochansky (August 5, 1631 - MAY 17 1700)
Kochanski reached an accuracy of 99.99811%, or -0.00189%. The approximation of the crop circle is with + 0.00153%, slightly better.
However, one must admit, the design effort is probably the crop circle larger than in the Kochansky solution. 

Willibald Limbrunner


Artwork WJ


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In studying the crop circle at Figsbury Ring, comments submitted by Alex MacDowell caused me to realize that the enigmatic creature staring up from below the ancient Neolithic hill fort might well be a chimera, a “mythical animal with parts taken from various animals.”  Curiosity peaked, I went online to find what I could.  In so doing, I came across this link to UCSF Chimera, a computer application the developer calls “an extensible molecular modeling system”:  

According to the website, “UCSF Chimera is a highly extensible program for interactive visualization and analysis of molecular structures and related data, including density maps, supramolecular assemblies, sequence alignments, docking results, trajectories, and conformational ensembles. High-quality images and animations can be generated.”  

Though coincidental, I was nonetheless struck by encountering this link to a molecular modeling tool (Chimera) at roughly the same time that Red Collie published his remarks concerning the crop circle at Mammendorf (village of filthy lucre???); i.e., that it could be the visualization of “a tetra-phenolic compound called ‘calixarene’, which binds selectively to certain metal ions, and has wide biomedical applications.”  Curious; no? 

Reportedly, when then U.S. President Eisenhower met with extraterrestrials not too long after the Roswell, New Mexico, incident, some offered to assist humanity with spiritual development, and technologies other than nuclear, which they deemed us too spiritually immature to manage! 
But of course, according to the mainstream, the Roswell incident was merely a figment of the imagination—a chimera. 
John DelCampo Falls Church, Virginia

Yesterday I visited the crop circle in Mammendorf, Germany. There were a lot of journalism at the CC ... and I ask there: "Please write about the crop circle in a fair way! Feel the energy, feel the silence and the freedom ... and then - write the story!" And some of them did it ;-)

Here are the articles:


On 27. July 2016 I visited the newest crop circle in Mammendorf. I met some journalists and people, who are interested in the energies of the CC. But there were also people from the near town of Mammendorf at the crop circle, who never have known something about crop circles. The farmer was also at his field and talked with journalists and visitors. At the first time he was very angry about the "destruction" in his crop-field. He filed a complaint. But a few hours later, he arranged with the situation and placed a box for donations at the field.

The atmosphere is very silent and peaceful. After the latest very bad news in Bavaria - I feel - some of us need "order after the chaos". In the centre of the crop circle, there is zero-point-energy. Then the energy flows against the clockwise, and then - in the clockwise. But there are also waves, which flow outside from the centre in different ways - up and down, like little spinning balls. We feel, there are energies in different dimensions and directions, up and down, left-and right circling, in movement and in stillness. For me a good place to talk and to meditate is at the edge of one of the 52 segments of lying crop or in the central circle.

Maybe - the crop circle could be a Merkaba - with four wheels which rotate in all directions - to travel into other dimensions? 

But like Red Collie wrote: "The present statement should therefore be considered more as a “working study” of the subject, rather than as a “last word”.   Thank you Red Collie for your analysis!

Greetings from Austria Martina Huemer

The image titled Vril 10 needs some adjustment modification to make more clearly legible, so the elements listed can be read. The elements are categorized according to their oscillating pulse vibrations along the octave scale of frequency/amplitude modulation. This can correspond to this crop circle formation on the microcosmic (atomic-molecular)level that builds and expands to the macro-cosmic level of Creation. The Cosmic Keyboard functions on a binary pulse vibration sequence: 2-4-8-16-32, all the way up the scales to number value that is so big, bankers can only dimly calculate it their dreams of what we call "Spirit Electrons."

The Four Great Builders Quadrupole The Ancient Form Of The Cross
The Multidimensional Expanding Trees Sextapole
Luna Staffel 888- Out of the blue and into the black, colors beyond color, like a rainbow in the dark  

Across the seven streams of lustral light, that holds my vessel aloft, floating on currents that contemplate your love, that contracts upon me and holds my parts together, in the infinite spaces of your mysteries unveiled, gliding into pools of flooding light on red and yellow oars that spiral around blue aspiration that thrills with the chance of union, with the cherished pearl.

When the sea of anger, disgust and contempt is at low tide, try to maintain a clear thought. The next dimension is just a finger snap away.
Stanley Arnold Del Carlo

  Mammendorf Bavaria Germany. Reported 23rd July, 2016 re: John DelCampo Falls Church, Virginia. I would have to agree with Mr. DelCampo’s interpretation of this particular pictogram. When I first looked at this beautiful formation I was intrigued by the possibility that this was a hybrid-molecular representation. Truly unique and yet oddly familiar. If you can find it try reading, Chimera by Candace Alhric & Angus Lachlan. It depicts a rather interesting slant on the concept of Alien interaction and their molecular manipulation of our species at the base level of creation.


This crop circle should be pictured from a 3-D perspective. A comet or fragment in the center loses (or splits into) four smaller fragments which are depicted as having completed a one half rotation. Each of the four continues to rotate and come nearer to the observer until a further split occurs dividing each fragment into  two and then into five further fragments. These five are shown receding from the observer back to the distance of the original central figure. See GBR (03/08/10), pg. 165, and BEL (06/07/23), pg. 58 for other rotation images. For similar splitting images see GBR (05/07/27), pg. 44, and T1007, pg. 82.  The real significance of this crop circle lies in what it resembles as a whole, such as a complex molecule of a psychoactive  drug which may decline in availability or potency when the comets begin to strike. For the pages see the free ebook at

Ken Heck



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike