Ranscomb Bottom, nr  Calstone Wellington. Wiltshire. Reported 23rd July.

Map Ref: SU039683

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We recognize more and more, that we are Wizards ;-)!!

According to the Mayan calendar, 23rd July 2016 is the second last day of the White Planetary Wizard Year with Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

White Wizard
Red Serpent – the Supporting energy of the White Wizard
White Wind – the Guiding energy of the White Planetary Wizard
Yellow Seed – the Challenging energy of the White Wizard
Blue Hand -  the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard
White Dog
Tone 10

These energies have following qualities:

White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Red Serpent – Life Force, Life Stability, Instinct
White Wind – Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication
Yellow Seed – Targets, Awareness, Flowering
Blue Hand -  Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
White Dog  - Love, Heart, Loyalty
Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation

In the center of the formation we see a bright pentagon and around it there are 5 dark triangles. This figure depicts the WHITE WIZARD with his typical conic hat. The upper triangle is the head, the two triangles below are the arms and below the arms are the two legs.

The pentagon is a figure with 5 sides. Here the number 5 symbolizes the energy "RED SERPENT " Solar Seal No. 5.

Around this central figure there is a ring with 5 pairs of triangles or these are 10 triangles in total. On the image one pair of these triangles is marked through the letter "B".

Here the number 10 symbolizes Tone 10 – the Tone of the White Planetary Wizard Year.

On this way in the center of the formation is represented WHITE PLANETARY WIZARD – the major energy of the year, which ends on 24th July 2016.

Round the central figure of the Wizard are depicted five more such figures, on the image with numbers from 2 to 6. Or there are 6 figures of Wizards in total. Each of them consists of 5 triangles, so the triangles are 30 in total. Here the number 30 symbolizes the energy WHITE DOG – the Energy of Love.

Kin 30 in the Tzolkin calendar is with the Solar Seal “White Dog”.
The people become White Wizards, when they learn to love unconditionally!

The Wizards from the outer ring (figures from 2 to 6) have stretched hands to each other and their hands build bridges – like figure “B”.

The Wizards on the crop circle symbolize the Humanity. At the end of the White Wizard Year the people on the Earth have already an expanded consciousness, they are more aware of their abilities of Wizards, who can co-create the desired reality.

On the outer periphery of the formation are depicted 5 small circles “S”. They resemble seeds and symbolize the energy “YELLOW SEED”.

Below each Yellow Seed there is a figure in the form of a crystal – “C”. On the top end of this figure are depicted 2 triangles "H”, which look like stretched arms and symbolize the energy “BLUE HAND”. And the number 2 symbolizes the energy “WHITE WIND” – Solar Seal No. 2.

The whole figure resembles a human: with head "S", crystal body "C" and with hands "H".

The body of each from the 6 Wizards has in its center a pentagon, which also looks like crystal.
On this way is shown, that at the end of the year the White Wizards have crystal light bodies.

The figure of each Wizard looks also like a star. In the Mayan calendar the energy Yellow Star has following qualities: Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony. So we can say, that the people-Wizards create on the Earth Beauty and Harmony according to the laws of the Art!

So, on the second last day of the White Planetary Wizard Year on this exciting crop circle are depicted the people of the Earth – with awareness of Wizards, filled with Unconditional Love, with stretched hands to each other, with crystal light bodies and create on the Earth a beautiful and harmonic reality – this is really an inspiring vision !!

Gratitude to the photographers:  www.cropcircleconnector.com

Heartfelt thanks also to the authors of this wonderful crop circle!!

Maya Todorova



Connecting the start of the Gregorian Calendar with the upcoming annular eclipses

This is more than just a beautiful design. It has 40 triangles and 36 flattened segments. The 40 triangles refer to the upcoming annular eclipse on September 1, 40 days after the formation.

Reference to the Gregorian calendar

The 40 triangles also relate to 4400 days, which correspond with exactly 149 lunar months. By the way, the Maya also mention this relationship. The 36 segments relate to 36 × 4400 days = 22 Katun (a Katun = 20 Tun = 20 × 360 days) or 3 × 33 × 40 × 40 days and 36 × 149 lunar months. These numbers (3 and 33) explain the triangular form of the segments. The reason for this reference is clear when we count back 36 × 149 lunar months (or 22 Katun) from the upcoming annular eclipse on September 1, because this turns out to refer to another annular eclipse, namely the annular eclipse on Christmas 1582! This was the first eclipse and the first Christmas day (December 25) after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar on October 15, 1582.

Reference to present day economics

The Lansdowne Monument (obelisk) and the nearby white horse are exactly aligned. The distance between the obelisk and the white horse is exactly 1100 feet (note the relationship with 4400 days). The white horse symbolizes an end-time connection.

The Lansdowne Monument is a stone obelisk, erected to commemorate Sir William Petty.

Landsdowne monument.jpg

He may be considered as (one of) the godfather(s) of modern day economics. He was born on May 26, 1623. Interestingly, this is also related to the solar eclipse of September 1 in connection with the Tun and the lunar month, because this day fell 19 × 21 Tun before September 1, 2016 (difference 1 day) and 21 Tun is precise 4 × 4 × 4 × 4 lunar months (note the symbolic relationship with the square obelisk).


One of the five dots is precisely orientated towards sunset and moonset on September 1, 2016, symbolizing an end.


The relationship with the start of the Gregorian calendar 22 Katun ago relates to my supposed end of it, two days after the annular eclipse of February 26, 2017 and 220 days after the day of the formation.

The relationship with present day economics symbolizes the fact that this way of dealing with the society, posing economy above ecology and money making above equality, will end. Present day economics drive a wedge between haves and have-nots and between mankind and nature.

Marc Smulders

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The Crop Circle Creators have completed the whole circle - from ‚Hill Barn/Willowby Hedge - 06/05‘ to this formation, which is fulfilled on 24 July. Please view (PDF) (Download) our analysis on this further genuine manifestation. All you need to follow is solid basic knowledge of astronomy and geodesy. Please notice the indicated references, thank you.


Short comment about the crop circle reported at Ranscomb Bottom 23rd July 2016: The crop circle reported at Ranscomb Bottom 23rd July 2016 has been made by the very dangerous extraterrestrial alliance pro-Jesus and pro-Apocalypse ! Ranscomb Bottom 2016 Please remember the very impressive communication between they and me in 2007 with these proofs on your web pages on the crop circle reported 26 July, 2007 at Chute Causeway: chute 2007 External link: www.cropcirclesonline.com

The pro-Jesus alliance, with the Greys and other human and humanoids beeings are very dangerous ! More generally, I strongly oppose, with the Earth, the Source and the Mother Universe, to all ET aliens in our Solar System ! Best encouragements !

My blog OLCPIE: olcpie.centerblog.net
Mr Bourquin, Vishnou, Kalki


Five-pointed stars are manmade space objects which can be seen with the  naked eye. Here,  the two large stars repeat the motif of T663 and T675, pg. 124. The small central star is found in T1186, pg. 147, T1232, pg. 148, and, GBR (03/07/06), pg. 149 and may refer to a space shuttle for flights to and from Earth. Additionally, five smaller stars surround the central star. The four pentagons may  allude to the Pentagon, the headquarters of the USA defense department. These large and small stars would be military satellites  vulnerable  to comet impacts. The alternating dark and light areas  indicate multiple hits by the comet and fragment of all sizes (the five dots). See pages 103-104 for other examples. Interestingly, the six small stars aren’t hit. This crop circle is a good example of the aliens’ penchant for combining several ideas into one conglomerate circle. For the pages, download the free ebook at http://theheckhypothesis.com/aboutthebook.html.

Ken Heck


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"WE making circles"

This CC it is unique because it is like a selfie of these entities making a circle. Each dot represents a ship transmitting the beam signal to the field creating the image they want. That is the way they work!

A Ciaran

E 190) The Pentagon and the 365 days : 


In this design it is my study # 190 we see that we have 5 distinct areas namely those formed by lines of contours :

Lines A and B and the straight line segments 1, 1, 1 .

Lines B and C and the straight line segments 2, 2, 2 .

Lines C and D and the straight line segments 3, 3, 3.

Lines D and E and the straight line segments 4, 4, 4 .

Lines E and A and the straight line segments  5, 5, 5 .

Of course , of course we have 5 intersections. I also want to show is that we present in the entire design 7 types of figures. Another thing is that in each of said areas , and considering the appropriate intersections , have a total of 73 side , i.e., by adding all sides of each of the figures that the total amount of each of the five mentioned areas .

Then as we have sides 73 in 5 areas , we calculate 73 x 5 = 365 or the equivalent of 1 year. We also observed that the areas bounded by me are formed by 7 lines. That is, it is implied that something of some importance will happen to humanity and that will attract the interest of science . This is a deduction in my reason to find expressed the exact reference to the amount of days that make up one year . What would this fact in approximate date to 1 year ? We have another aspect of agroglifo that resembles the large " 8" in August 2008 , it occupies 6 tractor tracks and 5 tracks cereal planted . And in the large " 8" in August 2008 agroglifo occupies 7 tractor tracks and 6 cereal strips planted just to show us the relationship between a class 6 world (school ) and Class 7 ( primitive ) world, showing us that tractor tracks in amount of 7 to be thinner denote the representation of a world of lower evolution. In this agroglifo that now analyzed have 6 tractor tracks and 5 cereal strips planted , ie 6 tracks to be thinner denote lower power and refer to it to a planet class 6 ( school) or the earth , and 5 cereal tracks to be planted wider denote a representation of a world further progress , or a 5- or dense world class , which is the top category of hierarchically world nearest the Earth . If we add duplicate the tractor tracks are: 6 x 2 = 12, which added the 5 cereal strips planted give us 17 a reference to the first 17 spiritual categories . My idea is that the worlds category dens0 (5th ) no longer reincarnate the 5/1 spiritual categories but are of this world sent spirits of these five categories to reincarnate in primitive planets ( 7 ) and school ( 6 ) . We have well the middle of the figure 10 triangles and one pentagon making the amount of 11 which leads us to believe in a reference to the 11 attributes of the spirit. If we add the sides of all the figures this center 15 + 15 + 5 = 35 , where if we add 3 + 5 get 8 a reference to the universal logic, ie are represented together once again the 11 attributes of the spirit and the figure 8 is equivalent to the universal logic, as if fulfilling the action determinations of logic which also governs the 11 attributes of the spirit.

My conclusion is that probably within approximately one year ( 23 July 2017 ) will be contacted more closely by aliens from a planet class 5 ( dense) and find a primitive planet ( 7 ) , thus fulfilling the announced agroglifo the large formation of Milk Hill August 2001, which is a universal law . Regarding the primitive planet will be able to travel to it , so I believe it close to Earth or the solar system * .  And as well to this agroglifo center is a pentagon surrounded by a star , I infer that it was being announced the birth of a world class 5, ie the Earth is currently a planet school class 6 would already be moving towards becoming If a dense planet class 5 . But look well: would the Earth changing category only because they already get envision a world class 7 and be passive in a more expressive touch of a more evolved planet? Or they can also come to pass some factors , climatic and geological , well- destructive intensity ? Another thing is the date of 7/23/2017 : If we add 23 + 7 = 30 , and if we add 20 + 17 = 37, and now we add 30 + 37 we get 67, that is, a reference to a class 6 world or school, that is, the same as the Earth category and class 7 or primitive world that is the kind of planet we must find . If we add 2 + 0 + 17 get 19 , which provides with many agroglifos where there is the information for me deduced , that there are 3 sets of 6 types of planets that evolve linked more closely , the one of which the earth belongs, and that one with the meeting of their respective primitive world will have 7 worlds, thus transforming the sum of 18 worlds in 19 worlds. That is, the life of both spirits as worlds , as they are also living , is governed by natural and immutable laws and everything in the galaxy is properly programmed by the spirits that have won the right to exercise their duty in the worlds greatest evolution which are located closer to the center of the galaxy. The agroglifo draws much attention the amount 5. Another observation is that the total number of lines that form each of the five defined areas is 7 , plus a reference not only to the primitive world ( 7 ) , which is what we will find , as also the Earth series that will count with 7 types of worlds.

* ( Friends , we will not be surprised if a habitable planet is found next to us or to the solar system . We must remember that in some old records of aliens on Earth , there are telltale figures that propelled the spacecraft rocket jet type were used by the extras that were here. That is, we were or were in the vicinity of an area range of this type of propulsion that is most likely not very physically distant from the alien planet visiting us for this type of propulsion is not high speed and has limited range. As my analysis of training Milk Hill will find a primitive planet just like the aliens found ours, which at the time was primitive. Then we should also consider the various stages of evolution of the planets visiting us today and always as there are many and varied types of ships in sightings and it will be up to us because we are the 6th planet find a primitive planet (7th ) as already put up. And the aliens were here , making a close contact , so did not have a degree of such great progress so being that we can deduce the drawings. And, of course , the planet that we will find will also have traces of higher beings visits before us ) . This message was sent in parentheses to the conversation list UFO magazine group 08.13.2016 .

Final stretch of the alien message Kabbalah , the Agali planet, the abductee Nelso Tasca , on 14.11.1983 , in Brazil:

"It is necessary that met these exhortations , Humanity is prepared for the period of extraordinary events that the Earth will stage within a short time. Great events will be foreshadowed by strange telluric demonstrations and celestial splendor of magnificent beauty and unsettling signs. The All-Wise teachers make to come to earth , renew wonderful teachings and help establish new political society. Reborn the Earthly Paradise , full of light and love . Then , by means of energy and sometimes even alleged , the man will know the dimensional concave- convex of the Earth , will travel to the depths of the universe and will not feel the weather fatigues . And as sublime achievement of human creative capacity will be put into action the machine 's Absolute Power , device that , among many other wonders, will give to mankind the most happy and haunting vision of its history : the resurrection of the dead in the range of 4 nub " .

As for the statement that the " band of 4 X" will be the resurrection of the dead My idea is that in the 20 ie 2020 , or XXXX  in Roman numerals able to build a machine that will allow seeing the astral body or body ether  of the disembodied spirits because spirits can not see why it's strength. Of course  XXXX  is not the correct representation of the Roman- year, but are equivalent to 2 " amounts " of 20 century and decade. Another thing , in 2001 ( Milk Hill) and 1983 ( Nelso Tasca ) ..... 2001-1983 = 18 (years) or 3 sets of 6 types of planets , ie series that does not account for their respective primitive worlds . The aliens coordinate their actions exquisitely through our calendar enjoying everything at their disposal to send the logical message .

Ok , this study No. 190 was translated by me, sentence by sentence , now day 08/09/16 , google translator.  Since August 2008 I have been studying the agroglifos relating them to the Doctrine of Christian Rationalism , but my ideas I know right are not accepted. And all this because people , especially those linked to ufology can not see that there is in the galaxy and the universe into a hierarchical ordering of both spirits as planets. And the earth and the spirits reincarnate it are included in this logic and so natural and immutable order that governs everything and to which everything is subject . And agroglifos has shown us with a very large frequency this truth that organizes our galaxy and of course all that exist in the universe . Each galaxy is a great school that has smaller schools that are the planets and that the most progress are at the center of the Milky Way , and later as ours are more on the periphery . The answers to the aliens messages in the fields already exist, and humanity urgently needs to know them that this will represent a necessary change in the Earth people of paradigm. We will grow less possession and power and learn to know the spiritual things of the universe that are eternal and immutable.

Carlos Alberto Yates



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike