Hill Barn, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire. Reported Friday 6th May 2016

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Hill Barn Pentagram: New Moon, New Season 

This elegant formation appearing in the time of the new moon and beginning a new season of crop circles for 2016 manifests as a symbol for the fifth element, Aether, and is closely associated with Phi, the golden ratio, implicit in the Fibonacci sequence.  

Based on the number 5, the pentagram, whether presenting as a pentagon or a star shape expresses the conjunction of inequalities. “The five points of the pentagram come together in fruitful marriage of three (the male principle) with two (the female principle).”  “The pentagram also bears the meaning of marriage, good fortune and fulfillment. The Ancients regarded it as a symbol of the idea of perfection. Paracelsus judged the pentagram to be one of the most powerful signs.” It symbolized Higher Knowledge, a ‘begetter of the seasons and emblem of motion’, a symbol of matter, inexhaustible well-spring of life, spark of holy fire and universal seed.’ (Chevalier 747 - 748) 

The pentagon shape, whether in star form or as a geometric polygon, has been a religious symbol throughout the ages, associated with perfection, harmony and good fortune. 

The Venus cycle in relation to Earth forms a beautiful five-petalled rosette in the heavens every eight Earth years which is equivalent to 13 Venus years.  5, 8 and 13 are three sequential numbers within the Fibonacci sequence.  


“Nothing compares to the extraordinary relationship between Earth and our nearest planet, Venus which draws a beautiful five-fold rosette around us every eight years.” (Olsen 46) 

This cycle is an example of the effect of the Fifth Element upon the other Elementals. Aether is immanent to all space between, within and around matter. It is the spiritual, spiralling moving force within growing things and it induces movement within the universe. In effect, it could be considered the Life Force. The Fibonacci Sequence has been found to describe growth in plants, animals, and movements of planets and weather systems among other dynamic things in the universe. “Where the traditional four elements have fixed locations on the Wheel of Life, Spirit is the surprise factor. It provides dynamics, a spark and another level of awareness.” (buildingbeautifulsouls)

The Fibonacci spiral describes many natural phenomena. As we see in the plant spiral here, the affinity to the pentagram is striking. 

The Platonic solid related to the pentagram is the dodecahedron that also stands for the element Aether. As a manifestation of five, the pentagram represents the quintessence of life, pervading all things.  

Each Platonic solid corresponds to an Element. The dodecahedron (12 pentagons) relates to Aether, the diffuse energy/impulse that some consider the Universe. 

In ancient Greece, the pentagram was named ‘ugeia’ or Hygeia, the goddess of health. “The pentagram gives expression to a force which is the synthesis of complementary powers.” (Chevalier 748) It represents a well-functioning ‘wholeness’. 


Hygeia, goddess of health in Ancient Greece, shared her name with the pentagram. Pythagoras’ followers inscribed the pentagram on their messages as a form of greeting meaning ‘Good Health’. 

No wonder the United States of America adopted this powerful symbol for its own defense headquarters! But the image we see in the fields of East Kennett today does not present as a static, defensive type of energy; rather it implies a life energy that impels all elements, in particular organic life-forms, into growth and fruition. It is dynamic, elusive and fruitful.  

If we contemplate the contrast between the pentagram as it functions and appears in Nature, and the man-made pentagonal structure of US defense, we cannot but remark that the dynamic power of growth, life and regeneration is obviously Nature’s own and does not reside in any attempt humans make to appropriate it. 

Perhaps this early formation at Hill Barn, East Kennett is reminding us that real power, that which is true to life, is found in the natural world as a synthesizing and harmonizing force–one that supports health and beauty on Earth–quintessential being…  Perhaps this is the power and energy to which we as humans ought to be aspiring. 

To what do we really want to measure up? 

–Michelle Jennings  


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The comic metaphor of a “snake in the grass”: how long will it be until that “little serpent” reaches East Kennett in England?

Thanks to an excellent aerial drone video by Matthew Williams (please see www.youtube.com), we can also see that this “offset pentagon” was drawn along the 5th crop tramline of its particular field, on day 5, month 5 of the year 2016:

Just below that crop picture, we can see a small “serpent” shape (created visually by several groups of trees) moving from right to left.

Where does this “offset pentagon” point, and where is the “little serpent” going?

Looking more broadly on Google Earth, we can see that the “offset pentagon” (as drawn in crops) points towards the “round eye of a man” in the landscape on the left, near the town of East Kennett:

Five “round balls” at each outer vertex of the “pentagon” seem to match the “round eye” of this “man”, in the landscape not far away.

The “man” is “looking down” (thin white dashed line), and sees a “snake in the grass” headed his way! How long will it be until the “little serpent” reaches him?

That “pentagon” shape gives us an answer: “five, five, five and five.” This could mean “five months”, but I would guess “five years” from 2016 to 2021.

The English people are a bit afraid of “crop circles” and “Mayan serpents”, so this comic metaphor seems quite appropriate!  

Red Collie

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Thanks to new aerial photos, we can now measure the relative sizes of circles at Hill Barn on May 5-6, 2016. We find that they vary as a continuous series from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, ending with a "pentagon" of 5 sides:

The unseen "crop artist" is asking us to count from 1 to 5!
You can draw this crop picture on paper after just a few easy steps, by using a pencil rather than a pen.
First draw four concentric circles of relative radii 1, 2, 3 and 4. Next mark out five points at 72 angles around the circumference of circle "3", and draw five additional circles of radius "1" around those five points.
Then connect all five points together with five straight lines, so as to make a "pentagon". Finally use an eraser to remove all of the lines which you don't need!
Fairly easy, but how could anyone have "erased" all of those necessary "construction lines", out in a field?
It would have been difficult for human fakers, using "rope and boards", to draw a pentagon (5) and four circles (1, 2, 3, 4) in such a fashion, especially because that pentagon shape was drawn, in yellow oilseed rape, as rotated relative to nearby crop tramlines by 25 degrees:
Red Collie







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