Hill Barn, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire. Reported Friday 6th May 2016

Map Ref: SU127668

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Fun with mathematics and geometry on night 5, month 5 of the year 2016! 

Someone was having fun with mathematics and geometry near Hill Barn in East Kennett on the night of May 5, 2016. That was day 5, month 5 of the year 2016. A five-sided pentagon was drawn in oilseed rape, within a much larger five-sided field. We can also see five sides 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 along the "spine of an iguana" in the landscape just above. Very amusing to a geometer's mind! 

Red Collie



5 is the number of the Divine feminine. So a 5 sided figure in the 5th month of the year. Reported on the 6th but 'May' (get it) have been created on the 5th.
Gerald Plumb

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Hat’s off to Red Collie and Gerald Plumb, whose comments are spot on!  They nailed this crop circle, and their insights fuel my own thinking. 

One of Collie’s seminal breakthroughs has been to view each crop circle in the larger context of its surroundings, beginning with the field in which it lies.  Everybody “gets it” when a crop circle comes down next to a radio-telescope; even the blind note the context.  But, in that case, why not look for context in every field?  This is what I hear RC saying. 

RC’s approach is subtle, and requires patience and creativity.  But this seems precisely what the circle-makers invite us to do in this very instance: to use the divine gifts—five senses, plus mind—to observe one’s environment, and goings on therein (situational awareness), and to come to grips with the observations in an intelligent, creative manner.  Can there be any doubt that this is how Creator intends each of us—ET and human, alike—to use the divine gifts?! 

And in RC’s view, the circle-makers provoke such ideas in a light-hearted, playful and even joking manner; thus, he sees the tail of an iguana in the five-sided field . . . provoking the lyric: “I guana love ya, like nobody loves ya, come rain or come shine”?!?!?!  Are they punning?  Personally, I hate puns.  But there it is . . . in a crop circle referencing Venus, Goddess of Love! . . . And not to put too fine a point on it, in Merry Old England . . . land of Camelot . . . “Tra la! It's May!  The lusty month of May!  That lovely month when ev'ryone goes blissfully astray.”  Lerner & Lowe 

Does this go too far?  With apologies to Gerald Plumb, it may not go far enough!

John Del Campo

Embarrassingly Void of Free Style , Novices !

         Minor points for tribute.  Hill Barn, indicates Farmer and the Fox in henhouse. 

The Leicester Fox tributes should be an inspiration for crop artists, but this one is well short of the effort of the Leicester team. A great story and I hope the tributes will continue and compete with one another. The effort of the team may well be the sports story of the century and a lesson to big money.

This is definitely the year of the FOX. There will be cunning, and mistaken identity, but overall should be a year that redefines crop circles as many now consider them a ….

 legitimate globally accepted art form. Who cares who makes them ?

Free style , or free form formations to me, are the future of crop circles.

So already a year of underdogs, The Foxes of Leicester, and a Muslim mayor of London. 

Maybe this formation was done by 2 five year olds on a drinking binge, in which case I would certainly give it more points. 

Even the US has an underdog that looks like a Fox.

         That is a Fox glued to his head. All of the rumors are True. 

   But make no mistake, disguise is part of the year of Fox and the henhouse has issued warrants and knows about this one.

She has a funnel from the big banks directly into her pockets, and the underdog is.... 

Bernie.  Average donation of 27 dollars. He is the Official Leicester Fox mascot in the US.

He is a silver fox, with financial savy and a dream that seems impossible.

Even little birds are endorsing him. A 2 ounce sparrow owned a room of 10,000 humans.

It is the year of Ajpu exactly as it was 42 years ago. The year of watergate. The year of spies and spying, turncoats and underdogs, Foxes, and finances. Double the money says Ajpu, and that is what will happen for the Leicester players and coaches. Ajpu is day 10 and tarot # 10.

Ajpu is the spiral shell, the Carocol, time unfurled, the coming out of hiding. The revealing of secrets and deeds. The undercover double agents in charge of the henhouse security.

 Before it is over , it will be ,....what the cluck just happened ?

It is a year of underdogs and surprises. Investigations. Cover your tracks ye outlaws.

Dear Croppies, spare us the boring geometry and go free form. Perfection is not an indication of artistic prowess. The time favors successful undercover Artforms. Do it so it is remembered. please 

David Odell


The Return of Hermes

What a fiery start of this year's crop circle season ! On Day 130, or May 9, there will be a 7-hour transit of Mercury across the solar disc, a relatively rare event, celebrated by current crop circle


Will it be good or bad news ? The sky in any case is on high voltage right now, as well as Earth (see increase in recent earthquakes) - so that anything becomes possible: ça passe ou ça casse !

And by scrolling through the crop circle archives I found out that current crop circle could be seen as being part of a countdown-sequence to some important near-future event. A sequence consisting of Mercury's transits, and whose first occurrence was recorded in 1993, as can be seen in the following picture:

Mercury's transit on May 9 would then be transit number 5, as indicated by the crop circle's pentagon. Transits number 6 and 7 will be in 2019 and 2032. Or will the countdown end in 2039, the year of number 8 ? As 2039 marks the end of an important 46-year Mercurial cycle. Time will tell.

Franklin Roger Thomson, 7 May 2016

COMMENT REGARDING THIS EARLY CORE-GRID:  This 1st Formation of this Season's expected most advanced systems, has begun a new, significant Grid as its apparent larger Center-Matrix.  It's a blank, open "5" as an OPEN SEED-FORMAT. Thus shows-up in Metatronic RESHEL grid dynamics often used by Crop Formations and the grids they form.  In the 12 METATRONIC "Breast Plates" (systems) it is called the "Penta-Dove" and is a pentagonal Universal Seed/Program format.  It is unusual for it to just be "hanging-out" by itself without established LAND-poles augmenting it, so I linked it into AVEBURY, SILBURY HILL and the ALTON-BARNES WHITE HORSE, making two triangles using the Formation as a common apex. I also drew the altitude lines to check for Golden Ratio harmonics... I found two.  Further, the two main base angles at Avebury and Silbury Hill gave me the 26.3 angle in the RESHEL setting the FORMATION as a "Resh" (Chief Head-Stone) pole that loads all Programs.  However, most importantly the main RESHEL "Penta" grid is found by using the 36 Deg angle with the White-Horse "Power System" as the apex of the penta-star or "Zayin/Zion" pole in the RESHEL GRID.  The Penta-Crop Formation sets the base line for the Star as one of it's base-poles.  (The TUMULUS and EAST KENNET LONG BURROW also form reference points, increasing Earth-Harmonics for this basic processing system.) 


IN SHORT: We have two golden-ratio "L-Gates" or "Time-Gates" and a full RESHEL system found in the basic penta-grid... all anchored into the Penta-Formation.  The Formation is using 4 strong, established systems where AVEBURY will also be available to "program" tourists in large, expanding ASCENSION Grids constantly streaming into the Planet with many processing through the European Formation grids.  (The Person's own "High-Self" decides what and how much to "load" in any system.) The "Hot-Point" is as usual, the White-Horse.  Europe is a fore-brain area (the Mid-East is the other) for the Planet if we look at the Planet as a large "Head-Stone" or "Brain."  (The Aegean Sea is the Ajna... this system also has connected with the Formations in Europe.) 

This comment is admittedly obscure, using an ancient and basic Metatronic (highest archangel) expanded system named the RESHEL.  It was once relatively secret and used by the TEMPLARS to design Earth-Grids and temples (Rosslyn, Chartres are examples) also It was used by the ESSENES before them.  The formats use valid Time-Gates (NOT the Montauk Project science), also a reason for earlier secrecy.  The secrecy is lifted now due to "Ascension, Transition" programs flowing into the Planet, Race, et al.  This is a very large topic but relevant to what the Formations' grids are being used for, every year phasing into the fast-growing complex system. 

Bill Buehler  (Crestone, Colorado)


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Maybe we should see it as a hint, that there is a roman dodecahedron hidden beneath...? Worth a while to check with ground radar or a good metal detector if there is in fact something beneath.  If there is, you have 100% proof that this one is not man made...

Erwin Maes

"If readers will kindly check out the article written at this link, and especially view the coloured video on which is written hecatonicosachoron 120-cells (6), it's significant that this crop circle reminds us again that humans are being physically transformed by (scalar) light, through the energy engine called the DNA Tesseract built into our own cells having the identical 5-sided sacred geometry pattern as this crop formation at Barn Hill. The article clearly explains the quantum physics of this transformation  process; the crop formation is most timely as if to say, humanity, you are on the brink of a quantum leap in consciousness, the moment is upon you, we are happy to bring this joyous news!"


Barbara T Canada

Perhaps this is a depiction of the Duke axial engine ;-)



Cole Larson

Venus-moon-conjunctions in future that refer to a new start

The formation on the one hand refers to the pentagonal orbit of Venus as seen from the earth, but on the other hand relates to new moon on the day of the formation (May 6), while on this day also the sun, the moon and Venus were approximately aligned in syzygy. Especially, the Venus-moon-conjunction is important on this day, while the pentagon refers to Venus and the heliacal rise of Venus in near future.

The Venus-moon-conjunction recurs each 30 days until January 31, 2017, while the time-span until the next Venus-moon-conjunction is 28 to 29 days and takes place in the night of February 28 to March 1, 2017. Apart from this slight deviation, we can consider 30 days (the time-span between two successive Venus-moon-conjunctions) as one “Venus-month”, while the beginning and the end of January and February 2017 closely follow the start and end of each Venus-month. The five-fold formation shows a special relationship with five Venus-months and five Venus-months last 150 days, which is also a multiple of 25 days. Thus, the five-fold symmetry also relates to 5 × 5 = 25 days. On top of that, there is also a reference to the heliacal rise of Venus and the formation refers to:

- 5 Venus-months (150 days) in future or October 3, which in 2016 happens to be new year’s day of the Hebrew as well as the Islamic year

- 10 Venus-months (299 days) in future or February 28 to March 1, 2017, which is the traditional new year’s day of the Gregorian year (which started on March 1 in the very past)

The following Venus-month is 26 days only, but fits with the time-span of 25 days amongst others:

- 11 Venus-months (325 = 13 × 25 days) in future refers to March 27, 2017: on this day Venus will rise heliacal and like on the day of the formation the sun, the moon and Venus will be aligned in syzygy at the end of the day (hence it will be new moon). The Venusian heliacal rise will only be visible on the northern hemisphere of the Earth (Venus will move 8 degrees north of the ecliptic).

Thus, there is a remarkable triple reference to the start of the Hebrew year, the Islamic year and the traditional Gregorian year in connection with the heliacal rise of Venus during new moon in March 2017. It is very likely this refers to a revolution that involves a new start.


One of the five circles of the formation (the circle that is oriented towards the adjacent road) points towards the set of not only Venus, but also Mars on February 28, 2017 (approximately 15 degrees North of the West; the moon will set precisely in the West). Another circle is approximately oriented towards the rise of Venus on March 27, 2017.

Marc Smulders



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike