Northfields, nr Twyford, Hampshire. Reported 11th July.

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Updated Thursday 14th  July 2016


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 The Little One Leaves The Big One. 

   July 11 & 12 is the transition between the “stay at home” and the consternated impulse to leave.

          We can call it, “the semi-reluctant but then again already decided, departure”. 

    The second decan of Homarus (cancer) is  Snake, in Hindu image, and she is calling for the return of the family back to the home. Image # 11 of the Hindu.

   The third decan of Homarus July 12 – 22, is Turtle, the departure of the son full of angst. A constipated type of departure. In the Hindu image of the # 12 decan is the “knot in tail”.

For this decan I usually refer to Rembrandt's (born in Turtle) self portrait as he typifies the tilted hat. But not just for that, but that he also looks to be needing to let something go.

 These correlate very nicely with the 36 Mt Fuji views, thematically and numerical order.

   View # 11 is the repair of the home. The kite can go, but not very far, and can always be pulled back in. Restriction of movement. Or  “Tethered flight”. A maintained roof.

View # 12 is the departure and the wet rag. One of them looks a wee bit uncomfortable as the rag seems to have been improperly installed. The umbrella is the turtle shell.

The precise day of the crop report was 2 Tijax. Recognition of choices of “Union”.  The day of Tijax is the 8th day, the 8th major arcana of the Tarot, and the 8th I-Ching descriptor.  Pi hexagram.

“2. In the second SIX, divided, we see the movement towards union and attachment proceeding from the inward (mind). With firm correctness there will be good fortune.

In the third SIX, divided, we see its subject seeking for union with such as ought not to be associated with.

4. In the fourth SIX, divided, we see its subject seeking for union with the one beyond himself. With firm correctness there will be good fortune.

5. The fifth NINE, undivided, affords the most illustrious instance of seeking union and attachment. (We seem to see in it) the king urging his pursuit of the game (only) in three directions, and allowing the escape of all the animals before him, while the people of his towns do not warn one another (to prevent it). There will be good fortune. “

 sacredtextarchive Pi hexagram 

                                           Theresa May

   Like the new “first woman mayor of Rome”, who was also born on Kan, Theresa is born on 9 Kan week of Noj, decan of Scales.

      An excellent day for leaders or governors. Especially women.

   Can't vouch for who pulls her strings, but she has the gift only time can give.

 She even wore the proper necklace. A very heavy , almost uncomfortable looking, silver chain.

Kan is the 15th day, the 15th hexagram of the I-Ching and the # 15 major arcana image. Chains. But not as the image suggests, it is the feathered serpent of the kundalini. A day of the deciders. The chain signifies they are tied to a higher power. Many strong women born on this day.  The chain around the neck. She bears her responsibility and destiny with strength.

She is born in the decan of Scales. A very decent match with her day.

Now, the top of the door says  10

   The brexit vote was 10 Ajpu, she is taking the door as MP on 4 Ajpu. “the self same day” 21 apart

         Vote was June 23, 2016        …......................... Takes Office July 13, 2016, the day of writing.

         Today is 4 Ajpu, Noj, Snake cusp of  Turtle. Ajpu is the 10th day, the 10th hexagram of the I-Ching, and the 10th major arcana of the Ryder-Waite Tarot. The silver or red fox is connected to the decan of scales and Ajpu, the day and the decan are adjacent. Humility must be maintained.... you will know if she is not will be clear..... Yes,this is known. The year of Ajpu continues.

The whole story of Mary Poppins is archetypally suited to May.                                       

Will she take the children to the bank ? I don't know, but she took office on 4 Ajpu, Noj- her native week. Perhaps ,... there is reason to think positively, and I only speak for the poor. 

The Kan of 9. The highest feminine authority is 9.  I give it to the UK, here in the US, things are not as good. 

 Video was great, the circle is a lesson in minimalism, a wonderful expression of the time. Nicely done. 

I sense a pervasive desire for humility in leadership.                         

 David Odell

The formation completely encloses the ring feature in the ground.



Connecting with the galactic centre as a place of creation 

The relationship with the galactic centre of two other neighbouring formations

The formation is close to two other formations in Hampshire; they refer to the galactic centre, the radio source of Sagittarius A* and mid-June 2017. See:

Formation at planetarium (Chilcomb Down), June 21: Reconnecting to the stars on June 15, 2017

Formation Fulley Wood, nr Tichborne, June 24:  Connecting to the galactic centre in two steps

Hence, this formation also relates to that and the second small circle symbolizes the galactic centre.

The relationship with the foundation of the Great Cycle

However, this formation connects the meaning of the galactic centre with the very past, namely the time span of February 13 until August 11 of the year -3113 (proleptic Gregorian calendar, historical 3114 BC): the time span of 180 days during which the age of the Great Cycle, upon which the Mayan Long Count-calendar has been based, was founded.

On the formation’s creation day, it was half moon waxing and during this time of the year in 2016, there is a remarkable connection with the very past, that has been based upon the organization of time which is characterized by 13 × 20 = 260 units of time (f.e. a day or a lunar month). The time span of 260 lunar months corresponds with almost precise 21 years. The time span of 61 × 4 times this period of 21 years is 5124 years or 61 × 84 years or 61 times the orbital revolution of Uranus around the sun, but the related time span of 61 × 4 × 260 lunar months is slightly longer, namely slightly longer than 5129 sidereal years or the period from -3113 until 2016. Note that the sidereal year is not based on the seasons but on the true cycle of the sun against the background of the stars. One week before the formation’s creation date, on July 4, it was new moon and when we count 61 × 4 × 260 lunar months to the past, we find the connection with a total solar eclipse that occurred on April 4, -3113. This was a very important solar eclipse in connection with the foundation of the Great Cycle, because this solar eclipse happened in an opposition with Sagittarius A*: the galactic centre. While the total solar eclipse found place at the lunar north node, the galactic centre was at the lunar south node. During the time span of seven days from April 4 (new moon) until April 10 (half moon) , -3113, the sun was precise in opposition with the galactic centre (the exact opposition occurred on April 7).  On April 10, the moon, created a T-cross with the sun at the lunar north node and the galactic centre at the lunar south node.

The time span from July 4 (new moon) until July 11 (half moon) , 2016  is related to that and this formation, which appeared on July 11, refers to the week from April 4 until April 10, -3113.

The relation with the midsummer solstice in 2017

Due to the precession of the equinoxes, at present the sun does not oppose Sagittarius A* on and around April 7, but on and around June 17 to 18. As this is very short before the midsummer solstice (June 21), the formation refers to the midsummer solstice on June 21, 2017. The main reason is that this will fall exactly 5130 sidereal years after the half moon on April 10, -3113, thus also approximately 5130 sidereal years after the total solar eclipse on April 4, -3113.

As this is the fourth formation this year that points us to the midsummer solstice of 2017 in connection with the galactic centre, this seems to be a very important milestone in history. The galactic centre is the centre of creation in our galaxy and at the same time the true centre of our inner core, which is in contrast to our sun, which represents our false ego-identification. Therefore, the midsummer-solstice-event of 2017, with Saturn in the galactic centre, may be an important gateway to our true nature.

The orientation of the formation and the relationship with the two other formations

The small circle is oriented towards the galactic centre on the midsummer solstice (June 21), one hour after sunset; this is less than half an hour after the rise of the galactic centre. There is also a relationship with the galactic centre on the midsummer solstice, one hour before sunrise, which is also the moment at which the galactic centre will rise:


In contrast to 5000 years ago, nowadays in the very south of England, the galactic centre never rises more than 10 degrees above the horizon (in the north the galactic centre is invisible anyhow).

It is interesting to note that the distance to the other two formations in the neighbourhood is exactly 3 and 5 miles (see figure), because 3 × 3 × 3 × 10 × (3 + 3 + 3 + 10) = 5130 and relates to the time span of exactly 5130 sidereal years from April 10, -3113 until June 21, 2017.

Marc Smulders

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This very simple crop circle shows a comet approaching a planet (the ring). Since the comet has no coma, temperature indication, or tail, it must be in the outer solar system. The planet would be one of the gas giants during its daylight hours. 
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