Reigate Hill, nr Reigate, Surrey. Reported 19th July.

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Cassandra Ladea

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We are invited to attune our “antennas” to receive transforming energies from the Universe!

Crop circle from 19th July 2016 at Reigate Hill, nr Reigate, Surrey, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 19th July 2016 is a day with the Solar Seal “Yellow Human” and with Tone 4. This is Kin 212 in Tzolkin. This is the 4th day of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment.

The yellow Solar Seal on the 4th day of each castle defines the major energy of the castle. So the Yellow Human is the major energy of the Central Green Castle.

Besides, 19th July 2016 is a day of the White Planetary Wizard Year, which continues until 25th July 2016.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted the main energies of the White Planetary Wizard Year and the main energies of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment.

The main energies of the White Planetary Wizard Year:

White Wizard the major energy of the year

Red Serpent – the Supporting energy of the White Wizard
White Wind – the Guiding energy of the White Planetary Wizard
Yellow Seed – the Challenging energy of the White Wizard
Blue Hand – the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard

The main energies of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment:

Yellow Human the major energy of the castle

Red Moon, White Wind, Blue Eagle and Yellow Star – these are the major energies of the 4 wavespells in this castle.

The Central Green Castle of Enchantment has 4 wavespells of 13 days each:

1. Red Moon Wavespell
White Wind Wavespell
Blue Eagle Wavespell
Yellow Star Wavespell

In the center of the formation we see the face of a human. On this way is depicted the energy YELLOW HUMAN.

The human has enormous big eyes. On this way is depicted the energy BLUE EAGLE – the energy of VISION.

There are 2 eyes. Here the number 2 symbolizes the energy WHITE WIND Solar Seal No. 2.

Below the 2 eyes there are 2 nostrils and 1 mouth. These are 5 figures in total. Here the number 5 symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT – Solar Seal No. 5.

Around the face of the human there are 14 figures, which resemble ears of wheat. Here the number 14 symbolizes the energy WHITE WIZARD – Solar Seal No. 14.

In each ear there are 6 small inclined dashes and 1 middle long dash. These are 7 dashes in total. Here the number 7 symbolizes the energy BLUE HAND - Solar Seal No. 7.

The middle long dash is divided in 3 parts. When we add the 6 inclined dashes, we get 9 dashes in one ear. Here the number 9 symbolizes the energy RED MOON – Solar Seal No. 9.

The ear of wheat is divided through these dashes in 8 fields: there are 4 fields on each side of the middle long line.
Here the number 4 symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED – Solar Seal No. 4.

The number 8 symbolizes the energy YELLOW STAR – Solar Seal No. 8.

The second last ear below on the right has at the right end one additional dash, so in this ear there are 10 fields. Here the number 10 symbolizes Tone 10 - the Tone of the White Planetary Wizard Year.

The total number of fields in all ears is as follow:

13 х 8 = 104
1 х 10 = 10

104 + 10 = 114

Here the number 114 symbolizes Kin 114.
in 114 in Tzolkin is WHITE PLANETARY WIZARD the major energy of the current year !!

Each of the 14 figures around the face of the HUMAN depicts:

a cornucopia
ear of wheat

The authors of the crop circle remind us, that during the Central Green Castle of Enchantment we can attune our “antennas” to receive the energy YELLOW HUMAN, which helps us to receive from the Cornucopia of the Universe wonderful energies for personal transformation! Here is a more detailed description of the energy Yellow Human:

The energy Yellow Human is a Yellow energy of Ripening. This energy helps us for our Ripening, for our spiritual Maturation. This is depicted symbolically through the ears of wheat, where there are Yellow Seeds. Each Seed has the form of a diamond shaped crystal. During the Ripening our cells, which have been transformed in crystalline cells, are now filled with light - this is the last phase of the process of Enlightenment.

In these Yellow Seeds is recorded the information about our activities in this Tzolkin Module. At the end of this Tzolkin Module the Seeds with this information are planted in the next Tzolkin Module. With each new Tzolkin Module we begin our development from a new Yellow Seed and at the end of the Tzolkin Module we grow to a mature Yellow Human.

Gratitude to the photographers:

Heartfelt thanks to the authors of this amazing crop circle!!

Maya Todorova

I find this very symbolic. We have to consider that reincarnation is something real. So where did "they" go and when and why will they appear again?

There is definitely a deeper meaning in everything - no crime is forgotten nor is possible that it can pay off in the end.



Quetzalcoatl returns with Venus as morning star (March 28, 2017?)

Legend has it that the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl was a creator deity and essentially contributed to the creation of mankind. He broke through the boundaries between heaven and earth. Sometimes, he was also the symbol of death and resurrection. Quetzalcoatl is the feathered serpent, but was represented by different animals. From this perspective, it is not surprising that Quetzalcoatl as deity of creation, renewal and death and resurrection is depicted as a “feathered alien”, because it is likely that aliens are responsible for this kind of processes.


Quetzalcoatl is also associated with Venus as a morning star. Around March 28, 2017, Venus will rise heliacal and become visible as a morning star. The crop circle formation shows 14 feathers. As March 28, 2017 will fall 18 × 14 days after the day of the formation (also 14 × 2 Aztec “weeks” of 9 days), this fits. Quetzalcoatl is Kukulkan in Mayan mythology.

Marc Smulders


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I made a mosaic to compare Chris Dunn's geometric analysis of Ramses statues with the hidden Geometry of the Crop Circle at Reigate Hill, Reigate, Surrey, UK - 19 July 2016

Alex MacDowell

The gray aliens and their spider web of intrigue, which they have been spinning for many years, will be dramatically less in evidence as the comet strikes commence. However, these are not the aliens creating crop circles. The gray’s orchestrated UFO crashes have effectively engendered profound distrust of governments around the world in striving to hide their involvement and collusion with aliens. They, human governments,  are the victims of the alien spider web and will be eventually  replaced by violence.   Actually, the mission of the Grays, as suggested in the crop circle, is ending as they have successfully established a pervasive beachhead in human society across the globe. Further developments may be accomplished through alien-human hybrids. See T1218, pg. 126, and T845, pg 144, for other images similar to this alien in my free ebook downloadable at

Ken Heck

Painting "Faces" in the past appeared several times. It is therefore necessary to take this into account. We are not alone in the universe.

Pávková Z.

Hackpen Hill CC:

The crop circle illustrates the inner workings of a “Gravity Warp Engine”.


The three pyramids illustrate the three gravity wave guides in the lower deck. These can individually be adjusted, depending upon the configuration of movement. The center describes the anti-matter reactor. The arrows indicate how the gravity pulse rises along the  vertical wave guide to the top of the craft in a “delta” configuration mode and encapsulates the ship in three outer points after the pulse is amplified by the amplifier. The details are given by the links below and I encourage the interested to go through the links below and study the contents.

When I first watched the Bob Lazar’s video, I did not pay much attention to its content and dismissed, immediately. However, I read accidentally about the element 115, recently and am surprised that the Ununpentium was discovered in 2003 and accepted in 2004.  The question then arises: How could Bob Lazar talk about a chemical element in late 80’s, which was found in 2003?

Was it a coincidence that the media was flooded by the news of “alien abductions” in the 80s right after the cooperation between  ET and the US was broken in 1979? If you search these abductee cases, you realize that you must be an American and live in the US, in order to be qualified as a potential target for abduction by the aliens from the Zeta Reticuli binary system. Why is that so? What is  wrong with us whom live in other places in the planet? These abductees get famous, they get money, they make TV-shows and they write even books. :o)

“The Kid”, being the true owner of this technology, is endorsing the above mentioned crop circle with its “chieftain” seal. Reigate Hill CC:




Nuts and bolts:

Berat Sancar

Hi Everyone!

I haven’t got a mirrored image to share with you this time so instead I’m sharing a message with you that was found regarding this formation of this “Alien Grey” Crop Formation.

I copied both the date from the Crop Circle web site of when the formation was found and also where the formation was placed and I found this warning within it.

This decoding is exact.

The Crop Formation Code

On Tuesday the nineteenth of July two thousand and sixteen at Reigate Hill near Reigate Surrey.

Its Hidden Decoded Message

The "Alien Grey" exist.

Fear it not!

Jesus to return at gate in the Holy Land.


Eden has warned you.

Can I just ask if anyone out there understood the symbolic meaning of that mirrored image that I placed on the comments page of the “Barrows Green, Nr Widnes, Lancashire” formation?

This formation was reported on the 7th of July?

If you did understand the meaning of it could you share it with us please?

Thank you. Love to you all  From Helen

This crop circle has been filmed with a drone:   A big head of a Grey extraterrestrial being has been drawn in the field by some members of the very dangerous pro-Jesus and pro-Apocalypse invaders. I give the alert about they since 2008 ! There are 14 feathers round the head ! Why ? I remember a very known photography of an old Christian picture. I have found a photo of this strange image in the blog of Michel Théron at this page with the title extraterrestrials: extraterrestrial Mr Théron has written an extract of this: john-1428-father-greater "the Father is greater than I" (Jesus) [please compare the words feather/Father] and he has written at the end of his article: "(...) why an alien Jesus wouldn't exist ?" The feathers round the head in the crop circle symbolises the aureola of the Holy spirit of God in the alien Grey ! Hum ! The Grey beings of the pro-Jesus group have a chief whose soul is the same as Jesus, but I know that they try to deceive the humanity and that Jesus has betrayed the Source (God), the Mother or Mother-Father of the Universe (She is not the Father). For example Jesus entered in a Temple with a very bad spirit : El_Greco_13.jpg A terrible sign of this danger today with the pro-Jesus aliens : one of the attackers at the church saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in France, 26th July 2016, seven days after the crop circle at Reigate has been reported, was Abdel Malik Petitjean. Jean in French is John, like the author of the Apocalypse in the Christian bible !

More information on my channel on Youtube and my blog OLCPIE :

Post scriptum, 5th August, 2016, Lille, France, the afternoon:
The name Regate may also suggest Rio gate ! This is today the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic games. This will begin 8pm local time at Maracana. Unfortunately, the statue of the Christ Redeemer on the Mount Corcovado (has been and) will be showed numerous times at the TV, in the newspapers, ... Examples given : On the Rio 2016 website :
with a very strong bad influence over the world: Examples given :
The name Reigate may also suggest the king in latin : rex, regis
The french word for king is roi, an anagram of Rio ! The "new" Jesus is named "King of Kings"  in the Apocalypse of the christian bible :
The invaders pro-Jesus are trying to dominate the Earth and the humanity with a new theocracy with Jesus omega as a mondial chief !
But the christian God doesn't exist ! This is a very dangerous illusion usefull for the plan of invasion ! The message of unification of the humanity by the ET Gray chief Jesus omega is a trap ! And some indigenous people in Brazil are falling inside like this man of the Pataxo people bearing the olympic torch in Bahia. He has some feathers round his head ! :
Some of them have been killed in Brazil by the european invaders :
After this european christian invasion and genocide, this is today impossible to find a photography of a native person Pataxo on this page of Wikipedia in Portuguese about Bahia ! :
But several symbols of the christianity may be seen ! :
I am convinced that the dangerous ET pro-Jesus invaders will try to take advantage of this Rio 2016 Olypic games with UFO apparitions !

2nd August, 2016, a man and a surveillance camera have filmed a UFO over the giant arch of saint-Louis (Illinois) see know the church at the left of the arch on this photography :

There will be a very important event at the Gateway Arch 14th August 2016 with the st Louis Astronomical society :

Please read with attention the logo Gateway Arch. If the Arch is a giant n [remember the 14th feathers of the aureola round the Gray head in the crop circle reported at Reigate 19th July 2016. In the alphabet, n is the 14th letter and ...LMN can suggest lumen, light in latin], then I can read the anagram : ArchanG' e.t. way ! The letter T of Gateway is like a cross of Jesus ! I am convinced that this UFO filmed 2nd August 2016 over the Arch at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park of saint-Louis is a communication of the invader pro-Jesus group. This is very interesting to compare this arch with the Mount Corcovado where is the statue of the christ redeemer at Rio :

There is a message of the Earth on this photography. The rainbow is a sign of the ET pro-Jesus menace (bow) !

Additionnal infos for my post scriptum published about the crop circle rep. at Reigate Hill 19th July 2016
The crop circle reported 3rd August 2016 at Sparticles Wood near Chaldon has been made by the pro-Jesus ET invaders
Le letter X for Christ is drawn inside. On the website of Chaldon, there is a photography of a sign with the name st Peter and st Paul church of England infant school. On this sign is a coat of arms with two keys crossed like an X. But there is a sword too !
Furthermore, Sparticles may suggest Spartacus !:
I inform that Matthew has written these words of Jesus
Bible, Matthew 19:18: "You shall not murder".
The ET Jesus omega is more dangerous as Jesus !
The Gateway at Reigate Castle is not a temple ...
Mr Bourquin, Vishnou, Kalki

This is a Canadian show that has the alien with feathers as a logo. 



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike