The Ridgeway, nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. Reported 23rd June.

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Tixeire Luc



The Ridgeway, near Hackpen Hill: Who or What is Running the World?

On the great Ridgeway, for all of us who wish to see, we have a very clear, definitive and apt depiction of things happening in our world today. Two sharks (whose tails also form two small fish) are aggressively chasing the fish. At the centre of the formation we have the triquetra symbol, an ancient representation of divine energies.

The formative origin of the triquetra is found in the fish symbol derived from an early symbol of Venus. The triquetra is a common symbol for the Trinity in Christianity, and was, before Christianity, a Celtic symbol of the Goddess, and in the North, a symbol of Odin. It was also considered to be a representation of the triplicities of mind, body, and soul, as well as the three domains of earth according to Celtic mythology: earth, sea, sky. (symboldictionary)

Three interlocked fish or ‘vesica pisces’ are the basis for the triquetra symbol; interlaced fish from roman Catacombs; fish from an Egyptian bowl

The shark as symbol or totem represents primarily the survival instinct. It is powerful, perceptive, focused, efficient and is in perpetual motion. It is out for its own interest. These are not bad characteristics unless they are applied in ways damaging to the rest of life. In this formation we see the sharks as aggressively pursuing the tails of the small fish and even each others’ tails. This situation seems to speak to the connotations of the ‘card shark’ or the ‘loan shark’– those who pursue their own winnings through illegal or dishonest means.

Shark energy applied in this destructive and selfish fashion then becomes dangerous, because it forces all around it into the defensive, thus rendering all factions mistrustful of one and other, and considerate of only their welfare, profit, benefit. 

‘C’mon in, we share the wealth’; ‘I have what you need!’; ‘I always make sure things work out in my own interest…’

With all this in mind, we see at Ridgeway that the central and essential energy of life (triquetra) is being almost overshadowed by the surface energies of destruction and avarice.

Who and what are the sharks? Could they represent the present tendency in our world to exploit anything that can be profitable at any cost–AN ARCHAIC SURVIVAL INSTINCT GONE AWRY? Could this formation be alluding to the precipitous situation our world is now approaching–ONE IN WHICH WE MUST CHANGE TACK OR PERISH?

And is there an alternative presented in this picture? Is it possible for the world as a whole to focus on the essential, life-supporting energies–TO RECOGNIZE THAT THESE NATURAL AND SACRED ENERGIES SUSTAIN EVEN THE SHARK NATURE?

From the Ridgeway, one can see for miles; one can see what is coming. Are we being kindly warned of dangers that lie ahead? Will we be able to recognize what is worthwhile pursuing and what pursues solely in its own interest?

Is it not time to turn in thankfulness and peace to the origin of all life? WE DO NOT HAVE TO WITNESS THE RAVAGING OF THE WORLD. WE COULD DECIDE TO EMBRACE AND CELEBRATE LIFE!   

-Michelle Jennings


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Artwork by WJ

This mirrored image that my brother did for me shows that this formation has faces within it. There is a being of some kind with a very slim face on the top of the ring that is in the very middle of the formation. There is also another face peeping through the V shape that is just above this slim faced being. And again we have another face within the very top shape that seems to have some kind of arrows coming from the back of its head. There also seems to be a face at the very bottom where the feathered pattern is. Just like myself you might need a good quality magnifying glass to see all the detail that’s within this formation.




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For me this last crop circle represent 2 sharks inside a circle. We know that the sharks are in danger of extinction on our planet and this is probably a warning !

Philippe Lemaire

Globally connected, Shark Angels around the world are taking action locally, fueled by empowering tools, a collaborative community, and a shared passion for sharks. Through positive education, media and grassroots outreach, Shark Angels are changing the future for sharks. Earn your wings today.

Frank Sinclair

IMO this circle resembles a modern design of the famous "Ouroboros".

Additionally there is a reference to Bertolt Brecht, not necessarily the "Alabama Song", but nevertheless... ;-)


Is there a connection between crop circles at the Ridgeway, nr Hackpen Hill, and Ox Drove, nr Wylye?

Americans weak in British history, as I am, cannot possibly come to grips with a crop circle, such as the one appearing at the Ridgeway, 23 June, without assistance.  Yes, the image of circling sharks is unmistakable, as is the symbol about which they swim: the triquetra.  But what do they mean? 

Michelle Jennings, citing the Symbol Dictionary, furnishes a useful starting point: “The triquetra is a common symbol for the Trinity in Christianity, and was, before Christianity, a Celtic symbol of the Goddess, and in the North, a symbol of Odin.  It was also considered to be a representation of the triplicities of mind, body, and soul, as well as the three domains of earth according to Celtic mythology: earth, sea, sky. . . . The shark as symbol or totem represents primarily the survival instinct.  It is powerful, perceptive, focused, efficient and is in perpetual motion.  It is out for its own interest.  [Emphasis added.] 

And so, right away, one finds a compound symbol in which self-interest, and survival instinct, swim menacingly around a graceful three-lobed geometry meaningful to Christians, Celts and others; which is to say, meaningful to a range of people, from antiquity down to the present. 

Very well; why the Ridgeway?  Is the location significant? 

Red Collie, ever mindful of geography, calls attention to the axes of the triquetra, observing that two axes point to nearby copses of trees, while the third points to an open field; and not just any field: the field in which a Rubic’s Cube appeared in August 2012!  Are we soon to receive the solution?!  Or as Collie said, “Will our crop-artist friends draw another field image there soon, close to where the third arm of this ‘Celtic triquetra’ is pointing?” 

The question is breathtaking for the acid test that distinguishes the scientific method from charlatanism is its ability to make useful predictions.  Consequently, a crop circle, should one appear in the now empty field at Hackpen Hill, would be important to the study of “crop-circling” as a discipline.  Furthermore, what band of board- and rope-carrying brothers, or sisters, will now slip into the empty field unseen to accomplish their handiwork?! 

But, there’s more. 

Countless observers have remarked on the sheer number of crop circles that come down yearly in Southern England; and particularly, Wiltshire.  What is it about this gently rolling green land that draws them; frequently, to the very same fields, as at the Ridgeway and Hackpen Hill? 

Without putting too fine a point on it, there is an evident relationship between the circle-makers and Southern England—important, though speculative—a relationship they themselves call attention to through their choices of setting.  And though I would be hard-pressed to name a theme running through the crop circles of a given season, I frequently sense the intangible connectedness of one to another, as when a family relationship reveals itself to a stranger, sans introduction. 

As I am weak in English history, I made no such connection between Ox Drove, near Wylye, and the Ridgeway, near Hackpen Hill; and then, Pávková Z. came to my rescue: “This location [near the intersection of Monarch’s Way, and the National Byway] and the date of 16 June 2016 is certainly no coincidence.  Dominated by the number 6 and 16 reminds us of the events during the reign of Charles I, then his son Charles II in England.” 

Oh, really?!  Now, the relationship begins to emerge . . . 

The triquetra—Celtic symbol of Venus, Goddess of Love, adopted by Christians (when Christianity was synonymous with Catholicism) throughout the British Isles to represent the Holy Trinity—malevolently circled by self-interest and survival instinct.  Could there be a more fitting symbol to capture the historic development of England, and the monarchy, from the time of Charles I on down to the present?! 

Consider the following item, which coincidentally appeared today, 28 June, in The Daily Mail: 

Have the circle-makers something in mind for an empty field on Hacken Hill, and might it concern the monarchy?  Time, will tell! 

John DelCampo Falls Church, Virginia

Could this ex-Mormon lawyer be the true heir to the British throne? A scandalous royal marriage, George IV's love child and a very intriguing question...  

  • James Ord was 13 when he was told he could be descended from royalty
  • The ex-Mormon was told his ancestor was illegitimate child of George IV
  • George IV had a secret marriage with Roman Catholic Maria Fitzherbert
  • Now Mr Ord says he would like a DNA test to prove his lineage to royalty 

By Tom Leonard In New York For The Daily Mail

Americans like to boast of how they shrugged off the shackles of royalty in 1776, but for a 40-year-old Utah lawyer, cutting himself off from the British monarchy hasn’t been quite so simple.

James Ord was a 13-year-old schoolboy growing up in Virginia when, he says, his grandfather took him aside and told him the extraordinary story of how his family had been tricked out of the British crown.

It is a tale that goes back almost as far as the foundation of America and involves the future George IV, his forbidden marriage to the Roman Catholic love of his life and a child whose very existence had to be kept secret for the sake of the monarchy — to whom Mr Ord’s family believe they can trace their ancestry.

‘I was raking leaves under his magnolia tree at the time and grandpa told me the story,’ Mr Ord told me from his home in Salt Lake City. ‘He clearly thought it very important to tell me, but I kind of laughed at him.

‘I thought he was mad — but he had been a radio communications expert in the U.S. air force and a spy during the Vietnam War. He was a really intelligent man.’

James discovered that his father, a doctor, had been told exactly the same story by his own grandfather when he was about the same age.  ‘It seems to have been a rite of passage — sharing the story with your children is very important,’ he says of the tradition. 

James (left) is reportedly a descendant of George IV (middle) and his secret Roman Catholic wife Maria Fitzherbert (right) 

Not only has the story been passed down through the generations of his family, but so has the name.

In nearly every generation of the so-called Maryland branch of the Ord family, the first-born son has been named James. This has made it easier to trace the Ord who appears to have the strongest claim to the British throne.

The most recent bearer of the name is a gay ex-Mormon and the step-father of four children, after he and his partner, Steve Hempel, became one of the first couples to exploit Utah’s legalisation of gay marriage.

The strange case of James Ord and the ‘Utah branch’ of the Royal Family re-emerged in recent days with the news that DNA evidence has been used to decide a disputed claim to the Scottish baronetcy of Pringle of Stichill.

The use of genetic testing to decide the rival claims of Murray Pringle and his cousin Simon Pringle had to be approved by the Queen. Might she now approve another application for a DNA test and allow Mr Ord to discover if he is indeed related to her?

‘I would love to do that,’ he says of a DNA test (which would, inevitably, require a sample of royal genetic material, too).

It should be stressed this bizarre tale hasn’t simply been plucked out of the imagination of an American family with grand pretensions.

Historians have long believed that George IV — or Prinny, as he was called in his days as Prince Regent — sired at least one child by the glamorous Roman Catholic widow Maria Fitzherbert, with one James Ord, the ancestor of today’s bearer of that name, viewed as the most likely candidate.

At the time, contraception was in its infancy and the twice-widowed Maria and her besotted prince were together for many years. In addition, some of Prinny’s friends were convinced she was pregnant shortly after their secret marriage.

On George IV’s death, Lord Stourton, one of Maria’s executors, asked her to sign a declaration on the back of her marriage certificate saying their union never produced offspring. ‘She smilingly objected on the score of delicacy,’ he recorded.

A string of unlikely events in the earlier James Ord’s life very strongly suggest he was the product of that hushed-up marriage.

The Queen commanded Britain’s most senior judges to decide if DNA evidence could be used for the first time to settle a dispute over a hereditary title, in a move that could have far-reaching consequences for the aristocracy.
Her Majesty personally ordered Lord Neuberger, Britain’s most senior judge, and six other justices of the Supreme Court to rule on a bitter family dispute over who is the rightful heir to an ancient baronetcy.
The feud was unexpectedly sparked by an innocent family tree project involving a distinguished lineage dating back to the 13th Century.
Scientific analysis dramatically revealed that the last baronet came from a different bloodline to his relatives, suggesting there may have been an illegitimate child in a previous generation.
The two rival branches of the family have now spent thousands of pounds on a legal battle over which is the true lineage.
The peerage authorities were called upon to decide if the genetic material could be used to determine who should inherit the Pringle of Stichill baronetcy, and it was up to the Queen herself to order that a powerful but little-known court of top judges should make the ruling.
If the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council agrees that DNA evidence can be admitted in the case, it can then be used in any future claim to the peerage.
This could have huge implications for the whole of the British aristocracy – and possibly even the Royal Family itself – if it means ‘pretenders’ emerge with genetic evidence to prove their right of succession.


The illusion of Brexit, the karmic wheel turns, but unity can never be broken

Elements of Fishes

The formation contains several elements of (the principle of) Fishes. This sign and the planet Neptune symbolize the principle of the collective subconsciousness; this means that people are easily attracted to join a collective idea, ideology or religion that is carried out by a community or society. Brexit was a manifestation of two mainstream ideologies that divided Great Britain, more specific England.


However, the triquetra, in the centre of the formation, symbolizes the principle of the trinity of mind, body and soul, or the trinity of the male, the female and the child and the principle of creation and joining opposite poles, the expression of love. At least on a subconscious level this unification will always persist and the “separation” that Brexit seems to cause, will turn out to be an illusion, governed by the not sustainable concept of “sovereignty”.

Marc Smulders

Surprising: on June 24, appeared this picture of a shark with cleaningfish on the tear-off calendar of the Dutch National Geographic.


Nel Bruser-Rodenbach 

"Three Vesica Piscis linked by a ring, encircled by another ring and an odd third outer ring at the Ridgeway near Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire,  reported June 23, 2016.

The Triquetra, or trinity knot, used to symbolize the Trinity of God, the Father, the son, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The symbol's origin is often described as adapted from ancient Celtic images of interlaced Vesica Piscis."

The outer 2 sharks are for the 2 sets of 666 ominously surrounding the sacred Vesica Piscis.  The "6's" emanate from the ring encircling (or trapping) the Vesica Piscis knot.  The "stems" of the 6's cut through the sharks bodies & before their mouths.  Your comments section does a fantastic job of decoding everything else about this crop circle, I just felt the sharks symbolized something more ominous than common corporate greed with the double 666 set in there. 

You will see the "sixes" best by looking at the first image you have of the crop circle on its own page.

Before the early Catholic Church co-opted the ancient Celtic symbol for their Father-Son-Holy Ghost trinity, it was originally an Earth Mother symbol - after all, what's more feminine than a symbol of 3 interlocking yonis within a circle? But of course, you already know this. Thank you for mentioning it in your comments/ description section.

The crop circle may be a warning of who is threatening Mother Earth the most; the Luciferian Illuminati - which are the worst of the worst of the banksters, corporate, & political elite you pointed out in your comments section. 

Hope you get a chance to add this info to your CCC page of the June 23 The Ridgeway, Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire crop circle.

Nicole Berg

We eliminate the problems and build Bridges
between the people and achieve together our Dreams

Crop circle from
23rd June 2016 - The Ridgeway, nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 23rd June 2016 is a day with the Solar Seal “White Worldbridger” and with Tone 4, in the Blue Night Wavespell.

According to the Mayan 13-Moon calendar, 23rd June 2016 is the 12th Lunar month or 12th Crystal Moon with Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Blue Night
White Worldbridger

Tone 12

These energies have following qualities:

Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Transition, Death, Opportunity
Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation

In the center of the formation are depicted two circles. The outer circle is divided in 3 parts through the points 1, 2 and 3.

Here the number 3 symbolizes the energy “Blue Night” (Solar Seal No. 3) - the major energy of the actual Blue Night Wavespell.

The points 1, 2 and 3 are connected through arcs, which depict “Bridges”. They symbolize the energy White Worldbridger - the Solar Seal of the day.

Through the inner circle the arcs are divided in 12 elements in total: 6 elements in the inner circle and 6 elements between the two circles.
Here the number 12 symbolizes Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation – the Tone of the 12th Crystal Moon.

In my opinion, the outer circle symbolizes the Earth. The authors of this crop circle remind us during the 12th Crystal Moon to use the energy of Tone 12, to strive to cooperate with the other people, to build Bridges between the people. So we can together achieve our Dreams of a world of Harmony, Prosperity and Abundance for all people on the Earth.

On the outer ring of the crop circle we see two big Sharks. Usually we associate the shark with predatism, aggression, greed, impudence etc.
The body of each shark is divided in three parts, so there are 6 parts in total.

In my opinion, here the number 6 symbolizes again the energy White Worldbridger (Solar Seal No. 6) – the energy of “death”. This energy helps us to purify ourselves, to release all that is already old, useless, all kind of blocks in physical body, spirit and soul, problems on personal and on social plane. When we release the Old, an Opportunity appears for new and better things to come in our life.

In my opinion, the authors of this crop circle offer us a technique for releasing of blocks and negativity using the energy of "death".
We can imagine, that we put in the sharks all negative stuff, which we want to release. Then we visualize that we "hack" the sharks in 6 parts and can declare that we send these parts to the Source “for recycling”, with the request these negative qualities to be transmuted in Light and Love.

We can use this technique for releasing of personal negative qualities and for cleansing of negativities in the society.

Especially after the cleansing of problems between the people in the society we can more easier build bridges between the people.  

We can use this technique for eliminating of problems, which hinder the development of the humanity. All this shall help easier and more quickly to achieve our Dreams of a better world !!

Gratitude to the photographers:

Cordial thanks also to the authors of this astonishing crop circle!!

Maya Todorova

Quote: "...Father-Son-Holy Ghost trinity, it was originally an Earth Mother symbol - after all, what's more feminine than a symbol of 3 interlocking yonis within a circle?"

Trinity is something interesting and the "yoni/sex" comes into place through the story of the "immaculate conception". So what can be the interpretation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

IMO love itself is the (holy) spirit, except for the (unholy) narcissist one. So it's about molding the character of a child by making him "believe" in love (truth and justice). But this is IMO only possible when the child was conceived with love. On the other hand the biological father was not there, i.e. it must be something determined for the future. It means - first comes the "platonic love" an then the future brings full understanding and "true sexuality" and a free and peaceful further evolution.


The internal triquetra, a symbol of the Christian Trinity, also indicates three other impact areas not far from the one in the center of the circle. The six straight lines denote electromagnetic modification of the weather by the aliens around the impact area. Perhaps the high number, (6),  is due to the other three impacts in the vicinity. The two figures outside the outer circle indicate emissions of gas and/or fire from volcanic or other sources due to the impacts. Inside are two ridged figures, (new this year to crop circle illustrations), somewhat resembling the odd fish found near the bottom of the ocean, plus two smaller figures which may be smaller fish. These four “fish” will be affected by the impacts also.  On the inside of the outer circle appear two waves which suggest a tsunami due to the impacts. The close vicinity of the impacts suggests the outer three and the central impact would be three minor and one major  fragment of Comet A, after the nucleus has struck near dawn. The spirits of two dead sharks seem to be floating on the surface of the water. The imperfect triquetra and the odd connections of the two outer figures to the largest ring suggest a deviation from  crop circle creations in the past. Manmade status is possible.

Ken Heck



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike