The Ridgeway, nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. Reported 23rd June.

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Updated Monday 27th  June  2016


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Three interesting features of geometry and landscape for the “two sharks circling” crop picture at Ridgeway on June 23, 2016 

A new crop picture at Ridgeway on June 23, 2016 suggested metaphorically that there may be an upcoming attack soon, on “Celtic culture” and/or “Celtic Christianity”. Those two subjects were symbolized there by the “Celtic triquetra” or “Trinity knot”, around which “two sharks” were shown “circling”.  

Similar warnings were given last summer by a fleet of friendly UFOs, which flew over the southeast USA on June 29, 2015 (see articles or articles). Likewise on June 23, 2015, exactly one year before this crop picture appeared at Ridgeway on June 23, 2016, a related message of warning was drawn in crops next to an airport runway in Turin, Italy (see articles). 

This new crop picture at Ridgeway is thus very important, so we should make every effort to study it carefully. There seem to be three interesting features of geometry and landscape for the “two sharks circling” crop picture, as will be described below.  

First, its underlying geometry seems to be as shown schematically in the next slide:  

It is interesting that "thin hexagon 2 blue" and "thin circle 1 red" were both required for the accurate construction of this field image, but were never drawn in crops! Such a finding seems to argue against any possible “rope and boards” means of construction for this crop picture.  

Secondly the overall landscape, close to where this crop picture appeared, looks like a “shark” or “large fish”, when it is studied on Google Earth:  

Such landscape imagery seems perfectly suitable for a crop picture which shows “two sharks circling”!  

Thirdly, two arms of a “Celtic triquetra”, at the centre of this crop picture, point toward two large clumps of trees nearby. Such alignments have been marked using thin, white, dashed lines in the slide below:  

One arm of the triquetra points to a large clump of trees on the left. Another arm of the triquetra points to a large clump of trees above, 120o away from its first alignment.  

Interestingly enough, the third arm of that triquetra points to a currently empty field, where a “puzzle cube” was drawn in crops on August 26, 2012 (see  

Will our crop-artist friends draw another field image there soon, close to where the third arm of this “Celtic triquetra” is pointing?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Welcome to Earth, Try Not to Look Delicious. 

Of course the film, “The Shallows” opens this month. Stressing,.. self-reliance.

{ embed video }                   

The vote for Brexit was on the day of Ajpu. 10 Ajpu, week of Batz to be precise.

The Great Escape, or the Maze Escape also happened on 10 Ajpu, week of Batz , albeit in a different decan. It is the biggest prison escape in UK history. Sept 25 1983

The man who owns Under Armour, Kevin Plank, was born on 6 Ajpu.

Shark attacks do seem to be on the rise here in the US.

Perhaps advocating for sharks and surfing simultaneously is more like opening a restaurant.

The panning out in the video is eerily similar to a symbolic geographical map. 

If the vote had been 3 days later, it would have went “stay”. Ajpu is the essence of protection of borders and is capable of using fear as a motivator. There is a major factor of mistrust in this energy as well. There are things that eat us and we need to be aware of that. But no amount of fanged beasts compare to our own ignorance and willingness to wage war upon ourselves.                   

All wars are bankers wars. The most dangerous of all sharks. 

Pair the Brexit with this “twin” event. A woman has been elected as Mayor of Rome, Italy.                          

Virginia Raggi is born 13 Kan, week of Aj, decan of Turtle July 18, 1978.

Assumed office on June 22. The day before Brexit vote! That birthday right there, will be a strong leader, and a huge step forward for Women.  

Spiritual tidbit for those who may be out tromping between now and July 2nd. If you hear a THUD but there is noone there, it is the Boar decan energy. Bizarre but true. It is the pattern of lattice, and it signifies the weaving of the threads of ideas. Like a million babies born at once. The sound is similar to a rabbit thumping its foot. 

David Odell

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