Stonehenge, Nr Amesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 8th July.

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Seven Sisters at Stonehenge – Welcome! 

The pure elegance of this splendid formation visiting ancient Stonehenge this July 8th is breathtaking enough, but when we consider the relationship between the symbol and many civilizations on Earth over many centuries, we can be even more astounded at its meaning and beauty.  

The seven-pointed star is known as the Star of the Seven Sisters who were (whether the seven stars of Ursa Major, or the Pleiades) guardians of the axis mundi.  “Seven legendary priestesses bearing the name ‘Pleiades’ were said to have founded major oracle- shrines in the ancient world. In the Middle East, they were the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. In Southeast Asia they were the Krittikas, or Seven Mothers of the World. Egyptians called them the Seven Hathors, or the ‘seven beings who make decrees’, whom the dead would meet on their journey through the seven spheres of the afterlife. Arabians called them the elder Seven Sages, now masculinized but originally female (imam, ‘sage’, from ima ‘mother’). In Gnostic lore, the seven pillars were woman-shaped caryatids associated with shrine of Sophia, Mother of Wisdom. These too were ‘seven sisters’.” (Walker 76)  


The Pleiades are found in the constellation Taurus, ruled by Venus. Mythology links the seven sisters with the Hunter Orion who pursues all of them so Zeus has to transform them into doves that fly up to the sky. 

The Pleiades are also associated with individual Goddesses of ancient worlds. The constellation Taurus, traditionally ruled by Venus, contains the Pleiades who were important figures in the religion of Venus-Aphrodite as the Goddess of Wisdom. They tended her ‘pearly gates’ and they were represented in the temple by seven pillars. The Egyptian Goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing, Seshat, is depicted as a woman with a seven-pointed emblem above her head. Later, when the cult of Thoth became prominent, Seshat became his consort and was depicted with the crescent moon surmounting her star symbol.  


Ancient Egyptian Goddess of wisdom, Seshat and the Roman Goddess, Venus are both closely associated with the Pleiades.  

Other symbols related to this crop formation through the Pleiadian connection are: the dove, the razor and, of course, ‘seven’. The name ’Pleiades’ in Greek means ‘flock of doves’; so the symbolism of the seven-pointed star of the seven sisters overlaps with the symbolism of the dove. The dove represents the Great Goddess in Asia Minor under the names Aphrodite, Astarte. A dove with seven rays proceeding from it is the representation of the Third Person of the Trinity in Christian thought. The number seven is sacred to the Goddess Sophia, Wisdom, the original Gnostic conception of the Holy Ghost descending on Jesus and Mary.  The dove in our current days is most often associated with the idea of Peace. 

The razor association is derived from the Hindu name of the Pleiades, ’Krittikas’, The ‘Seven Mothers of the World’ were very keen judges; they were cutting edge. They judged and approved candidates for the solar hero sacrifice. “The ‘cutters’ they used may have been the moon sickles signifying castration of the sacred king in order that his life spirit might be reborn.” (Walker 151) 

The number seven symbolically means: completeness, totality. It is the first number that contains both the spiritual (3) and temporal (4). It is perfection; security; safety; rest; plenty; reintegration; synthesis; also virginity and the number of the Great Mother. (Cooper 117) 


Seven is the number of Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom; seven rays emanate from the Holy Ghost dove; the Krittika, are only six sisters because the Indian astronomers of the time could only see six stars with the naked eye. 

The rising of the Pleiades constellation marks the season of favourable weather for navigation and the time for the first harvesting. They were strongly linked to agriculture.


Throughout the world, on every continent and in myriad civilizations, the Pleiades have been a source of wonder and interest. They stimulated mythic lore across America, Europe and Asia. “A bronze disk, 1600 BC, from Nebra, Germany, is one of the oldest known representations of the cosmos. The Pleiades are top right.” (wikipedia – Pleiades) 

This plethora of associations and connections: wisdom, cutting edge discernment, peace, completeness, grace, and guardianship must be integral to the message being conveyed here. Are we being encouraged to have faith in a power that can accomplish a coming about to completeness and perfection? Will the main progress of this process be through the engagement of the Feminine aspect of our natures? Are we being prepared for a different approach to events in the world to bring about change? 


Seshat marks with great accuracy, the years of Pharoah’s reign and the measurements for foundations of important buildings in the kingdom.  

The two circles of small squares on the outer perimeter of this formation are reminiscent of the notches that Seshat would make on the palm-leaf rib in order to measure out the years of reign for the pharaoh and “to lay out the foundations of temples and other important structures in order to determine and assure the sacred alignments and the precision of the dimensions.” (wikipedia - Seshat) Is there a force working on behalf of all Earth, including humans, that, though unknown to us, has the means to lay out a plentiful and secure future in precise and definitive ways? And should we be opening ourselves to its influence, to its reality? 

-Michelle Jennings 


Cooper, J.C. An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols. Thames  & Hudson. London. 1978.

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A denarius coin from the time of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. He once built a wall across northern England. They called him the “Good Emperor” (117-138 AD). There are 73 or 82 “small squares” in the two outer borders of this crop picture, which add to 155 in total. Ancient Roman coins also used to have “square borders” of this kind, which were rubbed off with age and extensive handling. 

Red Collie


Jupiter conjoins Luna over Stonehenge, as Juno looks down from Jovian orbit

Stonehenge, that famous prehistoric monument, is the venue the circle-makers have chosen, yet again, to put down another fabulous crop circle; presumably, during the night of 7-8 July, as it was reported on the 8th.  And what did they present us with? 

The most striking feature is a regular heptegram overlaid by seven small pentagrams.  The heptegram has a small circle at its center, and is bounded by a large outer circle containing two parallel bands of dots (73 dots in the inner band, and 82 in the outer band).  Less obvious, but still plainly visible, is a crescent shape that could represent either the Moon or Venus, as each is often represented by the crescent shape.

What to make of it? 

First, as the heptegram apparently came down on the 7th, it seems the circle-makers wish to call our attention to the days of the week (/Heptagram-Correspondences); and in particular, to the 7th day of the seventh month, which happens to be Thursday, the fifth day of the week.  Of course, Thursday is linked to Jove, Jupiter or Zeus, king of the pagan gods, and is also the fifth planet from our sun. 

Not to put too fine a point on it, the fact that seven five-sided pentagrams were overlaid on the heptegram indicates clearly that Jupiter is the focus of attention.  But why? 

Well, NASA’s Juno spacecraft entered Jupiter orbit on 4 July (juno-mission-scientists-discuss-jupiter); and Luna, our moon, began its approach to Jupiter on the 7th, and conjoined the gas giant on the 8th, which suggests the crescent shape is, indeed, referencing Luna, as opposed to Venus (visible-planets-tonight-mars-jupiter-venus-saturn-mercury). 

Furthermore, and perhaps not coincidentally, “Yesterday [7 July], a series of narrow radio beams from Jupiter reached Earth . . . but they weren’t from NASA’s Juno spacecraft.  They came from Jupiter itself.  Natural radio lasers in Jupiter’s magnetosphere send shortwave signals into space and occasionally they sweep past Earth,” according to the Space Weather website (  (NOTE: The complete Space Weather commentary appears below, as such anecdotal reporting from the website changes daily.) 

Fascinating!  That’s quite a lot of concurrent activity involving Jupiter!  But still, so what? 

Is it mere coincidence the circle-makers chose Stonehenge as the venue for this spectacular specimen, or is the choice of venue purposeful?  What were they trying to tell us; that the venerable megalith is, indeed, as some suggest, an ancient observatory; or is there, perhaps, a specific link between Stonehenge and Jupiter?! 

Furthermore, are the numbers 73 and 82 significant in themselves, or is it the ratio that’s important? (73/82 = 0.89024390243902)  “Inquiring minds want to know!” 

And if some reader has a good answer, please share or collaborate, as I’m sure many of us want to know! 

John DelCampo Falls Church, Virginia 

RADIO BEAMS FROM JUPITER HIT EARTH: Yesterday, a series of narrow radio beams from Jupiter reached Earth ... but they weren't from NASA's Juno spacecraft. They came from Jupiter itself. Natural radio lasers in Jupiter's magnetosphere send shortwave signals into space and occasionally they sweep past Earth. "I picked them up in broad daylight," says Thomas Ashcraft, who operates an amateur radio telescope in rural New Mexico. Click on the image to hear the static-y sounds that emerged from his loudspeaker:

Each pop and click is the sound of a single beam washing over our planet. "The interesting thing to me," says Ashcraft, "is that unbeknownst to us Jupiter radio beams are often sweeping over us, actually washing over our bodies if we are outside at the time."

The lasers are powered, in part, by electrical currents flowing between Jupiter's upper atmosphere and the volcanic moon Io. When the geometry is just right, and Earth is in line with the beams, they are easily detected by ham radio antennas on Earth. Jovian "S-bursts" (short bursts) and "L-bursts" (long bursts) mimic the sounds of woodpeckers, whales, and waves crashing on the beach. Here are a few audio samples: S-bursts, S-bursts (slowed down 128:1), L-Bursts

Now is a good time to listen to Jupiter's radio storms. The giant planet is high in the sky at sunset and, thanks to the crashing solar cycle, background noise is low. There are few solar radio bursts to overwhelm Jupiter and terrestrial stations are having a hard time bouncing over the horizon as ionizing radiation from the sun ebbs. Ready to start taking data? NASA's Radio Jove Project explains how to build your own receiver.


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Artwork WJ

 Sacred - Seven " is a natural phenomena, a natural law, a calculated mathematical idea.

easy  to see when mathematics meets the eyes, and make sense of it all. look at the division by seven.

Geometry explain the size of the moon (diameter 3,467 km) and earth (diameter 12,727 km)

Sacred Seven within EARTH - 7 moons encircle one smaller circle with diameter 1,000

let's look at that inner circle diameter 1,000 (divided to 7)

1000 in Hebrew is Aleph - it represents the first letter in the Hebrew Alphabet and the decimal system at large, as the chosen natural mathematical base for creation, or math. in Hebrew

Aleph in Gimatria 111, show number ONE as the head of singles, of tens, of hundreds and thousands.

divide a circle (diameter 1000) to Seven, look at the simulated pyramid inside ..

the Height = 611  (Torah = 611)    

the rest = 388 = freedom = Chofesh in Hebrew

 is this 388 supposed to be the name Chops ? see the original decimal alphabetic plan in Hebrew above.

so, mathematically and geometrically the (Hebrew bible) Torah= 611, is the Height of the pyramid, and freedom, CHOFESH = 388, is the rest.  in this seven fold arrangement, see additional measurements, such as

Israel = 541

Aleph = 111 (as well as 1,000)

Gevura=216  , courage (fifth sephira of the tree of life)

 Aleph = 111       (bless)  Barech = 222  

 SHALOM = 376  = PEACE  (yellow circle)

look at the crop circle see the crescent moon connects all remaining points

the first inner ring contains 73 squares

WISDOM = 73 = CHOCMA in Hebrew (second sephira in the tree of life)

in my previous article concerning the tree of life I wrote about the Hebrew meanings of dimensions

this time I will refer readers to my article about the great pyramid in Giza, published here in 2010, to sum it up again, here is the main idea. sacred Seven within a circle diameter 240 (radius 120)


Radius = 120

true size (side elevation) of great pyramid in Giza

contain the names of God

26 = יהוה

81 = אנכי

65 = אדני

  Adam witness God

Adam = 45       witness (ED)= 74       God (Yehova) = 26

 I will finish with the same blessing in the beginning " Shabbat Shalom " as Shabbat is the 7th day and Shalom is Peace = 376   both words are present here.

if this makes sense it can unite us with wisdom, with a new peaceful beginning every week (7 days)

and if you wish it can be a new beginning every day, as YOM (day) = 56 is present (HOVE) 16 (both are the height of the yellow diamond shape) both add up to 72 meaning mercy , Chesed = 72 (forth sephira)

 blessed (228 = baruch) are the names of God , Peace = 376 upon all

26 = yehova

  81 = anochi 

  65 = adonai

 ... all of these dimensions are within the great pyramid of Giza,

they explain the connection of ancient "Israel" to Egypt, previous to the exodus and the giving of the "Torah" on the mount some 3333 y ago ... Geometry is seems to be is some sort of "initiation" it certainly  is a natural "wisdom"

Shabbat Shalom

Varda D. Sarnat 

The 7 rays symbolism appears in "Lady Liberty" as well as in "Sol Invictus" that is a syncretic figure, i.e. holds elements of myths and gods from different cultures.

That should also be our individual approach recognizing that everything comes from one source that is one love that just needs one understanding. So it's about accommodating feeling and thinking into logic and reason. It's written "Nihil in terra sine causa fit." or "Nihil sine causa." which means "nothing on earth happens without a cause or for a reason". That's nothing but Logos, i.e. rationalizing the own feelings through appropriate words before acting so that the actions can be justified and meaningful.

In the end it means that freedom is impossible without reason of each individual in a society. Unreasonable behavior is emotional, in a rationally unjustified sense, and there is the distinction between the animal and the human.

I have two more pictures, that are IMO linked.

This is some sort of "caduceus"/healing symbolism also with 7 rays, means IMO becoming a free being through wisdom (maybe "I am that I am" or "I will BE" which is also the meaning included in the  JHWH Tetragrammaton).

And then there is also the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice Maat, waiting^^ to "take off".


The main energies of the White Planetary Wizard Year

This formation shows some elements, which are not precise, but nevertheless it shows a very good correlation with the Mayan calendar.

According to the Tzolkin calendar, 8th July 2016 is a day in the Yellow Castle with major energy Yellow Sun. The Yellow Castle continues 52 days, until 15th July 2016.

th July 2016 is also a day of the White Planetary Wizard Year, which continues until 25th July 2016.

According to the Mayan 13-Moon calendar, 8th July 2016 is a day of the last, 13th Lunar month or 13th Cosmic Moon.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Yellow Sun
White Wizard
Red Serpent – the Supporting energy of the White Wizard
White Wind – the Guiding energy of the White Planetary Wizard
Yellow Seed – the Challenging energy of the White Wizard
Blue Hand – the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard

13th Cosmic Moon
White Dog
Blue Monkey

These energies have following qualities

Yellow Sun – Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life
White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Red Serpent – Life force, Life stability, Instinct
White Wind – Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication

Yellow Seed – Targets, Awareness, Flowering
Blue Hand – Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
13th Moon with Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence
White Dog – Love, Heart, Loyalty
Blue Monkey – Play, Magic, Illusion

In the center of the formation we see a figure, which resembles a star or a sun. In my opinion, it depicts the energy “Yellow Sun” – the major energy of the current Yellow Castle.

The rays of the Sun resemble the typical conic hats of the wizards and on this way is symbolized the energy "White Wizard” – the major energy of the current White Wizard Year.

In the very center of the formation there is a small circle, which represents a Portal. The current White Wizard Year began on 26th July 2015, which was a Galactic Activation Portal Day, so the whole year is a Portal Year.

Round this central circle there are 7 small pentagonal figures, which resemble a FLOWER. It represents the energy Yellow Seed - the energy of FLOWERING.

The Flower has 7 petals, the wizard’s hats are also 7. Here the number 7 symbolizes the energy “Blue Hand” - Solar Seal No. 7.

 On the outer periphery of the formation there are 2 rings with small square figures:

73  squares in the inner ring and
in the outer ring.

Here the number 82 symbolizes the energy “White Wind”. Kin 82 in the Tzolkin calendar is with the Solar Seal “White Wind”.

The rays of the Sun divide the outer ring in sectors. The number of the squares in the two sectors in the right lower corner is:

13 + 12 = 25

Here the number 25 symbolizes the energy “Red Serpent”. Kin 25 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal "Red Serpent".

So, on the crop circle are depicted all main energies of the current White Planetary Wizard Year:
White Wizard, Red Serpent, White Wind, Yellow Seed and Blue Hand.

Next to the Sun in the center of the formation is depicted a big Lunar crescent.

And the rays of the Sun divides the inner peripherical ring in seven sectors with following number of small squares in them:

4 sectors with 10 squares
sectors with 11 squares

Here the number 10 symbolizes the energy White Dog (Solar Seal No. 10) – the Energy of Love.

The number 11 symbolizes the energy Blue Monkey (Solar Seal No. 11) – the Energy of Joy.

The big Lunar crescent together with the energies of Love and Joy represents the current 13th Cosmic Moon, in which we pursue answers to the question: How can I become a Source of Love and Joy?

Gratitude to the photographer Hugh Newman!

Maya Todorova

Hi everyone!

I just thought I’d send you this mirrored information concerning Stonehenge what with this very beautiful formation being placed so very close to it.

I want to show your readers that the reason that those in the heavens are leaving most of their signs here is because the Stonehenge monument isn’t just mere stone it is alive.

It is in truth a living thing.

And I want to now share this information with you in the hope of proving what I've just said.

The stone that I chose to have mirrored is from this web site and it’s the stone that is at the very front of this photograph.

I chose not to use my own photographs of the Stonehenge monument as you might then think that what I’m about to show you is fake.
So in other words what I'm about to show you now you could so very easily mirror yourself so that you are then able to see that what I'm telling you is the truth.

So first take note here on this web site that this gigantic amazing stone has a pale and much smoother area and also take note of the crack that appears in the middle section of this stone.
This of course you can also clearly see if you visit Stonehenge.

So here is the mirrored image that I want to share with you, which is now made up of two left images of the stone.

The image is in black and white as what has been hidden within this stone shows up better this way.
As always give your eyes a few seconds to adjust to what I'm showing you but after saying that some of you might see what has been hidden straight away.

So at the very top of the Stone we now have the head of a giant being as the pale and smoother part of the stone has now become this beings muscular torso.

As always give your eyes a few seconds to focus on the darker area at the very top of the stone and then you should make contact with his eyes.

His eyes (which are at the same level as the lower stone that appears at the back) are clearly looking at us.

He also has a nose, a mouth and dark hair, which comes just above his shoulders as the pale stone, has now become this giants muscular shoulders. 

Remember here that the Bible itself informs us that there were giants walking the earth in those days. 

 Faintly shown around this giant's neck is a thick chain, which has a Mayan looking head on it. 

We now come down to this giant's chest and if you remember I asked you to take note of the crack that appeared in the stone on the original photograph as this crack now frames the cheek bones of what looks like a very, very human face.

This being be it a male or a female is very much alive despite he or she being embedded in stone.

This very human looking being also has a nose and a closed mouth and its eyes are also looking at us.

And I sense that whoever this being is he or she still has great psychic power.

So if you are ever lucky enough to be able to touch this stone you might be able to make contact with this being in some way.

If you do will you please let us know.

If I'm right I think you now have to pay a large amount of money to be able to go and touch these stones. 

Then below this very, very powerful being is another cat like creature.

I say "another" as for some reason cat like creatures seem to be turning up in quite a few mirrored images.

Then at the very bottom of the giant’s torso we have an elaborate dressed face and although its eyes are dark it has pupils.

I don't feel anything evil coming from any of these images as I only feel great power coming from them.

It is a power that I've not felt anywhere here on earth.

I hope these images have been of some interest to you.

Love to you all   From Helen

My conclusion for this circle quiz is Do Re Mi Fa So Ra Si ...
A continued fraction for 82 /73 is
          1 + -------------------------------                (a)
                0.1 * 81 + ----------------
                                  10 * 9
How about if this value (a) was like this (b) ?
          1 + -----------------------------------------------    (b)
                   0.1 * 81 + -----------------------------
                                    1 * 27 + ---------------
                                                   0.1 * 9
The closest value for (b) is 73 /65. ( two-digit number's division )
                           8 * 9 +1             
            73 /65 =  --------------
                           8 * 8 +1
On the other hand,
                           9 * 9 +1
            82 /73 = ---------------
                           9 * 8 +1
                      n * 9 +1
          A(n) = ---------------     
                      n * 8 +1
          A(n)  -> 1         ( n -> 0 )

          A(n)  ->  9 /8    ( n -> Infinity )
If we think of A(0) as the base frequency, 

          H = 9 /8 /1 = 9 /8 (non dimension)

          1200 * Ln(H) /Ln(2) = 203.91 cent
This is "Re" in just intonation.
Not a temperament.
          1200 * Ln(82 /73) /Ln(2) = 201.273
This is much closer to a temperament "Re".

The crop circle is perhaps the first time discovered a mathematical concept - cyclic number.

Pávková Z.

Here is my interpretation of this circle:

The seven-pointed star represents the tails of the seven comets encountering Earth over the next 300 plus years.  The crescent is a partial indication of all the craters caused by the impacts of the comets and their major fragments.  The full representation would be a full circle  with the crescent on one side. The interior pentagons represent seven large space stations which will be damaged or destroyed by the seven comets. The double ring of squares refers to a  ring of miscellaneous space junk and a ring of smaller satellites which the seven comets will be damaging or destroying.  The color white refers to the anticipated future, not completely determined events, and not the present.

Ken Heck

Separate to the symbology and interpretations of the seven-pointed star crop circle at Amesbury Farm, it is a curious anomally that the five-sided segments in the centre are each peculiarly different - they are out of balance. Added to that, the two rings of rectangles on the outside are composed of irregular-shapes. This presupposes that the crop circle is man-made.

Philip Dawes



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike