Stonehenge, Nr Amesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 8th July.

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Explanatory “heptagon” diagram taken from The Stonehenge Codes – A New Light on Ancient Science” (2014) by Professor David P Gregg (see  )

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The fall of man, 5770 years ago, coming to an end around the midsummer solstice of 2017

Stonehenge as key to the very past

This is a fascinating formation. One of the main keys is Stonehenge: the fact that Stonehenge is more than 5000 years old means that the formation relates to the very past. There are two likely possibilities: it may relate to

– the beginning of the Hebrew epoch; the Hebrew calendar (Anno Mundi 1 or AM 1) started September 7, -3760 (proleptic Gregorian calendar; historical 3761 BC)

– the completion of the erection of the World Tree of the Mayan Great Cycle on August 11, -3113 (proleptic Gregorian calendar; historical 3114 BC)

Research points out that the formation relates to the beginning of the Hebrew epoch, albeit not the very starting date, while there is an indirect relationship with the start of the Great Cycle. The crescent moon of the formation also points to a calendar that is based on the lunar month, like the Hebrew calendar. There are a few remarkable facts that relate the number 7 of the 7-pointed star of the formation to the Hebrew calendar, most notably:

- At present, we live in the Hebrew year AM 5776 and the year that starts on October 3, 2016 is AM 5777.

- Over a time span of about 5774 years Saturn revolves 4 × 7 × 7 times around the sun.

Primary cosmic relationships

As always is the case, the formation relates to cosmology. Important keys for understanding this relationship relate to the cosmology on the date of the formation (July 8), most notably:

– Jupiter is at the lunar north node,

– Neptune is at the lunar south node,

– Mercury is in a close conjunction with the sun

Important numbers of the formation:

– 82 squares (outer rim)

– 73 squares (inner rim)

– 155 squares (total)

– 7 (star); 7 is also find in combination with 5 (5-sided figures and “crescent moon” covers 5 out of 7 segments).

– 9 squares (the difference of outer and inner rim)

The main number is 155. Because Jupiter and Neptune are in a conjunction with the lunar north and south node, it turns out that the main key of the formation is found by counting back 2 × 155 times the cycle of the lunar node (310 × 18.6 = 5766 years). Astrolog reveals that the most clear connection is found with Monday, August 19, -3750 (proleptic Gregorian calendar; historical 3751 BC; Julian date September 18) , because on this date:

– not only the lunar nodes, but also Neptune and Jupiter were at precisely the same position in the zodiac in comparison with the formations creation date (Jupiter at north node; Neptune at south node)! Note also that this relationship occurs extremely seldom and the end of -3750 is probably the only period over the past 6000 years that matches this property in such an accurate way (all positions fit within 6 degrees of arc with the present).

– It was “Rosh Hashanah” or Hebrew New Year’s day (1 Tishrei of the year  AM 11; Feast of Trumpets)

– Like on the formation creation’s day, Mercury was in a conjunction with the sun (albeit the exact conjunction was about two weeks earlier).

For Neptune, also the number that this planet revolved around the sun since August 19, -3750 until July 8, 2016 is relevant, because this number is exactly 35 = 5 × 7. Note that the inner 7 symbols of the 7-pointed star are 5-pointed. Jupiter revolves 6 × 9 × 9 times around the sun over the same time span. This is a remarkable number, and relates to the number 9 of the formation (difference of 82 and 73).

Note that we need an accurate astrology program (I used Astrolog with ephemeris-files) and MUST use the sidereal zodiac (relates to the true background of the constellations), because only the sidereal zodiac relates to the true orbital period of the planets over such a long time span. Moreover, the tropical zodiac was not in use before approximately the year 0.

The relationship with the Great Cycle of the Maya

The day August 19, -3750 (1 Tishrei AM 11) fell almost exactly 13 × 7 × 7 (= 637) years before the famous date 4 Ahau, 8 Cumku or August 11, -3113. This is one of the relationships that the number 7 of the formation exhibits.

The relationship with the very near future

The 155 squares of the formation have been divided in two circles of 82 and 73 squares. This suggests that at least there must be an additional relationship with one of the two numbers. It turns out that we find multiple relationships over a time span of 73 × 79 = 5767 years. The crop circle formation refers to August 19, -3750. Hence, it refers to the year 5767 – 3750 = 2017!

The basic principle of this relationship is based upon the fact that 79 years are a very close approximation of:

– 249 = 3 × 83 synodic cycles of Mercury

– 37 synodic cycles of Mars (during which Mars revolves 42 times around the sun, a multiple of 7)

These are close approximations, but over a time span of 5767 years there is a drift that can not be neglected. However, as 83 only differs 1 from the 82 squares of the outer rim and Mercury is in a conjunction with the sun on de formations creation date, the most important relationship is found with Mercury. Moreover, the relationship with Mercury is more accurate in comparison with the relationship with Mars. There is quadruple relationship with respect to the number 73, because the time span corresponds with:

– precise 73 × 3 × 83 synodic cycles of Mercury

– 73 × 79 years (rounded value)

– 73 × 37 synodic cycles of Mars (rounded value)

– almost precise 73 × 42 revolutions of Mars around the sun (and through the sidereal zodiac)

This means that we count precise 73 × 3 × 83 synodic cycles of Mercury from August 19, -3750 ahead in future. This reveals that this date is connected with midsummer 2017 (around June 21, conjunction sun-Mercury). Moreover, after research it turns out that June 21, 2017 falls exactly 13589 × 155 days after August 19, -3750. Thus, there is also a relationship with the number 155, when we count days. However, we can also find a relationship with June 19, 2017 (two days earlier), because this date falls exactly 179 × 41 × 41 weeks after August 19, -3750. The double 41 can be considered in relation to the number 82.

Hence, it is very well possible that the formation provides us with a very accurate but not exact relationship and the date of the formation may be the clue to find a still better connection. In this respect, it is a remarkable fact that when we count 7 × 7 weeks ahead in future, we find a connection with Friday, June 16, 2017. Note that, as a week is 7 days, there is a triple connection with the 7-pointed star.

There is also a remarkable relationship with the lunar month in the sense that 5776 sidereal years exactly correspond with 7 × 7 × 9 × 9 × 9 × 2 lunar months. As 5776 sidereal years are two lunar months longer as 5776 Hebrew years this refers to the Hebrew year AM 5777 (starting from AM 1).

The relationship with the Islam

The formation also exhibits a remarkable resemblance with the symbol of the Islam, although the symbol predates Islam by several thousand years. The 82 squares of the outer rim relate to precise 1394 = 17 × 82 years ago, or July 15 or 16, 622, the start of the year 1 AH. Next year it will be 1395 = 9 × 155 years ago that the Islam started. The number 155 is the total number of squares! June 20, will fall exactly 19 × 173 × 155 days after July 16, 622. This number relates to 155 and 73. Hence, the midsummer solstice of the year 2017 seems to be an important turning point. This relates to the meaning of the formation, the strong believe in good and evil on which man can decide.

The meaning of the formation

The formation connects an important starting point with an end. The year-counting of the Hebrew calendar relates to the Tanakh/the Bible. According to orthodox religious believe, the world was created in the year AM 1, 5775 years ago. Although this is a flaw, the fall of man that Genesis describes is correctly dated around 5770 years ago. This deals with the story of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge of good and evil and of the tree of life in the Garden of Eden.

Since that time, humankind lives with the illusion to be able to separate good and evil. The awareness that both have the same divine source and are the fruits of the same tree, disappeared. Therefore, mankind, the Homo sapiens as a human race, can not have eternal life. This is in my opinion the meaning of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. The formation suggests that by June 2017, we will face the final consequences of it, as the age that was the result of the fall of man, will end. It means that there will be no place on planet earth for the Homo sapiens that still believes in the separation of good and evil. Reconciliation with each other and the divine, as shown by Jesus, will inevitably be the mantra of the very near future.

Orientation of the formation

The following figure (thanks to Tom Keegan) shows the orientation of the formation; it relates to new moon on June 23-24, 2017 (the end of a lunar month):

This figure demonstrates that the “crescent moon” of the formation turns out to represent the movement of the sun and moon from approximately Northeast to approximately West-Northwest (relating to the moon).

The relationship with midsummer perfectly fits with Stonehenge, because the great trilithon, the encompassing horseshoe arrangement of the five central trilithons, the heel stone, and the embanked avenue, are aligned to the sunrise of the summer solstice (and the opposing sunset of the winter solstice).

Related formations

In my opinion, two additional formations also point to mid-June 2017, namely:

Chilcomb Down, nr Winchester, June 21: Reconnecting to the stars on June 15, 2017

Fulley Wood, nr Tichborne, June 24: Connecting to the galactic centre in two steps

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