Tarlton Down, Nr Cherlington, Gloucestershire. Reported 18th April

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Which symbolic features in the nearby landscape do those two “lunar crescent” crop pictures at Cherhill or Tarlton point toward? 

Both crop pictures at Cherhill on April 17 or Tarlton on April 18 show the same “lunar crescent” motif, and also show other related features, which seem to suggest the back-and-forth, rotary motion of a “pendulum” within a clock. Supposing that the crop artists are trying to tell us that “time is ticking, tick, tock” until some important event takes place on Earth, what kind of event might they be referring to?  

In order to address this question, we might usefully ask: which symbolic features in the nearby landscape do those two “lunar crescent” crop pictures at Cherhill or Tarlton point toward?

In the first case at Cherhill on April 17, its “lunar crescent” aligns with a “white horse” image in the landscape not far away, near the top of a nearby hill.  

In the second case at Tarlton on April 18, its “lunar crescent” aligns with a row of five trees to the lower right. Its “lunar crescent” also aligns with the figurative “head of a serpent” at upper left. On the far left, we can see a large “block arrow”, which suggests that a “serpent” is “coming down”.  

When we use Google Earth to study the landscape near Tarlton on a much broader scale (not shown), we can see a huge and unmistakable “X” shape in the landscape, approximately in the form of a “sand hourglass”, centred on latitude 51.688o N and longitude 2.095o W.  

The “block arrow” shown above points down, directly toward the centre of that “X” shape, seemingly as if to say: “X marks the spot”. The Tarlton crop picture was drawn at latitude 51.693o N and longitude 2.090o W, not far away. The Mayans built a whole pyramid long ago, to suggest that an E.T. “serpent” would come down to Earth in their distant future (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvv9EnBuem4).  

A pendulum within a clock has the same time-dependent geometry of motion, as our Moon in orbit along the solar ecliptic plane of the Earth 

The artistic analogy between a “lunar crescent” and a “pendulum” within a clock is not fanciful, but has a firm basis in physics and/or astronomy.  

Indeed, the time-dependent motion of a pendulum within a clock shows the same sinusoidal variation of geometry (left or right away from the centre), as does our Moon in orbit along the solar ecliptic of the Earth (above or below a “plane” of Declination):  


Thus their “lunar crescent” motif provides a natural and logical way of “counting time”, like for a “pendulum” swinging back-and-forth within a clock, until some important event takes place. Many human cultures on Earth use a “lunar calendar” to count time in months. The “white horse” is generally a symbol of “rescue”.



Red Moon and Yellow Human

 This formation has been found on 18th April 2017, but it probably has been made earlier and in my opinion it is dedicated to the Red Moon Wavespell, which according to the Mayan calendar continued from 2nd until 14th April 2017. This is the first wavespell of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment with major energy Yellow Human.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted the energies Red Moon and Yellow Human. They have following qualities:

Red Moon – Purify, Flow, Universal Water
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom


On the formation we see a lunar crescent, symbolizing the energy RED MOON.

On this image we can see, that the formation depicts also the face of a human – with two eyes and a wide open mouth. On this way is depicted the energy YELLOW HUMAN.

Many thanks to the authors of the formation and to the photographers of the MrGyro team!

Maya Todorova


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