Cerne Abbas Giant, Nr Minterne Magna, Dorset. Reported 22nd May 2017

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A new crop picture near the Cerne Abbas “Giant” on May 22, 2017 seems to show a schematic image of the “risen Christ”, who lies in opposition to the chalk hill-carving of a “tall man with a big club”, and offers us instead a “keyhole path” into the “kingdom of heaven” 

A new crop picture near the Cerne Abbas “Giant” has been very controversial in terms of its symbolic interpretation. Because it appeared in a field opposite to the chalk hill-carving of a “giant” who wields a “big club”, and shows a huge “penile erection” (see cerne-giant), some people have proposed that the new crop picture might be meant to show a “female sex organ”, into which this “giant” could place his large and ponderous erection.   

For people who think about “sex” all of the time, this might seem to be a good theory! They will probably wish to look no further into the detailed facts. Yet those of us with broader minds might wish to study this new field image in greater detail, before rushing to accept a superficial conclusion? As Aldous Huxley once wrote, “What we perceive depends upon the conceptual lattice through which it has been filtered.”  

There seems to be no doubt as to whether the Cerne Abbas crop picture of May 22 is “paranormally real”. An excellent drone video by Matthew Williams, as well as many excellent ground photographs by Steven Grant, reveal a great deal of complexity in its lay of fallen plants, and no trace whatsoever of “board damage” to the delicate, green barley plants from which it was made (see or cerne abbas groundshots).  

We even have a spectacular 360o view of the hillside location of this crop picture, prepared by Matthew Williams, which takes the breath away (see photos). We therefore have all of the information which is necessary to study this new crop picture and its surrounding landscape images in close detail, in order to open-mindedly try to understand, what those unseen crop artists are trying to tell us.  

The new crop picture shows a “Vesica Piscis” and a “mandorla”, both symbols often used in Christian religious art 

Right away we can see that the new crop picture may be trying to convey some kind of religious or spiritual meaning, because it includes a “Vesica Piscis” and a “mandorla”, both of which are often used in Christian religious art:  

A good interpretative video along those lines has been posted here (see  

A “light-ray surrounded” figure within its central “mandorla” might represent the “transfiguration” or “resurrection” of Christ  

By studying next the central “mandorla” of that Vesica Piscis, we can see a “light-ray surrounded” figure which is again seen commonly in Christian religious art.  

This particular “figure” shows 11 “light rays” on the left, plus another 11 “light rays” on the right, which seem to be emanating from a bright, round “spiritual core” at its very centre. There are 11 + 11 = 22 “light rays” in total, which match the date of May 22 when this crop picture appeared.  

That “light-ray surrounded” figure might represent the “transfiguration” of Christ, as it has been portrayed many times over the centuries in religious art:  

It might also represent the “resurrection” of Christ, again as portrayed many times over the centuries in religious art:  

A “keyhole path” by which to enter the “kingdom of heaven”  

Seen from another point of view, the central “figure” of this “mandorla”, which is surrounded by 22 “light rays”, also seems to resemble the shape of an “empty keyhole”:  

“Keys” and “keyholes” play a major symbolic role in Christian beliefs. Jesus once said to Simon Peter:  

“I will give you keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind (prevent) on Earth, will be bound (prevented) in heaven, while whatever you loose (allow) on Earth, will be loosed (allowed) in heaven.” Matthew 16:19.  

Jesus said that the “gate” or “keyhole” by which to enter the kingdom of heaven would be very narrow: 

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate, and broad is the way, which leads to destruction.” Matthew 7:13.  

Linda Howe recently revealed on her “Truth Hunter” series (see a new coded message which was sent to a military contactee “C.J.” in the U.S.A., apparently from friendly extra-terrestrials. When translated into English, this message mentions Christian “keys” and the current Pope (see slides 173 to 185 of wyong-speculations):  

“your creator is displeased, arrogant belief must allow all, 31 77745”  

“Bergoglio except, open and free keys”  

Those numbers “31 77745” represent the latitude North 31.77745o of Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where Jews and Christians are no longer allowed to worship. Our “creator” says that, unless Pope Bergoglio says otherwise, the “keys” to the kingdom of heaven will be “open and free” to all.  

A close similarity in style between this new crop picture at Cerne Abbas on May 22, 2017, and two other crop pictures at Castle Hill on June 6, 2016, or Oxleaze Copse on May 21, 2017 

This new crop picture at Cerne Abbas on May 22, 2017 resembles two other crop pictures which have been drawn previously. It resembles in general form (and also detailed lay) another diamond-shaped crop picture at Castle Hill on June 6, 2016 (as shown below at lower left):  


It also resembles, in a more subtle way, another crop picture which appeared just one day before at Oxleaze Copse on May 21, 2017 (as shown above at lower centre). When we superimpose those two crop pictures from May 21 or May 22 on one another, we see a nearly perfect match of their “light ray” motifs (as shown above on the right). There is essentially “zero chance” that human fakers could have studied carefully the crop picture from May 21, then make another similar copy far away on May 22, for lack of time.  

This new crop picture suggests an image of the “risen Christ”, who is “facing off” or in opposition to the chalk-drawn image of “tall man with a club”, on another hill nearby (the Cerne Abbas “Giant”) 

When we look carefully in the landscape to see where this new crop picture was drawn, we can see the chalk-drawn image of a “tall man with a club” on another hill not far away (the Cerne Abbas “Giant”):  

Our crop-drawn image of the “risen Christ” was drawn essentially in “opposition” to the chalk-drawn image of that “giant” on a nearby hill. The two images seem to be “facing off” one another.  

That chalk-drawn “giant” also shows a huge “penile erection”, which is why some people have said that the new crop picture might be a “female sexual organ”, ready to engage in a pagan fertility rite.  

Other images in the broad landscape nearby suggest two Christian themes of “the dead shall rise” or “the blind shall see”  

When we use Google Earth to study the landscape near this new crop picture on a broader scale (at latitude 50.818o N, longitude 2.480o W), we can see several other symbolic images which likewise suggest Christian themes.  

By studying the nearby landscape in one perspective, we can see the striking image of a “man lying down dead” (like Jesus in the tomb), while a “bird” looks down kindly at him. The crop picture was drawn just below the “dead person’s calves”, and suggests an act of upward spiritual motion or “resurrection”:  

Then when we study this same landscape from another perspective, we can see the equally-striking image of a “man with a blindfold” trying to “look up”. The crop picture was drawn again near that “man’s calves”, and suggests an act of “eye opening”:  

This crop picture with its Christian images and themes appeared on the same day May 22 as a terrible tragedy at Manchester Arena, where 22 young people were senselessly killed, by an Islamic suicide bomber who thought that he was “serving God”. The crop picture shows 22 “rays of light” as a strange coincidence.  

Many people on Earth today remain “blind”. If you wish to believe that this new crop picture was about “sex”, then you are welcome to do so. Yet if you wish to follow some higher, more spiritual path which may lead to “eye opening”, then you should be encouraged to do that also.  

This new crop picture was drawn near the Cerne Abbas “Giant”, but does not point toward it, although there would have been plenty of room in the same field to do so. What does it point to?

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Matthew Williams and Steven Grant for excellent aerial drone or ground photographs.



"The abbot's seal of the fifteenth century, pointed oval, with fine but imperfect impression, shows in three canopied niches full-length figures of the Virgin crowned, with the Child in her right hand, and a sceptre fleur-de-lis in her left hand, St. Catherine with crown, nimbus and wheel on the left, and St. Margaret with crown on the right standing on a dragon and piercing his head. " ( 'Houses of Benedictine monks: The abbey of Cerne', in A History of the County of Dorset: Volume 2, ed. William Page (London, 1908), pp. 53-58. British History Online [accessed 1 March 2018].)

Cerne Abbey was a Benedictine foundation, The seals of Benedictine foundations were always in a mandorla ('pointed oval') shape. This is the shape you get from the 2 overlapping circles of a vesica pisces, an ancient symbol which among other things symbolises the union of opposites. Mary or Jesus may appear in the mandorla to symbolise the life of a human living in perfect harmony and balance with the Divine.

I am intrigued that the abbey seal of Cerne Abbey contained three female saints. The Benedictines were well-known for dedicating abbeys to Mary. In former times there was a St Catherine's chapel at the top of Black Hill, to the south of Giant Hill, and there is still a stone with her symbol (an eight spoked wheel - also a significant symbol for Pagans) by the Holy Well at the south of Giant Hill. St Margaret is associated with many churches along 'ley lines', which are lines connecting sacred places. Both St Margaret and St George are depicted with their lance in the head of a dragon. This is often interpreted as the dragon being slain. However, some earth energy researchers interpret it as humans which are connecting to and harnessing the earth energies underlying ley lines.

I live in Cerne Abbas, and people often remark what a healing place it is. Many who come as tourists are more focused on the obvious male virility of the Giant, but they often comment on the kindness they encounter there. It's tantalising to think that the feminine energy so clearly picked up by whoever designed the abbey's seal all those centuries ago is still present in the valley as a nurturing force.

J. Still

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