Cerne Abbas Giant, Nr Minterne Magna, Dorset. Reported 22nd May 2017

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“You create hill images of a fertility giant. Why do you not make images of the risen Christ?” 

This is called a “mandorla” in the Christian religion, as the central part of any Vesica Piscis.  

Its inner part shows a circle of “bright light”, which is the source of 2 x 12 “light rays” emerging to either side.  

Red Collie



I am very surprised that no-one in the comments section has given any reference to the sexual interpretation of this crop circle.  I did find Red Collie's interpretation to be very interesting and relevant. However, To see it purely from the Christian perspective as Red Colllie has done is to only see half of the meaning. Keeping in mind also that the circle makers are not of the Christian faith and didn't intend this circle to be interpreted purely from the Christian perspective.To see it as complimentary to the the Cerne Abbas Giant is of course incorrect - he was right about that. However, it does have a connection to the hill figure. The Giant represents the obsolete patriarchal form of sexuality. And although few people would claim to take that seriously, it still dominates our society. The misuse and corruption of sexual energy is still prevalent - through movies which still portray sex alongside violence, and the wars, in which male sexual energy is  re-channelled in its corrupted form as violence. This last point is illustrated clearly by the Giant This crop circle is saying that sex without a higher spiritual agenda is not acceptable. The Vesica Pisces in this crop circle represents the Divine Feminine energy which is now flowing through our planet. The central figure is from one view a abstract design of the female sex, but if you reverse it it becomes the stylized image of a male sexual organ. The circle makers are referring to  sex in its highest form: the Divine Marriage or Twin Flame Union. This is the union of the human with his/her Soul or God-self, and the acknowledgement of sexual energy as a sacred and divine life-force. Whether through intentional meditation, or through heart-centred Soul connected union. This is the new agenda and blueprint for Human sexuality.

Loredana Linden (website )

At the end of the current Tzolkin Module

Crop circle at Cerne Abbas Giant, Nr Minterne Magna, Dorset. Reported 22nd May 2017

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 22 May 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal “Blue Storm” and with Tone 12, this is Kin 259 in the Central Green Castle of Enchantment, in the Year of the Blue Spectral Storm with Tone 11 (26th July 2016 - 25 July 2017).In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Human
Blue Storm
Red Moon - the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Human and Challenging energy of the Blue Storm
White Wind - the Challenging energy of the Yellow Human and Occult Teacher of the Blue Storm
Yellow Sun - the Supporting energy of the Blue Storm
Yellow Seed

On the formation we see 2 big bright Lunar crescents, symbolizing the energy RED MOON. The number 2 symbolizes the energy WHITE WIND - Solar Seal No. 2.
In the centre of the formation is depicted the figure of a human, with head and body. This human figure symbolizes the energy


The body looks like a crystal. In the Blue Spectral Storm Year we receive the Blue energy of Transformation, which transforms our cells in crystalline ones, which can retain more light. On this way our Crystal Light Body is built.

The body of the Human radiates light rays like a Sun ;-). The Sun rays symbolize the energy Yellow Sun. The formation appears on the day with Kin 259 and the next day - 23
rd May is a day with Kin 260 - this is the last day of the current Tzolkin Module. Kin 260 is a day with the Solar Seal YELLOW SUN and with Tone 13 - Yellow Cosmic Sun: this is the last stage of the development of the Human Consciousness in the 4th dimension.

Between the “Sun rays” there are 12 dark pieces on the left side of the human body and 12 dark pieces on it’s right side, or these are 24 pieces in total. 

The number 12 symbolizes again the energy YELLOW HUMAN - Solar Seal No. 12.
The number 24 symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED. Kin 24 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed.

On 24
th May 2017 begins the new Tzolkin Module. It starts with the Red Castle of Birth with major energy Yellow Seed. We then begin a new Learning Module Tzolkin as new Yellow Seeds, which should become mature Yellow Humans at the end of the Tzolkin Module.

Gratitude to the authors of this amazing formation and to the photographers from !!

Maya Todorova

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The nucleus of Comet B separates into two parts as it approaches the Sun, and has been represented by a vesica piscis (GBR (07/04/22) pg. 40 and NOR 07/06/27, pg. 51 of my free ebook, for example). The  central part of this crop circle shows a missile targeting the comet with the head or payload at the top and the engine faintly indicated by the circle in the middle. At the bottom is the rocket exhaust which generates  the bright light rays surrounding the missile. At the distance  suggested by the crop circle, all that would be  seen is the missile exhaust, explaining why the light rays cover  the entire missile. This missile may be large enough to possess several stages at liftoff and here we see only the final stage. Other crop circles indicate  the missile will not be successful.

If the central  figure were a human, a connecting line at the bottom would exist to suggest the presence of feet. However, the figure might simply be an apparition or ghost, where the feet aren't present. In this case, it would suggest a religious allusion such as the fulfilment of the Miracle of Fatima, or the "ball of redemption" of the  mystic Veronica Lueken, both of which are discussed in my free ebook - it can be downloaded at

Ken Heck 

The Vesica Piscis Crop Formation of the 22nd May 2017.

Nr. The Cerne Abbas Giant Chalk Figure. Dorset.

This month is the 0ne hundredth Anniversary of a very famous incident which began in May 1917 when three Shepherd Children living near Fatima in Portugal claimed to have seen apparitions of an Angel they described as the “Lady of Fatima” surrounded by radiant light.  They said that the Lady had promised to reappear to them on the thirteenth of each coming month until October 13th of that year when she would reveal her identity and perform a miracle so that all would believe. The children were taken into custody initially but the prophecy duly occurred as predicted on the following 13th of October, and it was later estimated that 30,000 to 40,000 people gathered to witness it.  Among the witnesses were many respected authorities who subsequently described extraordinary Solar Activity, spectacular light and colour effects and the sun appearing to dance and zig-zag across the sky.  The event was officially accepted as a miracle by the Catholic Church on the 13th of October 1930.    The three children were isolated by the church authorities for most of the rest of their lives and were not allowed to be interviewed for fear of possible political consequences to the Catholic Church. 

For comprehensive information about these 1917 (war time) events, Google Search ‘The Fatima Incident’. In particular read the exhaustive Wikipedia article “Miracle of the Sun”. and its massive list of References and Bibliography. 

I personally think that the Cerne Vesica Piscis appearance in this month this year, could well be alluding to the 1917 event by the E.T. intelligence involved in creating it originally. The religious references became attached to it inevitably due to the prevailing culture In Portugal at the time.

It may not have been intended to be of any human religious significance whatsoever.  The quoted descriptions of various movements of the sun image could be descriptions of some UFO maneuvers variously reported in post world war two reports from around the world. The ‘falling leaf’ side slipping motions witnessed are similar to some modern observations. The whole thing may have been just another of the incidents staged by E.T. to introduce themselves to humanity, a process still ongoing.  Though of course, I may be totally mistaken.?  

JS.  25th May 2017.


The Decoding is exact.

Crop Circle Date And Place Code

On Monday the twenty second of May two thousand and seventeen at Cerne Abbas Giant, Near Minterne Magna Dorset.

Its Decoded Message

Madonna sent Armageddon announcement to her Fatima devotees. “Be ready, contest as that new tyranny now begins!”

Love to you all From Helen

Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


The first pictogram (with coded message) appeared from 22 to 23 May 1990. CERNE ABBAS GIANT crop circle appeared on 22 May 2017, exactly 27 years later, as I suggested in CC Oliver's Castle's interpretation on 24 April 2017. And the VESICA PISCIS of Cerne Abbas Giant has clearly shown, for all the world to see, a kind of divine gestation which means Resurrection and Rebirth. And on the side of the central image, 11 and 11 rays emitted ... like Pictogram 11-11 of 1990, exactly 27 years ago. Certainly the crop circle messages have sown a new consciousness in mankind, and now these seeds have become fruit and are ready for harvest. There are mysterious trumpets sounding in the next eclipse, and their meaning is contained in the Arcanum 20. Whoever has eyes, let him see! Because what was generated in the Womb of the Virgo Goddess is about to be born!  Virgo, Ceres, land, plantations, cereals ... crops circles! Jupiter, Venus, aligned and united in Regulus, 2015, Star of Bethlehem. And the Son arrives in September 2017. Jupiter and Venus, two columns of solar eclipse. The cycle has closed, and with it follows the harvest!'


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After a five years voyage, using Magdalene’s Mound as Our Dear Sail and Watch Tower, and year by year consistently inviting the ulterior crop circle Creators to project our services in the fields of the South of England, one first direct manifestation of a marvellous genuine formation together with another subsequent „gift“ have become evident and will be testified soon by all participants in our ritual feast called ‚The Succession of The Atlantidic Grail Communion‘ on sunset, 20 May 2017 AD. 

Documentation (GooglePDF) and testimonies to come soon at

It’s not a joke, not a planned hoax and, this time, no geometrical refinement. It is about our risen ancestry, coming across+ our own future. It needs to be facile. It bears true love and caring dedication that glints from both sides of the veil. Because there is no extra Terra! When you’re in the Field. 

„Almond self-enclosed, and growing sweet (...)“ - Rilke 

World without End


Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


Many pictograms from the 1990 season and later were considered stylized models of ancient rupestrian goddesses of Brittany, venusian archetypes of the Great Mother.

The return of the crop circle of Cerne Abbas Giant with the same theme (the Goddess, conception) on the same day as the first pictogram of 1990 (22/23 May) is the conducting wire of the theory that speaks of a great cycle of crop circle messages fulfilled in 2017 (27 years), reason for further revelations ahead. Something as if the phenomenon were about to end ... and start over again within a new standart... who knows, more direct and less enigmatic. And finally we will know who they are ... and what they want ...
Do you know the prophecy of Virgil poet about the return of the New Golden Age in the Womb of the Virgin Goddess Ceres, the Mother of the Earth?'

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary speak of the crop circle in Dorset, England, 2017

Channeled by Marcia McMahon 

(Taylorville, IL, USA)


Marys: My beloveds: I have stepped forth today to recognize the sacred feminine enveloped in the Vesica Pisces image located near Wiltshire, England, in May of 2017. That is my symbol and my image embedded in sacred geometry. As you look, you will notice there is a pregnant woman encased in a pod shape with rays of light radiating out in each direction.


It's also encased in the Vesica Pisces symbol of the fish, and that is the name for one of the gospels: the Vesica Pisces.


You will also observe two very perfect orbs coming together, and those also stand for the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine about to emerge in the solstice celebration as well as an eclipse.

Observe the light at the center of the forehead which serves as a reminder of my illumination, and observe the Holy Child within the womb center of the birth of Christ and the Christ consciousness. It is no accident that this crop circle came in 2017 with a further grounding of the energies of the Sacred Feminine, and it symbolizes both Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene as holders of the sacred flame where we once lived in Glastonbury, England or Angel land at as it once was called. Many of you will be exploring this very famous area known as sacred Avalon, and connecting your hearts to the sacred energies that are still existing today. 


Marcia: Thank you, Mary, for explaining the symbolism.  Would you mind detail how crop circles are made and who is responsible for making them? 


Mary: The crop circles are made by the collective energies of the Ra group, and also by the Galactic Federation as they can form their Collective Consciousness into a vortex of energy that runs through the fields, and they are tuned to the sacred geometry of the universe. We will continue to visit this area with many more symbols to be deciphered, and we bless you this day and remind you of the need for the sacred masculine to balance the sacred feminine in every sacred and holy relationship, and to ground into the Earth with frequent visits in nature. For this is a very turbulent time, and we need each lightworker connected to their sacred Heart and the Heart of the Mother the Earth.


So, why we ground these energies today let us remember what has come before, and also rejoice at what is to come, for the two orbs also symbolize the old Earth and the new Earth being formed in the womb of the mother.  And so, it is, and so I bless you for listening today. I am Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.

I've been trying for weeks to whittle down a comment for what I've come to call the Cerne Abbas Goddess. One revelation has led to another, and another, and another....but I can't go into all of that here.  Let me focus on the big message.

This one really stirred me up because MARY has had a HUGE PRESENCE in my life for the first half of 2017.  So my first thought upon seeing the formation was MARY!   Very reminiscent of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but then, it's more expansive than that.  Of course the sexual imagery is impossible to miss, and the need for balance between the sexes and healing of the planet.  There's the multiple resonances of the vesica piscis, and the cupping of a keyhole with shining rays from a singular, central source - very "waveguide-y" I must say, as in the waveguide in the centre of the brain. 

This hearkens back to 2014's crop circles, specifically the Charlton and the Ammersee circles, which, through "conversational synchronicities," communicated that the pineal is the the conductor of both mundane and other dimensional reality.  That message continues with the Cerne Abbas Goddess and a message from Jesus himself about how to achieve interdimensional contact....

I'll explain that momentarily, but first, here's one of the synchronicities in a small cluster that I call THE MARY SYNCHRONICITIES that led me to read the Gospel of Mary on 12 January 2017, which is where the revelation in question occurs. I'd not read it nor give Mary Magdalene much thought at all before, but my curiosity had just been piqued the day before when I saw a brief mention of Mary in Chris D Hardy's insightful explication of the Sumerian histories, DNA of the Gods (quite highly recommended!).  I was in writing mode the next morning, the morning of the 12th, when out of the blue I googled "saute" which took me to the Merriam Webster website, where, thinking of my 4 yr old grandson, I laughed and clicked on the headline "7 Cute Words for Curmudgeons." The short article gave charming examples of old and new usages of terms like grouch and fussbudget.  For some reason, I was particularly impressed by the following quote:

Engert was enacting for me, in miniature, one of his favourite public personam: the rake in a comedy of manners, the charmer whose bad behavior is so finally harmless that only his accusers look foolish in the end. The stories he likes to tell about himself all involve narrow escapes from one variety or another of fussbudget or prude.
— Ariel Sabar, Smithsonian Magazine, July/August 2015

Having never heard the author's name but enthusiastic to learn more about her or him, I immediately looked up Ariel Sabar on YouTube - and there he was, along with the video "Ancient Papyrus Suggests Thought that Jesus was Married."  It's Mary again - delivered by an angel, no less!  This is just like the Other Intelligence, this trickster of crop circle consciousness or what-have-you that's been driving the conversation all along.  But back to Mary and the 12th of January.  As the day progressed, other synchs like this kept tapping me on the shoulder until I finally caved in and opened up the Gospel of Mary online, and that's when the meaning of the synchs was made perfectly clear. 

If you haven't already, may I recommend that you read the Gospel of Mary next time you have two minutes - it's that quick.  Much of Mary is pertinent to this conversation (including, quite intriguingly, Chapter 4 verses 30 and 31, if you'd like to consider it for yourself - but we're not going there in this brief comment), but what jumped out at me on first reading is how the Gospel of Mary confirms the revelations about the pineal waveguide transceiver that dominated the conversation in 2014.

Now it's important to remember that Mary Magdalene was Jesus' close disciple and the first to encounter the resurrected Jesus after his crucifixion.  To set the scene for the following excerpt:  Coming face to face with Jesus after his death, Mary apparently has the presence of mind to ask him how such an encounter could occur at all.  (This sure sounds like an interdimensional encounter to me - much like the one in which "Our Lady" revealed herself as mother goddess to Juan Diego in 1531 and the one in which Inanna or someone very closely related to her spoke to me.)  And in the language of the day, Jesus reveals to Mary the KEY to interdimensional communication.  His explanation as relayed in the Gospel of Mary is in alignment with 2014's WAVEGUIDE messages - which is perhaps how his words would be translated today!  

In Chapter 5, Mary shares this secret knowledge with the other disciples:

8) ...I saw the Lord in a vision and I said to Him, Lord I saw you today in a vision. He answered and said to me,

9) Blessed are you that you did not waver at the sight of Me. For where the mind is there is the treasure.

10) I said to Him, Lord, how does he who sees the vision see it, through the soul or through the spirit?

11) The Savior answered and said, He does not see through the soul nor through the spirit, but the mind that is between the two, that is what sees the vision...  (italics mine)

I can't help but say "Thank You, Jesus!" and I'm not even religious!

(If you're interested, what the circles of 2014 said about the WAVEGUIDE can be read about in the JULY 2014 archives of Inter-Intelligence Communications at the link below.  Though not all-encompassing, the archives contain a number of other interrelated synchs that have accompanied the conversation from 1995 to present.)

Stace Tussel



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike