Monarch's Way, Nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire. Reported 7th August.

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A new crop picture near Wootten Wawen on August 8 refers to an upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, which people in southern England will see at sunset, and it also suggests that the events associated with this eclipse may somehow be an act of “fertilization”, beneficial to humans on Earth  

A new crop picture near Wootten Wawen on August 8, 2017 seems to refer metaphorically to a total solar eclipse, which will be seen and photographed by millions of people across the continental USA from 9 AM (on the west coast) to 4 PM (on the east coast) on August 21, 2007 (see /Solar_eclipse_of_August_21,_2017). That solar eclipse may also be seen partially from high viewing locations in southern England, on the same day around sunset or 1840 to 1905 UTC. 

The large, central part of this English crop picture shows a complex, detailed image of the “setting Sun”. such as might be seen for example on the national flag of Japan: 

When we count carefully, we can find 17 broad “rays of light” in total. Those 17 “rays” might be meant to suggest in number a current year of 20-17, when this particular solar eclipse will take place.  

Interestingly enough, those 17 “rays of light” seem to have been subtly divided by the crop artists into two separate parts of 12 or 5 respectively, when they are studied closely in a clockwise sense. The first 12 “rays” on the left (counting clockwise until just after a double tramline) may refer to 12 years 2001-2012, as the final years of an old Mayan calendar. The last or 12th of those “broad rays” has a distinct, triangular “wedge” shape.  

Counting further clockwise past the double tramline, we can see 5 more “rays of light” on the right, which have been drawn at a slightly different angle relative to the first 12. These may perhaps refer to 5 years 2013-2017 in the new Mayan calendar, of which 2017 is the current or fifth year.  

An enlarged view of this complex region is shown in the next slide below, for those readers who wish to study this intriguing crop picture more closely for themselves. Once again, the 12th “ray” of the first set, which may be seen at upper right when counting clockwise from below, has a distinct triangular “wedge” shape. Please note also that the first 1st and last 17th “rays” are rather small relative to the others.  

This crop picture also resembles a famous “Quetzalcoatl Headdress” crop picture from July 5, 2009, the image of which has been inset within the slide below (at upper right): 


Perhaps the legendary Quetzalcoatl (or Kukulkan) will return soon to Earth? 

When we study this new crop picture in a broader sense, we can see 13 “small circles” which have been drawn between a large tree on the left, and the left-hand side (or top) of a “setting Sun”:  

The overall appearance of those 13 “small circles” on the left, plus a large round shape for the “setting Sun” on the right, would seem to suggest metaphorically an act of sperm-egg “fertilization”, which may somehow accompany this solar eclipse on August 21, in a way which we do not currently understand.  

When studied in close detail, that “wavy line” of small circles might have several possible interpretations. First and most obviously, those 13 “small circles” may be meant to represent “13 days”. from when the new crop picture appeared on August 8, until a partial solar eclipse at sunset in southern England on August 21. Two other slides, posted in Comments for this crop picture, explain how our Moon will move across Earth’s night sky from “full” to “new” during those 13 days, so as to create a solar eclipse on August 21.  

Interestingly enough, the first 8 of those small circles are “very small”, while the next 5 are only “moderately small”. Such subtle differences of size might be meant to suggest a date of “August 8” when the crop picture appeared.  

Such differences of size might also be meant to suggest a Mayan calendar date of for August 21, 2017, when the total (or partial) solar eclipse will take place. Eight small circles would represent in this context two digits of “4” and “4”, while the total number of thirteen would represent a central digit of “13”. 

In an even broader landscape sense, this crop picture forms the shape of an isosceles triangle with two nearby trees, only one of which has been shown in the slide above. Such landscape symbolisms will be presented in greater detail, further below on this page.  

In summary, this new crop picture near Wootten Wawen on August 8 seems to refer to an upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, which may be seen partly at sunset (from high locations) in southern England. It also suggests that the date of that solar eclipse will somehow represent an act of beneficial “fertilization” for humans on Earth. Very good if true!  

Many crop pictures from the summer of 2017 have suggested metaphorically that friendly extra-terrestrials will bring a “Seed of Life” soon to humans on Earth, so that we can prosper and grow; or else will bring a “Flower of Life” that will grow and get bigger. That may be exactly what our troubled world needs at present.  

The “isosceles triangle” and a third important landscape element of “serpent looking down at a wormhole” (not shown here) 

This crop picture forms an “isosceles triangle” with two nearby large trees at latitude 52.270o N, longitude 1.761o W, as may be seen in some aerial drone photographs taken by Matthew Williams. The apparent purpose of the crop artist, when drawing a pointed isosceles triangle in that particular location, was to bring our attention to a third important landscape element of “serpent (and a worm) looking down at a square wormhole” some distance away, at latitude 52.263o N, longitude 1.751o W as may be seen on Google Earth. The “square wormhole” is located at latitude 52.271o N, longitude 1.754o W, 

The landscape near this new crop picture thus shows: (1) a “flying aviator bird” from the Pleiades M45, (2) a “flying bird with a worm in its mouth”, who seems to be looking down at a “square wormhole”, and (3) a “serpent” and “worm” and “man’s face”, who are looking down at the same “wormhole” from another direction.  

The crop picture as drawn shows three overlapping symbolisms for: (1) a “star trail” in the Pleiades M45 near its star Alcyone, (2) sky motion of a full Moon on August 8, down to an eclipse at the setting Sun 13 days later on August 21, and (3) a modified version of the “Quetzalcoatl Headdress” crop picture from July of 2009, this time with 12 “rays of light” on one side and 5 “rays of light” on the other side, so to as suggest a year “17” (or 2017) which has been made from 12 years (2001-2012) of the old Mayan calendar, plus 5 years (2013-2017) of a new Mayan calendar.  

That solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 will also take place on a Mayan calendar date of, where the last two digits for month and day”as “13 and 4” add up to “17”. Truly a lot of smoke for no fire!

An “isosceles triangle” shape as formed by the new crop picture and two large trees near Wootten Wawen on August 8, 2017: where does it point in the landscape nearby, and what might it mean?  

A new crop picture near Wootten Wawen was drawn in the field, so that it creates an “isosceles triangle” with two large trees nearby: 

The apparent purpose of those unseen crop artists, when drawing such a “triangle”, was to bring our attention to two large “worm” or “serpent” shapes in the landscape some distance above. Please see a white, vertical dashed line on the right in a slide below:  

That “worm” and “serpent” likewise seem to be looking down on a “square wormhole” shape at lower left. Please see a white, slanted dashed line on the left in the slide above.  

Other landscape slides for this crop picture (posted near the top of this page) show a “bird with a worm in its mouth” who is looking down at the same “square wormhole”. Both landscape images seem metaphorical, and might be meant to suggest that a “bird-serpent” is now looking at a “wormhole exit” on his way to Earth.

Viewed from another perspective, this crop picture and its associated “isosceles triangle” point in the landscape toward an ancient symbol from Sumeria for the healing god “Ningishzidda” (son of Enki), also known as the bird god “Thoth” in Egypt, or “Quetzalcoatl” in central America 

His ancient symbol is also the basis for our modern “caduceus” symbol of modern commerce or medicine.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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