Monarch's Way, Nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire. Reported 7th August.

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Solar eclipse at sunset in southern England on August 21?

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Willibald Limbrunner


A Crop Circle and Metaphysics; End of Chapter?

Some observer (Red Collie?) has already submitted a quick comment and graphic comparing it to the sun setting over Warwickshire on 8/21, the date of the upcoming solar eclipse.  And the graphic, for what it’s worth, seems to evoke a Japanese theme with its silhouetted tree, flying birds and pagodas.  Evidently, the commenter noted the crop circle’s streaming rays and they reminded him of Japan’s battle flags (the current Naval Ensign, and the historical Imperial War Flag), though he does not expressly say so.

Naval Ensign

Imperial War Flag

What to make of it?!  Perhaps, I’m being hasty, but two immediate thoughts come to mind:

1.    In Japan“Land of the Rising Sun”—the crimson orb and sixteen rays are associated with sunrise, vice sunset, undoubtedly because each day begins with the sun appearing to rise up out of the sea, spreading its beneficent illumination over the island-nation ahead of ancient continental antagonists, which lie farther west—Nippon first!

2.       There is a trail of thirteen bubble-like shapes that appear to link the crop circle to a magnificent ancient tree—the Tree of Life?—standing grandly in the midst of the field (NB: the bubbles do not link the disk to an equally grand, but evidently dead tree standing off to the right); and make no mistake, thirteen is a mystical number, but whether standing for good or ill depends upon one’s point of view.  he-mystical-number-13 

Equally obvious, but nonetheless difficult to interpret, is an apparent lick of flame flaring from the presumed solar disk; do the bubbles emanate from the flame and move off in the direction of “life,” or does the sun, like some great balloon, rise up and away from the source of life?!  Put another way, does life on Earth emanate from Sol, the benefactor of us all, or is there a mystical consciousness from which even Sol’s life-giving energy arises?  In that regard, it would be interesting to know whether the circle-makers are devotees of a particular metaphysical school; quantum-idealism, say, as opposed to materialism/realism, whose long-running chapter may well end on Monday, 21 August? 

John DelCampo

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

From our beautiful visions and dreams grows an amazing new reality!

Crop circle from 7 August 2017 at Monarch's Way, nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 7 August 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal “Yellow Warrior” and with Tone 11, in the White Castle with major energy “Yellow Warrior”, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year (26 July 2017 - 24 July 2018).

In my opinion, on the formation are featured following energies:

Yellow Seed
Blue Eagle - the Supporting energy of the Yellow Seed
Yellow Warrior - the Guiding energy of the Yellow Crystal Seed

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed - Awareness, Targets, Flowering
Blue Eagle - Creativity, Vision, Mind
Yellow Warrior - Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness

The crop circle resembles an Eye and symbolizes the energy BLUE EAGLE - the Energy of Vision. Through our Visions and Visualizations we create, we “weave” our new reality!
The Mayan calendar Tzolkin is known as “weaving loom” and using the energy tools, which it offers us, we become weavers of the desired new reality.

On the formation, the “woven iris” round the “pupil” of the Eye resembles also an eagle feather headdress, on this way pointing to the energy Blue Eagle and to the energy YELLOW WARRIOR.

The current Yellow Crystal Seed Year has following main energies:
Yellow Seed with Tone 12 - the major energy
Blue Eagle with Tone 12 - Supporting energy
Yellow Warrior with Tone 12 - Guiding energy
White Wizard with Tone 12 - Challenging energy
Red Earth with Tone 2 - Occult Teacher

From these 5 energies, 3 are “Portal” energies, i.e. Galactic Activation Portals (green squares in Tzolkin):

Yellow Seed with Tone 12, Kin 64,
Blue Eagle with Tone 12, Kin 155 and
Red Earth with Tone 2, Kin 197

Herein the Supporting energy Blue Eagle with Tone 12, Kin 155 is a Portal Kin of the highest level! This enhances manyfold the impact of our Visualizations! May we use this wonderful possibility and visualize all these amazing things which we want to be manifested in our life! May we fly on the wings of our Dreams!

This is also one of our tasks as Yellow Warriors - to explore the surrounding reality, to discover what is outdated and useless and to replace it with something new and better, what we dream of. The Universe helps us to realize our Dreams, when we insistently think of them - on this way we direct, we organize the cosmic energies in the desired direction.

The Blue Eagle teaches us, that our Visions, ideas and thought-forms are like Seeds, which we plant in the space, which is full of infinite potentials for development. These Seeds gradually germinate and from them grow big Trees, which give fruits. This process is shown on the formation so impressive! 

The Blue Eagle remind us, that we are the Planetary Visionaries! May we in the Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed think more often about our Dreams, may we visualize a harmonic and beautiful new reality, Peace on Earth, Well-Being and Prosperity for the whole humanity!

The energy Blue Eagle is most active in the first 3 months of the year: from 26 July to 26 October 2017. May we use this time to plant magical new Visions-Seeds! From them shall grow amazing trees and at the end of the year we can reap wonderful fruits!

Deepest gratitude to the authors of this marvelous formation and to the photographers of!!

Maya Todorova


There is one Truth that encompasses all things.  That is the Great Divine, The Sun!

The Highest Consciousness is a metaphor for the Sun. All Mythologies, Religions, their Divines, and Wisdom is the Sun. Sun is at the Top of the Pyramid it is the uppermost of the three.  It is the material, mental, and spiritual.   It is the Great EYE, The Awakening of the all.

Alchemy and the Sun is the Visible and Invisible.
As said in the Bible: God:  Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Sun, Moon, Earth
Fire, Air, Water
Spirit, Soul, Body
Solomon (SOL-OM-ON) The Supreme Light.
The Three Lights: Stellar Fire, Solar Fire, Lunar Fire.
The Center of Energy, The Hidden Wisdom, The Heart of All Things.

The Alchemical Sun is Gold, the Sun Body, The Crystallized Sun Light.
Gold is the Spirit, Sulfur, and Fire.

It Symbolizes The Fiery Energy and the Highest Attained Light in Spirit.

When we reach an Alchemical State we also rise like the Lion
We becomes Suns ourselves when we reach our Divinity.
Spiritual Alchemy is using the Universe and Sun.
We reach with thought and Emotions Bringing all that is into our Lives.
Now why are Crop Circles Just Symbols?  Why now?  Why do they appear? Mystery... No the Answer is already inside of you!


The numerous geometrical irregularities of this crop circle are disappointing, but this doesn't mean it can't contain information predictive in nature, regardless who created it. We all do the best we can with what  we are given.

The large ring represents the day side of Earth. A comet is approaching Earth and growing larger day by day as it comes closer until it finally hits the atmosphere. This is the Warning Comet - it will not strike the planet but its major fragment will impact in the Atlantic Ocean, and minor fragments will be involved. The slew of Youtube  prophecies about impacts in the Atlantic and Caribbean would refer to these fragments. The Warning Comet will scrape through the atmosphere travelling from northwest to southeast. It is warning of the Sun Comet and Comet B.

At that time, the Sun Comet will be near the Earth's orbit. The crop circle shows the comet inside the Earth's ring at a great distance from the planet such that their two sizes are almost the same. It may take about 3 or 4 months to strike the Sun, depending on its average velocity. The thick ring inside the Sun Comet is a standard depiction for the Sun.  The central point is the impact point. The rays indicate the generation of mass coronal ejection of unprecedented magnitude which will envelop the Earth. Astronomers might object that a small comet can't cause major effects on the Sun, but prophecies say the event will have a supernatural component to it. Further discussion of these two comets is found on page 188 of my free ebook  at

Ken Heck


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Hi Everyone!

(The decoding is exact)

The Formation that looks like an eye with tears falling down is then encircling a tree that has life.

On the Articles page Mr Red Collie also points out that the second tree that is without life is also important, as he has drawn an isosceles triangle, which then connects both these trees to this formation.

I for one choose the “Tree Of Life”.

Crop Formation Place And Date Code

On Monday the seventh of August two thousand and seventeen at Monarch’s Way, Near Wootton Wawen Warwickshire.

Its Decoded Message

Men who now want wars and to cause tyranny can’t see the wood for the trees, thus veto, avoid human’s now awakening.

All my love to you all  From Helen

Artwork WJ



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike