Space Science Centre, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 25th May.

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Crop Formation Nr. The Space Science Centre. Nr. Winchester Hants May 25th 2017

Anyone familiar with my research Article “Crop Circles and The Prevalence of Polygons” which was published in the ‘Connector Research’ pages in November 2015 would probably spot at a glance that the proportional relationships of the multi-bands suggest that this formation has a hidden polygon structure.

This is indeed the case and one needs only to look at the immediate illustration The Catherine Wheel , Alfriston 1995.,  below the heading of the said research article to note that the image of the multi-bands is identical in both cases.

The same design principle has been used to define the relative dimensions of the bands to each other.  As with the Catherine Wheel the hidden polygon structure is a series of cascading squares capable of infinite extension or contraction without regard to the actual physical dimensions.  

Photograph of the Formation with overlay of the underlying polygon structure.


 The Catherine Wheel at Alfriston 1995. for Comparison



Please see the above mentioned research article : “ Crop Circles and The Prevalence of Polygons” for the geometrical analysis of the construction methods for this and other polygons used in historical multi-banded crop circles through the years from 1960 onwards.  Note: The basic circular formations can often be embellished with decorative and additional features as in these two examples. These embellishments may or may not be of significance to the overall message intended. 

Incidentally and finally I want to express my appreciation of the very accurate, directly overhead photograph of the Space Science Centre formation provided by the Connector.

These kinds of aerial shots are exactly what are needed by serious researchers of the phenomenon.  Unfortunately most of the current Drone photos seem unable to produce such accuracy  and are useless for precise measurement, though OK for general landscape views.

Jack Sullivan



Certain “square” patterns on the roof of Winchester Science Centre resemble a crop picture from Sparticles Wood on August 3, 2016. These patterns appear again in a new crop picture near Winchester Science Centre on May 25, 2017, except in circular form, so as to match in geometry a “round” Planetarium which lies just above  

The roof of Winchester Science Centre, as seen from above, resembles a crop picture which appeared near Sparticles Wood on August 3, 2016 (see Sparticles Wood 2016). This may explain why some unseen crop artists drew a new picture near Winchester Science Centre on May 25, 2016 in the same style of Sparticles Wood, except more closely resembling a “round” Planetarium which is located just above that “square” Science Centre:  

Both crop pictures from August 3, 2016 at Sparticles Wood, or from May 25, 2017 near Winchester Science Centre, may be studied together or in overlapped form in the slide below:  

These interesting observations are certainly useful, but still do not explain why the crop artists drew “four small circles” along the outer ring of their new “round” crop picture on May 25, 2017?  

Perhaps because they wished to note “four new Moons”, from the date of May 25 until a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, which many people will be watching at that Planetarium nearby? A similar motif was drawn near Milk Hill on the same date (see Whitehorse Article):  

Or perhaps because they wished to note a new exhibit on electricity and magnetism in the Science Centre, by suggesting a schematic image of Tesla’s “AC induction motor” (see  Space science centre articles)? In either case, this crop picture is now relatively well-understood.  

Red Collie (Dr, Horace R. Drew)

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Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide and his covering text -


The crop circle of the Space Science Center suggests that the image relates a PLANETARY model (because the Space Science Center is also a Planetarium) and suggests simultaneously an analogy with the LHC / CERN, and the crop circle shows particles being accelerated in alternating magnetic fields ( +/-) in alternating light / dark colors in the spirals of the great eight-layer Circle to the center, yet, is also the image of the celestial Planetarium, the nine skies of the ancients, nine planets, etc.
Uniting the meaning with the crop circle The White Horse, same dau (25), we have the image of protons disintegrating under the energy 7 eV, suggesting the Black Holes and singularities. After all, the Space Science Center talks about planets and has a planetarium, so the diagram is worth both talking about the nine layers of Underworld and talking about the nine planetary skies of the ancients.

The Crop circle not only makes a dual analogy but connects the two within the concept of High Physics, that is, through the nuclear holes in Space-Time, we reach extreme dimensions and shortcuts (Wormholes) for distant stars and galaxies. It's what scientists are trying on the LHC, accelerating particles, creating mini-black holes that have access to extreme dimensions, where large masses, planets, stars, galaxies ... as UFOs and their High-Tech can do In the travels through Space-Time of Infinity ...'

We are Seeds of the Universal field of Consciousness

Crop circle from 25th May 2017 at Space Science Centre, nr Winchester, Hampshire

According to the Mayan calendar, 25th May 2017 was a day with the Solar Seal White Wind and with Tone 2, this is Kin 2 in Tzolkin, in the Red Dragon Wavespell, in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed.

In my opinion, the 4 circles on the outer periphery represent the energy YELLOW SEED - Solar Seal No. 4.

The circle in the centre represents the energy RED DRAGON - Solar Seal No. 1. It symbolizes the feminine aspect of the Source. It creates an energy net with 4 major types of energies, which in Tzolkin are given with the colours Red, White, Blue and Yellow. 

Meanings of the 4 colours:

Red energies (Red Dragon etc.) - feminine, Element Earth, Physical Body, Beginning, East

White energies (White Wind etc.) - masculine, Element Air, Spirit, Cleansing, North

Blue energies (Blue Night etc.) - feminine, Element Water, Soul, Transformation, West

Yellow energies (Yellow Seed etc.) - masculine, Element Fire, Awareness, Enlightenment, South

This energy net is depicted round the central circle (the Source), in form of rings, where each ring is divided in 4 parts, symbolizing the 4 major types of energies.

On the crop circle the brighter segments of the rings depict the “masculine” energies (Yang), connected with the elements Air and Fire. They are more active in comparison with the “feminine” energies (Ying), connected with the elements Earth and Water. On the brighter segments we see more dynamics, which shows the greater activity of the “masculine” energies.

The rings are 6 in total and each of them has 4 segments, or the total number of the segments is 24. Here the number 24 symbolizes again the energy Yellow Seed - the Energy of Awareness. Kin 24 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed.

All 6 rings depict the Universal field of Consciousness. From this global field are separated 4 Yellow Seeds, which symbolize the humans on the Earth. We are particles of this Universal field of Consciousness. Each of us is a Seed of Consciousness, which at the beginning of the new Tzolkin Module begins to develop his individual consciousness on a new stage of the evolutionary spiral.

Deep gratitude to the authors of this impressive formation and to the photographer of !!

Maya Todorova


The four types of impact areas are discussed in Section 9, pg. 101 of my free ebook.  These are: 1) for new species; 2) for chastisement; 3) to stabilize the Earth’s crust; 4) an impact makes no difference. One comet impact with its fragments can involve one, two,  or even all simultaneously. This crop circle indicates that the four chastising comets (B, C, D & E) will all strike in water, as indicated by the alternating black and white areas implying refraction in water, a staple figure in many crop circles. Other crop circles suggest 6 out of the 7 Earth comets will strike in water. 
Ken Heck




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