Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset. Reported 16th June

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"Because it's cool!" said Walter Bishop.   



The pattern could in old Egypt be called Ka-Ba-A. Where Ka stands for the soul. Ba is the ability of the soul to leave the body. A is the beginning or the limitless source of everything. The latter is also named Dao, the Spirit, Dharmakaya, usw. The process is how our souls re-ligio (Latin for re-connect) to A when we are alive. This is true tantra/expansion of consciousness. 

Ka-Ba-A is at the same time the inner way via meditare which means be brought to the middle. Meditare is Latin for meditation which also is an implosion technique. Implosion is an essential aspect of fastwalkers (UFOs). Our neighbours are trying to give us clues to useful methods within health and energy extraction.

Dr Living Stone

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Ten Sephirot - The Tree of Life

Varda  D. Sarnat 

Ancient Hebrew symbol, derives from a geometric  arrangement of 7 circles (each with diameter of 100)

symbolizing 7 days of creation, or rather  6 days surrounding the holy 7th - Shabbat.

the word "days" in Hebrew "yamim" equals 100, (it is believed that each day of creation can last 1000 years )showing  the mathematical connection between the decimal system and the Hebrew language. (hence Gimatria)

The height of the tree (the vertical line in the middle) 300 present "Spirit of Elohim" (214 + 86 = 300)

300 is gimatric value of the letter shin, stands for fire (Aleph - A-air      Mem -M -water       Shin -S- fire)

the gimatric value of the name of the letter shin is 360 - a direct reference to the geometry of a circle.

Another name of God "Shadai" in Gimatria equals 314 is the circumference of each circle (with D - 100)

 3 center points (of 3 vertical circles in the middle) plus 7 tangent points, form the 10 sephirot (spheres).

 the obvious  missing point - some refer to as Daat  - is not a Shephira  ... usually argued.

please observe the dimensions the presence of these words:

 Voice (Kol - 136)   God  (Elohim - 86)

 this structure is further explained in my video (after first  15 min )


If I may take the opportunity now to express my sorrow in light of some horrific events in UK lately.

To all readers who grieve I send my condolences , as all of us in the CC community

Varda  D. Sarnat 

Artwork WJ


The photos suggest  man made status for this crop circle. It is a chimera of the tree of life from the Cabala (T483, pg. 142), Aleister Crowley’s unicursal hexagram (GBR (14/08/22), pg. 290), and a large triangle. The page references are from my free ebook. The ten circles suggest that the major fragments of Comet B will be instrumental in the decline or disappearance of whatever the crop circle may stand for.

Ken Heck

Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


Exactly on June 16, 2017, we observed that, in terms of geocentric astrology, the NEPTUNE Planet reached the maximum point in the Pisces sign before beginning retrograde movement. The highest point he reaches is at 14 ° 16 'from the sign of Pisces, exactly between the two Fishes of the sky, which demonstrates my previous interpretation of The Two Fish of Ackling Dicke, obtained by the transformation of the Unicursal Hexagram.

This astrological sign with Neptune reigning in Pisces signifies the exaltation of Spirituality and the High Revelations in our time! Note that the lower Hexagram, at the top of the Tree (upper dimensions), pours its energy into the larger Hexagram (lower dimensions), below, centered on the Sun and supported on the Earth: an image that says everything I have just revealed before.

What we see in this crop circle is the insertion of the Sephirotic Tree into a large Hexagram, just to note the date of today and the position of Neptune between the two Pisces before beginning retrograde movement.

The Sephirotic Tree represents the movement of the stars, their returns and events repeating themselves in the cycles of time. .
In 1854, Neptune was in the same position in the sky. Check out the events related to the Goddess at the time. They return!
Fátima, Virgin, 1917-2017, 100 years! Revelation 12!

They are cycles presented within a Great Hexagram, the Matrix of Creation (Six Days Genesis) and great events related to come. The SIXTH SEAL OF THE APOCALYPSE is a Hexagram containing the eclipses of the Sun, the Moon and the falling stars!
All the powers of the sky aligned in order to reverberate on Earth their set of summed influences, portrayed in the Hexagram.
And for appearing on the 16th, we have the relation of this Crop Circle with the Arcanum 16, the Tower of God, Sacred Mountain that reaches the sky.

Making 10 (Sephiroth Tree) + 6 (Hexagram) = 16, the Tower of God! And everything was written here'

Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


Three powerful symbols of Kabbalistic Geometry assembled:
The Sephirothic Tree, the Six-pointed Star, the Unicursal Hexagram
The last two are hexagrams. The Sephirotic Tree shows all dimensions of the Universe, and the Hexagram, whatever it is, speaks of union of halves, of complements assembled, sky and Earth, fire and water, man and woman, Sun and Moon (SOLAR ECLIPSE) and Cosmology dictated here is vast!

There are actually two hexagrams, the smaller one, joining the planets of the higher dimensions (Neptune-Uranus-Saturn-Mars-Jupiter) and the larger Hexagram, which is Unicursal but also the traditional Hexagram and which, centered on the Sun, Of the lower dimensions and connects all of it to the Earth, the base, the third dimension where we are.

To be sure, these eclipses, signs of August and September, and others to come, come from higher commands, of higher dimensions, and everything here illustrates a Cosmic Communion, encounters in heaven and on Earth.

Like the two Pisces of the sign of the Zodiac, opposite attributes that are reconciled in the universal Alchemy (The Two Fishes of Ackling Dicke).

Or the Caduceus of Mercury and the Hermaphrodite (Mercury + Venus) in the summed-up aspects of the opposites, Sun and Moon. Note the position of these four stars next to the Greater Hexagram. All this may be news about the next Solar Eclipse with Kabbalistic style. This eclipse will trigger the KEY OF MYSTERY.'


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Stef Martinus posts us this slide

The information from the top secret link below is being submitted relative to this crop circle at Target Wood nr Badbury Rings, Dorset (16 June 2017) in support of the comments that appear above not so much as a repeat of "what" we are seeing but "why". In reviewing all the descriptions (as above) of what is being seen, I cannot help but let the mind stand back and ask "why are we seeing this now? What does this mean for humanity right now at this juncture in our evolution, transformation and ascension"? While my eyes see the patterns, my higher self is perceiving one major message. Everything is energy; we are energy; and absolutely every single energy pattern that we are astrologically, astronomically, cosmically, within all definitions, descriptions and doctrines that comply with the same principles of universal law, are in a rapidly advancing state of quantum convergence. We are becoming whole, moving into an existence of perfectly balanced oneness with the Divine. We are experiencing a grand transfiguration of earth-man into higher universal man in all his multi-faceted multidimensional glory and radiance. And the dance is beautiful, the patterns visibly recognizable, they're all there.

This crop circle says it, it is confirmation, and it is good !

Herewith from

The Qabala aka the sephiroth is like a filing cabinet system for all experiences. Each circle represents a sphere or archetypal experience within the system. It is said that any possible experience or concept, physical or mental, is expressed in the Qabala as archetypes. There are many renditions of the sephiroth aka Tree of Life:


The sephiroth, in all its glory, is a representation of existence itself

These are said to make up the Flower of Life which, as many know, is a side slice of the 64 tetrahedron. New work by physicist Nassim Haramein is pointing to the 64 tetrahedron as the building block of existence itself (not to mention it is also known traditionally in mysticism as the MerKaBa):

As it goes, there are again many forms of the sephiroth that represent many things. The Universe (more specifically our solar system):

The Builders Of The Adytum spiritual group is very much about studying this link between  astrology, the Qabala, and spiritual tarot (which are representatives of each pathway  and archetype in the sephiroth).

And, "As Above So Below," so, too, we humans are represented by sephiroths of sorts:


[ End of quoting from the website].

The facets of Human are many, the patterns infinite. They are all coalescing now to speak only one language: the language of Light. And all patterns that we are; all patterns we haven't even discovered yet let alone are able to imagine; all of them, they already understand it.  We are catching up. But oh we've already come such a long long way. It is the language of the  One Lighted Source which knows no division, nor separation from Its Self. It holds infinite faces of all possible patterns of present and future potential of mankind. The crop circle at Target Wood  could well be saying "look Human at how beautiful you are, you are just like Me. And I like you.  Remember and rejoice for what is yet to be".

Barbara T Canada

AND ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD. (1) The target („sTARGaTE“) is the space of Istein aligned to the planet Venus, (2) the root of the qabalistic Tree of Life in the Belchen system. (3) The time is the day of John The Baptist: (4) UT („wOOD“) QUEANT LAXIS, 24 June. As on no other day in the year, the galactic Spirit streams through the resonant Sephiroth of Mainz Cathedral: the galactic equator together with the sun; from the east quire to the west altar. (5

This crop formation inseminates a nurturing balm and likewise a cosmic column for an endangered Occident. (6) The Atlantian-Apollonian column Mainz, in trinity with the SHUM-cities Speyer and Worms, on an energetic level still remains the true „Rome“ of Christendom in the Holy Roman-Teutonic Empire. (7) And the SHUM also were the cradle of Torah scholarliness and Hermetic Qabalah. (8

We celebrate the crowning moment of an adventurous five year work. The journey began with the Galactic Merkavah in the ‚2012-07-01 Wanborough Plain, nr Idstone‘ („Istein“) formation and will now be ending with this capstone for Mainz on St John’s Day. 

We are so deeply grateful for this direct response and for the high esteem, that our work and our yearning are met with. (09

See astronomic-geodesic analysis, documention and testimonies: (p. 64-65, ‚YSOPyramid Sephiroth/Appendix D‘) 

We anshar 










The Tree of Life and the Mayan calendar
The Target of our Spiritual Development
Tone 11 opens the Return to the Source

Crop circle from 16 June 2017 at Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 16 June 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed and with Tone 11, in the Blue Spectral Storm Year with Tone 11 (26 July 2016 - 25 July 2017). 

The formation depicts the Tree of life (Kabbalah), but surprisingly, there is also a “Mayan connection” :-).   

On the image are set the numbers of the 10 spheres as in the classical depiction of the Tree of Life.

The triangle AB1 connects the spheres with numbers 1, 4, 5 and 9. The sum of these numbers is 19. This number symbolizes the energy BLUE STORM - Solar Seal No. 19 - the major energy of the current Blue Storm Year.

The Tree of life is considered to be a map of the universe and the psyche, the order of the creation of the cosmos, and a path to spiritual illumination (the path to God). It is an arrangement of 10 interconnected spheres (called sephiroth, meaning 'spheres').The Tree of Life is a sacred map to guide us through the necessary developments and transformations so that we can reconnect with the Source of all life.

The structure resembles a cosmic tree growing downward from its roots above. 

From above to below, the spheres depict the emanation, the transition from God to creation.
From below to above, the spheres constitute a ladder of ascent back to God…

This dynamic balance between ascending and descending forces is reminiscent of the Star of David, consisting of two interlocking triangles and representing perfect harmony between the polarized opposites of masculine and feminine, positive and negative, active and passive, yang and yin.

Depicted in its three-dimensional state, this shape is known as Merkabah. In Ancient Egypt, this pattern was called Mer-Ka-Ba and referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.”

Traditionally, the sephiroth structure (Tree of Life) is composed of one upward-aiming triangle and two downward moving triangles. This predominance of downward directionality shows how the sephiroth tend towards diversity and manifestation, as opposed to reunification.

There are a lot of similarities between the Tree of Life and the Mayan calendar.
For example, in the Tree of Life:

1 - The Crown ('Kether' in Hebrew): the Creator Himself,

Kether is also our connection to the Source of all life

10 - Kingdom ('Malkuth') is associated with the realm of matter (Earth) and relates to the physical world.

In the Mayan calendar:

Tone 1 represents the Source of Creation, the Indivisible Essence, All That Is.

Tone 10 - the Planetary Tone of Manifestation: essence and the physical meet as one, the heavens touch the Earth; spirit and matter unite.

The crop circle has appeared on a day with Tone 11, in the Blue Spectral Storm Year with Tone 11.
In the Mayan calendar Tone 11 opens the Return to the Source and the last Tone is Tone 13 - the Cosmic Tone of Presence, which gives us the possibility to arrive at God as best we can.

16 June 2017 is a day in the 12th Lunar month (12th Moon) and on 27 June 2017 begins the 13th Cosmic Moon, which continues until 24 July 2017. In this Moon we have the possibility to accept and assimilate Tone 13 - the Cosmic Tone of Presence.

The location of this crop circle is Target Wood. I think that this location is chosen intentionally. The authors of the formation propose us to remember what is the Target of our Spiritual Journey.  

Now in the Blue Spectral Storm year we receive the Blue energy of Transformation, which transforms our cells in crystalline ones, which can retain more light. The Blue energy helps us also to build our Crystal Light body Merkaba.

So we are reminded to use all these powerful energies at the end of the Blue Storm Year to get best prepared for the next two years: the Yellow Crystal Seed Year with Tone 12 and the Red Cosmic Moon Year with Tone 13. These two years will be the time of Return to the Source, in the current 13-year cycle .    

Sincere gratitude to the authors of this meaningful formation and to the photographers from !!

Maya Todorova



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike