Thorn Hill, Nr East Kennett, Wiltshire. Reported 26th June 2017

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On 27 June 2017 begins our Magic Flight to the Source

Crop circle from 26 June 2017 - Thorn Hill, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan 13-Moon calendar, 26 June 2017 is the last day of the 12th Lunar month or 12th Crystal Moon. On 27 June 2017 begins the 13th Cosmic Moon, which continues until 24 July 2017.

In my opinion, on the crop circle is depicted symbolically the purpose of the 13th Cosmic Moon. During this Moon we have the possibility to “take a Magic Flight” to the Source, this is time for Reunification with the Source of all life. 

On the formation are depicted also following energies:

Yellow Sun - Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire
Blue Eagle - Creativity, Vision, Mind

On the bottom of the image is depicted the Earth with the bright Noosphere round it. The Cosmic Tone 13 is like a Bridge (B), which connects the Earth with the Source.

The circle in the center of the formation represents the Sun. 

But it looks also like an eye and symbolizes the energy Blue Eagle - the energy of Vision.
27 June 2017, the first day of the 13th Moon, is a day with the Solar Seal Blue Solar Eagle, with Tone 9 - the Solar Tone of Intention.
So we see that the Blue Solar Eagle is depicted through a Sun, which looks also like an eye ;-).
The authors of the crop circle propose us on this day to use the energy of Tone 9 (the Solar Tone of Intention) and to declare our Intention to achieve Reunification with the Source during the 13th Cosmic Moon.

Besides, they draw our attention to the fact, that the energy Yellow  Sun will play an important role in the 13th Moon: from 2 to 14 July 2017 we have the Yellow Sun Wavespell. Yellow Sun is the Energy of Ascension and can support us greatly in our intention to arrive at God.

The whole formation looks also like a human with head, arms (A), body (B) and legs (L). During the 13th Cosmic Moon Tone 13 helps us to expand our consciousness and each of us can feel like a Cosmic Human, like a Human with Cosmic Consciousness. We can feel that we are One with the people on the Earth and with the Cosmos. We are all connected and are part of one organism, of One Love.

Deepest gratitude to the authors of this magnificent formation and to the photographer Jane Barford!

Maya Todorova


A new crop picture at Thorn Hill on June 26, 2017 seems to show various stages of a total solar eclipse as we will see on August 21, 2017  

It also suggests, when viewed in another perspective, that there will be great joy and excitement on Earth on that day, as our Moon moves to overlap with the Sun 

In a fashion somehow related to that eclipse, humans on Earth will seemingly greet a “quetzal bird” with sincere love when he returns, and that “bird” will be happy in his heart  

Seldom do we see such lucid and clear landscape symbolism, to accompany a new crop picture.  

Finally, as evidenced by highly complex details of the patterned crop at Thorn Hill, as may been studied in this drone video at time 2:30 onward (please see, the probability that local humans on the ground made this crop picture seems to be essentially nil.  

“Get ready, because here I come!” (see

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R, Drew)

more explanation to crop circles at Bewusstsein,

This crop circle shows, as other also have (see Section 7 of my free ebook), the rotation of a comet in addition to its actual movement. The half circles denote the comet's one quarter rotation. We see the side opposite the Sun for a quarter rotation, and then after a further quarter, the side that was formerly facing the Sun. The Sun side is temporarily hotter and has a large heat indication in the center, making the comet appear as a large ring. The two rotation indications, if combined together, would be standard symbols for two gases of the coma, viewed for one half rotation. The small center circle is a fragment, perhaps the major fragment of the Warning Comet. Visualizing in 3D, the fragment is trailing the comet, which has its  lines of movement located behind the fragment. The fragment has a one-ring coma and tiny heat indication, perhaps because it is further away from the Sun, is  in the comet's shadow,  and is composed of somewhat different material compared to the comet. The comet itself seems to subtly possess the four quarters describing the types of impact expected  for the comet (see Section 9 of my free ebook). These circles involving rotation appeared most frequently back in the nineties.

Ken Heck


Amber Wing

Artwork WJ

After a time I send my report regarding Thorn Hill, Nr East Kennett, Wiltshire. Reported 26th June 

This crop circle is same unique as the last ones. Only a time later I understood its depiction. And against all of the writers reports and comments, I say that this crop circle has absolutely nothing to do with either - a 'Solar eclipse'  - nothing with a so called and undeserved 'enlightenment', likewise nothing with an 'ascension' or with a so called 'universal fire' so to say  - to add it also deals not with any 'chakras' as some of you might think and not with - a comet. 

Maybe this statement disturb you. However - the real meaning is so much easier to understand, even when you 'intelligent' beings are unable to see these so simple geometric facts. 

It is truly simple to prove you that NONE of you have even neither noted that important detail nor have mentioned it in any of your reports. I could ask 'why it is'? But I do know the answer so the question is superfluous.

What I speak about?

I speak about an almost tiny detail, which I show you here:

My big thanks here to Bert Janssen for his so special work to create these images.

So now you are able to see what you've simply 'overseen' - all of you.

Maybe for reasons of uncertainty or simple because ignorance.

However, you will ask now for the meaning of that so tiny I see you so unsafe.

Okay, it is a very unexpected answer - at least in your own view and / or perception. 

THEY - the CC-makers - or in other words - Galactic (benevolent) brothers and sisters, have simply sent an answer to my special question - I won't tell you the whole story, but give you some details here.

It is grounded in my work to think about capillary tubes and how to use their unique physical characteristics. I also have drawn some / many sketches depicting the construction - on several sheets of paper.  

Their sent image is connected with 'fluids and their behaviour in so called 'communicating pipes' - which as part of 'capillary tubes' work as a combined assembly. Maybe it sounds really strange for you - but it is grounded into my own work and drawings of a construction in which I use capillary tubes together with a part which is the second part of the  whole construction. I have had no idea how to combine those two parts, but brothers and sisters have sent a solution - even a special one.

At first even I myself was not able to 'read' their advice exactly. But now I can read it right.

In short: The shown image depicts a 'screenshot' of a 'static state', which in real is a dynamic one. See the image: 

As next you see the flowing of the fluid, following some simple physical laws: 

Now you see the flow, even when you will note a so called 'imbalance'. But it is simply grounded into the first shot, which shows a 'static' view. In motion it is a very different view. 

For to complete the views I copy in the special image where you can see the 'cubic expansion' of the involved physical 'chambers': 

There is a 'mechanism' which will operate the 'gates' - to either be opened or closed. 

In summary - so strange it may look like - CC-makers helped me with their image to find the solution of how to bring together the two parts of this unique construction. 

As always I invite you to send me your own views - comments. 

Greetings, 2017-06-30 - Gerd Estrup -

AND ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD. The '2017-06-21 West Kennett' formation symbolizes nearby Silbury Hill and moreover represents a single sephira from the sephiroth formation ‚-06-16 Target Wood‘ (1). ‚West Kennett‘ loses reference neither to Mainz Cathedral nor to the Belchen system; i. e. to Basel Minster, that sustains the specific sephira-energy of the galactic center. (p. 64-65) ‚West Kennett‘ and ‚-06-26 Thorn Hill‘ together find their fulfillment on 8 July. This crop circle loaded with the summer solstice, targets via sun to Mainz, whereas Basel with the precision of seconds sends the energy from the galactic center. One very distinguished key to the indicated stargate of the Belchen system! (p. 66/68) 

See astronomic-geodesic analysis, documention and testimonies: (p. 64-69). 

For the people who have asked for the historical testimonies of ‚-05-21 Oxleaze Copse‘ - they are signed and published now! (p. 20-39) 

Never before in the history of the crop circle phenomenon such a complex manifestation of profound dedication and belief has been delivered, documented and testified! 

AND ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD. ALPHA OMEGA. The third formation '2017-06-26 Thorn Hill', being coherent with ‚-06-16 Target Wood‘ (1) and ‚-06-21 West Kennett‘ (2), also finds its fulfillment on 8 July, just as ‚West Kennett‘. 

Apart from the notion that it has an analogy with the Flash intro design of this very web portal (3), it is continuing the Sephiroth theme along with the Apollonian-Atlantean symbol of the double Yol wheel, of which the Mainz coat of arms is an adaption. 

After the ritual on 24 June’s new moon, where the Galactic Stream of Sun and Sgr A* ran through the cathedral, at Thorn Hill on 8 July, 8.58 p.m. (BST), a very special constellation of one perfect equilibrium - full moon with the galactic center - will mount itself near the horizon and will perfectly align with La Sainte-Baume in Southern France. This constellation however will be anticipated by another analogue constellation - Sun and Sirius - at Mainz Cathedral at 9.22 p.m. (CEST), aligning back (Sirius) to Thorn Hill. Both the crop formation’s orientation and that of the constellations are congruent! 

It is a pure miracle within the nexus of ascended Magdelenian spirituality and it is one other distinguished example of cosmological Templaric Earth Art on divine dimensional levels and interaction. 

The paranormal phenomenon is really here, with Us, the next level after megalithic and cathedral architecture. It is tenderly struggling with church, freemasonry, „New Age“, science, computer technology and astronautics, even with so-called extra terrestrial intelligence; and it is benignly taming them all on a subconscious level. And it is embedded in the world wide web. Therefore it is here, on the Crop Circle Connector, the solid tram line of a most wondrous journey of documentation and testimony. 

See astronomic-geodesic analysis, documention and testimonies: (p. 64-69). 

For the people who have asked for the historical testimonies of ‚-05-21 Oxleaze Copse‘ - they are signed and published now:! (p. 20-39) 

Never before in the history of the crop circle phenomenon such a complex manifestation of profound dedication and belief has been delivered, documented and testified! 

We anshar 





Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike