Uster, Zürcher Oberland, Switzerland. Reported 4th June.


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Updated Sunday 10th   June  2018


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Drone video shows the "superhuman work"

A farmer discovered a crop circle in his wheat field in Uster on Monday. He doubts that this was created by human hands.

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Mistake seen?

Farmer Hanspeter S. * from Uster has been sowing wheat for years, but he has never seen anything like it before. ĞI knew that there are crop circles. I did not think that one day there would be a crop circle in my field, "he says. The perfection is incredible. "That can not have been created by human hands."

The crop circle must have arisen between Sunday and Monday. "On Sunday I drove past the field with the tractor late at night and there was still nothing to see." On Monday S. then discovered that the ears were in certain places. "I thought it was storm damage," says the farmer. Only when his son-in-law got the drone off did he see the superhuman work.

The farmer still has a request: crop circle researchers should not enter his field, so that not more parts of the harvest are lost.



The  local news in  Switzerland were  informing the public that the farmer thought that the circle wasn't made by human hands. Just a few hours later the media have "explained" why the crop circle appeared and that it was only a hoax from a online magazine called IZZY ( IZZY Mag have prepared a short video clip where one of the team members explain that they have been the ones creating the circle. You could see them for a few seconds on some field in the dark with masks and a flashlight in the hand, but you never saw how they truly created that circle. 


Report Uster/Switzerland Crop Circle

Checking your website on regular basis, I read about the new crop circle finding in Uster, Switzerland. I was interested in what the local news would write about this phenomena and checked several sites who basically had all the same news coverage, nearly word by word. 

At first the news coverage was neutral, even more pro believing in non human creation. Here are a couple of links to the local news:

The farmer stated in an interview with the local news, that the crop circle did not appear late in the evening the day before he found the crop circle on his field. Early morning the day after, he found the large crop circle and said, that the precision of the crop circle was astonishing and he believed that no human could have made this by hand. 

Just a few hours later all the local news would explain that the crop circle was "just a hoax" and "created" by the team members of the Swiss magazin called IZZY ( and the creation of the crop circle was made using ladders and some rope at night with the approval from the farmer. 

Cedrik Schild, a team member of the Magazine, hosted the video clip "Making of" which was also part of the news coverage update. 

In the approx. 2 minutes "making of" video clip the team of IZZY showed scenes of humans standing in a field with flashlights in their hands and masks covering their faces, but never showed real evidence of the crop circle creation. In no scene you would see the team run around with the ladders and ropes creating the crop circle. For a second or so, IZZY also showed some "grafic image" of the crop circle preparations drawings on some PC as kind of "hard facts" of "proof of their crop circle creation". They stated that the creation took them several time for the preparation and precision working on the field. Also in the video to see, they had an interview with the owner of the field BEFORE creating the crop circle, talking with the owner about their idea and asking the farmer for approval to use his field for creating a large crop circle. The so called "farmer" stated in the video that he would play along with their hoax and would not "know about anything" if asked by the media. One single question would easily debunk the so called creators: why would the team members of IZZY actually wear masks, if they had the approval from the farmer?? That does not make any sense at all... Another question: why would the farmer not allow people walk on his field fearing that his harvest would be damaged, but allowing to make a huge crop circle and not being compensated for the damage? 

In all of the magazines team members statements in the news, there was not one single hard fact evidence at all, that truly proves that the IZZY Mag. team are the real crop circle creators. 

Here is the updated news coverage:
Feeling denounced by this kind of hardcore news coverage, in which their message is clearly that all the people who believe in such phenomenas seem to be abnormal, it was my intention not to take this way of news coverage for granted and I wouldn't want to watch being insulted indirectly.

I then contacted the magazine IZZY by email asking them to send me some more information (footage) of the creation of the crop circle on June 7th in the morning. As I did not receive any information, I send another inquiry later in the afternoon again. Up till today I have not received any information or statement from IZZY Mag. I have then tried to check from top to bottom which agency was mainly responsible for releasing the news. I send an email to the news agency SDA ( and received an email from Mr. Winfried Kösters, Chief Editor of the german speaking SDA today, on 8th of June with following statement: "Dear Mr. Legato, Keystone-SDA did not report about the Uster crop circles. Therefore we cannot comment on this. Best regards." I answered to his email asking if he could inform me which agency is responsible for this news coverage and received another statement shortly after: "Dear Mr. Legato, I cannot help you any further. Sorry. Best regards." This information seems also very unlikely as the news agencies are connected well as in any other branch. I then tried to find out who is mainly responsible for the news on the Uster crop circle. On the homepage of the online news agency Blick ( I registered for being able to post comments. During registration I had to agree to all kinds of terms and found out that behind the company lies the large Axel Springer agency - Bingo! The news coverage is run by the well known Axel Springer Agency. For Switzerland it is Ringier-Axel Springer Agency ( I send them an Email asking for a clear statement as well as for sending evidence that proves that the crop circle was created by IZZY Mag. I have also send the to IZZY Mag. using the CC function. Up till now I did not receive any answer at all. Not from Axel Springer and still not from IZZY Mag.

For me personally I believe that this could be, once again, a clear propaganda trying to brainwash the public and hounding all people who are either believers or witnesses of phenomenas to "protect the system" (which clearly means that we protect a bunch of Elite people who protect their power and money at any cost). 

Where lies the benefit for IZZY Mag.? They profit becoming well known over night, boosting their brand awareness without investing any money and creating a large fan-base. Lots of people think that it is great or funny what they have "created" and those people could become their next customers. They have already created a nation wide super boost for their company and even over the boarders of Switzerland. Where lies the benefit for news agencies like Reuters, Axel Springer, etc.? Clearly by denouncing people like you and me, the ones trying to investigate crop circles or other phenomenas and find answers. They benefit by keeping the publics mouth shut, making fun of this very important subject and therefore making the lives of you and me very difficult trying to talk about this subject, even with close loved ones. 

Faking crop circles has a very destructive effect as the lions share of the public's opinion will keep the way it is, which makes the lives of the investigators and scientists very hard to fight against and become recognized. 

Roy Legato







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