Uster, Zürcher Oberland, Switzerland. Reported 4th June.

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An unexpected crop circle has appeared in the town of USTER, Switzerland, where crop circles have appeared in recent years, and is included in the message roadmap.

We see, within a larger circle, an image very reminiscent of a white apparition of the Virgin Mary, with a lunar crown on her head, like Isis, the lunar and maternal goddess of Ancient Egypt. Side by side, two smaller circles connected by an arc, suggesting a moving object. Moon, lunar phases, UFOs, etc.

Notice the Hieroglyph of the Isis name, it brings a Crescent Moon, just like an aerial formation seen in the region of the crop circle White Way of June 2, representing the Full Moon crowned by the Halo.
The associations between these crop circles in the set and the Moon seem to me very clear, from the messages of the goddess's resurrection in 2017 (Cerne Abbas Giant, May 22, 2017, 11-11). And in Switzerland last year, 2017, on the first of October, a beautiful flower appeared, and the parallelism that I established at the time was with the famous and national Swiss flower, the Edelwaiss, pure white flower of the mountains... White Ways...

In fact, the root of the name USTER, in German, relates to BEAUTY. The Beauty of the Goddess, like a white bride crowned in the heavens ... as in the most powerful apparitions of the Mother of God in the Sun! The 2017 season outlined the Moon in several ways, as I've commented many times, and the 2018 season picks up that point from a new perspective: the return of the Moon Goddess.

Detail: Switzerland's crop circle appeared on the same day as the crop circle of Star 7: because the ANGEL OF THE MOON IS THE FIRST OF THE LIST OF THE SEVEN INFLUENT ANGELS!

Another detail: The Moon, during these days, between May 29 (full) and June 3, gathered in the sky to Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, in this order, at the time of crop circles! It can represent the movement of the Moon in these celestial planetary gatherings!


This image of the night skies, with the passage of the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars there, show that the MOON IN MARCH came in conjunction with the same planets and related constellations in the days of the last crop circles.

Therefore, it seems to me that the Moon being marked in its trajectory, since the first crop circle on May 8, exact day of the Crescent Moon and the famous crop circle of the insect, beetle, butterfly, dragonfly (Willoughby Hedge)

Even the full moon was exactly on the side of Jupiter, which was IN THE HALO that appeared in various regions of the United Kingdom.


Relation with Crop Circle of Switzerland, June 4, 2018, and Cerne Abbas Giant Crop Circle May 22, 2017?

This possibly holographic image was recorded in the California USA skies under the full moon (as if the full moon were the crown of this white and divine spectrum) on August 6, 2017.

Does it resemble Uster crop circle model June 4?

And notice an important detail: the crop circle of Uster, Switzerland, with an image similar to this "hologram" appeared exactly NINE MONTHS later, reinforcing the message of rebirth associated with this lunar character (August 6, 2017 to June 4/2018). Coincidence?

What about the other possibly holographic (undated) image recently recorded in the clear sky with clouds, forming an incredible resemblance to the Crop Circle Cerne Abbas Giant model and the connection to the Goddess and the 11-11 code?

Coincidences ... or holographic messages in the skies of the same Aliens who, on Earth, do crop circles?


With better images from Uster's crop circle, we can draw new conclusions. A symbol with different perspectives that can be interpreted in several ways.

1. Remember an eclipse happening, with its cone of projection (light / shadow) and the alignment of the Earth/Sun/Moon.

2. The Image of the Virgin Mary, especially her Brazilian incarnation, the Virgin with mantle and crown, called Our Lady Aparecida. And it also remembers a sun rising or setting, from the perspective of a road. Or, in a more advanced suggestion, a Stargate / Portal and its UFO-Roads, common and recurring symbology in various crop circles!

3. In both, it resembles an eye and a light that it projects or receives. This eye may suggest both the awakening of consciousness and the need to SEE SOMETHING ... some sign in the sky, perhaps connected to the Sun, Moon and Eclipses, and associated with Goddess, Christ, UFOs, etc. Important eclipses occur in July and August * a rarity, two eclipses in sequence, and the main one, the solar eclipse of August will be on 11, 11 August, 19 years (lunar metonic cycle) since the solar eclipse of August 11 1999, announced by the Nostradamus X-72 prophetic court on the arrival of the King of the terror of the heavens, the war and Mars! And it will be soon after the eclipse of the blood moon on July 27! Indeed, there is much to observe in the heavens henceforth in terms of ANNOUNCED SIGNS!

It can also represent a moving UFO or some kind of alien Orb observing mankind. Detail: joining the inverted arcs, we find two known symbols: the Yang-Yin and the astrological hieroglyph of the Cancer sign.


Making further comparisons, the image of Crop Circle of Uster, Switzerland, June 4, and its resemblance to the Virgin Mary (especially the Brazilian incarnation of the Virgin), and the relations with the Moon and its movement in the sky since the Full phase. I found an interesting analogy with the Rosary to the Virgin Mary, which she asked the world to practice and pray in these times of great corruption of humanity and the Justice of the heavens falling on the world, as we have all seen. The image appeared on the side of trees which in the aerial view resemble the beads of the Rosary, whose ends are represented by the circles at the ends of the crop circle arch, and the image of the Virgin within the medal in the centre of the crop circle. After all, we have lived those times of Watch and Pray, as Christ and the Virgin Mary warned that the world would come. It may be this crop circle this reminder of the necessary prayer and vigil for those who suffer ... and for ourselves!


Two crop circles style pictograms with parallel messages. First of them, Uster, Switzerland, June 4, to 9 days for the New Moon in the constellation Taurus.

Second, Hoeven, Netherçands, June 9 (same day of the beautiful crop circle Hackpen Hill and the new moon within the field of the four stars) to 4 days of the New Moon.

The Dutch Pictogram brings an alignment, and the letters F and T, and the Swiss Pictogram, a movement of the Moon and an Observation indication (like an Eye), which may also be an eclipse-like alignment with cone of light and shadow.

Are the crop circles calling our attention to the next New Moon? Because? Events or simply a significant new Crop Circle on this day?


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The trajectory of the Warning Comet is displayed in this crop circle as proceeding from top to bottom. The Earth appears at an extreme angle with South America as the triangular figure. The top of South America here is near the equator. At the bottom is the Antarctic circle and an oval land area probably covered by ice. The outer ring of Earth represents the atmosphere. Extending the comet’s trajectory further back, we can see that it approaches from the northeast and skims through the atmosphere over the Southern Pacific Ocean at its lowest point before escaping the Earth’s gravitational pull. The Warning Comet’s major fragment hits over the Atlantic Ocean due to its smaller mass. The comet is shown as a ring because it represents the brightest phase of  a comet’s visibility. Download my free ebook at for over 2,600 individual crop circle interpretations.

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The Chibolton crop explain there are  3 life sources in the solar system Europa could be one of them.

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