Chirton Bottom, Nr Urchfont, Wiltshire. Reported 5th September.

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A new crop picture at Chirton Bottom on September 5, 2020 suggests that something important may happen close to the winter solstice of December 2020. It shows in its fallen lay a series of 23 or 24 “ripples”, which resemble some amazing “ripples in spacetime” that were first reported by astronomers a few days before. 

What are we to make of this new crop picture? First it seems fairly obvious from standard astronomical symbolisms, as shown in the slide below, that this crop picture may describe important events which will take place close to the winter solstice of December 2020:

The “daylight” side of this crop picture points to the southwest in its local landscape, where our Sun will set in southern England during the month of December. Could we be receiving here a cryptic message from unseen time travellers? What might they be trying to tell us?  

We cannot be sure, yet we can see a series of 23 to 24 “ripples” in its fallen lay, throughout the “daylight” or left-hand side of this crop picture.Those “ripples” resemble some amazing “ripples in spacetime” which were first reported by astronomers a few days before (see or space-collision-gravitational-waves-reveal-impossible-black-hole-2020):  


“Seven billion years ago, two black holes crashed into each other and merged into one enormous black hole. The collision reverberated through space and time, and its ripples – a phenomenon called gravitational waves – travelled 16.5 billion light-years to reach Earth in May of 2019.”

In the crop picture as drawn, we can count 23 or 24 “ripples” overall, with 4 or 5 of these being broader than the others at lower left. I am not sure what this detailed feature means.

If we use Google Earth to study the landscape near where this new crop picture was drawn, we can see (“North” facing up) the schematic image of a “man lying on his back”, looking up at the sky, who can “see” something coming (near latitude 51.301o N, longitude 1.893o W). 

Perhaps there will be more gravity-wave “ripples” still to come? Not being time travellers, with our human perceptions limited to a narrow “event horizon”, we will just have to wait and see!  

Three other possible allusions might be:

“Calm before the STORM” (Donald Trump on October 6, 2017)

“A new era will begin as worlds collide.” (Mr. Pool on Twitter

Revelation 6:12. the Sixth Seal. 

Best wishes and safekeeping to you all. Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Another small crop picture was drawn close to that “ripples on the winter solstice” image of September 5, two days later on September 7, 2020 

Look at how the crop artist used a natural green image of a “serpent” in the landscape, to drawn the faint image of an “ouroboros” there: 


The “ouroboros” is a symbol for time travel, especially for its “closed time like curve”. He is suggesting that the large crop picture drawn nearby is a “time-travel prediction”. Everything is connected: past to future, and future to past, by a serpent-like loop of cause and effect which we can scarcely imagine.


The mathematical symbol of the difference (not equal) New crop circle and world divisions because of the differences!


Chirton Bottom nr Urchfont Wiltshire UK on 9/5/2020 (And the date again forms the code 9-9, in the following arrangement: 

5.2.2 // 9 (9 // 9)

Unexpectedly, a crop circle appears in England, on the eve of the final harvests of the last remaining fields, with very ripe wheat. I notice that the aliens took advantage of the lines of the plantation to draw a determined angle in the cut with the diameter of the crop circle. And this makes the formation more complex, because we noticed that the areas of the plantation trails were also marked in the crop circle formation, alternating light / dark (or lying plants and standing plants). Then, the image becomes a circle with six geometric areas and a diagonal intercepted by two semi-lines, which suggests a more detailed interpretation!

It is not just a circle divided in half by its diameter, but the lines of the plantation used to form a known mathematical symbol: the "different" symbol, which is the symbol of the equal cut in half by an inclined line . And in view of this image, on the eve of the harvest (the wheat is already quite ripe), we can understand the message clearly: the world deeply divided into two blocks, in two very different layers.

What the Christian parable calls chaff and wheat.
And how will the chaff and wheat be differentiated in the plantation? Only at harvest time, because the wheat is taken away and the chaff is left behind. And note that the crop circle made this separation, on one side, lying down (harvested) and on the other, standing up (not touched).

The world has never really been as polarized as it is now, in extreme states, climatic states, social states, cultural states. Everything is very intense, energies and emotions, positions for and against. In the line of balance we rarely find anyone. But this is the only line that allows us to still have some awareness and coherence of reason in this humanity that increasingly reaches the limits of the classic Good x Evil polarity.

The message is: the differences are striking, the extremes are irreconcilable. The opposites fighting each other more and more in a world that distances itself daily from the line of balance, which justifies its end, by its own hands and unruly ways. I felt a lot of clarity in that message, right at harvest time, implying the Christian parable. 

Planetary instabilities

Another analysis that stands out in this new crop circle, of September 5, is the representation of the Earth, its axis of rotation, and the light-dark sectors, defining the alternating summer and winter seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres. The lines of the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are marked. In the case of the Tropic of Cancer, the latitude is 23º27 'N (23 degrees and 27 minutes north), while in the Tropic of Capricorn the latitudes are 23º27' S (23 degrees and 27 minutes south).

In the face of climatic extremes, the series of solar disturbances, the progressive destruction of nature without restrictions on the part of capitalist nations, and everything else, we can deduce the relationship of this crop circle with shakes in the magnetic field and changes in the rotation pattern that are already affecting directly the climate, in the aspect of its marked extremisms.

Therefore, the mathematical symbol of "different" ... because today's times are very different, and they are no longer as they used to be ... in every way!

Something is different in the seasons ahead


The first idea here comes from the combination of the "different" mathematical symbol with a simple model of the planet Earth in its period of solstices, when the summer and winter seasons begin in the planetary hemispheres.

Now, it's winter in the southern hemisphere and summer in the northern hemisphere.

The crop circle used the axis of division of sunlight in the solstices (June 21 and December 21) and inserted the two tropics, Cancer and Capricorn. And these three lines made up the mathematical symbol of "different".

The tropics

The tropics of Earth are parallel, that is, lines drawn cartographically in the east-west direction, parallel to the Equator. As such, they have specific latitudes. In the case of the Tropic of Cancer, the latitude is 23º27 'N (23 degrees and 27 minutes north), while in the Tropic of Capricorn the latitudes are 23º27' S (23 degrees and 27 minutes south).

Thanks to the solstices and equinoxes, the sun shines its radiation in different ways throughout the year. In some periods, it is more inclined to the north, in others, to the south, and there are also times when the two hemispheres are equally illuminated.

The tropics serve to demarcate the limit of this difference, that is, the Tropic of Cancer is the most northerly possible area in which the sun perpendicularly falls. Likewise, the Tropic of Capricorn is the bottom in the southern hemisphere where perpendicular illumination reaches its peak.

That is, the crop circle establishes a clear relationship between the solstices and the two demarcated tropics, and combining this with the symbol of differences, it seems to be announcing that SOMETHING WILL BE DIFFERENT in relation to all of this in the next solstice, which will be the December solstice, day 21, when summer begins in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere.

Well, other numerical coordinates are interesting. For example, friend Renata Curcio noticed that the sum of the latitudes of the tropics, 23 ° 27 ', is precisely the date of the crop circle: 23 adds 5, 27 adds 9, and the day of the crop circle? 05.09.

And I night that the complete date adds 5 + 9 + 2 + 2 = 18. And in exactly 18 days, another new season begins, spring in the south and autumn in the north!

"Different" seasons are already a reality. And the extremes too. But this crop circle does not seem to me to say something that is already obvious and obvious to everyone. He is announcing something "different" ahead, in the course of changing seasons.

And as we are suffering instabilities of all kinds, and recently the Earth has been receiving strong solar storms, plus the fact that scientists predicted a powerful solar storm, like the one that happened in 1859, this crop circle may be revealing the Earth suffering a bombing of solar energy soon.

Curiosity The "different" symbol is the same as the GORT symbol in the Ogham alphabet, equivalent to the letter G.

Ogham was an alphabet originally used in Old Irish, and later in Old Irish and Picto on a smaller scale. Ogam is sometimes called the "Celtic alphabet of trees. The Gort rune means the IVY plant and represents the fields in general.

And like any climbing plant, Ivy may be signifying the need to adapt to the altered climate of the present-future.
This also seems quite obvious!

Jonas Passos (05.09.2020)

Design UFO on radar


Who knew about that UFO that appeared for a few seconds in front of a weather radar in Mexico, on the first of September? Well, I knew I had already seen that image, and a researcher discovered a crop circle with the same structure as the UFO. 

A crop circle from 31 May in Dorset UK. And one of my interpretations of this crop circle was that it exhibited a UFO and its mechanisms. In fact, another video in the article published below shows that the object rotated on the radar image! Anomaly nothing. It was an extraterrestrial UFO!

Read more here: o-ufo-que-apareceu-no-radar-de-meteorologia-do-mexico-foi-previsto-num-crop-circle

Symmetries of earthquakes in 06.09 and the recent crop circle

My friend Renata Curcio brought to my attention a study that verified points of symmetry of earthquakes of close degrees (above 6.0 °) yesterday, September 6th. Two earthquakes in the Western or Western Hemisphere, Chile and Dorsal Middle Atlantic, respectively 6.3 ° and 6.6 °. And on the other side of the world, the Philippines, 6.3 ° and Vanuatu Islands, 6.2 °, both in the Eastern or Eastern hemisphere. It is interesting to note that it was on a 6th, with four earthquakes on a 6th scale, two of them, of the same value (6.3 °) in opposite hemispheres.

And she pointed out the symmetry proposed in the crop circle of one day earlier, September 5th. I myself believe in the predictive power of crop circles, and the suggestion that one of its interpretations could be these symmetrical results of earthquakes in the two hemispheres, moreover, marked by the crop circles in the light and dark colors and the axis of the solstices, both tropics of Capricorn, etc. These symmetries have happened before, and are relatively rare.

Recalling that the same symmetries happen, for example, in the phenomenon of cyclones, in the lines above and below the Equator. 

The stations themselves are symmetrical and opposite. Symmetrical when equinoxes enter (from the term "equi", equal) that is, springs and autumns with a similar climate in the two hemispheres, North and South, while the solstices show opposite seasons in the same hemispheres, summer and winter, all these seasons alternating with over the months.

Anyway, I believe that the strongest message of this latest crop circle is the DIFFERENT sign, something that becomes different in relation to weather patterns and other planetary patterns ahead. perhaps already scheduled for the next equinox (23.09) and solstice (21.12) with changes of season. In fact, 2020 is already DIFFERENT from all previous years.
This is a fact.

Jonas Passos (07.09.2020)

Drastic change in temperatures, climatic extremities and the last crop circle


This news confirms part of the interpretation of that last crop circle, with the mathematical symbol "different", and also the two hemispheres of the Earth separated in winter and summer (solstices). The sudden variation in temperature (35 ° C) happens in the USA because of the movement of a cold front, causing the temperature to fall in 36 hours in such variation.

The forecasts are for the Colorado region in the coming hours, valid until September 9th. These sudden changes in temperature, with records like this, 35 degrees of variation, are harmful to agriculture and human health, gradually undermining vitality. What's going on with the weather?

Neither global warming nor mini-glaciation, but both at the same time. Heat waves followed by sudden drops in temperature, or cold waves interrupted by periods of intense heat, confusing what is summer and what is winter. Therefore, the DIFFERENT symbol on that crop circle. Because the seasons are no longer the same. Neither the climate, nor the planet, nor humanity.

The new-normal? And how will it end? Or is it that, each year, we will have to enter different "new normals" that are nothing more than serial abnormalities? The big problem in all of this is that all of these climate changes are forcing creatures to adapt all the time, and this continued adaptation sucks up a lot of vital energy in the process. Or, in other words, humanity is gradually becoming ill under so much climatic instability. Nature is a source of life, but in this state of chaos, it becomes a deadly factor. 

Jonas Passos (08.09.2020)

As the time for Comet A comes closer we should expect fewer crop circles each season. This formation reveals the area which will be affected by Comet A. The middle portion between the northern and southern boundaries will experience the impact of the nucleus, plus the major fragments, besides the minor fragments, particles, dust, the debris trail, and the gases released into the atmosphere. Winds will scatter the dust and gases over a wide area. Since prior circles suggest that Comet A's trajectory will be from the northwest to the southeast to strike in the Atlantic Ocean at night, the two boundary lines should be slanted downward from  left to right.

The impact will be somewhat above the Equator, resulting in the northern boundary being closer to the North Pole than the southern boundary is to the South Pole.

Kenneth Heck



A very interesting late circle in many ways....the ‘Half’ is clearly shown, of course, in two ways but it does seem to flag the tilt of the earth, as the Egyptian Djed pillar illustration suggests. The Midwinter Solstice  seems to be demonstrated looking at how the design was placed but there are only two occasions in the year when there is balance and harmony, Egyptian Ma’at, and that is, of course, at the Equinoxes. This might be when the symbolic Djed pillar is upright and the cross lines on the Djed pillar line up with lines of latitude on the Earth, and the rays from the sun, when sunrise is due East everywhere on Earth. 

The most famous ancient site in mainland Britain that is known to demonstrate the solstices is Stonehenge as this is aligned to the Summer Solstice Sunrise and hence the Winter Solstice Sunset in the south west and the latter would seem to be the important one as the experts now tell us that this was the festival time at Stonehenge with no great activity in the area at the Summer Solstice. But recent discoveries there show that thousands of years before the henge was built post holes were dug and these were aligned East to West so marked the sunrise / sunset at the Equinoxes. The earliest location so far discovered at this World Heritage Site is Blick Mead which lies to the east of the famous monument and is thousands of years older. So from the Stonehenge circle site at the Equinoxes a person would see the sun rise almost over Blick Mead. From Blick Mead an ancient observer would see the sun set over the later site of the henge and stone circle.    

As noted in previous comments sunrise positions on the horizon were very important to the Ancient Egyptians particularly Midwinter Solstice sunrise in the Thebes area, and clear causeway  markings of half way sunrise position at the famous Giza pyramid site, along with other half way messages at that site. The circle makers have demonstrated this year, last year and in previous years, the importance of middle or half bearings between the cardinal directions of north, south, east and west. So they often flag bearings of 045, 135, 225 and 315 degrees. The Bavarian crop circle of 26th July this year has a 135 degree bearing which goes to Thebes but in doing so it tends to highlight famous oracle sites in Ancient Greece. Even the famous Dodona and Delphi sites are only a relatively short distance either side of this Great Circle bearing line. Epidaurus the major healing centre of the God Asclepius, associated with snakes (see- Rod of Asclepius), is effectively right on the bearing line from this Bavarian formation. This bearing crosses Crete next to ancient Knossos and right next to the famous Zeus cave, with Neolithic origins – 134.91 degrees and about 1840 km from the Bavarian crop circle this year. There were previous crop formations in close proximity to this years’ event. Crop circles in northern Germany e.g Brandenburg 2016, has a 135 bearing that, of course, does not go to Thebes. That 135 bearing went to Cypress, Paphos, which was another famous oracle centre and sacred site of the ancient world. 

This Chirton crop circle has a Longitude of about 1.8928W and this closely compares to two other formations this year , Wilton 17/6/20 at 1.8823W and Patney Bridge 8/8/20 at 1.8950W. The latter design, Patney Bridge, at almost exactly the same longitude as Chirton, is a clear geometric design but further north than Chirton. By interpreting this design to improve symmetry and balance by rotating the squares we find the angles 0f 45 and 135 degrees so important in ancient Egypt and in interpreting the messages in many crop formations. The Chirton longitude of about 1.8928 degrees west is not the longitude of the Stonehenge circle centre, which is about 1.8261W but very close (about 0.066 of a degree) and if these crop circle longitudes which average about 1.890W are an important north / south line it is marked at the Stonehenge latitude by numerous barrows at ‘The Coniger’ and ‘Fore Down’ barrow cemeteries just north of Winterbourne Stoke. With so many ancient sites in the Stonehenge area it is, however, not possible to be certain that some may have been placed as part of a geometric design.  

But why would the circle makers want to flag a longitude line very close, but not on, the Stonehenge site longitude if their intention was to draw attention to the solstice orientated Stonehenge site’s links to the design of the circle they created? Why not put it on the Stonehenge longitude ? 

They may have been demonstrating the Egyptian Shen ring, a circle with a tangent line along one side and the Wilton formation may be showing this with an offset circle and a cross, some might say Templar, in the middle. The Shen ring is very similar to the earlier Rod and Ring symbol of Ancient Mesopotamia which has been much discussed but with no clear answer as to what it really means. In Egyptian art the circle of the Shen often encircles the Sun and was believed to be a protective symbol with links to cycles of time. The cartouche derives from it. 

The first UK crop circle this year was at Rocky Hill Kingsdon, 26/5/20 and the longitude was the longitude of Glastonbury Tor but not exactly the top of the Tor slightly to the east. So this might have also been planned as an example of the Shen principle, important sites next to or near a bearing line but not exactly on it. The 045 degree bearing from this Kingsdon formation goes next to an ancient earthworks just north of Trowbridge town centre. The longitude of Trowbridge is flagged again this year by two crop formations, Cley Hill 11/7/20 and Mid Wilts Way, Warminster 30/5/20.  

Last year it was commented that the town longitude was flagged by three crop formations and a general alignment over 500 km from France of five separate formations, one repeated this year at Yarnbbury Castle on 26/7/20, the same day as the Bavaria formation with its 135 bearing to Thebes. Half a circle is 180 degrees plus 135 = 315 degrees, the azimuth of 500km alignment from France last year. Preston comments 2019 

Glastonbury and Trowbridge are on the Michael Line through southern Britain.

Mike Stewart   September  2020


Anyone seriously interested in the crop circle phenomena, why do we get them and what do they mean, may have come across the comments previously made about the clearly geometric positioning of some formations using the latitude and longitudes of their chosen sites. This can often be shown to be flagging very ancient remains from thousands of years ago. 

In the previous comment on this particular Chirton crop formation it was suggest that because of the close longitude similarity of three separate crop formations this year  e.g. Wilton 17th June(No10), Patney Bridge 8th August(No 34) and now Chirton 5th September No 36), the circle makers, whoever they are, might be flagging a longitude line about the average of the longitude of these three formations, which is 1.89 degrees west of the Greenwich meridian.  

Why would the circle makers want to highlight this particular north / south longitude line this year? And does it relate to the nearby Stonehenge ? 

As noted before this might relate to an ancient belief, or knowledge, of an important site being passed by a line and this may be represented by the Shen Ring of Ancient Egypt and the Rod and Ring symbol of ancient Mesopotamia . But is there any real evidence that some people in ancient Britain knew there was a meridian of significance just west of Stonehenge and that they hence wished to flag this with burial sites or earthworks? A line that is now being flagged this year by crop formation locations aligned north / south at about 1.89 degrees west of Greenwich ?

There is some evidence that this is the case... 

Anyone at all interested in trying to solve the crop circle mystery can look and see what the experts today have recorded about this ancient site, called The Coniger, at the latitude of the Stonehenge monument and a short distance to the west. They record that there is an ancient alignment of burial sites north / south and earthworks aligned east / west at this historical site and it lies exactly on the average longitude of the crop circles sites mentioned and all created this year....1.89 degrees west.

 A coincidence? Is this just a coincidence or are the crop formation makers once again demonstrating that the locations of crop circles and many ancient sites are indeed geometrically linked ? On its own this could be just a coincidence but as has been commented on before when many strange coincidences occur this suggests the presence of a design, an ancient design now being flagged by crop formation locations. 

So the longitudes of these three crop formations do give us a north south line that is indeed marked by a significant ancient site, with an ancient north/south layout, at the Stonehenge latitude, but what about the latitudes of these three formations up and down this north / south line, is there anything to be deduced from where on this line the crop formations were created. 

There is clear evidence that this is the case... 

The first UK crop circle this year at Kingsdon had a longitude that matched Glastonbury Tor, but not quite the top. The 045 degree bearing from that formation goes next to the ancient earthworks just north of Trowbridge, and the latitude line from the Patney Bridge formation( No 34) goes to the Hilperton district of Trowbridge and just south of the same earthworks. Historic England entry refs 

The Chirton formation latitude(No 36) goes west to cross the Michael line in the southern outskirts of Trowbridge with no apparent marker point, that remains today anyway, but the Wilton formation (No10) latitude goes west to cross the Michael Line at a very significant spot. This is Burrowbridge with its famous Mump with St Michael church ruins on top. This is a very important Michael Line marker point. 

Another coincidence seems highly improbable with the Burrow Mump as a key site on the Michael Line like Glastonbury Tor, also highlighted by the crop formations this year as noted before. The church ruins on the Mump are quite recent but excavations have found items from Roman times and the Mump may have had much earlier significance. Once again the latitude line from the Wilton crop formation (No10), at about 51.6076 North passes the Mump a fraction to the south, but well within the village, so this seems to be another example of the Shen Ring, Rod and Ring principle of ancient sites close to an important bearing line. 

It is worth noting that the crop formation near Ogbourne St George on 25th June this year (No13) at Smeathe’s Plantation was placed very close to the Michael Line through southern Britain, the route of this line being calculated by the positions of Glastonbury Tor and Burrow Mump. From Burrow Mump Michael church ruins to the same on the top of Glastonbury Tor is a bearing of about 61.42 degrees from True north. From the Mump to the Ogbourne St George Crop circle is about 60.77 degrees so pretty close just to the north of the line. The Michael line at 61.42 degrees from the Mump goes through the area just to the north of the Ogbourne St George village church building, but on church lands, it seems, and a fraction south of an ancient track called Woolmer Drove Track on the Ordinance Survey. So this track is an ancient route where the Ancient Ridgeway also converges at the village. This church is dated to the 12th Century but with believed pre-Norman origins and like many very early churches was probably built on a pre-Christian sacred site and at a meeting point from the distant past. These meeting points of ancient routes can often be found close to the Michael Line through southern Britain. This one is being flagged by the Smeathe’s Plantation Crop Circle of the 25th June this year. With all the bearings that point to Trowbridge, this year and last year, that location would seem to have also been an ancient significant meeting point. 

So the sequence of crop circle location generated bearing links goes from Glastonbury Tor south to the Kingsdon crop circle then 45 degrees to the Trowbridge ancient enclosure then south to the Warminster and Cley Hill crop circles. Cley Hill is a regular crop circle location. Do the bearing links stop in this Warminster area?....No, they do not... 

Using the already well established 45 degree bearing angle( see previous comments and the Ancient Egypt Giza link) and taking a 45 degree square to say Google, or any maps, this bearing line from Warminster, North East -045 degrees from True north, does possibly go to another interesting crop formation location this year. This is the Barbury Castle formation of 14th June (No9), south of Wroughton and Swindon. A detailed look at the latitude and longitude of this crop design and comparing that with the latitudes and longitudes of the two crop circles this year close to Warminster and Cley Hill revealed some very interesting facts. The bearings to and from these sites are very close to 45 degrees if going North East, and 225 degrees if going South West from Barbury Castle, but not quite exact. However it is very clear that these 3 crop formations were carefully placed to demonstrate that they were linked   

Barbury Castle(No9) Wilts Way Warminster (No 4) 30th May... 224.5 degrees  ...44.9km

Barbury Castle(No9) Hill  nr Warminster(No20) 11th July....225.5 degrees.............45.1km 

This means the average bearing was 225.0 degrees...a half bearing between the cardinal points again as discussed before, this time south west. To confirm the connection the distances average 45km.(See Patney Bridge comments for another example of what the Circle Makers were doing this year) 

More ‘coincidences’...? or a design ? 

So the crop circle geometry has moved us from Warminster (something of a hotspot for strange reported happenings it seems) to Barbury Castle next to Burderop Down Celtic Field System ( or landscape markings?) where we take the Ancient Ridgeway, about 135 degrees to pass to the north of the Ogbourne St George crop circle this year (No 13) and cross the Michael Line just west of the village. This crop circle (No13) was placed between these two bearing lines. 

As the German farmer said this year standing next to the massive Bavarian Crop formation (No28) with its links to Ancient Egypt 

‘It must be students I suppose, but don’t know how they did in the dark overnight’....! !  

Mike Stewart   15th September 2020

Could this design also be giving the world a subliminal message regarding "Q" and Q's role coming into prominence before or at Winter Solstice December 21st ? 

Barbara T Canada

Through our focused thoughts we can define new, better pathways for the development of our civilization!

Crop circle from 5 September 2020 at Chirton Bottom, near Urchfont, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 5 September 2020 is a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Sun with Tone 4, in the Red Earth wavespell, in the Yellow Castle with major energy Yellow Sun.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Tone 4 – the Selfexisting Tone of Form
Yellow Sun – Enlightenment, Universal Fire, Life
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Red Dragon – Birth, Nurturing, Being

The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

This big circle is divided in two halves – one dark and one bright.

The bright semicircle represents the energy YELLOW SUN.

The dark semicircle represents the energy RED DRAGON – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Sun.

The Yellow Sun is Solar Seal No. 20. This is the energy with the highest vibrations.

Tone 4, the Tone of Form, helps us to create Thought-Forms, which shall be materialized.

In the Yellow Castle we can use the highest energy Yellow Sun to shape Thought-forms for the creation of the desired reality.

Yellow Sun with Tone 4 shows us that at the bottom of Life is the balance between Light and Dark.
These are the energies Yin and Yang, which are seemingly opposite, but they are complementary, interconnected and interdependent.

In the bright semicircle are depicted 24 “ripples”.
The number 24 symbolizes the energy Yellow Seed – the Occult Teacher of the Red Earth. Kin 24 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed.

These “ripples” depict the energy waves, which we create through our Thoughts. With “Thoughts” I summarize our thoughts, ideas, words, dreams, targets, intentions etc.

On the crop circle is shown the process of Co-Creation, how we through our Thought-Forms create the desired reality.

In our Consciousness (in the bright semicircle) we create two thought-forms – the paths 1 and 2.
Thank to the principle of Reflection our thought-forms are projected in the dark space and there they appear, firstly on energy level, as the paths 3 and 4.
Red Dragon, the energy of Birth, reacts to our energy impulses and materializes the thought-forms which we radiate.
These forms change their vibration gradually and become more and more visible for the human eye.

It is up to us to create Thought-Forms for a harmonious and beautiful reality! The Universe provides us with all necessary energies and with the mechanisms for their usage.

The authors of the crop circle have included in the composition the tramlines. In this way is shown very impressive that through our Thoughts we create the tramlines, the pathways for the development of our reality.

Through our focused thoughts we can define new, better pathways for the development of our civilization!

I express my deep gratitude to the authors of this meaningful formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the whole team of Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike