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A second crop picture near Gray, Tennessee on May 21, 2015 used a set of “Borromean rings” in order to describe the orbit of planet Mercury, as it reaches triple conjunction with Earth, Sun and Mars on May 30, 2015. Might anything else important happen on that day?  

The first crop picture which appeared near Gray, Tennessee on May 13, 2013 defined a certain set of astronomical symbols, which are necessary to decipher a second crop picture which appeared in the same field location on May 21, 2015. Some explanatory slides for that first picture are shown on the Comments page above (please see comments).  

Their second crop picture near Gray, Tennessee on May 21, 2015 showed a set of three “Borromean rings”, with a small “dot” or circle at the centre: 

Might these “Borromean rings” represent the orbit of planet Mercury, as it travels in a series of ellipses around our Sun? Other possible matches might be to a triple-ringed “biohazard” symbol, or to certain geological rifts under the Pacific Ocean near Japan. Another match might be to “Olympic rings”, since Japan will host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

In accord with astronomical symbols which were defined by the first crop picture at Gray in 2013, we can understand how their second crop picture in 2015 lines up with two nearby, tall trees, which seemingly represent “Earth” and “Mars”:  

The spatial order of four planets Earth, Mercury, Venus or Mars, on an upcoming triple conjunction of May 30, 2015, will be exactly as shown there.  

Looking on from above, we can see these same field alignments more clearly. Two of three “Borromean rings” point toward nearby tall trees, which originally represented “Earth” or “Mars” on May 13, 2013:  

Next week on May 30, 2015, three planets Earth, Mercury and Mars will align in space across our Sun (a small “dot” in the centre), by what is known as a “triple conjunction” of three planets with the Sun:  

Venus will lie slightly off in space to one side. These are exactly the same alignments which were drawn in crops, schematically in the same field, near Gray on May 13, 2013, which was slightly more than two years ago.  

A triple conjunction between Earth, Mars and Mercury happens typically once every two years. Mars has a synodic period (as seen from Earth) of slightly more than two years as 780 days. Mercury has a synodic orbit of only 116 days, and is very fast-moving.  

When we examine the landscape near this 2015 crop picture, we can see some remarkable matching features. First there are two large “numbers” in the landscape on the left, which look like “3” or “1”:  

The new crop picture shows three Borromean rings, arranged around a central single dot. Right away we see a good match!  

Even more interestingly, just above we can see four large “bars” or rectangles in the landscape. These seem to denote the four astronomical bodies which will be involved in a triple conjunction on May 30, 2015, namely Mercury, Sun, Mars and Earth.  

A first rectangle on the left for “Mercury” is the smallest of the four, as expected, because Mercury is the smallest planet.  

A second rectangle for “Sun” is slightly yellow, and contains a small symbol “1” at its base. This matches a central symbol “1” from the crop picture as our “Sun”.  

A third rectangle for “Mars” is slightly red as expected, because Mars is a “red planet”.  

A fourth rectangle for “Earth” is vividly green, and shows a small “house” where people live!  

All of these nearby landscape features provide good evidence, that we have interpreted the Gray 2015 crop picture correctly in an accurate fashion.  

What could be so important about an upcoming triple conjunction between Earth, Mars and Mercury on May 30, 2015? These astronomical events happen once every two years. Why is this one noteworthy?  

We do not know, because many events still lie in our future as we write this! Yet further examination of the large-scale landscape near those Gray crop pictures yields interesting clues. Thus the 2015 crop picture with its “Borromean rings” lies just below an interesting montage of symbols in the landscape above:  

On the left we can see a large “house” shape with “three coloured doors”. In the centre we can see the image of a “man” who seems to be “floating on water”. Above that “man” on the right, we can see the bright white outline of a “submarine” as it motors along! Are the crop artists trying to tell us that there will be serious flooding soon, somewhere on Earth? The time is near, so let us wait and see.


Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)




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