Old Gray Station Road, Gray, Tennessee. United States. Reported 21st May

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Gray, Tennessee
Article re Crop Circle
June 8, 2015

Article: The DNA-CDP Theory

Brian Crissey


Charge Density Plasma (CDP) is a form of energy/matter that interacts with human consciousness. It was discovered by William C. Levengood before his death in 2013. It may be what flows in ley lines, Hartmann lines, Curry lines, telluric chimneys, vortices, and other subtle-energy structures detectable by dowsers. 

A theory of crop-formation that is gaining ascendency among American dowsers is that a source of higher consciousness, presumably non-human, impresses by conscious intention a DNA-specific template in the local Charge Density Plasma, which then resonates with the targeted plant species to materialize as a crop formation. 

Levengood developed devices to measure CDP, and dowsers use quantitative scales called Bovis scales to register the intensity of subtle energies:

Most classic crop formations appear in genetically homogeneous fields, where all the crop is a specific strain. When a pattern overlaps an adjoining field with a different crop, the pattern stops at the boundary between the fields, as in this formation from Clench Common, Wiltshire, July 19, 2009:

When a formation appears in a field with weeds, the weeds tend to stand up, unaffected by the pattern that has been impressed upon the homogeneous crop, as in these 2015 Dutch formations:

The Gray, TN, formation of May 21, 2015, appeared in a field of mixed grass, and the field owner seems not to be cultivating it for hay production at the moment, as there is a great variety of plants growing in the field. A careful examination of the lay of the formation showed that the dominant grass species was laid down, but other species of grass and weeds like clover were unaffected, consistent with the CDP-DNA theory. These pictures were taken seven days after the formation was reported, so phototropism can be expected to cause clover, e.g., to rise above the lain-down grass. The many stalks of upright weed showing more than a week's growth are less easily dismissed:



Gray, Tennessee
Dowsing Report from a Crop Circle
June 8, 2015

May 21, 2015 Dowsing report 

Brian Crissey


Member, American Society of Dowsers

Former Vice President, Appalachian Chapter of the ASD


Typical human subtle-energy (CDP?) readings on the dowsers' quantitative scale are 25,000 Bovis for the physical body, 50,000 Bovis for the astral body, and 100,000 Bovis for the mental body. The water energized in the center of the 2015 Gray formation measures 80 million Bovis, which is very powerful, ranking as the tenth most powerful essence among the 132 cataloged to date by the NotMadeByHands.com associates. 

L-rods indicated the normal Hartmann and Curry gridlines as well as clearly defined energy-field boundaries around the edges of the formation, and energy flow in the direction of grass laydown. 

In the center of the formation, a dowsing pendulum detected the existence of a telluric chimney whose down-phase (counterclockwise) clocked in at 30 seconds, with pause times of 45 seconds, and an up-phase (clockwise) of 45 seconds. [See more on energy chimneys in Richard Benishai's Mission Mother Earth http://www.amazon.com/Mission-Mother-Through-Geobiology-Doorways/dp/0926524747/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1433952138&sr=1-1&keywords=benishai]. 

Petra Maia, of Hamburg, Germany, experiencing the formation remotely via Reiki, reported a “prana tube” in the center of the formation. A transcontinental nontemporal meditation yielded the following image of three people, one in each circle, around a central telluric chimney. The chimney extends high into the sky and deep into the earth, transmuting and transforming Earth energies (perhaps CDP) on a regular and predictable pattern.  


On Sunday, June 7, 2015, Aurora Foxx tspontaneously produced keyboard music inspired by the formation's energy. During the meditation, one woman who had not been informed in any way about the use of the Gray crop formation to inspire music, received a clear vision of the Gray formation with the circles rising and falling like multilayer cakes, around a powerful central energy beam

Petra Maia, tuning in by Reiki into the formation from Hamburg, Germany, reported that she had been given the clear guidance that it would be helpful for meditators to envision the energetic pattern of this formation superimposed upon the Fukushima nuclear complex, as shown below: 


Both Petra Maia and Sean Solloway, sensitive Reiki professionals, felt the formation was man-made.

Dosing on the Bovis percentage scale showed a 75% human source of detected energies.

The remaining 25% is interesting. 

In a similar case in Wessex Ridgeway, Wiltshire, 2013, [http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2013/ridgeway/ridgeway2013a.html] it was known that a paraplegic man had instructed friends in exactly how to construct the formation. Measurable energies were detected at the site, and energized water was extracted. When the water's energy was decoded through the Akashic Records, useful energies were found. See [http://notmadebyhands.com/new.html#1312]. 

It turns out that the paraplegic man had received a strong night vision of the design, and the useful energies that were extracted from the formation were probably due to the sacred geometries that were used, or to the intentions of the nonhuman creators. 

It becomes increasingly clear that we cannot judge whether a formation is “manmade” or “authentic,” if humans can be inspired by nonhumans and can leave manifest energies detectable by dowsers. There are clearly hybrid formations that reflect a co-creative energy between humans and nonhumans. It may mark, as the Akashic Records readings suggest, the dawn of a new era of cooperation between humans and nonhumans.

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