Old Gray Station Road, Gray, Tennessee. United States. Reported 21st May

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Comment about the grass circle reported at Old Gray station road, near Gray, Tennessee, USA, 21st May 2015 :

The grass circle reported at Old Gray station road, near Gray, Tennessee, USA, 21st May 2015 is an important exo-political communication send by the very dangerous ET aliens the President Barack Obama and the Pentagon in the United states of America. 

Please find this video in which I read and send a letter about the alien cold war President Barack Obama 28th December 2013:

The ET beings named Greys are important members of the pro-Jesus ET group.

This is the reason why this grass crop circle has been made near Gray, a few days before the Pentecost weekend:

at Old Gray Station road:

I remember that the Greys have made an important crop circle 15th August 2002 at Pitt the day of the Assumption of Mary catholic feast:


Furthermore these ET suggest here the phonetic link Pentecost // Pentagon and their grass circle is like a triangular triple shield suggesting "Christian-trinity-defence":

Nancy Talbott has written on the page of the Crop circle connector:

"The formation is in the EXACT location as one found in May 2013

This other grass circle was an other exopolitic communication of the Greys of the pro-Jesus invader in Morse code: dot-dash-dot. Dot is E and dash is T: this suggests ET. And dash-dot-dash-dot gives the C like the Moon or a big teeth of elephant or Morse (read in the crop circle: dash-dot on one side and dash-dot on the other side) !

The Greys are ennemies of the Source of the life and of the Mother universe ! The humanity is a danger for the life on Earth and on the Universe, that's why an enemy of the humanity is here ! We have only two choices: to respect life, to become Buddha's (I don't say Buddhists !) or to be destroyed in the future by the Mother Universe Who is very angry with the demons in the Universe ! Personally I hope many and many incarnations of my soul on Earth and I defend the life first, not the humans first ! Please: no ET on Earth and no humans in the space !

Jean-Charles Bourquin,
Vishnu, kalki, the tenth lila-avatara

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A crop picture at Gray, Tennessee on May 13, 2013 noted a triple conjunction between Earth, Mars and Mercury which was happening on the same day, then pointed toward the next Earth-Mars-Mercury conjunction, which would happen two years later on May 30, 2015 

The first crop picture at Gray, Tennessee on May 13, 2013 showed in schematic form a triple conjunction between Earth, Mars and Mercury, which was happening on the same day. Then it pointed toward another Earth-Mars-Mercury conjunction, which would happen two years later on May 30, 2015:  

The “dumbbell” symbol which was drawn there means “opposition” in planetary or astrology charts. An off-axis location for “Venus” defines a small “empty space” within each end of the “dumbbell”. 

Mercury was located in direct alignment with Earth and Mars on May 13, 2013, but is shown in the slide above as “off-axis” for a slightly later date of May 30, 2013, which would be exactly two years before the next such opposition on May 30, 2015.  

Why did those crop artists draw a schematic but “astronomical” diagram in that particular field location? Because four trees nearby provide a good representation of how Earth, Mercury, Venus and Mars would line up (in that order) during both oppositions, whether from 2013 or 2015:  

Finally, who drew this interesting if abstract crop picture at Gray, Tennessee? There are many different and revealing landscape features nearby. The closest and cleverest is shown in the slide below:  

It was drawn by a man with “eyeglasses” and “smoking a pipe”, who is looking on from inside of a field “triangle”! Who else could this be except for the time-traveller Quetzalcoatl, who often uses such a “signature” to mark his work?

A clear understanding of astronomical symbols from Gray 2013 is necessary to correctly decipher symbols from a second crop picture, which appeared in exactly the same field location near Gray, Tennessee on May 21, 2015. Those explanatory slides will be presented on the Articles page which follows (please see www.cropcircleconnector.com/2015/gray/articles.html).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge, 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)


1. Formation in same location, almost exactly 2 years earlier.

2. 72 hours before the 2013 formation, a piece of ice fell into a field a mile away, delighting kids.

3. 2013 location, for comparison

4. bent grass samples from centre of 2015 formation


Brian Crissey


Field Report Gray TN formation, revisited

Brian L. Crissey, Ph.D.
Formation discovered May 21, 2015
Site revisited June 19, 2015

Re http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2015/gray/fieldreports.html

Initial surmises regarding the doubtful authenticity of a triple-circle hay-field formation discovered in Gray, Tennessee, May 21, 2015, are being revised. There is now significant accumulation of compelling evidence supporting the contention that this formation was not man-made, but instead derived from an unidentified high-energy source similar to what seems to underly the more complex and more highly publicized formations in southern England and Europe. 

Initial observations of the lay of the field showed some suspicious unevenness that is now understood to stem from the fact that this field is not a monoculture of one DNA-specific species, like most English circle fields, but instead is a naturally regenerated field of many species of grass and broad-leaf weeds. The impressed pattern of three intersecting circles around a swirled center circle affected the dominant grass species without affecting the many other varieties of plants growing there (left), thus presenting the ragged appearance that some saw as evidence of a man-made formation. 

The formation, the only one reported so far this year in North America,  appeared one month and 11 miles north of a national convention of the Alliance of Divine Love (ADL) ministers in Jonesborough, TN, June 19-21, 2015. A group of 9 of these ministers took a field trip to the site to experience its energy May 19. The field was harvested for hay May 18, which interferes with the collection of plant samples, but which in no way interferes with the detection, measurement, and collection of subtle energies from the site by means of dowsing tools and inner knowing. 

The field is owned by a friendly couple who refused the $50 that our group offered to them to compensate for our intrusion onto their land. Connie O., the wife of the pair, (right, in white), joined our expedition and related her story for the first time. She is a professional in a technical field, and she observed the field at midnight May 20, at which time nothing was visible, and no-one was in or near the field. It was raining lightly. Her home is perhaps 100 yards from the formation, and access to the site is only through her yard and across a barbed-wire fence or through a farm gate. No lights or disturbances were observed or heard through the night.  

Connie rises early to go to work, and at 5:00 a.m. May 21, she glanced out her window that overlooks the field and saw a young white-tail deer making its way across the field. As Connie watched, the deer stepped carefully through the field until it suddenly stopped, totally alert and focussed on something in the grass ahead of it. It extended a front leg for a moment, then drew it back. Then it abruptly turned around and bounded off in the opposite direction. 

Curious, Connie grabbed her umbrella and made her way into the field, to where the deer had reversed direction. She saw no human footprints or paths in the field. When she arrived at the turn-around point, she saw the edge of the triple-circle formation, freshly impressed into the field. Early morning, on the way into work, is of course not the best time to explore a crop circle, so she returned later. She reported the formation to neighbor Timothy B., who had been interviewed about an earlier formation in the same field in 2013. He reported it publicly. Soon word got out, and aerial photographs revealed the pattern, and the local paper published an article (right). Then visitors began to arrive, a stream that included our 10 ADL ministers. The field was harvested June 18. 

I asked Connie whether she thought that Timothy B., a crop-circle enthusiast whose home is next door, might be capable of making the formation, and she replied that he is probably capable, but that he was attending classes in Durham, NC, at Duke University at that time, and he has not been in the vicinity. 

Before entering the field, we briefed the participants and demonstrated the detection of auric fields by L-rods. Bryan, (in blue, seated) an open-minded local who was our server at supper the night before, had joined us with his girlfriend. I asked him to remember his worst day, and I asked the L-rods to swing open when I encountered his principal auric field, which they did, at about six feet from him. Then I asked him to remember his best day, and I repeated the process. The rods swung open at about 20 feet from him. Steve (left), a no-nonsense skeptic in our group, was taken aback, to say the least. 

I conducted the group through an energy-clearing exercise that cleans the seven main chakra sites and clears off distracting energies that might interfere with one's ability to accurately detect the subtle energies in the formation. 

Entering the field,  our dowsing rods immediately detected the energetic boundary around the nearly invisible formation, and we were actually pleased that the field had been harvested, because it made our energetic examination and measurement easier. We dowsed the energetic center of the formation, and Connie confirmed that we were in the exact center of what she called “the dot in the middle.” It is more than a dot, being a circular swirl of about 12 feet in diameter, in the intersection of the three main circles.  

A dowsing pendulum (right) held over the center picks up the swirling flow of the subtle energy, as does the spring water in the bottle. Once the water has vbecome “swirled,” it easily replicates that behavior in other virgin waters. Several people used various pendulums to experience the swirling phenomenon. Skeptic Steve borrowed a pendulum and held it over the center, where it began swirling in a steady manner. “I'm not doing that!” he shouted several times, his eyes big, as he felt his universe expanding beyond his previously established limits. His attempts to make it stop were unsuccessful until he moved out of the center circle. He returned periodically to repeat the process, seeking some 3-D way to explain it away. 

We brought two cobalt-blue bottles of virgin spring water (right) and placed them in the center to absorb useful energies. They remained there for an hour or so until we needed to leave. The energized water from the second visit was later replicated and a bottle was given to each participant for their personal use. 

The ministers easily fell into a meditation circle around the center circle.  

We conducted a 15-minute meditation, followed by sharing. Steve, unaccustomed to meditation, stayed with Connie, who led him on a tour of the field, which is surrounded on three sides by a stream, and features an emergence of deep bedrock in several places. The site is in the Appalachian Mountain range, the oldest mountain range on the planet. 


Some felt that these characteristics were instrumental in this field hosting two formations almost exactly two years apart. Karen, from Reno, experienced three bright lights that beamed down upon her, and she observed a great eye peering down. Others reported feeling the presence of benevolent beings surrounding the group. I shared my interpretation of the three overlapping circles representing the three great monotheistic religions, and the center “dot” being the ADL, whose focus is on Divine Love, the common denominator of the great religions. Peg G. and Pam C. both felt powerful, benevolent serpentine beings intertwined within the formation. Serpents are traditionally associated with transformation and change, and most of the ministers participating feel that we are in a time of deep and rapid change. 


Connie, a warm-hearted, loving person, is neither a minister nor a dowser, but she held a pendulum to the center and picked up a swirl opposite to the others. Soon, however, the direction reversed and later reversed again. I then shared with the group that what she was detecting was probably the periodic reversal of the up-and-down motion of the telluric-energy chimney (right) that I had detected in the center on my first visit May 28. The counterclockwise swirling is said to pull up from the Earth negative energies, like those erupting from the June 17, 2015, Mother Emmanuel Church massacre in Charleston, SC,  transmuting them into positive, loving energies, which pour into the rivers of subtle energy that flow through the subtle-energy grid of the Earth. When the pendulum pauses and reverses, positive energies flow down into the Earth, revitalizing and uplifting the energy matrix of our planet. 

My initial dowsing May 28 of the man-made energy component of this formation suggested perhaps 75%, but after our visit June 19, this proportion had dropped to less than 10%. I suspect that my earlier reading was consciously affected by observations of the uneven crop lay and the potential involvement of Timothy B. as a possible publicity hound and prankster. With these interpretations dismissed by accumulated evidence, my latter reading is probably the more accurate. 

The remaining 10% human factor may relate to Connie O., whom all the ministers felt is a warm, intelligent, generous, open-minded and loving individual of the kind that off-planet circle makers might love to work with on this planet. What a different and better planet this would be, if humans, as a rule, were more like Connie. The ministers felt that her presence was instrumental in setting the stage for the arrival of a genuine formation whose message and purpose are of the highest order. 

It is interesting to note also that the energy intensity at the site seems to be growing. On my original May 28 visit to the site, the energized water was measured at 80 million Bovis, which is much higher than the normal energy range of 25 to 100 thousand Bovis for healthy people's auric-field intensities. But, on the second visit, the new essence, named Mastermind Essence #1505, checked in at an astonishing 20 billion Bovis, 250 times higher than three weeks before. It is conceivable that the telluric chimney in the center continues to raise the energy in the site after the initial formation has appeared, in which case the proportion due to human involvement could be expected to fall over time. 

 The nine intrepid Circle Explorers.

Revs. Peg G., Brian C., Ellen S., Nancy A., Charlotte M., Elf P., Pam C., Steve K., Karen T.

Skeptic Steve missed the photo-shoot.




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