Etchilhampton, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 8th August.

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Two different dates of August 8 or August 22 were encoded by the new Etchilhampton crop picture on August 8, 2016, using either “geometry” or a “map of the night sky”  

The new crop picture at Etchilhampton encodes information about “calendar dates” in two different and subtle ways.  

Its circular geometry suggests a date of 8-8-16 or August 8, 2016  

First and most obviously, this crop picture includes three “circles” of relative radii 1, 8 or 16, which match the date of 8-8-16 or August 8, 2016 when it appeared:  

Its field geometry, relative to two “ghosts” from 2015, suggests a partial “sky map” for August 22, 2016  

Second and more subtly, the combination of two “ghost” images from crop pictures in the summer of 2015, along with this new crop picture from the summer of 2016, creates a partial “map of the night sky” in the field nearby.  

With the help of Michael Romeo, I found that these three field images create a partial “map of the night sky” for two bright planets Saturn and Mars, plus a bright star Antares, on a date of August 22, 2016 at 1200 UTC, plus or minus 12 hours:  

Many people were looking up at those three bright objects in the sky last night, close to a half-phase Moon (on August 10), because the view was so striking!  

One of those two “ghost” crop pictures appeared on August 3, and the other on August 19, 2015. If we add those two monthly dates together, we find “August 22” which is what the new “sky map” in 2016 shows. “Saturn” and “Antares” are the two “ghosts”, while “Mars” is the new crop picture as drawn.  

This date of “August 22” is important, because it was when another “unicursal hexagram” was drawn in crops near Ackling Dike on August 22, 2014, next to the landscape image of a “star cluster” (see Etchilhampton comments or sixpenny-handley2-cropcircle 2014). It is also close to a date of “August 23” which was suggested by a crop “calendar” at Chilcomb Ranges on August 3, 2016 (see chilcomb Ranges articles).  

Saturn, Mars and Antares will create angles of 115o, 130o, 150o or 170o in Earth’s night sky on upcoming dates of August 21, 22, 23 or 24 at 0000 UTC respectively. The angle drawn in crops is close to 140o, as best as we can measure from current aerial photographs. That is why we used an image of Earth’s night sky for August 22, 2016 at 1200 UTC in the slide above, but it could be 12 hours earlier or later.  

An amusing metaphor in the broad landscape nearby: “love L is the law”  

When we use Google Earth to examine where this new crop picture was drawn, and ask how its “unicursal hexagram” relates to the broad landscape nearby, we find an amusing metaphor.  

First we can see a large “worm”, who is emerging from his “hole” at lower right. Might this represent a “spacetime wormhole”? The crop picture was drawn on the side of his “head”, where he might possess an “ear”:  

That “worm” seems to be whispering into the ear of his bespectacled “serpent” friend:   

“Remember the unicursal hexagram, with its symbolic meaning of ‘love is the law’!”  

On the right, we can see a large capital letter “L” which stands for “love”, just like in many other crop-picture landscapes over the years.  

On the left, we can see a “man of Mayan or Aztec appearance”, who seems to be “running” from right to left. Perhaps this bespectacled “serpent” might represent the Feathered Serpent “Quetzalcoatl”, who lived in central America 2000 years ago, and is now “running” to return to Earth?

P.S. The Saturn-Mars-Antares “triangle” looked like part of an “isocursal hexagram” on August 8 or 11 (with the Moon), before Mars moves into linear conjunction with Saturn and Antares on August 23, 2016 (see The field imagery of two “ghosts” and a “new crop picture” at Etchilhampton on August 8 likewise resembles a sky date of August 21 or 22 from this movie.

Many of you may have seen a beautiful “diamond” shape or “isocursal hexagram” in the night sky on August 11, 2016, when Saturn, Mars, Antares and the Moon all came together in space as seen from Earth?  

There is still something else exciting to see soon! Eleven days later on August 22, 2016, Saturn, Mars and Antares will create in our night sky a beautiful “triangle” shape. This image was drawn in crops at Etchilhampton on August 8, 2016, by using a new crop picture and the “ghosts” of two old crop pictures from August 3 or 19, 2015: 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R, Drew)





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