Etchilhampton, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 8th August.

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A Promising Seed Cast Upon the Land

The circle with the smaller ‘dot’ circle inside created on the grain field harks back to ancient symbolic traditions of the male seed fertilizing the female earth. In the case of this beauty, we can also see a subtle hexagram design in the middle circle. The hexagram, known as Solomon’s Seal and the Star of David, was also revered in India “as a symbol of the perpetual sexual union between Kali (the downward pointing triangle) and Shiva (the upward pointing triangle) that was supposed to maintain life in the universe. … The hexagram appeared also in the New World. At Uxmal in Yucatan it is a symbol of the sun shedding its rays on earth.”  (Walker 69) 

If we look closely, we can see the hexagram in the middle circle of this crop formation. Thanks to the photographer. 

After the beautiful flower crop circle at Westbury White Horse, we see a seed placed on the earth–promise of a goodly harvest. The six-pointed star refers to the six-petalled flower we have witnessed at Westbury. The life-supporting masculine and feminine energies plant themselves as a harmonious unit on our Earth to renew and continue a Creation of purpose, hope and future growth.

A Second Look at Echilhampton

Upon second look, I noticed that the hexagram in the middle circle is not the traditionally known one that is made of two separate triangles. It is more like what is know as the Magic Hexagram.

Because the two-triangle hexagram was not formed of a single unbroken line, it was thought to have weakened power. A ‘magic’ version was invented, with one line connecting the hexagram’s six points in such a way that the line need never be broken. (Walker 69 – 70)

Even with this altered perception of the hexagram in the Echilhampton formation, the meaning as stated in the first look still stands and in a stronger way even, since the ‘Oneness’ of the two different energies cannot be broken.

This ‘magic hexagram’ seems to be more like what has been included in the ‘seed’ design.

-Michelle Jennings


Walker, Barbara. The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects. Castle Books. Edison,NJ. 1998.



Cassandra Ladea

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Short comment about the crop circle reported at Etchilhampton nr Devizes 8th August 2016:

The ET invader pro-Jesus has signed this crop circle at Etchilhampton nr Devizes 8th August 2016 (read my comment about the ET crop circle at Reigate Hill, 19th July 2016 on your website). This Star of David is also a symbol of the raëliens with the svastika. But Raël, who invite the Elohim, has said that the people of Afrika must cut with the Christianity ... I have explained this in this video in French :

Raël ambassadeur des extra-terrestres gêne l'invasion conduite par Jésus Ω

More informations on OLCPIE :

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Vishnou, Kalki


Have noticed that the “star” pattern detailed in the comments section in the August 8th Wiltshire circle is incorrectly identified as the Star of David. I have attached a diagram of the “star” as it actually appears.

The background of the pattern is a careful basket-weave-type crosshatch, amid which are “swirls” of differing sizes as I have indicated in yellow. There may be more than I’m seeing on this image, but it would appear they denote stars/constellations. Perhaps someone with better images can see more accurately.
I haven’t highlighted the “swirls” within the triangles as they seem fairly obvious.

Many thanks for all your valuable work! It’s a wonderful resource and service you are maintaining.


Fabric of space traversed via wormhole?

I have highlighted the “grid” of the background of the circle. Green indicates “over” and yellow indicates “under” as best I can discern - so the background does not appear to be a weave as such. Also, the grid does not present as a single uniform background grid upon which the hexagram etc are laid. There appears to be two grids, left and right, as separated by the centre line of the hexagram (point to point).

I am loathe to suggest a meaning, however the “grid” pattern might hark to the common pictorial representations of the fabric of space. In this instance, as there are two grids, perhaps a duality of the fabric of space? Different layers? Objects moving both ways through a central wormhole? (see pictures)

I believe the blue triangle sits atop the red triangle and so the hexagram isn’t intertwined/knotted as this pattern is often depicted, i.e. they are separate entities - not one in the same.

The only major (obvious) asymmetry seems to be in the form of the dual “swirls” within the large section of the blue triangle (thereby identifying it as being distinct from the red); all other hexagram sections have only one swirl. The maker is seemingly highlighting the red and blue triangles are from different places in the universe (perhaps the swirls indicate planets in each system?) The blue and red triangles (arrows indicating direction of travel) note that both areas are connected and able to be reached via the wormhole (denoted by the central circle which both triangles intersect)

Re my previous assertion that the swirls amid the weave seem to denote constellations or the like, it is certainly difficult to say definitively that the swirls aren’t simply the method the maker used to create the spaces in the grid. In some instances the swirls seem to rise prominently above the grid, and in others they are somewhat obscured. Indeed, in some sections there are two swirls per grid square. In either case, they certainly further represent the fabric of space.

Christopher Scott


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Today is “1 Muluc” and connects with the annular eclipse on September 1.

The formation shows the Mayan day-sign Muluc:


This is the day-sign of today according to the “Cosmic Tzolkin-count”, because today (that means the eight of August) is 1 Muluc; the glyph Muluc shows a single drop and refers to offering. Since the first of March 2008, there is a fixed connection between 3 counts with always 24 “kin” (days) difference (see further also this explanation – lessons about the tzolkin and the day 5 Ahau in connection with the sunflower-formation). Because of the difference of 24 days, the upcoming annular eclipse on the first of September is also a day “1 Muluc”, but according to the classical count, as the following picture shows:


Note that the rings of the formation also resemble an annular eclipse. It seems that the field shows the two additional day-signs as a kind of ghosts:


The relationship with the annular eclipse on December 25, 1582

As also other formations this year point out, the annular eclipse of the first of September 2016 relates to the annular eclipse of Christmas 1582, which has its significance as the first eclipse after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar. There is a subtle hexagram in the central circle (as Michelle Jennings points out). This connects the two eclipses, because:

- There are exactly 6 × 6 × 149 lunar months in between (= 22 Katuns).

- While September 1, 2016 is 1 Muluc, December 25, 1582 is 6 Muluc (both dates: classical count).

The relationship with the near future

The formation also has a subtle reference to the future. While 24 days ahead in the future refers to the annular eclipse, 24 trecenas (a trecena = 13 days) ahead in the future refers to June 16, 2017. On June 14 to 16, 2017 cosmology shows a hexagram (see: Double triangle refers to June 15, 2017). This is also a day 1 Imix (Cosmic Tzolkin), which is the first day of the Tzolkin-calendar).

Marc Smulders

A comet has been moved out of orbit and positioned to strike Earth (the outer ring). Also, the small inner ring indicates that the specific impact area for Earth has been determined. This comet may be one of the later ones coming in from the Kuiper Belt or the Inner Oort Cloud, since so many positioning crop circles have been  made in past years. A unicursal hexagram is barely visible just outside the inner circle. This symbol will decline in significance after the comet strikes. The lay of the crop circle is quite intricate, suggesting the uneven surface of the comet, or to discourage the presumption that the circle is manmade due to its relative simplicity.

Ken Heck

The imagery field were traces of crop circles from 2015. These images I added to the slide.

Pávková Z.

Hi Everyone  

I would like to share this mirrored image with you of the above crop formation. This formation is now made up of two right sides.

When you zoom into the image you will clearly see in the top shaded area of the formation a mystic being that is wearing a tall turban. His hands are stretched out in front of him and he seems to be holding something in each hand. Take note here of his eyes as when you zoom into them you will see that they are looking right at us. 

In the middle of the centre circle there is now the face of an alien being. Could this alien being be coming through a wormhole? And I very much like the elaborate pattern that now frames his face (or this wormhole). This alien being is not looking at us like the mystic man above is but instead he seems to be looking down where the two figures are that are in front of him. For there are another two beings, which can be clearly, seen by turning this formation upside down. 

The top male figure that this alien being in the centre is looking down at looks very important indeed. I feel a great sense of authority from him. Also take note here that at each side of this important being’s head is the head of a young boy this boy is looking one to the left and one to the right. Standing in front of this important looking being is another being with outstretched arms. He seems to be wearing a crown and he seems to have something just under his lips as his mouth is closed so whatever this is its not coming out of his mouth. It could be some kind of goatee beard. I feel that both this formation and the “Hundred Day Calendar” formation have totally different vibes coming from them compared to the other formations that have been laid this year. These two formations almost seem alive. They almost draw you in when looking at them. It’s as if your brain is adjusting to another unseen world. I’m just wondering if we aren’t going to see some very different formations next year as I believe these two formations are just a taster of what is to come.

Love to you all from Helen



Calendar with dates of eclipses, tilt of the Earth axis and dimensional spacecraft.

Fernando Ortolá

Transformation in the Blue Storm Year

Crop circle from 8th August 2016 at Etchilhampton Hill, nr Devizes, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar, 8th August 2016 is a day of the Blue Spectral Storm Year, which began on 26th July 2016.

In my opinion, on the crop circle is depicted the energy BLUE STORM, which has following qualities:

Activation, Catalyzation of the processes, Energy, Self-Generation.

On the crop circle we see myriads of swirls, which depict whirls, vortices. They symbolize the energy "
BLUE STORM". And the circle in the center of the formation depicts the “Eye of the Storm” ;-).

When we watch the formation under a specific angle, we see the typical depiction of the light body Merkaba. On this way the authors of the crop circle remind us that in the Blue Storm Year we receive the Blue energy of Transformation, which helps for transformation of the cells and cell structures in crystalline ones, which can retain more light. This leads also to the forming of the light body Merkaba.

We can use the Blue energy for our personal transformation. For a better assimilation of this energy we can use all kind of energy tools like goals, dreams, intentions, thought-forms, affirmations, meditations, visualizations etc.

The Transformation is part of the Enlightenment process, which includes these 4 phases with the corresponding energies:

1. Beginning:
We receive the Red energy of Beginning.
Cells, cell structures, energy bodies are prepared.

2. Purification, Refinement:
We receive the White energy of Purification.
Cells, cell structures, energy bodies are purified.

3. Transformation:
We receive the Blue energy of Transformation.
Cells, cell structures, energy bodies are transformed in crystalline ones.

4. Ripening
We receive the Yellow energy of Ripening.
Cells, cell structures, energy bodies are filled with light.

In the years this process looks as follows:

In a Red Moon Year we receive the Red energy of Beginning.
In a White Wizard Year we receive the White energy of Purification.
In a Blue Storm Year we receive the Blue energy of Transformation.
In a Yellow Seed Year we receive the Yellow energy of Ripening.

26.7.2014 – 24.7.2015: Red Moon Year
26.7.2015 – 24.7.2016:
White Wizard Year
26.7.2016 – 24.7.2017:
Blue Storm Year
26.7.2017 – 24.7.2018:
Yellow Seed Year

Deep gratitude to the authors of this astonishing crop circle and to the photographers from !!

Maya Todorova

Some CC are, in my opinion, a "picture" of an event. This event represents a big explosion/impact over the surface of the planet seeing from above. The inner ring is the impact area surrounded for the devastated area caused for the blast wave depicted by the second ring.

A Ciaran



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike