Nursteed Farm, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 17th August.

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A crop picture at Nursteed Farm on August 17, 2016 shows a special version of Metatron’s Cube which has been overlaid with “Pacman” or “peace” symbols. Nearby in the landscape, we can see other features which complete a “night sky triangle” of Antares, Mars and Saturn on August 26, 2016. On a broader scale in the landscape, we can see an “angel” who is watching a “ship fall off the edge of a cliff”, while it toots out a message of warning with its “foghorn”.  

“Metatron’s Cube” is a well-known shape from sacred geometry. It has been drawn many times before in crops (see time2012b or fringe2014y). In this new example, they modified its shape slightly so as to emphasize outer symbols for “Pacman”, and inner symbols for “peace”.  

We will try to understand below why they made this choice. What are they thinking? And what are their subtle messages for us all?  

The crop artists drew a special version of Metatron’s Cube at Nursteed Farm on August 17, 2016, made of “Pacman” symbols and “peace” signs                                                                                                                                                     

Those outer “Pacman” symbols might also be meant to represent “lunar crescents”.  

There was a full Moon on August 17, 2016, which was the date when this crop picture appeared. The next crescent Moon will be on August 26, 2016, which is a date coded astronomically in the landscape nearby (see below).  

A similar “lunar crescent-central dot” motif was drawn in crops at Wilton Windmill on July 15, 2016 (see wilton windmil l2016)  

Will there be a serious threat soon to world peace?  

Once we remove some background lines, this crop picture seems to show six “Pacman” symbols, who are preparing to surround and bite six “peace” symbols!  

A single “peace” symbol was drawn in crops on June 16, 2015 at Stanton St. Bernard, in an apparent response to a series of terrorist attacks in Paris (see devizes road 2015). Might the crop artists be warning us about some similar war-like event in the near future?  

Several landscape features nearby resemble a partial map of the night sky for Antares, Mars and Saturn on August 26, 2016  

You can see various images of the Antares-Mars-Saturn night sky “triangle” here (see mars-and-saturn-put-on-a-show). We used an on-line computer program (see yoursky) to determine that the astronomical date drawn in crops (plus landscape symbols nearby) is close to August 26, 2016. 

Metatron’s Cube in this case represents the planet “Saturn”, which seems appropriate because there is a large and fluid “hexagon” shape at the north pole of Saturn in real life.  

Jupiter, Venus and Mercury also formed “night sky triangles” on August 17 or 26, 2016. Yet the shapes of those other “triangles” were mirror images of the Nursteed crop-landscape arrangement, so they seem less relevant.  

Why was Metatron’s Cube drawn in crops then and there? Probably because two sets of “planetary symbols” from a crop picture at Nursteed Farm on August 17, and a crop picture at Etchilhampton on August 8, may be joined to form a “hexagon” 

Two triangles, when joined together along one of their edges, quite naturally will form a hexagon!  

The first set of planetary symbols was drawn in crops at Etchilhampton on August 8, and showed Antares, Mars and Saturn for August 22 (see Etchilhampton articles).  

The second set of planetary symbols was drawn in crops at Nursteed Farm on August 17, and showed Antares, Mars and Saturn for August 26. Those three night-sky objects will create a “straight line” in Earth’s sky on August 24. So the two crop-drawn dates of August 22 or 26 lie equally far to either side of that “straight line”, as Mars moves past and between Antares and Saturn.  

A second set of planetary images was drawn in crops on August 17, which is 9 days past the first set of planetary images on August 8. The coded date from that second set of planetary images was August 26, which is another 9 days into the future. 

When we consider that the first set of planetary images on August 8 included two “ghost” crop pictures from August of 2015 (on days 3 or 19, adding to 22), then we begin to understand the long-term planning and scope of these paranormal “crop pictures” more clearly!  

Very few crop pictures are made using “rope and boards”. They also seem to be the result of long-term, careful planning through time. There is no doubt about either of these general conclusions. You can take them as a well-evidenced “scientific facts”.  

A broad landscape image shows a “man” who is looking at a “large city” (Devizes)  

On a somewhat broader scale in the landscape, close to Nursteed Farm, we can see the schematic image of a “man” who is looking wistfully at a “large city” nearby. In this case it happens to be the English city of Devizes, but metaphorically it could be meant to represent some other city, somewhere else?  

Earlier this summer on July 16, 2016, within the “head” or “mind” of that “man” in the landscape, the crop artists drew a simple “circle and dot”, in order to suggest that he was “thinking about triangles” (see wessex ridgeway 2016a or wessex ridgeway comments).  

To understand the subtle messages which those crop artists are communicating to us, we have to follow and study a whole series of different crop pictures and their landscape locations over an entire summer season, or even over several years. Just looking at a single crop picture is seldom sufficient to decipher their messages accurately.  

The flipped landscape shows an “angel” who is looking at a “ship fall off a cliff”, while it blows a “foghorn” as a message of warning 

When we flip this landscape over by 180o, and look at It from a different perspective, then we find another amazing landscape image as shown above. Who might this “angel” be, and why is he watching a “ship” fall off the “edge of a cliff”?  

The crop artists drew an image of “Metatron’s Cube” just below that “ship” in the landscape, so we might wish to consider the angel “Metatron”? (see Metatron) He was a normal Earth human long ago by the name of “Enoch”, and a great architect of the pyramids. Yet later he found favour with heavenly visitors and was “taken up by God” (see Genesis 5:24 on Genesis).  

If we study this landscape image very closely, we can see two other interesting features. First, that “ship” is blowing its “foghorn” as it falls over the edge of the cliff (see www.youtube.com). Clearly the captain of the “ship” is navigating in a “fog”, and has no idea how much danger looms ahead! This is an obvious metaphor for “time”.  

Secondly, the new crop picture creates “three dots” in a field halfway down that “cliff”, while near the top of the “cliff”, we can see “three long dashes” as a natural part of the landscape there. Was the crop artist trying to suggest a standard naval message of distress as “S (three dots) – O (three dashes) - S (three dots)” in Morse code?  

Indeed, are we humans on Earth that metaphorical “ship in distress”? Are our “captains“ or leaders sailing us through a “fog”, and about to cause us to “fall off a cliff”?  

Six amazing crop pictures have appeared so far in southern England during August of 2016 

What an amazing crop picture at Nursteed Farm on August 17! It was just as good as the “Mothership Glass” crop picture on August 12 near Ansty (see Ansty 2016), or a highly-woven “isocursal hexagram” on August 8 near Etchilhampton (see Etchilhampton 2016), or three other crop pictures earlier in August (see August 2016).  

To the best of my knowledge as a long-term professional scientist, none of those six crop pictures were made by local people using “rope and boards”. Such a high and advanced level of picture-making, by friendly visitors not native to our space and time, suggests that open contact with these visitors may lie not too far in our future.  

Two excellent drone videos (see www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com) show a large “off centre” circle of flattened crop at the centre of the Nursteed Farm crop picture. This striking feature could not possibly have been made using rope and boards, because any hypothetical “rope” would have to keep changing its distance away from a hypothetical central “pole”.  

Six “lunar crescents” around the outside may refer to a crescent Moon on August 26, 2016, which is also the “sky date” for Saturn, Mars and Antares coded in the landscape nearby. While watching these wonderful drone videos, I felt that the Nursteed Farm crop picture might be entitled “Peace Surrounded”.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. We would like to thank Hugh Newman and Matthew Williams for aerial photographs, plus Michael Romeo for computer-generated images of the night sky.

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