Pirai do Sul, Nr Prudentópolis, Brazil. Reported 14th August.

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Advertisement by a major Internet company in Brazil?  

“In Pirai do Sulthe mystery was solved! This agroglyph was designed by HughesNet, a world leader in satellite telecommunication. Hughes, which has been in Brazil for 50 years, offers satellite broadband internet through the HughesNet brand to places far from major centres, especially in rural areas.  

The branding action was created to commemorate HughesNet's two-year launch in Brazil, and the expansion of the satellite Internet coverage area. The revelation of the origin of the drawing took place this Saturday (August 18), and included a balloon flight for the public, as well as the presence of journalists and other people of influence. 

Hughes communications manager Marcelo Juliato explains that a special edition of the "Folha do Campo" newspaper was created by the company especially for this action, and sent to journalists and influencers with only the printed cove. A branch of oats from the plantation was added between blank pages to arouse curiosity. An on-line version of this newspaper has also been created, and soon the entire making of showing the construction of the design will be available at folhadocampo.com.br    

Caio Bocuti, partner and executive producer of Catalunya Filmes, the company responsible for designing the agroglyph, and recording the production in a film that will be published on the internet, explains that the creation of the drawing in the plantation was a complex work that involved a series of professionals. "We hired a topographer and we talked to agronomists to teach us the best way to create the drawing and how to do it at dawn so people would not see the team working," he adds.  


Can the E.T. crop artists send wi-fi signals to certain people psychically using our “third eye”?  

By drawing a “wi-fi connection” icon in crops, near the small town of Pirai do Sul in Parana, Brazil on August 14, 2018, might some unknown artists have been referring to a psychic connection to our mental “third eye” (namely the iron-rich pineal gland), rather than a radio-wave connection to our laptop computers or other devices?  

We have no information at present as to who made this small and recognizable crop picture, close to a two-lane road on the outskirts of Pirai do Sul. Some people speculate that it may have been commissioned by a local internet company to encourage more business? Alternatively, it may be a clever joke being played on us by the real E.T. crop artists, who often use “advertising” images as part of their long-term program, to open contact humorously with humans on Earth.  

Psychic communications between friendly E.T’s and humans on Earth first gained wide prominence due to a memorable scene in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977). As one scene in that movie, we could see thousands of Buddhist monks from northern India gather spontaneously in an open field, then begin chanting loudly and pointing at the sky, because they had heard a psychic message from above (see www.youtube.com ).  

Since then, millions of people on Earth have thought (or imagined) that they have received psychic communications from extra-terrestrials. A local nurse in Australia, Mary Rodwell, has even set up an encounter network for such people. She calls them “star children” (see www.acern.com.au or www.youtube.com). If you happened to attend any major “UFO meeting” recently, you would have probably found that the room was full of them. Those “psychic contactees” also attend the large Glastonbury conferences each summer, as well as a small crop-circle conference at Alton Barnes (see night of crop circling).  

Putative psychic connections have been part of the crop-circle scene since the 1990’s, when Doug Bower once said that unknown psychic influences had made him go out into fields late at night with “rope and boards”. Other modern crop-artists such as Matthew Williams have spoken about “strange things” happening late at night in the fields. Once you meet a sizable number of people who are interested in crop circles, from one point of view or another, their repeated, diverse and sincere testimonies about psychic contacts become hard to ignore!  

We will show additional slides soon, which will explore the facts and possible meanings of this new Brazilian crop picture further. Finally, if there was any definite message sent by the most recent “wi-fi” transmission to Brazil, it would seem possibly to be the number “3”, which fills the upper-left part of a slide above. This could mean for example “3 years”.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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