Sarraltroff, Nr Goerlingen, Moselle, France. Reported 11th June.


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Updated  Thursday 6th September  2018


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Why does the Sarraltroff crop picture of June 11, 2018, when studied in the landscape where it was drawn, show a “horned serpent” flying this way, with a “French flag” held humorously in his mouth?  

And how might those “counter-rotating propellers” be a metaphor for the use of electromagnetic repulsions (similar to Lenz’s Law) for interstellar space travel?  

Why does this crop picture show a “bird with a human face”, when we view it in the landscape from a different perspective? Who is that “bird” or “horned serpent” of central or north American legend? 

And why does that “bird” show “counter-rotating propellers” along its back, which might help it to fly through space by means of electromagnetic repulsions (similar to Lenz’s Law)? 


Dear French police, did you catch the culprits who made this 1994 crop picture yet? Good luck at that!

If some French debunkers, who recently claimed in a new video (released more than two months after the fact) to have “made” this beautiful and clever crop picture, surely they would know what it means? 

Monet savait-il ce qu'il faisait quand il peignait des «fleurs dans son jardin» ou des «nénuphars»? Van Gogh savait-il ce qu'il faisait lorsqu'il peignait une «nuit étoilée» ou «l'église d'Auvers»? Ils prétendent l'avoir fait, mais ne savent pas ce que cela signifie? Peut-on vraiment être les vrais artistes alors? Peut-être que leur nouvelle vidéo est juste une charade?

This stunning “angel blowing a trumpet” crop picture is not in the usual databases. The only photos seem to be held by a local French newspaper. It appeared on 6th July, 1994 near Noveant, Moselle, France. I have also attached two “supplementary” files, if you wish to add it to your 1994 Archives? Two of its flattened circles look like “basket weaves” but we can’t be sure.

That “angel” in 1994 was blowing the “first trumpet” to everyone down on Earth.

Did Monet know what he was doing when he painted “flowers in his garden” or “water lilies”? Did van Gogh know what he was doing when he painted a “starry night” or the “church at Auvers”? The French debunkers claim to have made it, but don’t know what it means. Can they really be the true artists then? Perhaps their new video is just a charade?

A new crop picture near Sarraltroff, France on June 11, 2018 shows a large letter “Q” for the extra-terrestrial crop artist “Quetzalcoatl”, who drew a famous “headdress” in crops near Silbury Hill in England on July 5, 2009 

Today in 2018, he seems to be flying through space toward Sarraltroff, France, using magnetic levitation by two counter-rotating currents for propulsion, and humorously carrying a “French flag”.  

On June11, 2018, we saw the image of a large letter “Q” drawn in crops near Sarraltroff, France. This would seem to be the classic signature of an extra-terrestrial crop artist called “Quetzalcoatl”, who has similarly “signed” many crop pictures over the years:  

He also drew a famous “Quetzalcoatl Headdress” in crops near Silbury Hill in England on July 5, 2009.  

Two “counter-rotating swirls”, which were drawn within that large letter “Q”, are a standard representation for “Lenz’s Law” in studies of electricity and magnetism. One electric current E from an AC electromagnet (marked in blue) induces an opposing electric current E in a nearby conducting material (marked in red):   

Those two opposing, circular currents then cause the source electromagnet (with a fast-alternating magnetic field B) and a nearby conductor to repel one another, as shown by a simple levitating device on the right. Perhaps Quetzalcoatl is hinting to us here how he flies through space, by means of a repeated, stepwise application of Lenz’s Law? 

Similar suggestions have been made in many other crop pictures over the years. It would be similar to the way in which a one-piece homopolar motor works, except would be intended to produce translation rather than rotation. The possible physics here seem very straightforward, and should be explored further.  

Today in 2018, Quetzal or “Q” seems to be flying toward the town centre of Sarraltroff, France (marked with a red dashed line in the slide below):  

When we use Google Earth to study where in the landscape this crop picture was drawn, we can see that it was drawn just above the long body of a “horned serpent”, which is a native-American symbol for “Quetzalcoatl” (or “Awanyu”):   

We can also see that our crop-artist friend from the stars is humorously carrying a tricolour “French flag” in his mouth. What a joker!


“True voyage is return.” (Ursula LeGuin)  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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