Hackpen Hill (2). Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. Reported 23rd June

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Updated Saturday 4th August  2018


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A confirmation of yesterday's post on Russia's crop circle, indicating the alignment of the full moon with the star Vega, on June 28 (Moon enters full phase). And Saturn together, constellation of Sagittarius. There is even a WHITE HORSE in the landscape, to identify the Centaur.

This is the second crop circle of Hackpen Hill, the first one, on June 9, 14 days ago (,1+4=5) featured four stars and a central circle with 5 cross stitches, alluding to the Moon monument in 1969 (Hall of Fame) and the entrance of the new moon into the inner space of four bright stars on 13 June.
Now a single pentagram, and we're five days from the full moon (23/6 + 5 = 28/6) and VEGA is the fifth brightest star in the sky. Join the four stars of Hackpen Hill earlier with this new star, the fifth star, and we will allude to VEGA and the sense of a conception (Moon).

Join the astrological symbols of Moon and Saturn, and you find the crop circle model, because Saturn is also represented by a crescent moon under a cross (representing the sickle). And insert a star (pentagram) between them, and it will have the design of Hackpen Hill 2, indicator of the Full Moon with Saturn and Vega in five days, June 28.

Anyway, continues the exaltation of the MOON in the crop circles, as I have been pointing from the beginning, and since 2017, in fact. At first glance, then, this crop circle connects with the Full Moon aligned with Vega, the fifth star, on June 28: indirect to CONTACT (Book Carl Sagan?)


CROP CIRCLE HACKPEN HILL 2, and I had already made a SLIDE for Hackpen Hill 1 on the Stargate theme.

In this second crop circle, the fifth star, Full Moon and Vega on June 28, makes a direct indication to the movie CONTACT! A continuation of the Slide that I had done before, I just had to adjust the images. But the idea is this!


Gathering the last crop circles, and comparing them to Hackpen Hill (2), in the vision of a hollow sphere containing the star within it, and knowing that in antiquity Angels were represented by stars, and knowing that on the day of the Moon full moon announced by the Crop Circle, full moon in conjunction with Saturn and aligned with the star Vega, the fifth brightest star in the sky, June 28, this crop circle can represent a Sacred Womb conceiving a Great Angel for Earth. The Name of the Angel has been written in many and many crop circles ... ever since! Angels are not like humans, they incarnate under the greater force of the stars, and a star of the sky represents them in the Earth, in its mission.


"The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star, burning like a torch, fell from the heavens in the third part of the rivers and fountains of water, and the name of the Star is Wormwood (Absinthe)"
Revelation 8: 10-11

Revelation 9 speaks of the same star, whose action is on Earth and in the interior of the Earth, opening the Abyss, that is, this crop circle shows, among other things, the gravitational influence of the hidden star (symbolically falling from the sky) and which is disturbing the Earth's core and causing all the effects we have seen on the surface, in increasing and large-scale march. The star within the hollow of the Earth represents the influence of Nemesis, or Absinthium, on the planetary nucleus. And the name of the third Angel (Venus) is Uriel (U).


Tomorrow, June 25, 2018, the first crop circle Torino Italia will be twelve years old: many of the Italian crop circles were suns and twelve-petal flowers! It may be that a new crop circle appears to record the date!
But we have already noticed that there is a connection between formations from 2006 and 2018. Horace Drew noted the similarity between the format of Hackpen Hill 2 and the Wormhole of 11 July 2006. Incidentally, 2006 was the Wormholes Season in UK! But it also resembles a star (Angel) within a sphere (spiritual pregnancy): and in 2006, we had a crop circle showing the CONCEPTION! What was conceived in 2006, will now be born in 2018. This reminds us of Revelation 12, 12 stars, 12 years, 2006-2018, Jupiter cycle!

Torino 2018 (and I DO NOT BELIEVE it is authored by F.Grassi) repeats the same pattern of buildings seen from above, in perspective, as another crop circle of 2006, UK: twelve buildings around the Sun, or central star, seen from top in perspective.

We also had Lamat Mayan, on August 15, 2006, 52 days later (52, Mayan number) of the first Torino Crop Circle, on 06.25.2006, showing the internal solar system, Sun and three orbits, Mercury, Venus and Earth with the moons in its four phases. And the orbit of Venus forms the star Lamat, and it looks like the entrance of a Stargate into the Sun.

Even the crop circle of the Tarot FOOL, the Traveler, has appeared! Tomorrow, June 25, 2018, the Torino Italia code completes 12 years. Something will be born, and the message completes a cycle. Who knows, with a new crop circle closing the message and repeating all these codes and standards?

Maps of Hackpen Hill 2: a crop circle appeared in front of two natural formations that are exactly like THE GREEK LETTER OMEGA, which means END OF CYCLE! Twelve years, 2006-2018!



Gathering the last crop circles in comparative symbologies, we draw some conclusions.

On June 9, the first formation of Hackpen Hill shows a circle with four stars in a distorted field (spherical plane) and inside it, which remembered, among other things, the famous Einstein Cross, or quadruple image of a Quasar in the constellation of Pegasus because of the gravitational lens effect. Next day, June 10, in Keysley Down, a vortex-3 appears. Combined numbers of geometries, 4 and 3. And note the name of the place: Keys / Ley. And the next day, June 11, France, a strange pictogram appears, with two internal vortices, similar to the Yang-Yin, but in opposite directions! And on one side, a line with 4 circles, and on the other, with 3 circles. And a bow, like a horn, indicating a kind of JUMP OF ENERGY, typical of a Stargate: Hyperdimensional Jump. But on June 19, in Russia, the same style of pictogram appears, with 4 in-line circles on one side, accompanied by a wave (oscillation), and 3 circles on the other side, along the same vertical axis, and separating the sides, an arc with two spirals in opposite directions of rotation! Like in France!

And finally, at Hacpen Hill, where it all started on the 9th, a crop circle returns, on the 23rd, and looks like a star within a sphere, idea of ​​a Stargate. Horace Drew noticed a double vortex inside the pentagram, and just as in the CC of France and Russia, the double vortex moved in opposite directions! Putting it all together, numbers four and three (4/3), crop circles from Hackpen Hill 1 and Keysley Down, France and Russia.

And double and opposing vortices, France, Russia and Hackpen Hill 2. Stargate keys? (4/3) Fá musical note on the Pythagorean scale. Double and opposing vortices, some sort of combined magnetism, or even magnetic rupture in divergent fields?


Artwork WJ

Tone 6 helps us to achieve Balance

Crop circle from 23 June 2018 at Hackpen Hill (2), nr. Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 23 June 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal “Yellow Warrior” and with Tone 6, in the Blue Castle with major energy Yellow Star.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Star
Yellow Warrior
Red Serpent – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Warrior
Tone 6
Red Moon

They have following qualities:

Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony
Yellow Warrior – Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Red Serpent – Life Force, Life Stability, Instinct
Tone 6 – the Rhythmic Tone of Balance
Red Moon – Purification, Flow, Universal Water

In the center of the formation is depicted a star, which symbolizes the energy YELLOW STAR.

This is also a schematic depiction of a human with head, 2 arms and 2 legs. The triangular form of the head resembles a helmet, thus the figure depicts a Warrior and symbolizes the energy YELLOW WARRIOR.

Besides, the formation is intentionally located near a White Horse on the next hill. In the past the Warrior usually has ridden a horse.

The figure of the Warrior consists of 5 triangles, and the center of the figure depicts a pentagon. Here the number 5 symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT – Solar Seal No. 5.

The figure of the Warrior is in a bright circle and round this circle there are two lunar crescents, a smaller and a bigger one, which symbolize the energy RED MOON. The Red Moon is the powerful Energy of the Flow of cosmic energies, emanating from the Source. The Energy of the Flow is a strong driving force of the Evolution.

On the other side, the bright circle with the Warrior’s figure depicts a wheel, which rotates in an outer bigger wheel, which rotates in a third outer even bigger wheel. This depicts the situation of each human: the Flow of Life carries us, shakes us back and forth and sometimes we have the feeling that we lose stability.

The Rhythmic Tone 6 reminds us of this Rhythm of the life, but on the other hand it helps us to achieve a Balance, a Dynamic Equilibrium in this constantly changing reality.

The energy Red Serpent helps us to achieve Life force and the energy Yellow Star helps us to achieve Harmony.

So if we feel out of balance, it is wisely on such day with Tone 6 to stay some time outdoors, in the sunlight, and let Tone 6 to balance us. It is more important now when the cosmic energies become increasingly stronger and we have constantly to make efforts to adapt ourselves to them.

I express my sincere gratitude to the authors of this well-timed crop circle and to the photographers of  www.cropcircleconnector.com   !

Maya Todorova


Irregularities within the two rings may be evidence of man-made origin. The star represents a large space station visible to the naked eye. The station will be falling to the Earth  through the two Van Allen belts depicted here as the large and smaller crescents (See Section 7 – Crescents and Bowshocks, pg. 71, of my free ebook) due to interference from a comet, probably Comet B.  See also T1186, pg. 147 and T1232, pg. 148 of my free ebook (theheckhypothesis.com/kenheckfiles.html). The five dots within the station may represent punctures and escaping air or gas due to small comet fragments (probably more than exactly five).

Kenneth Heck

We have 5 circles inscribed in each other and a five-pointed star in the centre. For me it means that: there are 5 hierarchies, represented by the 5 types of planets above the school planet (6th) category, and that the star means the birth of another class 5 or dense planet, which in this case is the Earth that is changing its category and joining the select list of 5 existing worlds above the 6th grade or school, which we would have belonged to earlier. We can observe that the star is the 6th element from the outside in, since it is also inside the last and innermost circle (5th), which reinforces our argument that the 6th planet of the series of 6 planets is changing categories, going from 6th to 5th class. The fact that there is "open contact" between the circles means that the evolution of the the series of worlds passes irrevocably to the less advanced.

That is, what was a sixth type of planet is becoming a planet type five because we are already hunting a planet and we must find a primitive planet or 7th.

One more thing, within my logic of understanding the agroglyphs: Five triangles formed at the centre. Each triangle has 3 sides. 3 x 5 = 15. Add 15 + 1 (pentagon) = 16, and add 5 circles now, which provides the amount of 21 or 3 series of 7 types of worlds. Analysis question quantitative in a deductive logical imagination within spiritual parameters. One more thing: We have 3 circles of standing cereal that are equivalent to the 3 worlds of life already only spiritual in 1 series of 6 or 7 types of worlds. And we also have 3 circles and + 1 pentagon of folded cereal that equals 4 items of folded cereal, one, it seems to me, a clear allusion to the four still-living worlds of life present in 1 series of 7 worlds. One more thing: We have 3 circles of standing cereal that are equivalent to the 3 worlds of life already only spiritual in 1 series of 6 or 7 types of worlds. Why 7 worlds and not 6? Because the series of 7 types of worlds are the series of 6 types they have already found, from the aerospace research of their worlds schools or 6th type of world, which are equivalent to Earth, their respective primitive worlds.

The cereal standing remembers the full life, which can only be lived in the worlds of spiritual life already. It's the cereal folded reminds us of the oppressive life of the still-material worlds of life like ours. Thank you.

Carlos Alberto Yates
https://circulosdepoder.blogspot.com.br/    https://arazaopi.blogspot.com.br/    https://carlosyates1.blogspot.com.br/


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Reference to Venus, Mars and the lunar nodes in connection with the solar eclipse that will take place on the midsummer solstice of 2020. 

Like the formation of June 9 at Hackpen Hill, the pentagram refers to Venus. The outer circle is slightly eccentric: this refers to the rather elliptic orbit of Mars. The circle in between connects the outer circle of Mars with the pentagram of Venus and refers to the lunar nodes: on June 23, Mars was at the southern lunar node, while Venus was at the northern lunar node. The reference to the lunar nodes refers to the annular eclipse on the midsummer solstice in 2020, because this eclipse will occur exactly three times the sidereal rotation period of Venus (243 days) later, being 3 × 243 = 729 days or about two years. 

Marc Smulders



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike