Martinsell Hill, Nr Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 7th July.

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The pentagram symbolizes earth and is related to the primordial forces of Castor in connection with the future (1 to 6 February 2021)

For a start I gather some facts in order to clarify how they all relate to each other. Next I shall point out the symbolic meaning and draw conclusions.

The pentagram is a five-pointed star and basically symbolizes the element earth (for example in the tarot) and creativity. The overall large, but segmented, pentagram consists of 27 smaller pentagrams (16 pentagrams of standing crop and 11 pentagrams of flattened crop). These 27 pentagrams relate to an important number, namely 27 × 5 = 135, because 135 is also the exact number of segments of the formation. The formation was created on the seventh of July. Five days later, on the twelfth, the sun was closest to the star Castor, one of the two main stars of the constellation Gemini. The relationship of the pentagram with Castor will be pointed out later on. The seventh day of the seventh month may also relate to the week of seven days. I found: 135 weeks (945 days) after the formation’s creations date is: February 6, 2021.

The pentagram, the formation and/or the number 5 relate to:

- number 135, possibly 135 weeks or 945 days (see previous section)

- the golden ratio: It can be shown that in the formation the ratio of the larger pentagrams to the smaller ones is exactly the golden ratio! The same is true for the five pentagrams that surround the larger central pentagram. The number five also relates to the golden ratio φ, because φ = ½ + ½ √5, which equals 1.618.

- Venus, because within precisely eight years, Venus is 5 times in a superior and 5 times in an inferior conjunction with the sun. Each of these five conjunctions creates a pentagram in the zodiac.

- astrological aspects, namely the quintile and especially the bi-quintile, because this corresponds with an angle of 144 degrees or arc, the angle that creates the pentagram. The number 144 is also one of the numbers of the row of Fibonacci, which is based upon the golden ratio. On the formation creation’s date (July 7) we find a double bi-quintile with respect to Venus as well as Mercury. Moreover, around sunset, the moon (conjunct Uranus) is quintile the sun. This is shown in the following figure of July 7, sunset in Wiltshire:

Apart from the quintiles and bi-quintiles, the figure also shows that Castor (close to the sun) opposes Pluto.

When we combine these facts and link this with the average synodic period of Venus (the cycle of Venus as observed from the earth, being 584 days) as well as 135 weeks = 945 days, we find the golden ratio, because 945 / 584 = 1.618 (precise)! It turns out that there is also a relationship with the lunar month (29.5306 days on average). This relationship is also related to the number five of the pentagram, because when we multiply 2 five times by itself, we obtain: 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 = 32, while 32 lunar months equal 32 × 29.5306 days = 944.98 or precise 945 days = 135 weeks!

Hence, this supports the idea that the formation relates to 135 weeks in future (from the formation’s creation date), which turns out to be February 6, 2021. On this day the moon again will be quintile the sun (precise 32 lunar months later). Five days earlier, on February 1, 2021 (around sunset, which is 5 o’clock PM), there is a precise pentagram in the zodiac, provided we include the star Castor (in Gemini in the sidereal zodiac)! This is shown in the following figure:

In this case, I included Juno, very close to the southern node, as Juno is slightly closer to the precise pentagram in comparison with the southern node.

As coincidence of all these facts can practically be ruled out, we can conclude: The formation refers to earth, Venus, the star Castor and the future, that is to say, February 1 to 6, 2021. This is supported by the meaning of Castor.

The meaning of Castor

According to Christiane Beerlandt, Castor is the star that harbours a wide, deep and forceful energy-field. This primordial forces are created here and take shape. These are the forces that rise from the deeper layers of a human being to express itself in finer nuances, for example the creation of shapes, in singing, in music. These forces from the earth are forced to be directed towards the service of the spiritual. The energy of Castor is earthly and creative, hence the pentagram, and only interesting and liveable as soon as the mind doesn’t reside anymore outside the body, but is able to integrate the energy of Castor in its corporal being. The meaning for the future for mankind, I leave to the interpretation of the reader.

Marc Smulders


A complex pentagonal geometry appears in this crop circle announced July 7, Sun-Sirius alignment, and the aerial imagery around confirms the old Dogon symbologies for that star, as well as the pentagram symbol in Ancient Egypt. The clear Circle background can be considered the Sun, and this fractal pentagram, Sirius, to the Sun aligned.

It is a fractal geometry, and fractal means DIMENSIONS, that is, each fractal level of geometry 5 is a dimensional level, which means a STARGATE, or a trip between TWO STARS or Systems through levels or superimposed dimensional planes represented by fractal geometry. If I was not mistaken in the accounts, I noticed four sizes of pentagrams: the Matrix (highest) level 1, the second pentagram (clear in the centre) level 2, and 10 pentagrams (5 + 5) level 3, and 16 pentagrams (5 + 11) level 4 in size.

In reading level 3 (5 + 5), I remember that other crop circles portrayed two opposing and united pentagrams, such as forming a Portal-Stargate vortex for other dimensions (such as crop circle Jubilee Plantation, 2011), representing the union in space-time of two distant stars. The sum of 5 + 11 = 16, of the smaller pentagrams, level 4, lead us to the Arcanum 16, which is called the House of God, and it is the Tower, the Mountain, the Pyramid and the Staircase of access to the heavens. Another direction for the Stargate.
Not only geometry, but the message of numbers is also important in this crop circle. And it illustrates a journey within a Wormhole, with the escape of the stars in the hyperspace movement represented by all these pentagra

ms integrated in the fabric of Space-Time that seems to be broken before this singularity. In this season 2018 we had other models with staves and wormholes indicated. This would be another model, employing the analogy with today's Sun-Sirius alignment, July 7, as previously announced!


Note that the Crop Circle appeared next to an aerial image that is exactly like the DOGON symbol of Sirius A. Compare the symbol with the aerial image.

Dogon symbols of Sirius in the aerial image of the new crop circle July 7 Sun-Sirius, the fish, the letter X.


Otherwise, my OCTAGON has come, yes, today. From the central pentagram to the outer circle, we count 8 geometric levels with the distribution of the sub-pentagrams of the total formation, which is interesting from the point of view of Theosophy and Kabbalah, which regards the Universe as having SEVEN FUNDAMENTAL DIMENSIONS in its structure. around the original seed nucleus! (Big Bang)


The formation of Martinsell Hell, near the Wooton Rivers, reminds us of the position of the star Sirius near the cosmic rivers of the Milky Way (arms of galactic spirals).

In fact, this crop circle appeared in 8 geometric levels, which, crossing with the geometry 5 of the Pentagram, we find the PHI number, which is the numerical distribution pattern of Life and even the spiral of the galaxies. I believe this is a beautiful formation with implicit cosmological messages, from the Seven fundamental dimensions of the Universe around the seed nucleus (at the origin of the Big Bang) to the illustration of the Phi number in the organization of the stellar and galactic masses in the expansive harmony of the fabric of Space-Time.

Crop circle messages are fully embedded into cosmic frames, stellar moments, system alignments, because all of this is fractal geometry integrating worlds, dimensions, beings, stars, planets, and galaxies into the same phenomenon called LIFE, which Nature of Infinity signs under PHI = 8/5, the number of Beauty and Perfection of all that exists! The Number of GOD!


I appreciate that the crop circle Pentagram-Fractal this morning of Sun-Sirius July 7, in addition to the eight circular geometric levels mentioned, has another code: 11 linear geometric levels in each construction plane, which brings us back the 11- 11 code of synchronicities, timeliness and parallel dimensions, in crop circle messages since 1990 and the pictograms.
On the other hand, I believe the 4D mesh of the 2011 crop circle Jubilee Plantation relates to points marked in this new crop circle by the same technique of overlapping geometry.

The Universe speaks in three languages:


And the three connect in the highest of Sciences, which is also Art, called HARMONY! Understanding these three languages means opening the doors to the CONTACT!


In 2007, crop circles appeared with this fractal model associated with Stargates. Two crop circles, in particular: the first, with the same fractal geometry style of this new crop circle of July 7, 2018, and more, containing 225 points: reference to the orbit of Venus, which is 225 days (224.7 days). In another crop circle, we see the nucleus surrounded by eight geometric levels, just like this new crop circle, which suggests the dimensional levels of the Cosmic Tree of Life, which contains nine floors in total, nucleus (Origin) and eight surrounding skies.

Another crop circle associates the pentagram with the image of Venus, so that the pentagram is a symbol that means both VENUS and Sirius (and other important stars).

Fractal geometry, therefore, is a way of representing the dimensional levels of the Universe, and therefore the inter-dimensional travel models via Stargates!


Comparing the new crop circle July 7 with the Aztec Stone of the Sun, which encodes the same Mayan calendar, I noticed that they have the same circular levels in their structure, and that if the pentagram signifies the synodic cycles of Venus in relation to Earth (13/8 = Phi), with which the time counting of the Mayan was made, cycles upon cycles, so here we have a Time Table coded in this Fractal Pentagram with the same levels of the Aztec Stone. The Mayan understood time very differently from ours, and knew the keys to travel in the Hyperspace of the Fourth Dimension (the Time), which involves the Stargates.
The outer circle of the crop circle has 20 pentagrams, five larger and fifteen smaller, which is the same number of the seals of the Mayan Calendar, deeply related to the mysteries of time and the fourth dimension.

Mayan time: cycles over cycles, like fractal geometry: synchronicities are doors to other dimensions. The key to time is to understand the overlap of cycles and find doors of timelessness. If time is a sum of smaller cycles composing larger cycles, what is ETERNITY? And how to understand the door of the Eternal Present in the direction of a journey in the parallel dimensions? If time is the sum of seconds giving minutes, giving hours, giving days, giving months, giving years and more, and these times have infinite cycles (circles) superimposed on nature, as fractal geometry shows, where to find in this MEAN the door of ETERNITY that leads to other dimensions?

Here begins the mystery of this Stargate Crop Circle based on the fractal geometry and the representation of the synodic cycles of Venus in the counting times of the Mayans.

And the key of the Mayan Time Tunnel is called 13.BEN! (11:11) Space = 4, Time = 13 (1+4).


It is not coincidence that the ancient Mayan counted the cycles of the Earth and the sky employing the synodic cycles (13/8, Venus / Earth) as the unit of time of your Calendar. While the Matrix of the Hexagon produces the Flower of Life and builds the Geometry of Space (Snowflakes, Beehives, crystals and carbon atoms, molecules, etc.), the Geometry of the Pentagram (Phi) associated with Venus and the synodic cycle seems to be linked to time and the cycles of life in our world and in the universe, considering that the Golden Spiral encompasses until the dispersion of the great galaxies in the open space.

The Martinsell Hill CC, with its 20 stars in external disk (the 20 seals of the Mayan Calendar) shows a SERPENT (wave, frequency) tracing if we connect the centers of these 20 stars: the Feathered Serpent traveling in the Stargates beyond closed cycles and limited spaces ! I counted 16 smaller staves and 10 larger staves:  16/10 = 1.6, Phi.

Core and peripheral ripple: OM. The Sound of Creation. Speaking of time, the first Crop circle pentagram came on June 17, and 21 days later (7 + 7 + 7) on 7/7, the second appears, a fractal explosion of pentagrams, and these dates consider the march of time between them. Reading those two letters of the first CC horizontally, we take S.C. Synodic Cycle, which is quite appropriate. These synodic cycles are linked to the other planetary cycles, forming a large "TEMPORAL QUANTUM" in our Solar System, which becomes even greater if this chain links other stars and galaxies, all flowing in space in coordinates of PENTAGRAMS!

Time is energy in motion, in packets. Time is quantum because it flows in space in closed circular packages, standardized under Phi, the number of life. And life is time, time that passes, energy and matter that transform. My reading for THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT:

Every eternal instant is an energy to be understood, trapped within a smaller cycle to build a larger cycle. If you want to travel in time, you will have to realize the Butterfly Effect: to learn to transform within the energy of each moment through a conscious connection with the Cosmos. This is how the Mayan did with time! Like a serpent that makes wings ... and flies to higher dimensions! The "Quantum" of the Golden Age Phi is also inside each of us and it is he who connects us that Space-Time chain of the Universe-ONE! Time turns and rolls in Phi's infinite curves!

And it crosses you right now. Ever! Loaded with all the information of the Universe where the spiral crosses. Never forget that.


The last consequence of the message of Crop Circle Sirius (July 7) in relation to the Fractal Pentagram is that the entire Universe is structured on a Dodecahedron 5D Matrix, according to astronomer measurements. The direct meaning of this is that Stargates necessarily run alongside these structures, or at their crossing points.

Plato, Pythagoras and the ancient sages already mentioned this type of Dodecahedron-5D Universe, and today we know that it is real. The best news is that we can perform astral journeys through these 5D tunnels, understanding that mental energy is 5D. THE "WHOLE" IS MIND, said Hermes, repeated Pythagoras. The 5d Universe is Mind, and by the power of thought and atonement (frequency), you can make wonderful journeys while you sleep or meditates through the tracks of the Universe-Dodecahedron 5D!

The 5D Mental World flows in Golden Spirals that open and close, from the micro to the macrocosm, and the ancient sages knew that the HUMAN BEING WAS THE PLACE OF THE MIDDLE between these two regions, macrocosm of stars and galaxies, and microcosm of atoms and particles.

We are in a privileged position, the middle region, which allows us to travel to both worlds, macro and micro, through the keys of connected thought. This is another fantastic awakening tool that these crop circle messages send us.
Soon, I'll talk about the Sirius Festival! And this crop circle really sounds like a call from Sirius, that Star of the Reborn in the Light whose name was Star of Bethlehem!


The very impressive crop circle reported at Martinsell, Near Wooton River, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, 7th July 2018 has been made by the ET aliens interplanetary alliance directed by Jesus Omega, an Gray being who has the same soul as Jesus. 

The five external spikes of the big star may be compared with the roof of the bell tower of the church at Wooton River

This formations has been realised with a powerful unknown technology on two tractor double-lines. This may give the number 22.

The stars may suggest the European flag. The 22nd Greek letter is khi, a symbol of the Christ

This letter appears in this crop circle.

This crop circle refers also to the USA, the Pentagone, the emblem of Italy

But it refers also to the very impressive crop circle reported at Chutecauseway 26th July 2007

This other formation in July 2007 was a communication of the same ET group in link with me.

I have drawn a star with the Yin-Yang symbol inside on February 2007, for the "brothers of the stars" (At this time, I was under their very bad influence)

At the end of 2007 I have cut with these ET and with the Christianity and I became a buddha.

These aliens lies about the true divine Origin of the life. They are the authors of numerous abductions of humans and animals (Read John E. Mack for example). They kill some animals (see for example) They harass me (since 2008) and other people when they sleep etc.

Post scriptum 8th July 2018 :
I think that the invaders pro-Jesus have decided to make their complex crop circle star at Martinsell Hill near Wooton Rivers because they have contacted Jean-Pierre Derosier at saint-Pierre of La Réunion (France) 14th May 2018 with a triangular equilateral UFO just above the sea :
These bad aliens now that Mr Derosier has published a very impressive video of water running in the hill at saint-Joseph of La Réunion 16th January 2018 :
Unfortunately, the water is a symbol of blessing in the Christianity :

More information about all ET intrusions on my blog

Post scriptum 11th July 2018 :

The complex crop circle reported 7th July at Martinsell Hill near Wooton Rivers based on the five-pointed star and the pentagon patterns is also an important exopolitical message just before the NATO summit in Brussels today and tomorrow and just before the official visit of the president Donald Trump in United Kingdom 12th July 2018 !

(Nota bene : Hill // Summit ; Wooton contains the letters NTO ; and Martinsell Hill may suggest the words : STELLA, ARMIES, MILITAR(Y), ALLIES and also ALIENS, ASHTAR SHERAN etc Personately, I think that this ET chief doesn't exist. I think that the Gray beeing Jesus omega is the chief of this bad extra-terrestrial alliance.)

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki



Due to the minor geometric deviations there is a small possibility that this formation is actually man-made. The fundamental meaning here is that many satellites, large and small, will be damaged or pushed out of orbit by incoming comets, causing them to fall to Earth. Communication satellites are smaller and military ones are larger.

The background circle represents the Earth at night. The great star represents the three superpowers which have deployed the largest number of satellites and historically use a star as part of their national identity - the USA (white star), Russia (red star), and China (yellow star). These nations have created systems of satellites which surround the globe and here are reflected in the impression of the outer ring of stars surrounding the center.

The stars are of two types – the standard seen for many years of white with a black interior and the new type shown for the first time here of black with a white interior. The black type appears to be satellites which aren’t seen at night since because they are on the other side of the globe where the Sun’s radiation makes them impossible to see. The black type is also inverted, or rotated 72 degrees compared to the white stars, implying a different position, rather than simple invisibility. A central star surrounded by five stars appears in T992, pg. 144. A star within a star occurs in T1186, pg. 147 and T1232, pg. 148. See my free ebook at

The large central black star may be the satellite or space station seen by Veronica Lueken on pg. 205, and the subject of the third trumpet, discussed on pg. 190. The entire formation gives the impression of a pentagon – besides indicating the field of damage/destruction on Earth for the falling satellites, also implies that five comets will be involved, most likely Comets A, B, C, D, and E. The satellites affected by the later comets may have been non-functioning for a number of years and in effect may be regarded as space junk at that time.

Kenneth Heck

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