Muncombe Hill, Nr Kingweston, Somerset. Reported 14th July.

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Image The Hampshire Flyer Copyright 2018


This formation is related with the ancient sites. As for the past three months and probably the rest of the season, Crop Circle Makers were giving tips of how important is to preserve and reactivate those energy spots. Stone Circles are energy sites to balance the Earth's Energy Grid. Right now the Earth Magnetic Fields are unbalanced and are provoking all type of anomalies around the world. Wheather changes causing tornados, floods, heat waves, volcano eruptions, earthquakes. If the imbalance continues we are going to suffer dramatic changes in our life. 

This formation give a detailed graphic information on how to restore or rebuild de sites. There are some of them almost gone, but the weather changes are in aid, and sites like Newgrange in Ireland, is restoring the shape of of the original sites. Locations like Avebury Stone Circle, Silbury Hill pyramid, Windmill Hill, Orkney, and many more, must be restore. This is the key.

We are still on time. Do not lost time

You can find more graphic information on my youtube video at Crop Circle Muncombe Hill, Somerset. 14th July 2018. We are still on time  

Pablo Olivares

It has been noted that this crop circle is not near a known ancient site unlike many examples but it is intimately connected to two most
important ancient locations – Glastonbury Tor and Barrow Tump (Mump) by its latitude and longitude. The centre of crop circle activity is in Wiltshire so was this circle created at this Somerset location of Kingweston for a geometric reason?

The latitude of the circle, given as 51.0747N, passes a fraction to the north of Barrow Tump and the longitude, given as 2.6929W, passes a fraction to the east of Glastonbury Tor. These two locations are key markers on the proposed general alignment known as the Saint Michael Line through southern Britain from west Cornwall to the North Sea coast.

The design would seem to be a geometric representation of a spinning Catherine Wheel, there is an important Saint Catherine site just to the east of this longitude line on the coast at Abbotsbury.

It has been established that ‘Saint’ Catherine never existed historically as a real person but was apparently invented to replace the ancient veneration of a female deity at particular specific locations...a Goddess with many names and often a wheel or circular motif.

Coastal locations are often important in ancient landscape geometry, the Glastonbury latitude goes west to Baggy Point a known Mesolithic / Neolithic site, this crop circle latitude to the west goes to Rock Park in Barnstaple and Crow Point then just south of Lundy Island. To the east this latitude goes to Folkestone, another known Mesolithic site, and later a religious site founded by another female ‘saint’ in pre-conquest times but obviously at a location that had ancient significance for thousands of years, for some reason.

So the geographical location of this crop circle may have been very carefully chosen which does not answer the question of what intelligence created it but might indicate why it was formed where it appeared...

Michael Stewart

May we until 24 July 2018 through words and thoughts plant more Seeds of Peace, Harmony and Prosperity for the Humanity!

Crop circle from 14 July 2018 at Muncombe Hill, nr Kingweston, Somerset, UK

According to the Mayan calendar, 14 July 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Earth with Tone 1, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year with Tone 12 (26 July 2017 – 25 July 2018).

According to the 13-Moon calendar, 14 July 2018 is a day of the 13th Lunar month or 13th Moon with Tone 13.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Tone 12
Blue Eagle – the Supporting energy of the Yellow Seed
White Wizard – the Challenging energy of the Yellow Seed
Yellow Warrior – the Guiding energy of the Yellow Crystal Seed
Red Earth – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed
Tone 13

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation
Blue Eagle – Creativity, Vision, Mind
White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Yellow Warrior – Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence

On the outer periphery of the formation we see 2 rings of 12 small circles, or these are 24 circles in total.

The number 12 symbolizes Tone 12 – the Tone of the year.

The small circles depict “Seeds” and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED.

The 12 Seeds on the outer ring symbolize the energy Yellow Crystal Seed with Tone 12 – the major energy of the current year.

The number 24 also symbolizes the energy Yellow Seed. Kin 24 in the Tzolkin calendar is with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed.

The number 12 has also following meaning: exactly 12 days later, on July 26, 2018 begins the New Year of the Red Cosmic Moon.

The figure „Е” resembles the head of an Eagle, with a beak and with a big Eye. On this way is depicted the energy BLUE EAGLE – the energy of Vision.

The bottom line of the beaks form a circle „Е”, which represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

 Next towards the center we see a ring of 12 crystals „С”. Each crystal has 4 sides and symbolizes Yellow Seed - Solar Seal No. 4.
So these 12 crystals symbolize again Yellow Crystal Seed with Tone 12 – the major energy of the current year.

Now these 12 Crystal Seeds are planted in the Earth. They contain the results of our activities during the Yellow Crystal Seed Year.

These Crystal Seeds contain also our thoughts, words, dreams and visions for our future. From these Seeds shall grow our Reality in the next three years, until the next year of the Yellow Seed.
The next ring towards the center consists of 12 triangular figures W. Each of them resembles the hat of the Wizard and the helmet of the Warrior. So these figures symbolize the energies WHITE WIZARD and YELLOW WARRIOR – the Challenging and the Guiding energy of the Yellow Crystal Seed Year.

These 12 figures resemble also a Flower, which symbolizes again the energy Yellow Seed – the Energy of Flowering. The Flower symbolizes also Blooming of the Humanity.

The small bright circle in the very center of the formation represents the Source.

Each of the 24 Seeds-Eyes on the periphery of the formation is connected with the Source through a direct line. On this way is depicted the action of Tone 13, which gives us direct connection to the Source (to God). In the 13th Lunar month we are advised to communicate more often with God. So we can receive direct from the Source powerful basic energy for the next period.

The 12 Eagles „Е” are close to each other. This depicts other “functions” of the energy Blue Eagle – it cares for the Collective Spirit, it unites the people in a Planetary Consciousness.

Round each Seed Son the outer ring we see thin line contours which repeat the same profile as the Eagle’s head „Е”. On this way is featured that in the Yellow Seed Year each human, receiving the energy of the Blue Eagle, can develop the qualities, which this energy offers – Creativity, Vision, Mind. Blue Eagle is the second last energy which we have to learn before the last energy Yellow Sun.

The 12 circles
S”, which depict Seeds, and the 12 circles „Е”, which depict Eagle’s Eyes, are the same.
There is a very strong connection between the Yellow Seed and the Eye of the Blue Eagle.
All 24 circles on the periphery are simultaneously Yellow Seeds and Eagle’s Eyes.

Each Yellow Seed is like an Eagle’s Eye and vice versa.

The Blue Eagle teaches us that we are the Planetary Visionaries! Our visions and visualizations determine the future of our planet.

The surface of the Earth round the Flower in the central part of the formation and the Eagle’s eyes have a very remarkable weave lay. On this way we are reminded that through our Visions and Visualizations we create (we “weave”) our desired reality.

The circle in the center, which represents the Source (God), is the same as the circles (Seeds) on the periphery. This reflects the idea that each Human is “after the image and likeness of God”.
God is also the Eagle’s Eye. God is the All-seeing Eye. Through his eye each human is connected with God. The images which we visualize are received by Him and He helps us to materialize them.

The energy Yellow Seed develops our Awareness. And this helps us to become better visionaries and to understand the power of our visualizations.

The Yellow Crystal Seed Year expires on 24 July 2018. May we until then through our thoughts and words plant more Seeds of Peace, Harmony and Prosperity for the Humanity!

I express my sincere gratitude to the authors of this magnificent formation and to the photographers of   !

Maya Todorova


Many things can be interpreted here. A strong solar explosion, maybe in five days...A vortex 12, and I had commenting months ago on the Torino Italy cycle of twelve years ago when in 2006 the first formation appeared there, showing the inner solar system and a central Stargate. Compare the Torino formations of 2009 and 2014 with the current model. I said they would repeat themselves. And they really did repeat themselves.

The number 12 is even in the name of the chosen field:

Muncombe Hill, 12 Letters! Sun 12, Zodiac symbolism.

The twelve double outer rays reminded me of eyes, like peacock feathers, and detail: in the eighth heaven, the spirits are called CHERUBS, and they have eyes on the wings (symbol of the Oniscience) and are represented as WHEELS TURNING AND LIGHTING. Is not this crop circle showing? Another pattern that repeats: internal axis, 3 objects, and external axis, 4 highlighted curves: 4/3, as in several previous formations. And I had said, they are Stargate mechanisms.

The crop circle has 3 + 4 = 7 geometric levels. The Sun spinning counterclockwise (Vortex) and creating the Stargate. It's natural for Aliens to talk about Stargates, who are their Ufo-Roads.

Internal disk, 12x3 = 36 objects. Half of 72. Numbers related to the Sun and the 72 Genii of the Kabbalah.

External disk, 12 x 2 = 24 circles, and 48 arcs (24 + 48 = 72). This seems to me to be the representation of both a Stargate and a Wheel of Cherubs of the Eighth Heaven, called the sky of the stars in antiquity, which is appropriate because, in 12 DAYS, (14 + 12 = 26) on July 26, will be Heliacal Rising of Sirius Star, which justifies the argument of the title. And a new crop circle from the 25th to the 26th of July, certainly speaking of the Mother Star, Sirius!

Stargate Sun-Sirius: crop circle Switzerland July 7, day of the Sun's alignment with Sirius in the sky. It's the same vortex 12! And in twelve days from 14 July, Sirius's heliacal rising will come on July 26!


The new crop circle of July 14, a beautiful vortex of twelve geometry and levels of construction, brings details that make us evoke the mysteries of Quantum Leap on the macrocosmic level to apply it to the secrets of the Stargate, which also verifies the same type of HYPERSPACE JUMP, but at the macrocosmic level. It is an analogy that seeks to extend the Law of Electron jumps into the layers of the Atom in the same Hyperspace or SHORTCUTS where objects in macrocosmic fields, like UFOs in their Stargates, also jump!

The analogy intended here is with the Magnesium atom, chemical element 12, with 3 layers and 4 energy levels in the Eletrosphere, as it presents the outer disk of this crop circle.

In addition, it shows two layers of circles that look like ELECTRONS JUMPING FROM ONE LOWER ORBIT TO ANOTHER UPPER!

The numbers of the Magnesium atom: 12 electrons, 12 protons, 24 neutrons, 3 layers: K (2e), L (8e), M (2e) in 4 energy levels: these numbers appear in the objects and details of this crop circle!

Another crop circle of the same day July 14 in Winterwood Bassett shows the same model of energy levels that propagate from the centre to the periphery. Magnesium is important for life, both animal and plant life. Chlorophyll is a complex substance of porphyrin-magnesium that intervenes in photosynthesis It is an essential chemical element for the human being.

Magnesium is a very important mineral, life as we know it "arose" from magnesium ... magnesium is the central element in chlorophyll and the basis of early life on Earth.

Could we call it the solar atom for life? Yes, when we know all the properties and attributes of Magnesium for life on Earth.



Our heart is our inner Stargate, which opens the doors and connections with the Spirit through the Anahata Chakra.

The Heart is the first nucleus of life that formed in the embryo, within the maternal womb. He began to pulsate (cell duplication - mitosis) in exponential rhythm 2 ^ n (2, 4, 8, 16, 32 ...)

and this generated a rhythm, the rhythm of life.

Indeed, in the analogy with the important mineral for the life of all living beings, Magnesium (12), we well know that this mineral is fundamental for the health of the heart, our inner Sun.

And as Chakra means WHEEL or VORTEX, then this crop circle is also speaking of the Anahata Chakra, heart, chakra represented with twelve petals in circular motion, because it is through it that our inner Stargate opens and we contact God inside and around, as well as with the spiritual and alien intelligences of the Universe!


You have to see the images in an interconnected context. Interpreting separately the series of images crop circles, with disconnected meanings, is the biggest mistake of the interpreters in general.

Now, Merkabah is the name of the UFOs according to the biblical prophets, like Ezekiel. And these objects were moving in Stargates and Wormholes, crossing all dimensions of the Spirit.

Many crop circle models of this and other seasons are repeating the same messages.

For example, Muncombe Hill July 14 shows a Wheel with Eyes in a vortex 12. The Merkabah had 4 Beings, 4 Wheels and 4 Wings (4 + 4 + 4 = 12) the description of the Cherubins of the Eighth Heaven, Sky of the Stars like wheels which rotate and illuminate the spheres below. The wings of the Cherubim were filled with Eyes. They are Biblical and Kabbalistic definitions for journeys in the Universe, beyond dimensions and time, according to the testimony of the prophets, Ezekiel, Moses, Elijah, John.

Metatron's Cube Geometry is the key to Merkabah, and so is the Stargate solution. Because Merkabah moves on Wormholes, crossing Stargates into the Sun and into the stars, where the Space-Time shortcuts are found. This means applying General Relativity Theory at its highest level of understanding.

Only by capturing the connection between all crop circle images will we understand the size of the messages, but people insist on making broken and wrong interpretations.

"There's even a Farm near the crop circle that uses solar energy, which means that UFOs also use energy from the Sun and the Stars! "


Last month, I posted this Slide, with the crop circles from May to June, and the pattern repeated Circle / Bar that, transferred to the Morse code, would mean E.T. (Circle or point = E, bar = T).

And I pointed out that, in the verified sequence, the Star-8 geometry was still missing with this pattern.

And in July, it was repeated in the geometry model 3 (Coneybury Hill, July 8) and recently in the geometry model 12 (Muncombe Hill, July 14). Twelve ETs, Twelve Angels ... that sounds familiar to me. In Revelation 21, the Celestial City is surrounded by a circle of twelve Angels.

But we can also read the 24 ET figure: the 24 Elders of the Lord's Throne circle in their Merkabah, Revelation 4. They are Kabbalistic coordinates found in the Bible that define overviews of spiritual and extraterrestrial intelligences in other planes of dimensional manifestation. But Star-8 is still missing.

Who knows, it appears from the 25th to the 26th of July, marking Sirius' spectacular heliacal rising and demonstrating to the world that the Sirians really are the first line of the alien contact behind the crop circles, followed by the Venusians of Ishtar?
Let's wait!


Merkabah, Flower of Life, Zodiac, and all geometries, from simple to complex, are drawn from the same matrix called the Cube of Metatron. They are broad definitions, which span the entire cosmos, from the atom to the galaxies, serve as vehicles for the spirit in matter and for Ufos in Wormholes.

Our Merkabah is in the Heart. Through it, you can travel in all dimensions, and connect to all Merkabah existing in the Universe, as long as you understand the breadth of meaning of what the Car of God really is (Spirit in matter and in dimensions). Life is the final result of the movement of the spirit in matter, and life assumes consciousness in all dimensions.

This is the connection between Metatron's Cube, Flower of Life and Merkabah. Advanced geometry.

Life is the final result of the Matrix called the Cube of Metatron, and when matter takes on life, the Spirit says,
It's done!
PS: The answer to the question asked below is: YES!

No further.


Looking at the celestial scenery of the lunar (rare) Eclipse of July 27, we noticed some interesting coordinates.

Firstly, because in the north, the famous Summer Triangle, formed by the alpha stars of Cygnus (Deneb), Lira (Vega) and Aquila (Altair), will shine on the Blood Moon. Triangular crop circle formations have appeared several times this year.  Second, Mars will be in conjunction with the Blood Moon in the constellation of Capricorn, while the Sun will be on the other side of the sky (opposition) in the constellation of Cancer.

And third, to the south of the blood moon, in the southern hemisphere, the constellation PAVO (Peacock) will shine and the Alpha Pavonis Star (in the Eye of the Peacock) will be in line with the lunar eclipse.

We take into account the crop circle of Muncombe Hill, July 14, twelve days after Sirius' heliacal rising on the morning of July 26. And that the pattern of the 24 outer circles resembles very peacock feathers, and eyes. It could be another coordinate warning of the lunar Eclipse and all the phenomena around this great event.

After all, if this crop circle also represents a moving UFO (Merkabah), well, who knows, we may have surprises in the skies of the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century?

Because prophecies always accompany ufological manifestations that help to send signals to the world.



"Why complicate things? Draw a pattern with 12 clockwise and 12 anticlockwise Phi-spirals and one will get several  of the proportions in the crop circle. We live in a fractal spiral galaxy chakra. Energy transport often occurs in fractals. Why would our neighbours bother to put down information about the Moon, upcoming disasters and who knows  what? To save the climate and the diversity on Earth we need to learn about fractal energy technique. The same concept that works in the flying saucers." 


Hello dear readers and writers,

only for a short view to the comments I came back here. I need to answer to the comment of the person which I copy in: 

Metatron's Cube Geometry is the key to Merkabah, and so is the Stargate solution. Because Merkabah moves on Wormholes, crossing Stargates into the Sun and into the stars, where the Space-Time shortcuts are found. This means applying General Relativity Theory at its highest level of understanding.

Only by capturing the connection between all crop circle images will we understand the size of the messages, but people insist on making broken and wrong interpretations.


Sorry dear Jonas, but you failed massively. What is your so strange view to try to combine the 'Metatrons's Cube with the Merkaba?
Your logical understanding is grounded in which???  If you realise the Metatrons's Cube so far then I wanna ask you why try to build a connection to the Merkaba? What is your perception about the Merkaba? And you even claim that the Merkaba moves on whormwholes. Sure? Have you tested it by your own?

I tell you: You do not know either the one nor the other. That's very clear to see in your lines. You even talk about 'Stargates' - okay.
YOU have no knowledge of ANY - and at least even not of only one single real Stargate! And if NOT, why then you talk about it as if it would be real, can you tell it here to the very waiting people (except me)???
 What - as next question - do you really know about the Merkaba?

What imagination about the Merkaba in general you really have???? Have you seen it once with own eyes? I mean anything real else except your copied lines anywhere from internet! Have you understood what it may be -and is - in general?

And if you answer the questions with 'NO' - which is very typically for people like you, and sorry to say that, but then you, as a proven fairy teller, are a waste of time and trust. And we don't need just another ego-minded blind sheep here, telling lot of bull. 

You know nothing. So hold short with your wild and naive empty claims. 

By the way, the many circles which appeared in the last weeks, are HUMAN MADE FAKES.

But you have not recognized. If you would be in any kind intelligent, you at least would ask: WHY so many fakes? But you didn't ask., same as others did not ask. And that's it. 


Gerd E.


The transition until the annular eclipse on the midsummer solstice in 2020 

It’s important to note that the formation was found the day after the partial solar eclipse, that occurred on July 13, 2018. The formation was created on the day of the first visibility of the moon after new moon, but was also close to two large fields of solar panels, which refers to the sun, or possibly in symbolic sense to a new “sun”/age. Hence, the twelve-fold pattern of the formation may refer to twelve lunar months, which is also the time span between two solar eclipses at the same lunar node. Note however that the formation clearly displays a double twelve, namely two times twelve circles at the outside, as well as a double pattern of twelve in the centre. The double twelve may relate to: 

12 + 12 = 24

12 × 12 = 144 

This may relate to 24 or 144 lunar months. 

According to a theory that I unfolded once, the date November 22, 2006 was the start of a transition period of 13 years that would end around November 24, 2019. On November 22 each year, the sun opposes the Pleiades, which means that the Pleiades are at the zenith at midnight. This date in 2006, like the formation’s creations date also fell one day after new moon. With respect to the 13 years time span, I later on found out that the upcoming annular eclipses on December 26, 2019 as well as June 21, 2020 may be related to and an extension of this transition period of 13 years. It is important to note that the formation clearly shows a spiralling shape. This may refer to the galaxy. This relates to the fact that the annular eclipse of December 26, 2019 will take place close to the galactic centre, while the annular eclipse of June 21, 2020 will oppose the galactic centre.

The period around June 21 also marks the heliacal rise of the Pleiades, which means that the Pleiades start to become visible again after sunset, after a period of being invisible due to sun’s close proximity. 

When we take this in consideration in connection with the 24 and 144 lunar months, we find the following remarkable facts: 

When we count 144 lunar months back from the formation’s creation date we exactly hit on November 22, 2006. When we count 24 lunar months in the future, starting from the partial eclipse on July 13, 2018, we hit on the annular eclipse on the midsummer solstice of June 21, 2020! Hence, this suggests that the formation relates to the transition period that finally will result in a transition after the annular eclipse on the midsummer solstice of 2020. 

Marc Smulders


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Hello again, dear people, after my published report I came back here a bit later to look for any new reactions. There were no reactions, but two interesting new reports, which I want to mention for some reasons.

1st is this one:
Living in the shadows
Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor Emeritus from Santa Clara University (retired) and may be contact through his website, 

Dear professor Jerry Kroth, when simply reading your lines, it is easily to realize that I speak with an intelligent and wise human. I really appreciate your lines, especially because you speak in truth, you are a real honest soul. So my thanks to you. By the way, something in my mind says that we two souls were in communication a pretty time ago, I think it was in writing emails, or am I wrong? Your name seems to remind me. But one thing wonders me about you: It is you who speaks about (copy in): —and, who knows, might actually risk the scandalous presumption that it might be a message from the Gods.  Dear good Jerry, whom do you title as 'gods'? The beings mentioned in a bible? Extraterrestrials who are far away from a state of 'gods' - you only look in a wrong view? Have a good time anyway and don't go too deep into what I've said. Stay relaxed, please....

Next person here is:

Marc Smulders
Marc is a special man with special knowledge, I tell you. He knows everything about the legendary nation of the Maya - with all their special calendars including the 'underworlds'. Hey Marc, do you remember the times when we two guys were in close email contact? At that time I helped you with translating your long reports, do you remember?

For you two nice souls, but for all the others here, too, I will show you now this crop circle in a special view - focusing onto the fakers. For all people who are in doubt of my lines, I invite you to read the very interesting interview with a famous 'faker'! You get it here (so far only in German language available, but google translation may be able to help...)

After reading you will see the crop circle scenery with very different eyes.

However, here I present the crop circle image (many thanks to the photographer, good work!) with freehand (!) painted coloured lines to show you the deviations, imperfections in drawing, which would never happen in true and real images created from ETs because their so far advanced technology to place a very accurate image into the fields without any little failure, which 'talks' to every single crop stem where to move to, ok here the image: 


Take your time to look. Meanwhile I say Good Bye and wish all of you a very Happy Weekend. 

Gerd E.

Comet B divided into 10 fragments and the split nucleus is the subject of the image. A straight line connects each of the 12 to the centre for a conglomerate impression of the strike. As each component nears the Earth, the calculated circle of destruction (indicated as arcs) for each becomes more definite. They will not be perfect circles. Closest to the Earth the components encounter the squares, or space satellites or junk, just before final impact. See GBR (09/07/24), pg. 120, of my free ebook for another example of this technique. The formation gives the impression of a sea plant/animal damaged or killed by the strike, such as also with T1074, pg. 164,and GBR (09/08/16), pg. 168.

Kenneth Heck



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike