Clear Wood, Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 28th July

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It reminds me of the Aerial view on Stonehenge, and my first thought was, that it is a Signal to the activtion of circular sacred sites  all over the world – or one circular sacred site that is exactly Looking like this.

There is a guy called „Carl Munck“ that calculated „the code“ of sacred sites – according to him, they store in their shape the coordinates already woven in. Carl Munck - The Code I am not able to do this kind of calculation, but if someone can, maybe they can calculate wheter – and where  this is?

Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt

Source Info for video:-

In breaking the mathematical codes that are hidden in Sacred Sites, Carl Munck found that two minor adjustments needed to be made to our modern way of reckoning. The first adjustment is to the length of the year, which has changed since the Great Pyramid was built. The number 365.020081, exact to all 6 decimal places, lies "buried" in many Sacred Sites. We'll see later on, how that number fits in to some of Munck's calculations.

The main adjustment that concerns us however, is the location of the Prime Meridian. Today, we calculate longitude based upon vertical lines encircling the globe through the poles, assuming a total of 360 degrees for the entire planet, and with zero being at Greenwich, England. When we say that the time is 0800 hours Greenwich Mean Time, in other words, we mean that this is the time of day at a longitude of 0 degrees.

In order to "break the code" of the Sacred Sites, Munck found that it was first necessary to reckon longitude based not upon Greenwich but upon Giza in Egypt. In other words, instead of being at Greenwich, 0 degrees of longitude would be the location that runs through the Great Pyramid. That is the Prime Meridian for all Sacred Sites.

In "breaking the code," one number that Munck consistently finds "hidden" in Sacred Sites is derived by multiplying together the degrees, minutes, and seconds that represent the site's longitude relative to a Prime Meridian at Giza. So, for example, if a Sacred Site were found at a longitude of 49 degrees 1 minute 1 second away from Giza, we would expect to find the exact number 49 (49 x 1 x 1) "hidden" in the Sacred Site in some manner.

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New Moon and New August Moon

At first glance, in the form of an astronomical marker, this crop circle records the three-day countdown (from the day of its appearance) until the New Moon of August, which will take place at 03:13 UT.
from day one.

It will be an interesting moon to watch in the sky, because the planet Venus will be very close to the New Moon, and next to it, Mercury and Mars, and these planets can also be interpreted in the three crop circle circles.

Therefore, Sun, Moon and Venus form a triad which, in astrology, concerns the forces of fecundity and birth. This explains the similarity of the symbol to the crowns of two known Egyptian deities, Isis and Apis.

Isis, the mother goddess, analogous to Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus, and Apis, the Taurus god of the Earth, fecundity, and fertility, associated with Ptah, the primordial god of Egypt, worshiped at Menfis as the father of the gods, analogous to Biblical Jeohva, creator and procreative god.

The lunar crescent is the crown of Isis and the horn of the Taurus. They are deities related to light, birth and fecundity, and the new moon represents a conception, a new beginning. The union of masculine and feminine in a new pregnancy.

Ending July, this crop circle, showing similarity to alignments and eclipses, seems to conclude the messages with a final statement, which says that all those forces generated in the alignment processes also bring a design energy. birth, because this Sun shining within the lunar crescent in this crop circle also strikes me as a new embryo of life and consciousness within the Womb of the Mother Goddess, Earth, Gaia, which was impregnated by all these energies throughout the month of. July.

The new moon and the small cluster of planets happen in the constellations of Gemini and Cancer.
And August marks the end of the annual harvest cycle and crop circle messages.
An ending with a fresh start.

Yes, as many friends have realized, I agree with that, a sense of renewal of energies after fertilization of the Earth (Gaia) by the cosmic energies of alignments. A new spiritual cycle ahead for those who know and can harness their energies.

Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Mexican Prophecy

Looking at the crop circle ring like a cogwheel due to inaccuracies of the terrain at some points, I did the cross method and counted the number of teeth in each quadrant, and found 19 teeth per quadrant: multiplying by two, we have 38-38 (11-11) and that totals 76. And this number (76) leads us, along with the image, to a well-known incarnation of the Goddess in Latin America.

"Our Lady of Guadalupe in Nahuatle: Tonantzin Coatlaxopeuh) or Virgin of Guadalupe is the denomination of a Marian apparition of the Catholic Church of Mexican origin, whose image has as its main place of worship the Basilica of Guadalupe, located at the foot of Mount Tepeyac, north of Mexico City.

The Virgin Mary appeared on four occasions to the Saint Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin on Mount Tepeyac, and on a fifth occasion to Juan Bernardino, Juan Diego's uncle. In the first apparition, the Virgin ordered Juan Diego to appear before the bishop of Mexico, Juan de Zumárraga.And in the last apparition of the Virgin, and by her order, Juan Diego took in his Ayate some roses that cut in the Tepeyac. Juan Diego unfolded his tone before Bishop Juan de Zumárraga, revealing the image of the Virgin Mary, dark and with mixed features."


Although the liturgical feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe took place on December 12, it was announced as Patroness of America by Pope Pius XII on October 12, 1945, at the time of the end of World War II. And this date coincides with the commemoration of the Patron Saint of Brazil, Our Lady of Aparecida.

On Wheel Number 76 around the Sun and Moon crop circle, an interesting connection:

The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe was inaugurated on October 12, 1976, and here we have October 12, 76 days (year 76) after the reference date of this crop circle.

And look at the cloak where is the miraculous image of the Virgin: the crescent moon at her feet, the sun like a divine embryo in her womb, and the rays in a circle around her like an aura. Compare with crop circle image.

From this I conclude that this is a powerful reference to the Divine Mother in the Mexican incarnation of Guadalupe, which makes us a direct association with Quetzalcoatl, the returning Son of the Stars! 

Here is the Mexican prophecy!

And it seems to me that we return to the theme of Revelation 12, the Child and the crop circle messages in France, the homeland of the Virgin Mary!


Merkabah and Alignments

We cannot fail to point out that the beautiful crop circle of Merkabah or Car of the Gods at Cocum Farm appeared on the same day as Clear Wood's crop circle, both July 28, 2019, which bears an association between their meanings.

By the way, the duplicate date already starts saying something:
(2 + 8 + 7 + 2 + 1 + 9 = 29, duplicate, 29-29 = 11-11)

This leads to the reading that cosmic alignments flow energies into the universe, moving on those shortcuts known as Wormholes, which should be used by UFOs as natural roads, and in times of alignment, such cosmic mechanisms must happen more intensely.

Therefore, Merkabah and the alignment and eclipses model appeared on the same day. They are conjugated ideas.

And the cosmic conception tells me of a divine birth fertilized in the psychic field of our planet by the alignment of the stars.

The last Merkabah in a crop circle appeared in 2017 on July 18, and with it, the sign number 8 (the Infinite) suggesting that Merkabah crosses the infinite by cosmic shortcuts.

Detail: Adding 888 days to that date, this will fall on December 23 this year, almost at Christmas, which reinforces the messages of birth and Revelation 12.

When on Belmore Lane on June 11, 2019, that 8-spoke spinning wheel appeared, I interpreted it at the time as "... the car is coming." 

And indeed, Merkabah or Car appeared 47 days later.

And in the same Revelation 12 I find association between the Car of God and the sacred conception of the Child on Earth: because as soon as this Child is born, the Car of God or God's Throne with its four cherubim will come from heaven to snatch it. .

This also explains why Merkabah appears on the same day as this symbol of solar design in the alignment of the stars. The birth of the Child on earth will call the Car of God from the deep heavens ...

Only with the right associations between the various crop circles can we get a broader and deeper view of the announced messages. The mistake of many scholars is to analyze each image separately without attempting the overall view.


Merkabah's Answer

On May 15, 2019, I wrote the second part of a study called:

The dimensional portals according to the harmonic geometry of the universe / part 2 / the tetrahedron key.

And in that study, I made relationships between the motions of 4D space (the hyperdimensional plane) according to the tetrahedron harmonic keys illustrated by Merkabah, according to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and Ezekiel's vehicle.

Well, on July 28th, not only did Merkabah appear in the crop circle, but the image of a tetrahedron plane defragmentation was placed there as a response to my study, and a real guarantee that the teleportation key and of the 4D Hyperspace UFO movement is actually hidden in the secret geometry of the tetrahedron, fire element, the fastest vibrating element among the four.

The image above was the one I used on the cover of that study.  Compare it to the crop circle image. It is very gratifying to know that they are responding to our work!

The study link, part 2, below: os-portais-dimensionais-segundo-a-geometria-harmonica-do-universo-parte-2-a-chave-do-tetraedro

Jonas Passos (30.07.2019)

Report of an vision, where I saw a huge crop circle appearing in England, today, August 3, 2019. As we had no crop circle in August yet, and it is already on the 3rd, I feel we may have a message today and / or tomorrow, August 4th. Part of the crop circle was a large spiral. The other part, I believe, is a private message for me.

A synchronicity

On the official page, the crop circle count is 37, and if anything comes up today, or tomorrow, it will change to 38. Today is 08/03, and 38 with 08/03 form 11-11 The crop circles authors love to send messages working with numbers and synchronicities. I have witnessed several times!


Progressive Count

If, before New Moon on August 1, the countdown of the last crop circle, Clear Wood, clearly showed the arrival of this same new moon 3 days earlier, it is now 3 days later, or the third day of the new moon that the the same crop circle counts in the opposite direction, and it will fall between the 3rd and 4th of August, which reaches the ring with 76 teeth and perhaps a new meaning to be added.

Jonas Passos (03.08.2019, morning)


Two crop circles announced the Sun's concealment on 08.08.2019 by a Ship (UFO)

The Sun Hiding for half an hour, captured by NASA (Helioviewer probe)

An anomaly in the Sun, recorded over a period of about 20 minutes, when the Sun is covered by something mysterious that has passed in front of the NaSa Probe sensors, just like in a solar eclipse, when the moon intercepts the sun in alignment with the sun. reference point of the earth.

This happened on August 8, from 7:05 UTC. This happened on the opposite side of the sun from the earth, and for that reason this "simulated" solar eclipse was not seen here on earth. The concealment took place between 7:05 am and 7:14 am, so the object that intercepted the Sun took 9 minutes to complete the concealment. At around 7:26, the sun begins to rise, which means that the sun remained completely hidden for 12 minutes on the opposite side, as in an artificial eclipse.

When the marker hit 7:34, the sun was uncovered again, about another 9 minutes in the opposite direction. The total of the phenomenon, starting at 7:05 UTC and ending at 7:34 UTC, is almost half an hour (30 minutes).

And the strangest thing is here: in a normal solar eclipse, the moon marches in one direction so that the projected shadow moves in that direction, in only one direction: only in this artificial (simulated) solar eclipse the shadow has moved. aft, that is, the object that intercepted it, first moved in one direction, and then walked backward in the opposite direction, which discards ANY PLANET OR NATURAL object (Nibiru, as everyone claims at first).

Only a UFO or piloted alien spacecraft could accomplish such a thing! Merkabah in the Sun, as I always interpret it in some Hexagonal-6 style crop circles, which illustrates the Macrosmic Star, the Sun!

The object that made the concealment does not appear to be a perfect sphere, as with solar eclipses because of the (spherical) moon, but rather an object of indeterminate form, but large enough to stand before the sun and conceal it. However, depending on how far away the object is from the probe, it can be even small and have this effect.

To give you an idea, the moon started to rise on August 7, the day before, about 90 ° of the sun's arc away from the sky, which is a great distance ... although the moon doesn't would have been impossible to pass on the opposite side of the sun, because the moon is much closer to the earth than the sun, and if she decided to "pass" the opposite side of the sun to the earth, that would mean that she was farther from the sun. that the sun ...

Another planet?
Mercury, Venus, Mars, and other distant planets, performing a sort of "transit" in front of the opposite face of the Sun, and captured at that very moment by Helioviewer? It might even be, hypothetically speaking, as long as such a "planet" didn't back up!

Although, perhaps, a planet near the Sun would go into apparent retrograde motion at that time (which was not the case), it would hardly establish a sun-hiding pattern like this that the NaSa Probe captured. Therefore, I also rule out this possibility.

Other instruments found the same anomaly. Interestingly, coincidentally or not, the solar winds are very intense in this period of late July and early August.

The "prophetic" crop circles

Two English crop circles, which appeared on the same July 28th, 11 days before this anomaly, appear to have announced this event in advance. Now, if we have that crop circles are alien (especially Venusian) messages to Earth, and if we have that such a phenomenon could only have been caused by some alien object in the sky, a manned UFO, or alien probe intercepting the probe camera NaSa, just as the crop circles of that date pointed out.

It is precisely because of these two crop circles that I interpret this phenomenon to be of extraterrestrial origin, being neither Moon, nor any planet in transit, or any supposed "defect" of NASA instruments, which always has this position in the face of such anomalies.
At most, another satellite could have intercepted the Sun on the opposite side, and created a retrograde effect (in reverse view) in its movement, but this is very unlikely.

Analyze the crop circle of Clear Wood, shows an object approaching the sun disk and causing an eclipse effect. At the time, we interpreted it as a 3-day countdown for August 1 New Moon, and that interpretation worked. But with the occurrence of August 8th, considering the other crop circle by Cocum Farm, which I interpreted at the time as a Merkabah (the ancient symbol of the Car of the Gods, according to the Kabbalah, based on Hexagon Geometry and the two tetrahedrons). next to Clear Wood's crop circle on the same day (28.07) showing an object hiding the Sun ... I believe the revelation was given before, who knows, by the same authors who, 11 days later, made this simulation in the Sun.

No moon, no planets, no nemesis (popular Nibiru), but theorize that it was an extraterrestrial UFO that announced this event in the sun, and that may be suggesting that other events might happen this time with UFOs not behind the sun, but in front, creating artificial eclipses on Earth.

Incidentally, the Clear Wood crop circle showed, in addition to the simulated eclipse, a ring with 76 "teeth" around it, which, applied in time (number of days), extending from the crop circle date (28.07) will to reach October 12, the day related to Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Virgin Aparecida, patron saint of Brazil, as previous interpretations.

Will it be an announcement for any event at this time?

Another detail: the planet Venus is very close to the sun, and its exact zodiacal conjunction will happen on August 13th. Any dates set for new events, as Venusians are closely related to crop circles? What many are already assuming may be the famous sign of three days of darkness on earth ... foreshadowing the arrival of Christ, the great wars and other prophetic catastrophes, the many that are already reaching the world ...

Watch and pray ... Merkabah is coming!

Jonas Passos (10.08.2019)

Sun Concealment on Helioviewer cameras by Merkabah announced by two crop circles?

Other images from the camera tracking region of NaSa's Helioviewer program show a strange and bright object hours after the sun's concealment of the sun, like an artificial eclipse. Two crop circles, 10 days earlier, which appeared on the same July 28th, show the same thing, a Merkabah geometric style ship, and the concealment of some star. Did the same authors of the crop circles on earth, who, after the announcement in these field messages, came up to the sun to give this signal to the world?

And the question is: Will others come soon?

Let us keep our eyes on the heavens. Or the blackouts and shutdowns of NASA monitoring systems.
Jonas Passos (12.08.2019)

This circle is notable for the intricate lay of the crop. The large ring represents the sun. The crop lay contains 88 components, which implies we are dealing with the planet Mercury. Comet A appears to be passing Mercury's orbit when Mercury is in its crescent phase. This is new information pertaining to earth's  next comet strike. However, it isn't clear whether this is before or after  Comet A travels around the sun. The comet here is displaying a core, an intermediate layer, and a relatively thick crust - the first time a comet has shown this kind of detail. The two fragments are of unequal size, perhaps because of the viewing angle, and/or because they actually are unequal. Equality is a philosophical idea, never found in absolute terms in the material universe.

Kenneth Heck


From our Seeds shall grow our society and may it be like a Clear Wood ;-)!!

Crop circle from 28 July 2019 at Clear Wood near Cley Hill, Warminster, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, 28 July 2019 is a day
with the Solar Seal Yellow Warrior with Tone 3,
in the White Wizard wavespell,
in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed,
in the White Magnetic Wizard Year with Tone 1 (26 July 2019 – 24 July 2020).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Tone 1  - the Magnetic Tone of Purpose
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Yellow Warrior – Question, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Tone 3 – the Electric Tone of Service
Red Moon – Universal water, Flow, Purify
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance

The depiction on the crop circle resembles the depiction on the glyph of the White Magnetic Wizard with Tone 1:

M – the smile of the Wizard
T – the Third Eye
1 – Tone 1

In this way is depicted the major energy of the White Magnetic Wizard Year, which began on 26 July 2019.

On 26 July 2019 began also a new 13-year cycle with major energy White Wizard.
The lunar crescent, which depicts the smile of the Wizard, symbolizes the energy RED MOON. The lunar crescent encompasses the circle “S”, which depicts a Seed and symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED.

On 24 July 2019 ended the 13-year cycle with major energy Red Moon. This was time for planting of the Seed, and the new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard is time for growing of the Seed.
Here the Seed is a summarized term for the activities of the humanity, which include all our thoughts, ideas, dreams, visions, intentions, actions etc.

The new 13-year cycle is time for Cleansing and Refining, for more precisely defining of our ideas, visions etc. We should rethink them carefully and decide which of them we should nurture with our thoughts and which one we should release. This process requires deep inner work and occurs on both personal and on social level. We should reconsider carefully all our views, perceptions, attitudes etc.

The three circles S-T-1 depict also the process of growing of the Seed: from the Seed a tree shall grow. We can say, that from the Seed of each human a tree shall grow and the trees of all people shall form a wood (a forest). Here the Wood is a symbol for the Society.

Thus the crop circle is intentionally located at Clear Wood. In this way the authors of the formation remind us, that in the next 13 years we should very seriously work to cleanse the accumulated problems in the society, so that it could become a “Clear Wood” – pure, shiny, luminous ;-).

The White Wizard is global consciousness of the Society-type and in the next 13 years our attention should be directed to the improvement of the Society.
  On the periphery of the crop circle we see a very impressive elaborated ring with weave design. It consists of labyrinth-shaped cells and symbolizes “the Labyrinth of the Warrior”, which is typical for the Yellow Warrior – the major energy of the day.

As Yellow Warriors we should explore the labyrinths of our souls, in order to find there and to connect with the Source, with our Higher Self, with our Spiritual guides. We should more often communicate with them, ask for help and for advice, ask questions, and they shall find a way to give us answers.
The three circles S-T-1 symbolize also Tone 3 the Tone of the day.

They symbolize also the energy Blue Night – Solar Seal No. 3 – the energy of Dreams, it is the Supporting energy of the Yellow Warrior. The Yellow Warrior plants his Dreams like Seeds in the energy field of the Universe and knows that from them shall grow the beautiful Flowers of the reality, which he dreams of.

The Yellow Warrior with Tone 3 is on the 3rd position in the White Wizard wavespell. This is the energy which shall activate our Service also in the new 13-year period. We should as fearless Yellow Warriors of the Light fight for realization of our Dreams. The Yellow Warrior fights foremost with the Sword of the Truth.

We should explore our inner labyrinths and clean fears, negative thoughts and emotions. Likewise, we should explore the labyrinths of problems in our society, clean the negative attitudes and fight for positive changes.

Sincere gratitude to the authors of this exquisite crop circle, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the whole team of the Crop Circle Connector

Maya Todorova


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