Notre Dame of France, Nr Moisselles, France. Reported 1st June.

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Updated Friday 30th August  2019


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A new crop picture appeared just north of Paris, France on June 1, 2019, in remembrance of the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral on April 15, 2019  

A new crop picture appeared on June 1, 2019 near a small Church of Notre Dame in Moisselles, France, which is located slightly north of Paris. It was seemingly drawn there In memory of a tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, 2019 (see or  

This new crop picture was drawn directly north of Notre Dame Cathedral by just 0.200o of latitude, and at almost the same longitude. It was also drawn oriented in the field, so that it points due North from Notre Dame in Paris, toward a small church of the same name Notre Dame de France in Moisselles:  

There are no large agricultural fields in the centre of Paris near Notre Dame Cathedral! Thus if someone wished to draw a crop picture in memory of that tragic event, it would make perfect sense for them to go slightly north at the same latitude, and draw a picture of remembrance in a large agricultural field next to a small church of the same name (Notre Dame meaning Our Lady).  

Concerning the detailed form of this crop picture, we can see several small dots, followed by 2 large crescent shapes (both of which point north), followed by two large circular shapes further below. Might this particular series of shapes be meant to suggest a decimal number of 0.200? That is the exact difference in degrees of latitude North, between the new crop picture in Moisselles at 49.053o and the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris at 48.853o.  

One of those two circular shapes points up or North toward Moisselles, while the other circular shape points down or South toward Paris. What could be more clear? In other words, they seem to be trying to say 0.200 up-down.  

This new crop picture near Moisselles on June 1, 2019 also resembles a crop picture which appeared far to the east, near Rauwiller, France on June 11. 2008 (see Rauwiller 2015l  ). Same group of artists?  

A large cross shape has been laid out for many years in a field next to that small church of Notre Dame in Moisselles. It can be seen easily from the air, or even by someone up in space. The landscape cross there is likewise aligned just west of due North, not too different from how the long axis of a new crop picture was aligned in the nearby field:  

Are we perhaps seeing here the art of angels? Will the French people slowly come to appreciate its beauty and meaning?

This beautiful crop picture appeared in Moisselles, France on June 1, 2019, in a large field of green wheat not far from a magnificent, elevated statue of the Virgin Mary with Child, and pointed approximately toward it (see time 1:00 onward of

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Virgin of Fatima

The formation that appeared in Moisselles, France that refers to the church of Notre-Dame, also seems to point us to the Virgin of Fatima. The Virgin used to appear on the 13th day of different dates: 

May 13, 1917

June 13, 1917

July 13, 1917

August 13, 1917 (only signs) and August 19, 1917

September 13, 1917

October 13, 1917

The reason for these apparitions to 3 shepherds from Portugal in the town of Fatima, that included visible signs for the inhabitants such as the miracle of the sun (which moved in view of all), was to deliver 3 messages. The first showed to the little Shepherds the hell and telling them how to save the souls into, the second message was the warning of the Second World War and a warning for Russia. 

The third message was kept secret until symbolically delivered on May 13, 2000. In this last message there was talk of a great punishment that humanity would receive and also the apparent fall of the church. 

The key that gives us the reference is the following, the formation seems to mark a specific date: January 13, 2020.


This astronomical conjunction that will take place on January 13, 2020 that first in the cropcircle gives us an image that appears to refer us to the Virgin.


The Moon, Earth, the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto give a perfect conjunction on that date. 

The most interesting comes when counting the days elapsed between January 13, 2020 and the date of the first appearance of the Virgin of Fatima; May 13, 1917 that is 37,500 days and converted into hours are 900,000 hours from that date. The perfection reached on that number comes from the length of each hour while years are different because of the leap-years between them. Then 102.67 years becomes very beauty than 100 years. 

Initial Date May/13/1917 May/13/1917 May/13/1917

Final Date May/13/2017 May/13/2000 Jan/13/2020

Years elapsed 100 83 102.67

Days 36,525 30,316 37,500

Hours 876,600 727,584 900,000 

It seems to be a warning, especially when we see the recurrence in the formations of this period.


The ant anticipating the storm. 

For me this is the most important formation in the season.

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