Pepperbox Hill, Windwhistle Lane, nr West Grimstead, Wiltshire. Reported 23rd July.

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The sun's energy

As announced earlier, that a new crop circle would come today, July 23, because of the Sun's entry into its domicile sign, Leo (although the constellation of Leo is lagged in zodiacal degrees), we know that the authors crop circle set out to create beautiful astronomical markers, and it has always been so.

Every year, important astronomical events are marked by symbols.
And today, clearly, we see the Sun star with its rays and ripples, either to represent its exaltation of the Leo sign (and the waves look like Leo's mane or mane in the wind ... solar wind!) Or to confirm the idea. from the previous crop circle, Westbury Hill, July 20 and a likely intense solar flare soon.

In Kabbalah, the Sepharhra that bears the Sun on the Tree of Life is number 6, called Tiphereth, Beauty, and is at the heart of the Tree, just as the Sun is at the center of our system.

Therefore, it is a beautiful representation of the Macrosmic Star in its exalted energetic power.

These waves rising from the sun and spreading may well illustrate an even warmer summer in the coming days and weeks, followed by intense solar flares with a lot of electromagnetic activity in the sky (the waves in the star's rays).

The representation seems obvious to me.

Jonas Passos (23.07.2019)

Solar activity

Following all that has already been written, realizing the relationship between this magnificent wavy hexagram and the Sun, center of the solar system (Macrosmic Star), with sine-shaped rays representing electromagnetic energy, it seems to me that after In a period of rest, the Sun will henceforth enter into energetic activity, spurred even by all the alignments and eclipses that occurred prior to July 23, throughout the month, gravitational triggers that generated a lot of energy and deposited all that energy in the Sun's nucleus. and from the Earth.

These ripples (sine wave) in the crop circle have been used in several crop circles in France (the country that has been suffering a lot from the heat wave), and this heat wave means that solar radiation from this period is already at a higher incidence of energy, perhaps by the energetic stimulation of alignments within the theory of interconnected systems.

We may have peaks of solar activity in the coming weeks until the end of summer.

On the day of the lunar eclipse on July 16, a crop circle appeared in France that repeated the wave theme (double Yang Yin style), showing that the alignments were generating a lot of energy in July, and this pictogram set a count of from July 16 to July 22, and clearly draws the letter S (Sun) on its centre wave. 

It seemed to me to say that on July 23, the Sun would begin to manifest, spurred on by all this accumulated energy of alignments throughout July, marked by all these crop circles.

Three days later, a twelve-ray sun appears in the shape of a weathervane, with broken diagonals, suggesting the vortex of energies at work on the star king.

But the positive message of the sun is the light.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been talking about the Tarot Arcane 19 ruling this year 2019, and that it would bring Light of illumination and revelation, discovery and conscious experiences.

In the spiritual aspect of the interpretations, much has been said about the birth of the Child of Revelation 12, because of the many Life symbols associated with the stars, the code of France, the cathedrals, Notre Dame and the Virgin Mary, holy mother.

So if conception is ruled by the moon, birth is ruled by the sun, the new light that shines, the new consciousness that awakens, the new life that manifests itself.

This Pepperbox Hill symbol continues the whole Spiritual Birth theme, promising that the Sun is sending special and spiritual energies on Earth to help attuned souls in an urgent awakening, as the rest of the prophecy says that a War approaches as soon as this Child is born and is taken from the Throne of God to fulfil his mission (Revelation 12).

"Giving birth," which means "birth," is literally what we see in this crop circle: the sun generating the light of consciousness.

All cosmic energy has two sides, and if one side brings catastrophes and planetary transformations, the other side always brings opportunities to increase soul energies toward awakening, what the Bible calls the Second Birth.

I would put July 23 as a date of reference to this illuminated message!

The Heliacal Birth of Sirius

Another announcement of new crop circles

Between July 25th and 26th, tomorrow and after, will be the annual Helian birth of Sirius, a beautiful astronomical event that always receives crop circle messages in the fields, which directly means the relationship between Sirius Aliens and these messages. to the world.

Recalling that July 26th corresponds to the "green day" of the Mayan annual calendar, or day out of time, making that date really very special.

Generally, every year, at this time, messages appear. And with great content.

Let us prepare then for the rebirth of the Light of Sirius in the world, sipping all the wisdom that will come upon the fields in the coming days. After all, the Sirians are the parents of our humanity, and the Venusians, our guardians.

Jonas Passos (24.07.2019)


Increased solar activity on the morning of July 31, 2019

This morning of July 31st, solar wind energy jumped, rising to its level (which averaged 300-350 km / s speed to 500 km / s peaks, which means that solar ejection increased and it's increasing.

According to the crop circle 7 days ago, Pepperbox Hill, on July 23, the Sun (represented by the six-pointed star) would even increase its activity in the coming days and weeks. The waves depicted in the crop circle clearly represent solar activity in the form of electromagnetic oscillations of which the solar wind-charged particles are composed.

Note: This sharp increase in the speed of solar particles coincided with a strong earthquake today of 6.0 ° in El Salvador, plus grade 5 earthquakes in Greece and Russia today. Stronger aftershocks may resonate with this rising sun's energy rate

Let's keep following. (Data: Apollo 11 site)

Jonas Passos (31.07.2019)

New peak in the solar winds this morning of August 1st

We have seen that large coronal holes have appeared on the sun's face after a relatively long period of rest.

And with these coronal holes, the speed of the solar winds increases, because the magnetic field is broken in these holes, which causes the winds to eject more strongly (the sun's magnetic field limits them), bringing more charged particles.

This increase in the speed of solar winds has been recorded since July 30 by monitoring, and this morning reached a high peak of 700 km / s.

Pepperbox Hill's incredible crop circle on July 23 actually predicted a new solar energy activity for the next few days in its geometric representation of the Sun (6-ray macrocosmic star), rays that were in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. (sine), which carry the charged particles of solar winds.

We will continue to follow all this, and there may be possible seismic and volcanic effects on Earth, in addition to the many effects already happening since July.

This is increasingly demonstrating the truth of crop circles, and the great wisdom of their anonymous authors, who can accurately predict the behaviour of the Sun and other departments of the universe, which proves that they really are not of this world, although here they are, alerting us to everything.

Jonas Passos (01.08.2019)

Solar wind is rising to extreme levels on this day 01.08.2019

In the morning, a jump of energy from the solar winds, which reached 700 km / e, and now, in the new measurement after noon (PM), new peak that reached the extreme level (5) of 800 km / s. My interpretation of Pepperbox Hill's crop circle was right: the sun would come into intense activity in the coming days. We will probably have effects on telecommunications soon.

Ps: Solar activity after the coronal holes has started since July 30th, 7 days after the crop circle.


Attention! Strong earthquake in Chile!

The Global Panel shows a violent 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile, 94 km southwest of San Antonio at 18:28 UTC (01/08). The powerful quake had its hypocenter estimated at 10 km depth under the coordinates 34.23S and 72.3W. Given the magnitude and shallow depth of the event, this quake has enough potential to cause heavy damage and fatalities if it occurred below populated locations.

Earthquakes and solar activity are parallel events, born of the same gravitational trigger from those alignments that bombarded the Earth in July. And now, gradually, the effects are appearing. This year's crop circles warned us about alignments, earthquakes, and energy impacts on the sun. We may be entering an upward wave of energy impacts

Jonas Passos (01.08.2019)

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The Cosmic Mother empowers us with Life Force!!

Crop circle at Pepperbox Hill, Windwhistle Lane, near West Grimstead, Wiltshire, UK. Reported on the 23rd of July, 2019.

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 23 July 2019 is
a day with the Solar Seal Blue Monkey with Tone 11,
in the Red Dragon wavespell,
in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed,
in the Red Cosmic Moon Year with Tone 13 (26 July 2018 – 24 July 2019).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Red Dragon – Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Red Serpent – Life Force, Instinct, Survival
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity

The bright circle in the center of the formation represents the Source and symbolizes the energy RED DRAGON – Solar Seal No. 1. Red Dragon is the feminine aspect of the Source, the Cosmic Mother.

The Red Dragon wavespell is the first wavespell of the new Tzolkin module of 260 days, which began on 13 July 2019.

The 6 circles on the periphery of the formation depict Seeds and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED.

The number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger – Solar Seal No. 6.

The Seeds are connected with the Source through wave-shaped figures.
Each of these figures resembles a snake and symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT – the energy of Life Force.

We, the people, are Seeds, “planted” on the Earth to develop our consciousness. On the formation is shown that the Seeds (the people) receive from the Cosmic Mother the energy of Life Force through the wave-shaped “channels”.

On the other side, in this first wavespell of Tzolkin, we ourselves plant our Seeds in the energy field of the Universe. Our Seeds are our thoughts, dreams, visions, words, intentions, actions etc. From these Seeds our new reality shall grow.

In the Red Dragon wavespell, the Cosmic Mother nurtures with Life Force the Seeds (the people) and their Seeds ;-).

On 24 July 2019 ends the Red Cosmic Moon Year with Tone 13, and on 26 July 2019 begins the new year of the White Magnetic Wizard with Tone 1 – the first year of the new 13-year cycle with major energy WHITE WIZARD.

The last 5 days of the old year are time for cleansing of the old energies, of old patterns and programs, time for forgiving. This process of Cleansing is symbolized on the formation through the energy White Worldbridger – the energy of “death”.

On the other hand, the White Worldbridger reminds us, that in these last days of the Red Cosmic Moon Year and of the last 13th lunar month we receive Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence, which like a bridge connects us with the Source. The wave-shaped figures on the formation resemble also bridges, which connect the Seeds with the Source.

The Red Serpent is the Supporting energy of the White Wizard and it is the ruler of the first quarter of the new 13-year cycle. So in the first 3 years and 3 months we shall receive from the Source constantly and in bigger quantity the energy of the Life Force

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this amazing formation, to the photographers and to the whole team of the Crop Circle Connector!!

Maya Todorova

The centre appears to be the conglomerate impact area for the surrounding six comets. The wavy lines are the comets' trajectories, but the true trajectories would follow a spiral pattern, for example, on July 7, 1996 in the UK:


When comets are hot enough to appear as rings, there is no need for a coma indication (the circular lines surrounding the six rings) and they aren't found this way in true crop circles. Also, some geometrical irregularities suggest this crop circle is man-made, along with the prior one of July 10th involving five comets. In any event, the comets here would be A through F.   These circle makers do have some intuition, but their technical details are spurious.

Kenneth Heck



This crop circle is exceptional because of a remarkable technical detail: When you look at the design, you can find 49 full or partial circles. To make a perfect circle or a circular arc, you need to use the centre point. But in this formation only one centre point is in flattened crop (the one in the middle).

As many crop circle investigators know, you can not walk in a British crop field without leaving a trace, excluding the tramlines. In this case the centre points are not along the tramlines and they are no visible traces. So 48 circular arcs have been made without touching the centres. 

This of course proves nothing about who made this or how. But it does exclude the most obvious physical methods of designing this shape from ground level.

Veli Martin Keitel

For this crop I see this « relationship »  just for the « fun » of it:- The_Pepperbox 

« The Pepperbox is a hexagonal, three-storey tower constructed of English bond brick, with a low, pyramidal Welsh slate roof that was rebuilt around 1900, topped by a weather vane.[4][9] «  

3 hexagonal 

3 x 6 

666 999



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Comment about the crop circle rep. at Pepperbox Hill, 23rd July, 2019

The formation contains three medium-sized circles that have no mark in the centre and no trace inside. I published on June 21, 2019, a video on Youtube in which I give a method that I invented to make circles a little bigger without mark in the centre:-

If you want to make big circles with my method, I proposed to attach to the strings helium inflated balloons (see my video). This training at Pepperbox Hill seems to hint at my method and video! It is more of extraterrestrial origin than human, in my opinion. This question of making large unmarked circles in the centre is fundamental to whether there is an extraterrestrial component in the crop circle phenomenon. I have browsed the three years 2016, 2017, 2018 on your website Crop circle connector. Only a large crop circle has caught my attention because the absence of mark or trace of passage in the centre is indisputable. It was reported to Cley Hill on July 30, 2016 : Cley Hill 2016l

At that time, I did not know the method I published. I did not see anyone talking about it on the internet. This crop circle could be done with my method, but it is so perfect that I consider it a strong enough proof of an extraterrestrial origin. I add that his drawing is quite complex. A much simpler circular crop circle without center mark and much larger was reported in 2008 at Avebury Manor on July 22:-

It should not be that scientists and specialists are impressed by debunkers and other sceptics like Arnaud Thiry and his colleagues! Either they manage to reproduce with perfection these two formations or they admit the extraterrestrial activities in crop circles!

Lille, France. July 26, 2019. Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike