Lauragais, Tarabel, near Toulouse. France. Reported 30th May

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Updated Saturday 6th  June 2020


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June eclipses announcements

And just like last year, English crop circles and, mainly, the series of 15 or 16 crop circles unpublished in France in 2019, appearing to highlight events of the July eclipses (on July 2 and July 16) and that that year, brought a series of predicted energy impacts to planet Earth.

This pair of crop circles from the recent 30th of May, yesterday, sound like announcements of the two eclipses of June, on the doorstep, on June 5 (lunar) and June 21 (solar) the latter, which promises to be very powerful .
What impacts can we expect for the world now? Both crop circles have an EIGHT design (number 8) and appearing on the same day 30.05 (date that adds up to 8) we see an evident relationship between both.

And what is the best natural, cosmological phenomenon to produce energy flow movement than eclipses, which are the cosmic events with the most immediate impact on planet Earth? Yang is the wave of the solar component, while Yin is the wave of the lunar component. Sun and Moon are, in all the traditions of the East and the West, the Yang-Yin, the binary of the caduceus of Mercury performing alchemy of energies that serve as the basis for life on Earth. In eclipse times, these energies reach peak points because of the alignments involved.

Meanwhile, France's new crop circle seems to post the two eclipses that will come at the same time, lunar on June 5 and Solar (annular type) on June 21 (solstice day).

Even the first crop circle of the season, the crop circle of the Angel, showed, in its astronomical design, the planet Venus before the Sun, and the Earth between the Sun and the Moon (this will really happen on June 5th, because we will have a Venus-Sun alignment at the same time as the Moon's eclipse.

So, by inserting the dynamic Yang-Yin (inside a cross, the four elements) to the phenomenon of eclipses, these crop circles gathered may be announcing an intense flow of energies over the Earth (the point of intersection) in the month of June.
Let's wait. 

Jonas Passos (30.05.2020)



Tixeire Luc

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The right circle is of the type discussed in Section 7 - Crescents and Bow Shocks of my free ebook. The left circle is the general form found in Section 5 - Coma Development. The crop circle reads from right to left. A comet passing near Jupiter's radiation belts, or simply through its orbit, will afterwards gain a large coma and perhaps be visible to astronomers. This is the area in space where comets commonly lose enough material due to solar radiation to be readily detectable.

Kenneth Heck








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