Nadarzycach, Nr Wrześni, Poland. Reported 18th July.

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Updated Wednesday 12th August  2020


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A new “triple Julia set” appears near Wrzesnia, Poland on July 18, 2020, resembling the original “triple Julia set” from England 1996. Why now? Should we count its circles to find out?  

This new crop picture from Nadarzyce, Poland (5 km southeast of Wrzesnia) was drawn next to a spinning, 3-bladed wind turbine. It contains 25 circles in total, and also appeared on a calendar date of July 18 or 7-18, where (7 + 18) = 25. 

It resembles in shape a famous “triple Julia set” crop picture from the year 1996 near Avebury in England. That was 24 years ago, where (2020 - 1996) = 24. 

Why does the new crop picture from Poland show (8 + 8 + 8 + 1) = (24 + 1) = 25 circles, whereas we might expect it to contain exactly 24 circles, since (2020 – 1996) = 24? 

Is something important being planned for the year 2021? Perhaps open-contact with the E.T. crop artists, after so many years of waiting and preparation? Their metaphorical “wind turbine” clock is now turning. It is in the year 24 after a famous “triple Julia set” crop picture from 1996 England, and will soon be in the year 25 (or 2021).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The stellar vortex of the Polish crop circle


The code 888 of the stars does not refer only to the Sirius 3 system, but it encompasses a portal of well-known constellations, and referred to by all ancient peoples, mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Job (38: 31-32), and they are :
ORION (called Kesil) SIRIUS (called Hish) PLEIADES (called Kimá)

In Hebrew letters and on the Kabbalah map, it reads: K S I L (120) HwI sH (380) K I M H (75)

TOTAL: 575 which adds up to 17, the Arcane of the Stars.

888 Star of Bethlehem (Frequency)

The 3 infinities add up to a single infinite, vibrating in the harmonic key reaching our heart, the chosen frequency of Life, and our most intense stellar channel of reverberation from this key note comes from the Sirius 3 system, echoing through the portals of the Sun and reaching the planets, and all life on Earth, and our heart, thus kept alive by the vibration that is not yours, but borrowed from on high.

They are forces and energies beyond the concept of gravity crossing the stars and worlds, they are pure chords, they are voices of Angels, they are choirs of Elohim sustaining the chord of life. In Greek letters, the name IESOUS (Jesus) is worth 888.

The 3 wise men who find the baby Jesus in a manger, following a star, are another code 888, and also represent the Sirius 3 system.

The Star moved in the sky and indicated the way: this admits two interpretations: symbolic, that is, the light of Truth guided magicians and shepherds to Christ, and literal, the light of a divine UFO-Merkabah guided the magicians to the presence of the Incarnate master.

Bethlehem the name, means Bread's House. BIT-LChM is worth 490, the same number as MLKT, Queen!

Isis-Sirius, the Queen of the heavens, the cosmic Cathedral and temple of the Anointed, the reborn, the Children of God who ate the Bread of Life and stopped being corrupted mortal humans to become immortal and pure spirits, returning to the Angel who were the day before the original fall.

It is the emanation of the three stars of Sirius (***) crossing the portals of the Sun and irrigating our world and all living things. It is the energy of three infinities (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) added in the Infinite-God ONE.

In 2015, crop circle season, we had many models reproducing eight-pointed stars. All because, on 08.08.2015, the numerical standard 888 was verified.

To be born again and to become the Son of God means to rebuild every body, every mind, soul, heart, thought, desire and action according to the patterns of the Christ's Light that vibrates throughout this journey that I have explained. 

Capturing that Word in vibration and concept, action and understanding, and starting conversion, redemption, forgiveness, transformation, reconstruction, regeneration, alchemy and rebirth, this is the Way, Truth and Life declared by the Word of Christ descending from the Star of Bethlehem, which is Sirius 3 in 1, so that Christ may be born within you.
There is no other Way, Truth and Life besides this one.

Divide 888 by 8, and you get 111.

However, look how curious
888/3 = 296
296 adds 2 + 9 + 6 = 17
E 17 adds 8
So, 296-296-296 =
17-17-17 =
Paths of numerology. 


And some consider this frequency, 111 Hz, as the key note connecting the pineal gland with the deep chords of the stars, in a low B flat resonance aligned with the seventh Pythagorean proportion.

The sacred frequency: 111 and multiples (octaves):

 111 Hz, 222 Hz, 444 Hz, 888 Hz!

And for an incredible synchronicity, talking about 3-8 is how I finished the article below, which I just posted: the 2010 crop circle feathered snake tail has the number 3-8 in code! 

See more:- a-serpente-emplumada-voando-para-venus-em-dois-memoraveis-crops-circles-no-dia-de-sirius  OR polonia-crop-circle-e-a-frequencia-888-das-estrelas 

Jonas Passos (19.07.2020)

A crop circle resumes its message 24 years later: a sign will come from the stars!


Analysis of the crop circle models of the Julia set, Julia set, 1996, 24 years ago and the implications of the return of the crop circle code in Poland (888). See more here:- um-crop-circle-retoma-sua-mensagem-24-anos-depois-um-sinal-vira-das-estrelas 

Jonas Passos 24.07.2020

The code 888


First, a crop circle appears in Poland, with the perfect three-wave vortex, each with eight circles in progression in size, symmetry and code that we know (888) to have a direct relationship with the stars, especially the Sirius System, which is a three-star system, so 8-8-8 (***).

And shortly before, a crop circle with a double ring appeared in England on July 10. He brought an eight point outer ring. As there is no atom with this configuration, be it four particles in the nucleus and eight electrons in the first layer, or four electrons in the first, and eight in the second, we think it is a combination of atomic elements. Because the first layer stabilizes with two electrons, and the second, with eight.

Then came a second crop circle with an eight (octagonal) pattern, and in Germany, the mysterious land of Bavaria ... a model of the internal solar system, Sun and three orbits, and a ribbon connecting the two and three orbits (Venus and Earth) in such a way that one of the interpretations I made at the time was that (the ribbon being the symbol of DNA ) that Venusians and terrestrials share a common DNA from the Sirius 888 system.

Because that’s what code 888 suggests. And the detail: this crop circle from Germany appeared on the predicted day of Sirius' heliacal birth, July 26, alongside two other English crop circles, composing another 888 triad, because three times the 26th creates 26-26-26 = 888.

Finally, the third crop circle with 8 elements appeared, composing 888 in the group of these three, and satisfying the signal from Poland back there.

An eight-petal flower, which actually exists, the Cosmos Flower, which in the East is called the flower of happiness. And the name Cosmos for the flower is a way of linking the idea of life with its stellar, cosmic origins.

The most interesting thing about the geometry of this crop circle is that the petals were drawn with circles that encompass two small circles on the edge, in a perfect tangent: eight total circles on the edge, and two circles covered in each tangent curve of the design, this is a direct relationship with the internal structure of the atom, two stability electrons in the first layer, and eight stability electrons in the second layer.

Therefore, atomic, molecular and cellular codes being associated in this triad of crop circles 8, or 888. However, they are trying to tell us about an atom, substance or biochemical link missing from the atomic chain in our DNA, loop or ribbon of stellar ancestry. What element would that be? Chilbolton already talked about him in 2001 ...

See more:- o-codigo-do-dna-perdido-e-revelado-nos-crops-circles-o-humano-cristal

Jonas Passos (11.08.2020)

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Whenever we see a series of circles of ascending size, it represents a comet in its changing position in the sky. (always with a curved trajectory).  Each circle denotes an observation, normally successive days or nights by the naked eye, or for the smallest circles, it might be a weekly or monthly observation by binoculars or telescope. Section 2 - Geometric Forms - in my free ebook contains numerous examples of this depiction. Here we have three comets approaching the Earth from three different directions. The center circle is the conglomerate strike point. Comet A approaches from the Northwest and lands in the Atlantic Ocean. The Warning Comet approaches from the Northeast and its major fragment lands in the Pacific Ocean. Comet B approaches from the Southeast and lands in the Arctic Ocean, more specifically the Barents Sea.

Kenneth Heck








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