Vimy, Pas-de-Calais department in the Hauts-de-France. Reported 5th July


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Ezequiel's UFO in France's new crop circle

Huge UFO flew beyond the Sun, 'discovered' by NASA's Observation Mission

NASA's STEREO observation mission saw a giant UFO flying beyond the Sun!

NASA's STEREO observation mission spotted what ufologists and supporters said was a gigantic UFO flying beyond the Sun. The incident occurred on February 29, but the images were recently posted on the "Hidden Underbelly 2.0" channel, dedicated to events and mysterious sightings.

According to the presenter, the STEREO camera filmed the gigantic object for four seconds, after which the system was turned off and started working only after the UFO disappeared. It doesn't look like any satellites I've seen. To be honest, when I saw the footage, I thought: Ezekiel's wheel! It is very similar - the circle with a cross ”, said the researcher.

And he referred to a record in the Book of Ezekiel, where the prophet spoke of a flying chariot, which he described as a "wheel in the middle of a wheel".

NASA has not yet issued a response to the problem.

**************************************************** *********

This exceptional event took place on February 29, and in the months of June and July, two crop circles would reproduce the same symbol on the plantations, which resembles the solar disk style of the Anunnaki gods of Sumeria, with resonances in Templar symbols. Ezekiel's Wheel was evidently pointed out by most scholars. Which is further proof of the extraterrestrial connection in crop circles. And the arrival of Merkabah, the one that the Apocalypse takes over (with the four holy creatures screaming HOLY HOLY HOLY (KADOSH KADOSH KADOSH) and celebrating Christ's return to Earth.

And noting the Templar cross, it really seems inserted within a circle with 3D sphere geometry, that is, representing the Earth and its four marked directions, about which Matthew 24 says that Christ would send his Angels on the day of the rapture, right after the appearance of the great SIGN (of him) in the skies of the whole world - which also inserts the great star Absinthe in the context of the same symbol (Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet X, Planet that crosses etc).

And the evidence continues to reach the world ... and other biblical resonances associate the return of Merkabah in the heavens, before the Sun, as one of the signs of the return of the Son of God. 

The quantum cross of Light reproduced in France's new crop circle

This image is actually a holography of an individual photon of light, obtained by the work of Polish physicists in 2016, led by Radoslaw Chrapkiewicz.

Dodging what seemed impossible, using techniques within wave mechanics to circumvent the Uncertainty principle that assists every particle at the quantum level, the guys came up with a Calcite crystal (with properties to break light beams) a way to capture photons “Uncertain” and the result was this holography there.

This work was an incredible advance in understanding the structure of matter, and they are already thinking about expanding the technique to make holographs even of atoms ...

It is a fantastic discovery, because many have already realized the incredible similarity between this image and the ancient Cross of Malta, Templar Cross, the sacred Tetragrammaton, the Name of God etc….
The first Entity created by God was the Light.


And the first image created of the Light is a CROSS! Accident? Coincidence? Or a tremendous scientific demonstration that, in the Beginning it was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and that the Cross of Light is the Sacred Key and, at the same time, Sacred Door of all that exists ?

And then, it appears in France, on July 5, 2020. It is as if the photon, represented in the external particle with the appearance of a 3D sphere, breaks and reveals the internal cross, and its identity: the Face of Light is a Cross. It is incredibly similar to the Templar Cross.

Something that ancient sages as well as extraterrestrials should have known for a long time ... and modern science has begun to see.
Better late than never. But ... soon a cross? Irony in the face of the predominant atheist  science. 

The End Times Missionaries symbol The edged cross

As this post is very large, I ask those interested to read the text and see all the images in the link below, because the great Argentine prophet Benjamin Solari Parravicini predicted, in 1972, that when this sign appeared in the world, the cross wrapped in a circle, reliving the old crusades but in a new sense, a real and real spiritual sense, brought by infiltrated missionaries who are not of this world, this would mean that the end of days was near. A fundamental reading for all... 


Jonas Passos (07.07.2020)

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Aspect of the latest crop circle design

In the centre of the most recent crop circle, the design that appeared at Vimy Pas-de-Calais (Northern France) In the middle of those two concentric circles is a symbol called a Bolnisi cross. 


The Bolnisi  cross is ,taken from a 5th-century  ornament at the Bolnisi Sioni church, which came to  be used as a national symbol of Georgia. It is a variant of the Cross pattée popular in Christian  symbolism of late antiquity and the early medieval  period. The same symbol gave rise to cross variants  used during the Crusades, the Maltese cross of  the Knights Hospitaller and (via the Jerusalem  cross and the Black cross of the Teutonic Order)  the Iron cross used by the German military:- Bolnisi_cross

Just a short snippet involving Georgia and the Mongols. The Bolnisi cross appears on a painting of a cave wall in Georgia at the 27.00 minute mark of the following video. “25 Bizarre Ancient X Files, so Odd they Guarantee to Make your Hair Stand on End”

Frescoes from Svaneti North Georgia 12th century

Simon O'Brien

The cross in the centre, surrounded by the ring, is called the Bolnisi Cross, the symbol for the Republic of Georgia. Behind are four circles, probably the four chastising comets. The outer ring surrounding the cross implies an impact of a major fragment will take place in Georgia. There are 29 major fragments in total for the four chastising comets.

Kenneth Heck


Do we deserve today a Cross of Valour?

Crop circle from 5 July 2020 at Vimy, Pas-de-Calais Hauts-de-France, France

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 5 July 2020 is a day
with the Solar Seal White Mirror with Tone 7,
in the Yellow Human wavespell,
in the White Castle with the major energy Yellow Warrior,
in the White Magnetic Wizard year with Tone 1.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
White Mirror – Reflection, Infinity, Order, Truth
Yellow Warrior – Quest, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Red Moon – Universal Water, Flow, Purify

The big outer circle represents the Earth. The very center of the formation represents the Source.

The circle
„М” depicts a mirror and symbolizes the energy White Mirror. The Mirror shows us our reflection and helps us to see truths about ourselves.

In this mirror we see 4 figures
W. Each of them resembles a hat of a Wizard and symbolizes the energy White Wizard – the major energy of the current White Magnetic Wizard year.

Between them we see 4 figures
F. Each of them resembles a fruit. Now, at the end of the White Magnetic Wizard year, it is time for summarizing the year. The mirror helps us to see the fruits of our activities during the year.

In the mirror we see also a white cross. It consists of four bridges. The bridges symbolize the energy White Worldbridger – the major White energy in the current White Castle. Besides, we are in the 13th Lunar month, with Tone 13, which is like a bridge, which connects us with the Source.

Looking in the mirror at the end of the White castle we can ask ourselves: Did I become a White Worldbridger? Have I built my energy bridges to the Source, to my Higher Self, to my Spiritual Guides, to the spiritual world, to the Earth, to the other people?

The energy White Worldbridger is the Spiritual target in the new 13-year cycle with major energy White Wizard
(26 July 2019 – 24 July 2032), so each of us shall have the possibility in the next 12 years to develop further to White Worldbridger.

The Yellow Warrior (the major energy of the White Castle) teaches us to be Fearless. The Yellow Warrior teaches us to fight fearless for the realization of our Dreams.

The cross in the center of the crop circle resembles a Cross of Valour. Besides, the formation is located near the
Canadian National Vimy Memorial erected as a tribute to the Canadian soldiers who died in the battle on Vimy Ridge in April 1917 during WWI.

All this gives us reason looking in the mirror to ask ourselves:

Do we fight today to realize our Dreams? Do we fight for the Truth, for our freedoms, for a fairer social order, for a true democracy etc.?

We are responsible to the Source for our actions. Looking at the mirror, we can ask ourselves:  Shall I receive a Cross of Valour from the Source? Do I deserve such a Cross?

The figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 resemble a tree crown and the figure S is the tree stem. The White Castle is time for growing of the Seed to a Tree. In the first Red castle we have planted Seeds (potentials, ideas, programs) and in the White Castle these Seeds have grown to trees.  Metaphorically, each person grows and develops with his ideas, so everybody grows from a Seed to a Tree.

From our ideas and actions grows our Tree of Life. The Earth together with the whole humanity is a common organism, a big Tree of Life.

On the formation very impactful  is shown that the roots of each tree are in the Source – from the Source we receive all necessary life energies. So for each human is of vital importance to build and to maintain his connection (his energy bridge) to the Source. Otherwise, we are like trees without roots.

On the crop circle we see 4 trees, consisting of 12 dark figures. The number 12 symbolizes the energy Yellow Human – Solar Seal No. 12. We can say that the four trees symbolize the humanity on the Earth.

The four big lunar crescents on the periphery depict the energy Red Moon – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Human.

Until 24 July 2020 continues the 13th Lunar month with Tone 13 which like a bridge connects us with the Source. This is time for retuning. We receive from the Source energies, which prepare us for the New year, which begins on 26 July. It is advisable to use this time for more intense communication with the Source.

I express my deep gratitude to the authors of this amazing formation and to the photographers of ARTOIS DRONES!

Maya Todorova

There are informations about the crop circle à Vimy in this video :

It was our group of five who made the crop circle at Vimy in Hauts-de-France at the beginning of July 2020. We are sorry for the farmer. We were inspired by the methods of Arnaud Thiry's group and the Veca report. We made the crop circle in Vimy to look like the crop circle in Auchy-les-mines in 2019. We didn't do the Auchy-les-mines one and we don't know if it is from human or extraterrestrial origin. But we think there are most certainly real crop circles made by dangerous aliens in France, the UK and elsewhere. We also learned that people are kidnapped and animals are killed by aliens. We want to help the French state, but we are against the fact that it hides information about these dangers from the population. We have noticed that religions are presented in these crop circles and we do not want extraterrestrials to control the Earth and our state with religion. We stand in solidarity with the people who defend the Earth and do not want these extraterrestrials. We say F .... K to these ETs who make crop circles on religion. These ETs must not be here! We are ready to start making crop circles again to fight against ET propaganda and against the media which relay ET messages without informing about the dangers! 


Good morning all, Our group Libère Nation posted a video on Youtube two days ago to reveal that we did the crop circle at Vimy in France in early July:

We refuse the silence of the French state on the victims of certain ETs in France or elsewhere in the world (abducted children and adults, dead or missing army pilots and civilians, psychic harassment, manipulation of believers of certain religions, espionage of states, companies and people, disconnections of nuclear warheads, killings and mutilations of wild animals and livestock attacks on farmers, violations of air, land and sea space etc) We are very afraid of a global theocracy led by Gray ETs or others. Our crop circle at Vimy is a Christian symbol because we wanted to draw attention to this religious alien threat that is contrary to our secular republic. We expected the ETs of the Christian apocalypse to respond to our intrusion into their global propaganda for the first time. We believe that the crop circle which has just been reported on July 22, 2020 day of Saint Mary Magdalene supposed wife of Jesus and mother of the children she had with him, was made in the United Kingdom in Bishops Sutton, Scrubbs Lane, to insult us! scrubbslane 2020 The simple and alluring five petal shape of the crop circle may suggest a stained glass window like this one with six petals This shape also suggests with its five triangles the trinity of Christianity. We have also seen UFOs in Belgium with the triangular shape ! This shape also suggests by a special effect of folding plants produced by a dangerous alien technology a relief that suggests the Pentagon in Washington. We saw Donald Trump holding up a Bible recently! donald-trump-bible-photo-chefs-religieux-americains-furieux Once again, we refuse world domination by ETs who want mankind to submit to their god! The god of these ETs cannot be good because they don’t even have the politeness to ask your Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the farmer for permission to make this crop circle! Citizens of the world, overcome your fears, demand disclosure by your states and that they bring you their protection: it is your right and it is you who finance them!
France, 7/23/2020

Mr X, Circles maker group Libère nation

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