South Downs Way, Nr Houghton, West Sussex. Reported on 29th July

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Updated Monday 3rd  August 2020


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This was the same, metaphorical, landscape symbolism of “live green tree” versus “old dead tree” as was used at Wootten Wawen, near Stratford-upon-Avon, on August 7, 2017 (see monarch articles).



The Sun and the allegory of the dead tree


Another crop circle on the scheduled day of 11-11 that caught my attention. It is simple, although very well done. A central circle and a ring. Classic solar symbol. What is striking is that the alien authors placed it right next to a natural formation, or rather, created by the farmer, a kind of small separate green culture but with a large dead tree carcass on it. I do not know why the farmer would place this dead tree trunk on a small vegetable garden (this is the rectangle of green area within the wheat crop).

The fact is that the aliens captured this scene to incorporate the message of this solar crop circle, and the simple equation proposed immediately came to mind: From the same Sun that life comes out, death comes out. And the renovation comes out! Another disturbing detail: The name of the place where the crop circle appeared, Bury Hill" (referring to cemeteries and fields to bury the dead!)

This is all very elegant and expressive, so, and they usually do that, aliens take advantage of the surrounding frame to design crop circles, incorporating this frame into the message set.

And it worked well here. Right at 11-11 predicted.

After all, in ancient pre-Columbian cosmologies, death and renewal always came from the same sun. We are at the end of the fifth Sun, and the Mayan calendar says that the end will come with the Sun from earthquakes. And the restart will come with the Sun of the Eagles, already in the Sixth Age on Earth.

Anyway, this crop circle, like many others, is pointing our direction towards the Sun, and everything that comes from the solar system, including a "second" ... which also makes an 11-11.

New coordinates of the second Sun at 11-11


We talked about the crop circles that could appear on July 29, 2020 because of the 11-11 pattern on the date, and adding the date itself, we arrived at  2 + 9 + 7 + 2 + 2 = 22, which was well marked with the appearance not just one, but two crop circles (to date).

So, I brought the two crop circles together in the light of 11-11 as a message extension. We have, markedly, two solar symbols. First, the ringed circle is a classic solar symbol, from ancient astrology. And second, hexagram with six points marked by six equal circles at the vertices, alternating however, the coloring (light / dark), thus forming the visual pattern 33, another multiple of 11, which adds up to 6.

And Six is the order number of the Sun in the Tree of Life, whose name, according to Kabbalah, is Thipereth, Beauty, Harmony. Sun at the center of creation, that is, the creationist and cosmological vision of the ancients was never geocentric. It was always heliocentric, long before Copernicus and Galileo overthrew the geocentrism advocated by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.

Well, we are facing a double solar symbol on the
Two suns?
Yes, and why?
Notice the larger circle with six smaller circles.
Why alternate light and dark?
A sun on and a sun "off" or hidden?
Also, it may be that the greater sun (Bury Hill) is a reference to our sun.
And the "sun minor", (Derbyshire), the hidden Sun, Nemesis, with its own planetary system (with more than 4 or 5 objects, according to speculation).

I also looked for an astronomical configuration that would arrange the planets in the sky in an approximate hexagon, and what I found closest will happen on August 24th. Here is the caption:

1. Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto (Capricorn and the P 7X is in this region)
2. Moon (Scorpio)
3. Sun-Mercury (Virgo)
4. Venus (Cancer)
5. Mars (Aries) and Uranus (Taurus)
6. Neptune (Pisces)

It may be a reference to the end of the crop circles in 2020, since August is the time of harvests in England. Anyway, it doesn't compare to the most perfect hexagon that ever appeared in the sky with planets aligned, and it happened on July 21, 1995, 25 years ago.

On the slide, the first crop circle with a message from England, showing a simple axis, two objects connected and flanked by the first "11-11" in a plantation, on May 23, 1990. And this has always meant, in a very elementary way, an astronomical marker, showing two objects in binary energy connection. That is, they have always tried to warn us about this binary status of our solar system. And they continue today, as they seem to have done in this new 11-11 of the double crop circle 29.07.2020. 

Jonas Passos (31.07.2020)

Crop circle agenda for the next few days


August 2nd, 3rd and 4th Preparations for new images in the fields of England (and others) I had already spoken on August 3, 2020, which is reduced numerologically to 11-22 (33), another coordinate related to the numeral pattern 11 that always appears in crops circles. And that August 4th is also a special date in several seasons. We will be able to have very special crop circles in these two days, preparing the world for the final, more conclusive messages, which usually appear in the second half of August of the years, time for harvesting wheat in England.

But tomorrow is Sunday, August 2nd, and as Lord T is very fond of sending beautiful messages on Sundays, because it is the Day of the Sun and the day of Our Lord Jesus risen (Lorr T is in the service of His Majesty, the Christ, England to the world) .... then we can also put August 2 on the agenda.

If they show up in three days, great! But with only one I am satisfied.

Let it come as they please. We just wait here and try to interpret later. As we have always done! 

Jonas Passos (02.08.2020)

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The crop circle seems to represent the Earth at night as in T25, page 76, of my free e-book, with the very thick ring representing the circle of damage/destruction for one or more comet impacts. 

Credible crop circles, whether man-made or not, must have three characteristics, among others: 

1. Crisp, clean, geometrically precise lines.

2. A marked preference for symmetry.

3. Complex circles must be composed of simple figures seen in prior circles, unless a new figure is being introduced. Each year can bring one or more new figures. 

This formation is not symmetric and the thick ring has not been seen before. It might be argued that this very simple circle is introducing new figures. The non-symmetry expresses the thought that most of the damage from comet impacts will occur in the Northern Hemisphere. The thick ring might signify the damage from several or even all six impacting comets, rather than just one as is shown in T25. Of these two viewpoints, it is more likely that the crop circle is man-made and non-credible.

Kenneth Heck








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