Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 11th July

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Updated Thursday 26th November 2020


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“6-6-6 disconnected” 

How wide is a board?  How wide are the many “curved stripes”, drawn in a crop picture at Cley Hill on July 11, 2020?



The Labyrinth of Modern Astronomy the binary solar system



Labyrinths represent puzzles to be deciphered. And generally, the search for whoever tries to unravel a maze is at the center of it.

The term Labyrinth comes from Labyris, a kind of double ax as a symbol of the Supreme Being in the center of the labyrinth. On the island of Crete, this symbolism was abundant.

In Greek mythology, the labyrinth of Crete was built by Daedalus to house the Minotaur, a monster half man, half bull, to whom young people he regularly devoured were offered. According to legend, Theseus managed to defeat him and find his way back from the labyrinth thanks to the thread of a skein, given by Ariadne, which was unfolding along the way.

But going back to the double ax, and looking at Cley Hill's recent crop circle and its proposed orbital maze, we see that a solar system was represented there, and some prominent planets, Jupiter and Saturn (which alternate alignment with Earth in the coming days).

And in the centre, the Sun and a small circular dot on its side, as if representing, among other things, the double solar system (the Sun and the brown or red dwarf companion). In addition, two bands protruding from the Sun, like two ejections of solar or gravitational energy (because of the alignments).

And see how this image of the crop circle resembles or tries to allude to the double ax called Labyris and found in the center of the labyrinths of Crete, symbol of the search for the Supreme Being in the center of the Self, something characteristic of the ancient Initiation in the mysteries of the soul and the search for the connection with the Sacred, inside and outside.

In the aspect of modern Astronomy, this discovery would be as revolutionary as the announcement of the heliocentric system for the culture of the medieval era, ruled by the concept of the Earth at the center of the Universe.

This maze crop circle appeared on July 11, 2020. And on July 11, 2001, exactly 19 years ago, a maze with the same proposal appeared in England. But no one has solved the puzzle. So far.

In that labyrinth we also see, inside it, two circles, one larger and one smaller, representing the binary solar system, which also appears on the outside of it, and also in the center of the large circle, three times represented there, and with many other information related to the Earth (the square) within this hidden cosmology of our system, a persistent enigma for modern Astronomy ... but not for the ancient one. 

Jonas Passos (14.07.2020)

The mystery of the crop circle of 11.07.2020 Energy waves in July, impacts on the Sun and Earth


It has a style that combines several elements, labyrinth, locks, transmission towers and waves (concentric circles) and some inner circles that seem to mark positions of planets and or stars, in a kind of astronomical coordinates, to provide some date, some source of signal or even communication source.

Because the image he evokes is that of a sound, light, or propagating energy source.

It may even be talking about planetary alignments and seismic waves. Especially because in the coming days of July, Jupiter and Saturn will get involved with exact alignments in relation to Earth, which can cause all these disturbances.

Even the two large circles within the wave field seem to represent exactly the planets Jupiter and Saturn, even in scale. Alignments and seismic waves (earthquakes) are included in this model. 


Sun-Earth Alignment Saturn on July 20, 2020
The central circle represents the Sun, and the two forms of lock may be representing two strong fires of energy from the Sun in these planetary events ahead. Holes in the solar corona producing intense radiation from solar winds also apply here.

Breaking orbital levels have already appeared in previous crop circles, and represent gravitational disturbances crossing the planetary layers of the solar system.

Jupiter Sun-Earth Alignment on July 14, 2020 In an alternative view, these three circles may represent the two alignments above, involving the Sun and the two most massive planets in the solar system, in coming days, from 14 to 20 July, generating a lot of seismic energy (the waves that everyone thinks that is 5GB)

Two astronomical events, two energy ejections in the solar system in propagation waves Note that there is a small circle connected to the larger central circle (the Sun) If we compare it with the sky map in the Sun-Saturn alignment on the 20th of July, we will see that this point is exactly the Moon positioning itself next to the Sun (New Moon) which is another reinforcement for gravitational energy in the period. 


Sun and Moon united on July 20, when Saturn enters a line of opposition to Earth. The labyrinth is built on 6 levels of concentric circles, and six, when it appears, is a code number with a strong relationship with the Sun, which in ancient cosmology was represented in the sixth sephira of the cosmic Tree.

Sun and Moon united on July 20, when Saturn enters a line of opposition to Earth. The labyrinth is built on 6 levels of concentric circles, and six, when it appears, is a code number with a strong relationship with the Sun, which in ancient cosmology was represented in the sixth sephira of the cosmic Tree.

If the central circle is the Sun, with two ejections of energy, one stronger and one weaker (explosions or solar winds), the six orbits go to Saturn, confirming those previous planetary coordinates): Mercury - Venus - Earth - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn.

On the other hand, if we interpret all of these curves as the drawing of the Earth's magnetic field, these openings can even represent failures, not least because that double projection of the central circle can also suggest the accelerated displacement of the poles, especially the north pole, which has already jumped from Canada to Russia. All disturbances in the magnetic field are also effects of solar and planetary events.

The A side, with a random pattern of broken curves, can represent this magnetic disturbance causing all kinds of randomness and changes in the natural order, including Schumann Resonance. It may represent high rates of RS in the coming days in the face of these events.

I say this based also on a crop circle of June 11th (exactly one month ago), which showed the Sun with two orbits, and they strangely showed ruptures, as you can see in the image above. 


At the time, a month ago, I interpreted it as activity in the Sun and in the magnetic field. And really, days later, the Earth's magnetic field suffered a mysterious shock, propagating “tremor” waves in the sensors (this was published here). So, there are two similar formations, this one from June 11th and the other, more recent, July 11th.

But the crop circle now talks about events ahead, still in July.

On side A, we have 10 curve sectors, some with openings, and on side B, six sectors of entire curves. This totals 16 curves in the drawing. Astronomical events stand out on the 14th, 20th, 22nd. Here, 16 could be a date too: July 16.

Another strange thing, on side B, the third and fourth curves are strangely linked (Earth and Mars).  


Will there be any space for the P 7X (Nemesis) object in the image?

n this other illustration, the objects would be Sun in the centre, Earth in the middle and Jupiter at the end, this alignment for July 14th (three days from now). P 7X is exactly in Jupiter's orbit, at this very moment, and the planetary representation has gone there.
It may also be declaring the P 7X's energy source throughout the system, and its seismic, climatic, solar and magnetic disturbances repeatedly. 


A Maze?

Is there room for a maze here?

Also, because many crop circles have appeared with the maze theme before. Look at the date of this crop maze: July 11, 2001! Exactly 19 years ago.

See the crop circle, inside, in the centre of the labyrinth, two circles, bigger and smaller. The two suns, the major sun and the minor sun, his companion. Repeated image outside the maze as well. The same date, July 11, of the Cley Hill crop circle.

And he was also talking about a binary solar system.

Compare with the image of the 2001 maze with the current crop circle: a larger circle and a smaller circle in the center, which in addition to the New Moon on July 20, can also represent the double Sun, or the passage of the P 7x object soon in perihelion, and already approaching (on Jupiter today) and causing so many disturbances.

After all, mazes represent riddles to be solved. He spoke of a binary solar system as a solution puzzle! And the binary Solar System is the biggest puzzle for modern science.

Something that crop circles have sought to illustrate since 1990.

We have two codes in the new crop circle: I Ching and binary code


Looking in the left part of the crop circle "labyrinth", or those six planetary orbits of the Sun, mentioned earlier, we see six continuous orbits, in a progressive opening. However, looking the other way, to the right, we see the same six orbits with some broken. Six lines generates a hexagram, a sequence of 6 strokes found in the Book of I Ching, or Book of Changes in TAO. if the whole line represents Yang, and the cut line, Yin (in the I Ching code) we have two strings.

From the inside out, it would be this sequence: Yang-Yin-Yang-Yin-Yin-Yin
From the outside to the inside of the crop circle, the reverse sequence is formed: Yin-Yin-Yin-Yang-Yin-Yang

We have two hexagrams. From the inside out, the sequence forms hexagram 35, called Chin or Jin The progress. And from the outside in, the sequence forms the hexagram 36, called Ming Yi The dimming of light

Jin 35
Li about K'un - fire on earth
The sun or fire rises over the earth, rising in its path.
Ming Yi 36
K'un on Li - land on fire
The sun descends, enters the earth, bringing obscuration of the light.

They are opposite meanings. The first means a development of energies in progress, and the second, an eclipse of light and chaos for the disappearance of order (sun). In cosmological terms, the second may make more sense with the current events predicted for Earth and humanity in the trend of things as they go.

If we consider the left side, with its six orbits without ruptures, we have another I Ching pattern, six whole lines, six Yang, which in the Book is the first hexagram, called Tien, the Sky. And that means that the analysis of this crop circle really involves the sky, the sun, planets, alignments etc. This hexagram gives the general tone of the message, and those two of the orbits on the right, the more specific tones. Blurring of light for the ordinary modern world, and progress for the spiritual aspect of life. In fact, the wisdom of the I Ching has always cared a lot about this concept of spiritual development, and it was created (the I Ching) to help humanity in this regard.

These strings can also be rendered in binary code, because the whole dash is worth 1 and the broken dash is worth zero.

1 0 1 0 0 0 in binary generates 8 + 32 = 40
0 0 0 1 0 1 in binary generates 1 + 4 = 5
Total sum 45.
1 1 1 1 1 1 in binary generates 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 = 63
Final total 45 + 63 = 108.

A very significant number in Buddhism

Japamala (japamālā, जपमाला) is a sacred string made of beads, used to help the meditation practitioner to enter
in the meditative state.

In yoga and Hinduism, it usually has 108 beads or dividers (54 or 27). In some lines of Buddhism, it still has 3 markers, totalling 111 accounts. The name japamala is masculine ("o" japamala), comes from Sanskrit and it is a compound word: japa is the act of repeatedly whispering or murmuring mantras or names of deities and mālā means garland, wreath or crown.

It is an ancient object of spiritual devotion, also known as a prayer rosary in the West. It is a handicraft widely used to help in prayers and mentalizations as a marker. So we have two currents: a spiritual one, "Japa", and another material, "Mala". Thus, the spiritual energies invoked "Japa" energize "Mala".

Perhaps the main message of 108 is the need to meditate and pray more before what comes into the world. This from two sources of ancient wisdom from the East, the I Ching and Buddhism of Tibet.

Or would it also be a bill for days, 108 days from now? 11.07 + 108 days = 26 to 27 October.
A month with many prophetic notes from other parts. We can only wait ...

Jonas Passos (12.07.2020)

The crop circle labyrinth showed the exits of the great Matrix called the world and modern civilization. The real way out, unfortunately, is not what most people think. But it is as a minority already knows. If you are a majority, learn.
If you are a minority, press ENTER and confirm! And then, get out of the maze called MATRIX!

Read more: shando-do-labirinto-a-matrix-da-era-moderna 

Jonas Passos (15.07.2020)

Solar storm on the way to Earth!


And yet another crop circle forecast confirmed, published here since July 11, 2020, in two crop circles, Cley Hill and Etchilhampton. This may not be the solar storm of the century, but it is strong enough to inject even more energy into the Earth and destabilize all things, magnetism, climate and people's mood.

But the main one, demonstrates that crop circles are legitimate, coming from extraterrestrial intelligences that are able to predict events before they happen, demonstrating a superior knowledge of our solar system and an astronomy that includes the notion of a binary solar system and an agent invader (the second Sun), directly responsible for everything that currently happens on Earth and in an increasing progression ... indeed, a repeated message that they have sent us for 30 years, but nobody wants to listen ...
See more here:- previsoes-de-crops-circles-se-confirmam-tempestades-solares-a-caminho-da-terra 

Jonas Passos (21.07.2020)

Crop circle forecast right


Some crop circles of the 2020 season that predicted these coronal holes and ejections of solar energy, predicted here in this direction: And one of the first appeared on June 11, England. It shows an internal solar system, Sun and two orbits, an axis with a planetary alignment pattern (which always acts as a resonant energy trigger in the aligned systems) and two strange disruptions in the first and second orbits (which, among other things, I interpreted as being the emergence of coronal holes ahead).

Then, on July 11, at Cley Hill, a month later, after the eclipse period, this crop circle combined a labyrinth with the Sun's orbits, until the sixth orbit, Saturn, including two objects that looked like Jupiter and Saturn - the which are actually grouped in the Zodiac at this time, taking part in the alignments with the P 7X object.

And from the central Sun (attached to a small Sun) two shots of energy. One smaller and one larger, in the shape of these two bands protruding from the central circle. This also happened later because, on July 24th, we had a weak solar ejection, and now, a very strong solar ejection, in the beginning of August. The labyrinth (or planetary orbits) has levels with disruptions, repeating the idea of the previous crop circle.

Coronal holes. A crop circle of the 17th of July, also in England, repeated the message but within another symbolism. It showed a solar mandala (usually mandalas in hexagram composition, symmetry six, refer to the Sun) rotating counter clockwise (which produces a magnetic ejection vector, centrifugal). And a resemblance to a camera shutter opening - in this case, to eject light, not to receive. All of this was written before solar storms appeared, as stated in the comments published earlier. 

Jonas Passos (04.08.2020)

Crops circles 2020 and the December cosmic event
Rereading of images and messages

The riddle of the maze

This time, I analyze the fantastic crop circle maze from Cley Hill, UK, from 11.07.2020. In the first evaluations, I associated it with the eclipses and alignments of that period (solar on 21.06 and lunar on 05.07) and predicted effects that really happened in a few days, involving earthquakes, disturbances of the magnetic field, heat waves and elevation of the wind rate solar.

But knowing that this object may also be announcing the impacts of the second wave of energy generated in December, with astronomical configurations even more intense than those of the crop circle timeline, we can also analyze this crop circle for this new era. And maybe, he fits more into this new season that comes, December, than those months ago. We see a labyrinth with six levels around a centre that appears to be the Sun, or the solar eclipse, and within this labyrinth (like an astronomical puzzle to be deciphered), we see other objects.

A small object close to the Sun (which could be the P 7X object ever closer to the Sun) and two large aligned objects, which, in fact, will happen in December, and the rare alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, just as it does not. saw in four hundred years, with an angular distance of 0.1 ° between them. All of this happening in the region of the centre of the Galaxy, in the domains of the constellation of Sagittarius, where there is a huge black hole, potentiating the rare planetary and solar meeting.

And from that centre (the Galaxy Core?) We see two shots. Perhaps the smallest shot was that process of events in the crop circle timeline, associated with the solar and lunar eclipses of June and July.

And the biggest shot, the one that will come between November and December, and maybe will continue until the year 2021. The six levels of the labyrinth, representing energy waves generated from the nucleus, also accurately count the six-month period, from July to December, that is, from the crop circle to the aforementioned rare astronomical configuration.

Each level is equivalent to one month, July, August, September, October, November, December, until the setting takes place. And the riddle of the labyrinth is finally solved. The energy shots will come. Watch and pray. Because nobody knows where the lightning is going to fall. You just know you're going to fall.

Jonas Passos (25.11.2020)

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There are a number of examples of crop circles containing  multi-rings: GBR (09/06/12), pg. 120, T372, pg. 112, T426, pg. 79, and T370, pg. 78 from my free e-book to name several. In no case is the center of the circle as large as in this formation. Geometrical irregularities evident in the original photos also suggest that this circle is man-made. Two or three comets appear to be heading toward impact with two or three tails shown. The  broken rings suggest sound waves, seismic waves, or perhaps waves of water – quite possible during or after a comet strike. 

Kenneth Heck





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