Handley Hill, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. Reported 31st May.

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Updated Wednesday 3rd   June 2020


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An interesting problem in electrical engineering: how to change a brushed, 4-pole DC motor into a more convenient brushless device?

Just go to 12 poles, and supply that DC motor with 3-phase, square-wave, power pulses!  

May 30, 2020 in Wiltshire: the schematic image of a brushed, 4-pole DC motor 

May 31, 2020 in Dorset: the schematic image of a brushless, 12-pole DC motor 


“Electrical engineering” is a universal, easy-to-understand language among all good scientists, wherever they might come from. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull and The Hampshire Flyer for excellent aerial drone photography.



A new star in the fifth orbit of the Sun

A new and unexpected crop circle at the end of may, the 31st, Dorset UK. As always, astronomical models are revealed in many of these crop circles. The twelve-sector circle model always reminds us of the Zodiac, considering that we have a well-highlighted central sun, surrounded by five orbits (this crop circle was built in five concentric circles in twelve sectors, the representation of the Zodiac up to Jupiter's space) .

Mercury - Venus - Earth - Mars - Jupiter

And in the fifth orbit, which corresponds to Jupiter, we see a semi-circle inserted in all twelve sectors, as if entering the solar system from that orbit. This image accurately corresponds to the current position of the invading star, Nemesis P 7X, already entering Jupiter's orbit and approaching the solar perihelion, according to the notes of many astronomers worldwide.

In fact, between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars is the asteroid belt, which has already been affected by the invading star, a billiard effect revealed in the many asteroids and meteors crossing the skies around the world in an increasing way in recent months. There is a symbol of Nazi origin known as the Black Sun, and that term is also given to the second Sun in the binary solar system. It has twelve sectors in a geometric vortex that represents an expansion of the German swastika. Black Sun, vortex, projected on the crop circle, we see that there are symmetries between the figures.

Anyone can visualize, in the geometry of this crop circle, the existence of a vortex, which gives a sense of movement to the entire system. The accelerated movement of the 12th planet, like NEMESIS, the second Sun, was called by the Sumerians.
The vulgarized Nibiru of our time.

I knew that, soon, they would tell us about the Second Sun, which is already causing many processes of planetary transformation and widespread chaos, not only climatic or geological, but also social disturbances, hatred, terrorism and polarized movements of violence, as we have seen. What is connected to the Nazi signature of the symbol, in an analysis of the psychological effects of the second Sun on the sleeping mass and manipulated by forces it ignores ...

Thanks to Lucas Berri for the art.

Jonas Passos (01.06.2020)

Repeated messages

In 2011, on August 7, in England, a crop circle with this pattern appeared: there are some changes between them, 9 years later. But the central structure was repeated. Hence, (urgent) repeated messages. In that first crop circle, an angular code was laid out that remains un-deciphered, but I believe that the resumption of this crop circle in the new model is suggesting the solution of the one that was left behind.

The Zodiac has twelve sectors defined by constellations, which serve to position planets and stars since ancient times. And if the Zodiac appears, it is because its purpose (to mark some new object in the sky) is suggested (according to the coordinates of the previous post, central Sun, five orbits and a star entering that space, the space of the fifth orbit of the Sun, Jupiter , which corresponds to the current and monitored object P 7X, in the constellation Capricorn.

This modified zodiac was presented to us with 24 segmented bands, with alternating cuts in 1 and 2 sectors, totaling 3x12 = 36 sectors in a scale of overlapping rectangles. But considering the total quadrilateral units, we have 5x12 = 60 quadrilateral units.

I thought about a number of 36 days from now (from the crop circle date) onwards: this will fall between the 5th and 6th of July. If there are 60 days, counting from May 31, this will fall at the end of July, between the 30th and the 31st of the month. We will write down significant events until then. Was it an announcement of the star's sensitive effects for that time on Earth?

These sectors, in the way the crop circle bands were laid out, also seem to create a stairway image. Or buildings. There are many crossed possibilities for interpretation, given the vastness of associated symbols.

Zodiacs, in addition to sidereal markers, were considered clocks, where the planetary, solar, lunar and stellar cycles served the ancients as time markers - a custom that continues today.  Therefore, in its watch category, the Zodiac always wants to set dates based on cycles. And with a second Sun out there, its cycle is the longest among the objects in the solar system.

Directly, the central circle with twelve projected external rays is always a solar symbol. This is a stylized solar and zodiacal symbol, also known as cosmic wheels that rotate in regular cycles, like clocks. It is important to take these numbers indicated in this geometry, 12, 24, 36 and 60, in addition to the other details. 

The Wheel of Fatality

"The black sun (German: schwarze Sonne), also known as" Black Sun "(in English) is an esoteric and occult symbol. A representation of this ancient symbol is embedded in a floor mosaic in Wewelsburg castle during the Nazi era. Today it is also used by currents of Germanic Neopaganism and other inspired esoterisms, but not necessarily in a racial or neo-Nazi context. "

The black sun is a symbol in the form of a sun rotating with twelve rays. The symbol contains three swastikas or twelve inverse Sig runes. The black sun in the version shown is not a historical symbol. The inlaid SS is a similar ornament in the shape of a dark green mosaic on the marble floor of the old "Obergruppenführersaal" (literally: Obergruppenführer hall) north of the Wewelsburg castle tower, near the city of Paderborn.

Originally a golden disc was placed in the middle of the ornament. The castle of Wewelsburg was enlarged, so that after the war the planned center of the SS, more specifically the north tower, became the "center of the world". As a sample for the ornament, probably bronze brooches, since the Merovingian period, were used, which are interpreted as representing the visible sun or its passage through the months of the year. The term black sun for the solar wheel of Wewelsburg Castle became popular after World War II. Usually, the room where the ornament is located can be seen from the outside through a door-rail. Due to the light conditions, the mosaic on the floor looks black. "

As we said before, the symbol of the Sun with twelve rays is very widespread in all cultures based on the model of the annual solar cycle, which comprises twelve months, which was then marked in the twelve constellations. In the case of the black sun, combined with the Swastika, it is a symbol of power (the Sig rune, lightning, power, weapon, strength).

The black sun symbol is embedded within this crop circle, on both sides. Which matches the definition for Nemesis, according to Sol, also known as SOL NEGRO (for being hidden, for now, in the sky).

The suggestion is also that this approaching star influences the psyche of humanity, negatively, in addition to influencing the physical and geological / energetic part of the Earth. Reading Apocalypse 9, it says that a star would fall on Earth and open the pit of the abyss, and out of there would come out evil beings, similar to locusts, that would induce war on the planet.

Knowing the Nazi ideology behind this symbol, this may be another piece of information: the wave of violence in the world, culminating even in large-scale wars, can and is already being stimulated by the energy of the approaching star. And when it enters the orbital space of Mars ... the worst could happen in that direction.  Because we are already seeing humanity more and more willing to hate and violence.

So, everything that is happening in the world is not a fluke, but the result of the Wheel of Fatality or Destiny, which becomes more and more known in the planetary spheres where it starts to spin faster and faster, bringing all these things about a world in escalating chaos ...

(Collaboration by Lucas Berri)

Jonas Passos (01.06.2020)

Soon, it will be visible in the sky of all cities ...

We saw that the geometry of the Black Sun is hidden in this new crop circle, and if I trace the Black Sun inside it, I notice that the tips of the "swastika" solar wheel touch exactly that "invading star" that is already entering Jupiter's orbit, according to the most recent prognoses of the astronomers involved with the study of the P 7X object.

The association between this object and the Nazi symbol reveals its destructive power.

And another thing: If you "plan" the crop circle, you will see that the geometry of the lined quadrilaterals is very reminiscent of the buildings' line, in an urbanistic perspective. And considering that circle entering or appearing over these urban lines, at all angles, I thought that also means: "Soon, the invading Astro will be seen in the sky every city ..."

Do you understand this perspective? Can you see? Can you see the circular object that arrives from above, showing itself over cities, in all directions of the wheel, which is the world, the Earth? I believe that the numbers of this crop circle, more than that, point to the time when this object begins to be seen with the naked eye in the sky of cities, from all angles of the observable Zodiac. 

Jonas Passos (01.06.2020)

The Code 168 + 1

It is not the first crop circle where I notify this code, which is written 168 + 1 because it brings, in the crop circle, a distribution of 168 points or units of some symbol (usually circles) around the center, in a symmetrical way, and the The centre then positions itself as the 169th element of the set.

Transforming these twenty-four tracks into bar codes with simple binary pattern (in series 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc.), one of the bars will register a mark, worth 4. The other bar registers two marks, worth 2 + 8 = 10. And the final total is verified in S = 12 x 14 = 168 (and with the centre, 169). In Kabbalah, this number is very significant. The Neptune-Sun-Moon sephorotes or eons, which are on the central axis of the Tree of Life, occupy positions 1, 6 and 9 respectively. And the cabalistic sum of the names of the two columns of the Temple of Solomon, Jakin-Booz, is worth 169 (IKIN + BHwZ = 90 + 79 = 169)

One of the crop circles where this code appeared was the model from Turin, Italy, in 2010. In the six petals, in ASCII code taken from the numbers, the Einstein equation, E = mc2, was formed. And at the edges of the petals, 12 times repeated, 14 circles in a row, which produces 12 x 14 = 168.

Knowing that 13x13 = 169, we have in this number a code for the transformation of matter (death, arcane 13), which can fit well with the image of a flying disc seen from below (in the crop circle) in full operation.  Incidentally, the TELEPORTATION theme was mentioned in crop circle models from last year, 2019.

And looking at these bars in a perspective view, they can also mean the matter being sucked into a UFO, before going through a defragmentation process, something typical of the teleportation phenomenon, which changes the dimensional coordinate of the matter in order to be able to teleport it .

Which represents the conquest of hyperspace by extraterrestrial technology. Because both the movements of the ships and the teleports are carried out in the fourth dimensional coordinate of Physics. 

Jonas Passos (02.06.2020)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

For a similar circle, see the formation of August 7, 2011, in the UK.

The crop circle looks like a flash, as depicted by twelve rays, occurring at impact of a comet or one of its fragments. Flashes are a common theme in crop circles as shown in Section 13 - Physical Earth Effects - of my free ebook. The twelve surrounding semi-circles on the outside ring represent the twelve major pieces of Comet B (with a split nucleus and ten major fragments).. These pieces are of unequal mass and their flashes will vary in brightness depending on location of the impact (land or water) and their size.

This crop circle divides the flashes into two categories - large and small. The centre circle of the formation represents the impact points for all twelve pieces. Closest to the impact point is the thick ring where most of the impact material will be located.. The next ring represents the farthest area affected by the impact for pieces with a small flash. The small flash itself is indicated by the small inner cutoff portion of the twelve rays. The next ring represents the farthest area affected by pieces with the large flash, as indicated by the full extent of the twelve rays. We can not predict how many pieces will generate large or small flashes from this crop circle, only that there will be at least one of each.

Kenneth Heck








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